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Feature Requests: How do I make them?

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Feb 7 2018 by MassageStore
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team. We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopify in this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow storeow...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Adding meta tag description and title to Product Type pages

Hello Support, I'm working on SEO for my store naturalshop.ie and I would like to add meta tags to "products type" pages but unfortunately I can't find the way how to do it. For example if in my store I create product type like "Candle" new page naturalshop.ie/collections/types?q=Candle is created and I don't have any controll over it.  Is there any way that I could add SEO parameters ...

Today by naturalshop.ie
Looking For A Shopify Partner / Co Founder For My Store

Hey Guys, I am currently running a Smart bag store called Slick Bags. Link: www.slickbags.com. I have made some sales, and I get a lot of visitors to my site daily, I was wondering if any of you guys are interested in doing a partnership for the store. I need help with marketing, and mainting the store. If you are interested, please email me at slickbags@hotmail.com or reply here, thanks!

Today by John Ali
how short title all Products on my store?????

how short title all Products on my store https://getitbuy.net/

Today by Jason
Add to cart conversions

Hello Everyone, ive been running an add to cart conversion add for the past couple of days and only received one sale out of 22 people who have added to cart so far. Is this normal? I just don’t see why I’d lose people at add to cart unless they just change their minds. Here is an example of one of my product pages. It’s not the product I’m selling, but just to serve as an example of why ...

Today by Alex Cambata
code to add logo to order confirmation notification

I already went and uploaded the logo for notifications, but the only one it does not show up on is the order confirmation to the client. I had the code but deleted it. Any help how to add that back to the top of the email   thank you in advance Mike

Yesterday by sandy ludosky
Am confused now :/

Hi,  Two days ago i posted here asking whether i can use Paysera Visa card to pay my Shopify Subscription, and one of the Gurus said that i can't, so i contacted Paysera and this was their reply ...... am I missing something here ? 

Yesterday by batking2
Search Console domain validation

Hello, I have a domain bought with shopify and I'm trying to validate it with googlge webmaster tools, but I didn't found any documentation about it. So I followed the google webmaster tools recommendations and I went into online store-> domains -> manage my domain -> DNS settings  and I added the TXT record with the google value and with mywebsite.com as name but it didn't works...

Yesterday by bakayaroo
URL with www not working

Hi,   I just notice that my domain doesn't work with the www prefix.  I thought when customer entered the address with the www, they were redirect to the main domain without the www, but it doesn't work.  In the admin, the domain with the www status is ''setup in progress''.  What do I need to do to get it working?   Thanks. Mat

Yesterday by Thomas Borowski
How can I create a "3 items for $25" collection?

Hi, I'm selling sunglasses online using Shopify and I want to sell them by sets, for example, 3 sunglasses for $25, 5 sunglasses for $50, something like that. Can anyone please let me know if you hava a solution? Thanks a lot!

Yesterday by JP
TradeGecko / Shopify carrier

Hi guys, I am using Shopify in conjunction with TradeGecko. Shopify handles the sales from the website, but all our invoicing updates/etc are done through TradeGecko since we have several sales channels. When we update the tracking number and tracking URL in TradeGecko, the tracking number is pushed to Shopify correctly, however in Shopify the carrier is always defaulted to FedEx. We u...

Yesterday by ordoro
gaps in product thumbnail images

We've been working on importing our products using CSV, and we're encoutering strange behavior with the way Shopify handles thumbnail images... We imported a set of products (art prints), each with 16 thumbnails to show color options. All looked good. Here's an example: https://namestories.com/collections/all/products/angus-name-print Then we found a flaw in one of the colors of the th...

Feb 23 2018 by Blair Jeffris
Checkout page phone field validation

Hi, I am looking how to add our own validation to the phone number field. We would like to override this message as well "Please enter a valid phone number". Is there any way we can do this in checkout.liquid?  Thanks.

Feb 23 2018 by Noah Jeffrey
Restrict Refunds

Hello, I don't see an option to restrict refunds in the admin permissions....not all our user need our should have accsss to process refunds. How can this be accomplished?  Thank you, 

Feb 23 2018 by Konstantin
How to give free shipping to signed up customers.

As in topic, How to make so that when customer registers/sign up for news letter they will have free shipping. Also how to change ''create account'' page in my shop as i would just want customer to enter first name and not first and last name    Thanks !

Feb 23 2018 by Bart
3 types of products together

Hi   I have a clothes store with 4 products with same design. 1. T Shirt 3. Tank Top 4. V Neck T Shirt I have it now separate in 3 differents products, How can I put these three products together where the customer select one by drop down menu?   Thanks       whatis better

Feb 23 2018 by ion arregui
Abandoned Carts

Hi all I have been averaging about 27% on carts recovered, but since February 14, our percentage has gone down to 7.7%. I ended up looking at the abandoned carts and it turns out Shopify has only sent 3 email reminders out of more than 100 orders. I have it set to send the reminder after 1 hour. Has anyone seen any issues since February 14?   Thanks

Feb 23 2018 by Konstantin
How to prevent image hotlinking on shopify

Is there a way to prevent image hotlinking on shopify? (Shopify employees, do not say to just send DMCA notices, that is lazy on your system and wastes more of my time to send them)

Feb 23 2018 by Steve
URL SEO Duplicate Content Issue

Checking the indexing of SHOPIFY pages with Google having entered site:sitedomain.com it is noticed in the listings Google served up two pages which are in effect the same page - in this case the home page. So Google sees www.domainname.com but it also lists www.domainname.com/pages/welcome This really listing the HOME PAGE content page twice. To stay within Google Guidelines and not b...

Feb 23 2018 by ICTADVISOR