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Hi all,

We're thinking of expanding the Shopify Discussion Forums to include more topics.  Any new topics you'd like to see covered?  

Collin Shopify Merchant
June 08, 2012

+1 on product upgrades, new features, and estimated (but realistic) timeline for launch.

January 07, 2013

@catherinetodd - I agree that a lot of basic functionality is missing from the core shopify system, but in there defense it's still the best ecommerce system around as far as design and end user usability goes, by far.

I'm curious what examples you have of "simple questions" and "simple changes" that you're having to pay a designer thousands of dollars to answer or perform? I say that to hopefully be able to answer a few questions for you, not to be rude. "Simple" is a relative term. Simple for you may actually be extremely time consuming for a skilled web designer to execute. It's funny how most people cough up $350+/hr for a good lawyer but have issues with paying a web designer $100/hr for their skills.i once had a lawyer charge me $75 minimum per phone call, even if I left a message. Try to treat web professionals and their skills to the same respect as you do other professions (I say relatively, not directed at you catherinetodd).

If the people you hire aren't skilled in using Shopify and don't perform to your liking, it's mostly on you for not asking key questions in the beginning to determine if they're right for the job. Getting a signed contract with multiple stages of payments is essential as well to ensure you don't pay upfront and get "crappy" work.

I'm a web designer (www.integritydesigns.com) and find it hard to swallow when consumers expect to get a custom designed, one of a kind site by paying $29/month or for a designer to do it for them for $100 total. It takes years and hundreds, upon hundreds, of hours to learn web design/development and master it (I know from experience). No system on earth will ever be able to replace the skill level it takes to design and develop a 100% custom, complex site.

If you ever have a question please feel free to contact me or ask it on the forums. If it is in fact a "simple question", I'm sure someone will have no problem answering it for you.

Travis Johnson - travis at goodgoodbox dot com

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How about improving the forum before expanding it?  The forum here is very poor and unused in comparison to other providers of ecommerce software, I'd imagine it's down to the design and layout.  Here's some essential things missing from the forum that would be a very welcome improvement:

  • Private messaging
  • Exact post date and time
  • Additional member details on the left (join date, post count etc)
  • Fix the reply button so we can actually quote other members
  • Improve the post editor
  • Add thread tools (Show printable version, Email page, Subscribe to thread, Search thread)
  • When viewing sub forum topic, make unviewed or updated thread titles bold, and viewed threads normal - a forum standard
  • When viewing sub forum topic, display thread start date and member details aswell as last post details
  • Allow sub forum topic filtering by last post date, creation date etc
  • Add a new forum skin or two.  The standard theme is bland and boring

Improved forum search

Which should include:

  • Search by post
  • Search by thread title
  • Search by member
  • Choose which area of the forum to search within
  • Find only thread with at least x replies
  • Sort results by relevance, number of replies, last post date, creation date etc
  • Show results as posts or threads

Improved member details area

Which should include:

  • Private message member
  • Location
  • Last visit date
  • Total posts
  • Join date
  • Contact details

edit: A reputation system could also be introduced to encourage member contribution, as it's currently so low.

January 08, 2013

Just noticed this thread was created months ago.. I guess nothing was introduced, and the above posters never received a Shopify reply.