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Is this project a good fit for Shopify? This post is outdated

Hey guys,

Please bear with me, I'm completely new to this stuff.

I'd like to build a prototype for a project I'll describe below, and I'm trying to determine if Shopify is the easiest way for me to do it. My background is in backend/ML, I have almost no front-end experience. I was previously trying to use SquareSpace but it wasn't flexible enough for this.

I am trying to prototype a multi-vendor platform similar to Kickstarter, where each vendor can run multiple crowdfunding campaigns at any given time. At a minimum, I need the platform to host multiple vendors, and each one needs to run their own 'store' where they create and monitor crowdfunding campaigns. For the prototype I only need about this to scale to about 10 vendors, each running about 5 campaigns at once, each campaign lasting ~ 2 weeks, and each campaign receiving maybe 25-50 contributions. The vendors' "stores" need to live on the same domain, and there should be a light browse/search functionality across stores.

Additional features I want to add include:

  • Ability for customers (not vendors) to propose campaigns to vendors

  • Ability for customers to vote on campaigns (not just give $)

  • Ability for customers to leave messages on the wall of a campaign

Does this sound like a Shopify project? Would it be difficult?

Ciara G Shopify Employee
5 months ago

Hey, Christina!

Ciara here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

So that's a fabulous idea, and an amazing little infrastructure that you're thinking of setting up.

So from my preliminary searches there's no out of the box system that will allow you to just press play and go with a system exactly as you describe :)

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, customisation in our ecosystem occurs through the addition of app plug ins to add different features.

What you're describing sounds like it would require several apps to work in concert, and interact, which is by no means impossible, but will definitely be a little tricky, and might require some troubleshooting.

Therefore I would suggest starting with apps that have a healthy free trial, and seeing how they work together, also start with reaching out to the app developers in case they have experience with people using their app in similar ways, in the likely event that they will be able to direct you as to what other apps make good playmates for their product.

So the first aspect of the infrastructure sounds to me like some of the marketplace features that I have seen here, built by different app-building teams.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace
Multi-seller Marketplace

Stage two of your edifice then will be the crowdfunding side of things :) Think you've already looked at some of those apps right?

Crowdfunding Manager

Or perhaps the app team here can help you configure several crowdfunding pages in a single store: Pre-order Crowdfunding Campaigns

or set up each group's campaign as an individual product page, perhaps also like this one Crowd visibility funding tracker

If the product page option works for each campaign then perhaps commenting apps will be enough to give you that 'forum' feel?


This looks cool too :) Muut

This one looks good, but seems focused on one campaign at a time, having said that, it's appearing as if it's custom pricing, so maybe the app devs might know a trick or two about how to tweak it to suit you needs?

You can always find app devs contact info on the app page, usually here so do some digging and see if there's ways to tweak the configuration of things so that all apps can work together. The product page/campaigns set up may work, but it'll require some tweaking at least to get things set up the way you need them to be.

If all three features can't be made to play well together through apps, then it might also be worth consulting some Shopify experts for some tweaks?

One of our Shopify Experts, the folks over at Carson, wanted to let us know a bit about how they can help with these kinds of small tasks and what they consider to be small tasks. 

They offer monthly service plans for tasks up to 1 hour starting at $99/month or they have a pay per task offer at $65/small task. 

They made a video with a more detailed explanation of what they cover under their ''small task'’ definition, check it out here.

Check out more of our Shopify Experts here, if you fancy browsing :)

Also have heard good reviews about these guys TaskHusky with affordable lowest pricing tiers etc :)

Sounds like an awesome ideal, and by no means a 'noob' question as it's an ambitious project to take on. It's cool to hear about though, so let me know your thoughts and feel free to continue the conversation 🌻

I hope this helps!

Ciara G | Shopify