July 02, 2015

Need more variants! This post is outdated

Hi Shopify (and others!),

I need more variants!! I've hit my limit of 100 as I'm trying to offer a package deal on a product with a ton of different colour variations.  Unforuntaly, there is no other way for me to do this (and no, I will not "rent" an app for $69 a month to show "bundle" products...thats highway robbery!).

I'm not sure what I can do in the mean time to offer this package to my customers as I know its something they would want. 

Can you (Shopify) allow for more than just 100 variants per product? Please??




Jason Shopify Expert freakdesign.com.au
July 02, 2015

Can you (Shopify) allow for more than just 100 variants per product? Please??

I wouldn't expect that to change any time soon. App prices have to be weighed up against the potenitial sales and cashflow you'll get. If paying 69 per month can add $1000's in sales per month it doesn't seem like highway robbery to me.

If you need to avoid the app you can look at other approaches such as:

  • split the product up into different ones with less variants (not suitable for all products) 
  • building support for bundles into the theme (will require a knowledge of html / js / etc). 
  • using line items (assuming the options don't add to the price)


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But I'm not making $1000's of dollars in sales as a startup and if I was, then yes, that would be a justifiable price.  But I also dont have a large quantity of products that can be bundled into a package (in fact, its only 3) so again, that doesn't make sense for such a small quantity. 

I did think of using the line items but unforuntunately, some of our variations do cost more becasue of the fnish of the product (its out of my hands).

Heck, if the app had a gradual price scale based on how many products you need to bundle, I could see that as being a good work around if the price for a few products started at like $5 and went up from there....up to 3 products for a bundle = $5, up to 10 products for a bundle = $20, up to 25 products for a bundle = $40, unlimied products = $69 (or whatever)...

July 20, 2015

Hi all

Take a look at colour swatches, not sure if this could help you:


Colour swatches don't link into your stock and aren't counted towards your variant limit, they stand on their own.

Outside of this and as Jason has said above, the only way to get around this at the moment is via an app. (I've found Product Options from Shopify ninjas to be the best one with the most options).

But, I would be interested to know from someone more "in the know" why the limit is currently 100 and when (if ever) this is going to be increased? I don't mean to detract from your original question... but I would be really interested to know this.


Jennie L Shopify Employee
July 20, 2015


Happy news, there's a new app in town that will do this for free, check out Infinite Options by ShopPad: https://apps.shopify.com/custom-options

Check it out!