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Feature Requests: How do I make them? g5

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Today by Jony
Introducing the Shopify changelog

Are you looking to stay updated on changes to the Shopify? If so make sure you check out the Shopify changelog located at https://changelog.shopify.com/. The changelog is an easy-to-read, chronological feed of changes, improvements, and additions Shopify is making to the platform so you can stay updated on new features, and updates at a glance.  If you have a question, or would like to...

Oct 10 2018 by Jonathan
Demand Planning

Hi all, We're looking for merchants who are interested in taking a look at a new app for demand planning, inventory replenishment and purchase order management. If you are interested, please get in touch (tomas@futuremargin.com) and we will be happy to schedule a trial/demo. Have a great day all, Tomas ____ App store: apps.shopify.com/futuremargin  

Today by evenpixel
Items I deleted still showup when I view Facebook

When I imported my items from eBay it imported things not related to my Shopify Page.  So I deleted those items and synched the page but those items still show when I view the page.  When I open them it says: People cannot currently see this product because it is not marked as published for sale on Facebook. But the item is not in my Shopify Products anymore.  How can I remove these items so th...

Nov 6 2017 by Jessica
Trade License requirement for DROPSHIPPING in UAE

Hi, there may have been this topic in the past, but i didn't find any recent updated one, I am still in confusion over whether a Trade license is required for setting a Shopify store to run a Dropshipping Business. Anyone in UAE involved in Dropshipping, have you got a License or applied for it?  And is it possible i start DROPSHIPPING business & after earning certain amount of mon...

Today by Arshad
When clicking on Add to Cart, can I redirect to a page instead of to the...

Hello everyone, When a person is at a product page and clicks "Add to Cart", I want the click to add the product to the cart and at the same time redirect him to one of my custom pages. Currently it redirects to the Cart directly, as it is standard, and I know it is possible to redirect straight to ckeckout or not redirect at all, but I am digging into the code for a while now and can't find...

Today by Olga
Pause my store

Hi, I've run a shop and the store was not good, so I want to stop my shop for a while, so I was wondering if my payment is next month (I chose $ 29 per month) if I entered my shop will be no problems I have not sold much and do not have a large budget and I want to make sure my shop is improved Thank you in advance for your help.

Yesterday by Ash
Max width of embedded blog videos

I am creating a blog with lots of pictures and video. I want them all to scale responsively but have a maximum width of 600 pixels. I was able to do this with the pictures by inserting the code style="height: 100%; width: 100%; object-fit: contain; max-width: 600px;" For the embedded Youtube video, I set the widtth to be exactly 600 px but it scales to the maximum width of the blog anyw...

Today by tim
collections vs product urls

my site is https://hulahoopsforadults.com it's built on Woodmart Theme (https://woodmart-default.myshopify.com/)   I'm seeing the following; When navigating to a Product from a Collections page the Product page is displayed as .com/collections/collection-name/products/product-name Looking at the Canonical link on that page it points to the true product page - .com/products/product...

Today by tim
mailchimp app seems not to work??

Newsletter pop up is not working – We have tested it and it isn’t adding email addresses to the mailing list.  Also when you hit “subscribe” nothing happens i.e. no confirmation message or acknowledgement of anything. We have disabled it and reinstalled it and that didn't solve the problem either. https://royalmarinesshop.com/ Theme is Debut Thanks

Today by Shred Creative Co...
sudden drop in traffic

Hi, my store averages 75-100 visitors per day. The last two days I've had a sudden significant drop. Can anyone advise me where to start looking? Thank you, Andi Juliette www.thebrambleandbranch.com

Today by Nick
Sharing sessions across subdomains

I'm in the process of building a store - the goal of which is to serve two different aesthetics based on a subdomain. But it is essentially going to be one store. My problem is the shopping cart sessions are not shared between them. However, I want shoppers to be able to go through a single checkout no matter which subdomain they shop on. Is there a way to set the cookie domain to the primary d...

Yesterday by Nick
Constant issues in trying to log into admin

For the past few days I haven't been able to log into my Shopify admin using wifi at home. I can access all other websites, including my actual website but just not the admin page. I tried a router reset but still have the same issues (all other websites, including the shopify site home page works but not the admin page). Anyone else having this issue? How do we get around it? thanks. ...

Today by Nick
Shopify Back End Search

In the back end of our store we regularly need to use the search function. On the front end I've noticed that it is possible to work with AND, OR and NOT operators to define which results one will receive. However on the back end, if the product name is partially correct but contains one incorrect word or mispelling no results connected to correct words will display. For example if we have a...

Today by Sergiu Svinarciuc
Where did the view collection button/link go??

Where did the view collection button/link go?? We can no longer view the collection by clicking view on the collection page anymore... why?? what is the purpose for getting rid of such a useful link....

Today by Sergiu Svinarciuc
Multi Currency Checkout

Hi everyone! Has Shopify been able to make any head way with the Multi Checkout that they have been working in for years now?  

Today by Joshua Uebergang
Reload page on back button click

Hey looking for some help with code. My site: greetingswithcrypto.com Currently on my site when a user selects a product and fills out the line item property fields and they click add to the cart. Which takes them to the cart screen. Now if they hit the back button the line item properties are filled out with cached data. I would like to clear these line item properties everytime the b...

Today by Jide
Generating report on items with 0 sales

Hello, I've noticed that when generating reports, Shopify doesn't return items that have 0 sales. The only way to find these items is to export your inventory and sales and cross reference. With a store of 1000+ products, and 2000+ variants, this is a nightmare. The product export and sales export have different names too, so running a VLOOKUP isn't effective. Knowing what products have 0...

Today by Greg Middle
cannot loop through collection

Here is my code:   {% for product in collections.sindoh.products %}   <p>products {{ product.type }}</p>   I just can't see anything wrong with it and nothing printed out.  But if I change "sindoh" to "all", then all products are displayed, up to 50.   Any idea what is wrong?  I have the "sindoh" collection and it has 5 products in it.  I also changed to other collec...

Yesterday by intservo
Aren't the Account Invite/confirmation Mails supposed to be sent automat...

Dear forum users, in the Theme we use (Turbo), you have a checkbox "create account" in the Checkout area. I guess that this is the checkbox the appears when I set the "account creation" on optional in the Shopify settings. Does anybody know if that box is there in all Shopify Themes? Or is it Turbo specific? Because if it was a native Shopify function, I would expect that the Accoun...

Yesterday by McNitefly