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Feature Requests: How do I make them? g5

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Dec 7 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Introducing the Shopify changelog

Are you looking to stay updated on changes to the Shopify? If so make sure you check out the Shopify changelog located at https://changelog.shopify.com/. The changelog is an easy-to-read, chronological feed of changes, improvements, and additions Shopify is making to the platform so you can stay updated on new features, and updates at a glance.  If you have a question, or would like to...

Dec 1 2018 by RockItCool
Apps for "create your own gift sets"

Hi,   We run an online corporate gift store and would like to offer our customers an option of creating gift sets from our existing products (900+ SKUs) packaged in predefined gift boxes.   Are there any apps that can allow us to do the same?

Today by Dallas
Adding a 'game' to Checkout

Hey everyone, I have an idea for a new store and one of the main features would be a 'game' that is part of, or just before, Checkout. Is something like this possible?  For example, customer adds product(s) to their basket, goes to checkout but must first answer a question (A, B or C) - if the answer is wrong, then the checkout is cancelled. I use the A, B, C question as an example but...

Today by Rahul
Why doesn't Shopify allow customer to edit their profile?

The user portal on the Shopify provides very little capability to allow a customer to edit their profile, for example once the customer is registed, they CANNOT change their name (what happens if the person change their last name after marriage), or change their phone number, or reset their password, or email address ...... however the administrator can do that FOR customer in the Admin portal,...

Today by RohanShopify
How do you rename customer groups?

Hi There, Title says it all, how do we rename customer groups? Cheers Ben

Today by cmscss
Adding a new shipping carrier

Our store is currently using Canada Post but we would like to give users the option to choose between other shipping carriers like UPS or fedex and etc.  Some of the documentation is pointing me to setting > shipping where I should see a "carrier" section to add/remove/modify carriers, but I do NOT have this section in our admin. Some other documentation is saying that I have to upgrad...

Yesterday by Peter Wong
Product page - Advanced Image Uploads, Move Description

Hello, I have realized that there are some issues on my product page that may be costing me conversions. I cant come up with a good way to resolve them. My store is www.thecompcardshop.com Here are the issues, I would appreciate any feedback.  I'm using Venture theme. I've moved the product description below the product image on the desktop version of my site, which puts the order f...

Yesterday by Anders
Shopify customers export

Hi, I want to give access to one of my developers, on my shopify store, and now I have a dilema. My question is, if he goes to do something that wasn't supposed to do ( e.g to export all info from my customers ) am I going to receive any e-mail notification or am I able to see that on some way? Thank you in advance!

Yesterday by Emma
Notifications to customers re Shipping

Hello, I'm not sure if my customers are getting notificaitons. Could you please look at my account and tell me if they are receving notifications when order is shipped. Basically: 1 I'm going to Aliexpress and syncing. 2 Once this is done, i refresh Oberlo and it says Product Shipped. 3 Then I refresh Shopify and it says Fulfilled.   Now will Shopify send the email automati...

Yesterday by at
Keeping track of pre-orders among regular orders?

Hey there – I'm in the middle of setting up our shop (we're moving from a different platform over to Shopify), and I'm wondering how folks handle the management of multiple pre-orders alongside regular orders? As in, while you're waiting for the actual release of the pre-order product, and need to fulfil orders for items that are already available while not losing track of those that will be fu...

Yesterday by Graham Latham
Send an e-mail automatically, when sign up for newsletter

Hello guys, I have a question for which I can not find the answer. I would like that, if somebody sign up in my newsletter, that he gets an E-Mail automatically, where it says "Thanks you for the newsletter subscription ... blaablaa ...". How can I do that? I would be very happy if you could provide a helpful answer. :) Sorry for my bad english, I am from germany.

Yesterday by Lisa H
Email notification bouncing back

My email notifications are bouncing back to me when I use the send test notification option. View screenshot link The bounce back message is: This is the mail system at host smtp.shopify.com. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you d...

Yesterday by Frederick Garcia
Digital Downloads app / mixed fulfillment settings in a single order?

Hey there – I'm in the process of testing out the basics of our store checkout prior to going live, running through dummy sales of various combinations of products, etc. Our company sells music, in physical and digital formats – that is, we sell stand-alone digital albums, and attached digital downloads to all of our physical products. So far I've just been using the Shopify Digital Downloads a...

Yesterday by Single Music
Buy credits and sell bundles or single items

Hi there, I have got an online shop for music sample packs. A sample pack includes lots of single drum and instrument WAV-samples.  At the moment I'm selling only those sample packs (bundles): https://www.balticaudio.net Does there exist a possibility to sell particular samples via a "credit system"? So, you can buy 100 credits with 10€ for your account, one single sample costs f.e. 2 ...

Yesterday by Single Music
How to Increase your Shopify’s Average Order Value in 2019

Hi to all! We created a blog post on How to Increase your Shopify’s Average Order Value in 2019. You can read it here.  Any comments or feedback related are more than welcome. Feel free to share also, if you find it useful. Happy reading! :)

Yesterday by Anthony
Double Google Ads Conversion

Google Tag assistant shows that I have 2 same Google Ads Conversion tracking and it is firing twice in Google conversions. How to remove the other one. I looked at my code but couldn't find it...   Also I have Global site tag (gtag.js) showing up in Google Tag Assistant which I never  install before.

Yesterday by Tommy
Merging orders for a specific customer

Hi all! I'm looking for a solution to merge a particular customers' orders in order to consolidate shipping. Heres' the scenario: A customer has a subscription for a group of products ("box") that they get monthly. If this customer orders something additional (either same day or let's say within a week), it would be great to combine these orders so that they can both be shipped in the sam...

Yesterday by umbrella
How to put 'clickable' brandname in the topbar?

Hi all, I am trying to put my brandname text in the topbar beside the menu option. Now i have the brandname in the header but not in the topbar. Does anyone know how i can change it? I want it to be clickable (a clicks leads to the homepage). Thank you in advance! Regards.

Yesterday by Ava
Shipping to multiple addresses

I need to create invoices for customers who are shipping gift baskets to multiple addresses.  Is there a way to print multiple shipping labels without creating multiple orders?  I need to do all of this before sending them the invoice so that I know how much shipping is, rather than waiting until they pay to print labels.

Yesterday by Nick