Matt T Member
6 months ago

How can we get rid of /blog/news? This post is outdated


We don't currently use the Blog feature in Shopify. We haven't created any pages.

However, Shopify has apparently auto-created an empty "/blog/news" page. This page is being included in the sitemap sent to Google... so now we have an empty page showing up in SERPs.

We've tried no-indexing the page, but it isn't working, because the link is still included in the sitemap. So Google Search Console keeps complaining about having a no-indexed page submitted.

Is there a way that we can either (a) delete this "/blog/news" page altogether, or (b) remove it from the sitemap sent to Google?

Don Shopify Employee
6 months ago

Hi there Matt!

Don here from Shopify!

I've spent some time looking into this myself and have also checked in with a couple of our escalated teams to see what we can advise here.

It should be possible to delete the default news blog entry from your store via the Shopify admin.

Just head to Online store > Blog posts > Manage blogs and click on the blog you wish to delete before selecting Actions > Delete Blogs:


If you can't find that in your admin maybe try https://your-store.myshopify.com/admin/blogs but replacing your-store with the relevant part of your myshopify URL. :)

Removing this blog should remove the link from your sitemap, though you may have to wait for Google to re-index your site to see the changes.

Our escalated team also felt that no-indexing pages should not mean that they continue to negatively affect your SEO scores, as that is the purpose of no-indexing pages.

Would you mind providing some more info on how exactly this is considered negatively by your Google Search Console so we can get on board? :)

All the best!


Matt T Member
Last edited 5 months ago

Hi Don,

That worked! I've deleted the News blog. Now let's hope it disappears from Google's Search Console complaints.

Thanks so much.



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