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Bilingual Online Store??? This post is outdated

Greetings: Is it possible for my online store builder to be Bilingual? I have English and French customers. With a drop down menu can my online store convert to french? Regards Robert Baby Boomers best place to shop: www.babyboomersgadgets.com

October 14, 2008

I also would love to know the answer

October 16, 2008

Hi Robert,

We also have French & English customers, and I do hope that an official, clean way of having multi-language stores will soon be made available.

For the time being, you can check out my store at http://shop.lepressier.com/ to see a bilingual store in action.

I have two domain names for both English and French shops; through JavaScript, I detect which store is requested, and insert a language-dependent stylesheet, which hides French text on the English site, and vice-versa.

The only part that’s still bugging me (even though the prior JavaScript mechanism isn’t that “clean” either) is the checkout: I’ve had to create a new “translation” and do bilingual strings. So, instead of English customers seeing “Your shipping address”, the checkout page says “Your shipping address / Votre adresse de livraison” for French and English customers

It makes the checkout page longer, and more confusing. Also, it frustrates me as the only thing that would be required from the good Shopify folks is that they provide a way to force a language when checking out… e.g., you would direct English users to checkout.shopify.com/...?lang=en for instance

Anyway, it’s clunky but it works. Don’t hesitate to dig around the site to see how it’s done—there’s no server-side magic, as Liquid doesn’t provide access to cookies or the URL being accessed, which could have helped, so you’ll see everything by looking at the html/javascript source.



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With a drop down menu can my online store convert to french?

Yes. I would have a look at localization.

See this jQuery plugin as example:

There are other plugins as well. This is just one I found while googling.

That would be for everything but actual content.

As far as content goes (blog posts, product definitions, etc.), the idea is to have each translation wrapped into a div or span with a language attribute, and to hide the “other” language using display:none.

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