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Multi Lingual store.....what to do?! This post is outdated


my website is www.4endurance.eu , at the moment we are using the LangShop app, which is fine, but the problem is that each of the languages needs a bit of a diffrent menu (e.g. we're located in Slovenia, so we also want to promote people to come visit our store).


But OK, this is not the biggest issue, the biggest problem is with SEO, as far as I know, SEO is not supported for all the languages, only for the main website, in our case the .EU website. Our main markets atm are Croatia and Slovenia, so everything we work on text/seo related, has no point?!


There are two possible fixes:

1. have 3 diffrent shopify websites, but each has the cost od 30usd/month....also all will have to be worked on seperately etc.  

Slovenia and Croatia are worth it...but Germany and .EU website is a bit tricky...for start we are not planning to attack all markets at once, but slowly work our way up from country to country.

2. add subdomains.... hr.4endurance.eu , si.4endurance.eu , but not sure how to do this, also then probably the problem remains with not being able to change the menus from language to language?


Any suggestion will be extremly appreciated. Or just a brain fart you guys got....i am spinning around this for more than a week now, and want to have the optimal solution....I've really bad luck with websites tbh...I finally want to build up something and not working all the time on something new, but just focus on improving what i've got. :)




Kerstin K. Shopify Employee
January 12, 2017

Hi Valentin!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

The LangShop app is an amazing app but as described here, you will need to have multiple domains/subdomains for your languages which means working with multiple Shopify admins.

There are several other language switcher apps on our App Store which may be worth checking out. Weglot for example, automatically translates your SEO tags as described here so this app may be a solution for you.

Feel free to respond directly on this thread, or via email for any clarification.

All the best,

Kerstin K.