May 02, 2015

Different Look and feel for different products This post is outdated

Hi all

Bit of a Shopify newbie, so please go easy on me ha ha

I own 3 brands. I would like to have one Shopify store, but where each brand has its own 'minisite' within the site, with each brand having its own look and feel.

Brand X has one look and feel, and could reside on BrandX.mydomain,com or MyDomain.com/BrandX
​Brand Y has one look and feel, and could reside on BrandY.mydomain,com or MyDomain.com/BrandY
​Brand Z has one look and feel, and could reside on BrandZ.mydomain,com or MyDomain.com/BrandZ

Is this possible or should I just forget even trying to pre-empt all the issues?!


gina-gregory Shopify Expert
May 06, 2015

Yes, this is possible using different Layouts. Most themes have one theme.liquid file under layouts, but you can make more. You can also make alternate templates for collections and product pages and assign those templates to each collection and product. So on your collection and product templates, you can use the alternate theme layout by using  {% layout 'theme.brandx' %} at the top of the template file.

You'll want to put as much of the global items as possible into reusable snippets so updating your theme is not as redudant and time-consuming because if you make any changes to your theme, you'll have to update each version of each template, and depending on how many brands you have, that could be quite a headache.

gina-gregory Shopify Expert
May 06, 2015

The above advice about the alternate layouts and templates would be if your brands' pages are going to look very different.

A simpler way to achieve styling changes with CSS would be to check the vendor on the product page and output a class on the main content area, which you could target and style with different CSS. On the collection page, you could just check the collection title, and based on that output the CSS class for styling purposes.