5 months ago

Has Out Of The Sandbox (OOTS) gone out of business? This post is outdated

I'm using their Turbo theme and reached out to them through the contact form on their website on Monday and Thursday (it is now Saturday) and have had no response so far.

My question is regarding the correct size for homepage slideshow images.

In the customize theme area it says "For best results, upload images that are around 1280px in width and under 600px in height."

When you go to add an image it tells you "1600 x 1000px recommended"

And if you read the Turbo Image Size Guide it recommends1800 X 850.  See here  https://help.outofthesandbox.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007101728-Turbo-Image-Size-Guide

I don't mind conflicting guidance so much if I can get assistance within a reasonable timeframe. 

But I need a theme from a functioning company and if OOTS is out of business then I need to know ASAP so I can move on .



Stephen B. Shopify Expert stephens.world
5 months ago

Hey David,

As you've alluded to, it's most likely a matter of personal preference, as it depends on how tall you want the slideshow to be. The norm is usually 1280 x 600 - that's the size most stores use. I've been using 1600x800 which works pretty well for what I'm doing with the Parallax theme (also made by OotS). 

The important thing is that each of the images you use in your slides are the same size. Otherwise the page might jump as the slideshow resizes itself for each individual slide (if they're not all the same size). 

Hope this helps, 

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5 months ago

That does help, thank you so much!

5 months ago

Out of the Sandbox have great support. I suggest you reach out to them again through the right support channel if you've not heard from them. You should receive a confirmation that your ticket has been received.

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5 months ago

I need to update the status of this.

Out of the Sandbox is awesome and the communication failure was on my end.

Thanks to Microsoft Office Email "Clutter" feature all OOTS communications were being routed to my Clutter file (like a junk folder) so it appeared to me as if there was no comms coming from OOTS.

When IN FACT OOTS replied on time every time and provided helpful advice for the issue that I was having.

My appologies for the mix up and I am glad to be able to say that OOTS rocks and the loose screw has been found (me) and fixed!