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re-visiting cost of goods sold field( or lack thereof) g12

its been a while since I or anyone elee has post anything on this.. We are a retail shop, we buy clothing wholesale and sell retail. every item we sell has a cost.. We would benefit greatky from a cost of goods sold/product cost field. In the occasions where we do re-order a product, there is rarely a price difference. If any difference does happen, we average the cost across all the good...

Today by Melissa Privitera
Feature Requests: How do I make them?

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Sep 19 2016 by Derek Morin
Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! As of February 1st, Shopify is adding the option to encrypt your custom domains with SSL, right from the very first page. We wrote a blog about it! We’ve always had SSL in the checkout but more recently there has been a demand to switch over to entirely encrypted sites, not just for customer peace-of-mind, but also to keep up with changes being made by search engines to put ...

Sep 16 2016 by Devon
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team. We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopify in this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow storeow...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
CSV Import Errors.

I'm importing 500 or so products into Shopify via athe CSV import tool.  Eveything works fine apart form a dozen or so errors which state that the image can't be found. Each product has a url for the image location.  Thats OK as I can fix a few. fix them that is if I can find the error.  The email notification I get when the import has completed tells be there are errors on line 10021-10023  an...

Today by Ashcraft Arts Supplies
Hreflang tags

Hi, Bit lost while implementing Herflang tags and will appreciate any help in this regard! We have website for the India market (www.lai-designs.com) and we are duplicating it for our US customers (www.lai-usa.com). (1) Where exactly do I need to insert the hreflang tags? A Shopify blog article says"Hreflang is a tag you can add to each page on your respective websites (add it to th...

Today by Puja Bhargava
Does anyone know a way to implement a liability waiver?

Or is it just all HTML?    I want people to sign a waiver before purchasing any items. 

Today by Emily C
Newbie.. Needing Help:)

Hey.. I'm New to Shopify! I'm Norma's. How is everyone? I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area. but I'm trying to select 9.00 a month option for my shop but all I see is the higher amounts. I just want to test the waters right now with the free trial. lol   Still trying to find my way around here. anyone wanna help? thanks:) -Norma's

Today by Emily C
I'm a shopify newbie and I need logo resizing help!!!

Hello! I am having a problem resizing my logo to look larger in mobile view. It's really small and the majority of my site visitors are 40 and up.  My store is https://southern-equestrian-life.myshopify.com/. I used the Boundless template.   

Today by Charity Mahone
Customer Registration - Too many attempts: Please try again in 10 minutes

I am modifying the customers.register to allow the entry of Notes (Business Name, Phone # ...)using https://docs.shopify.com/manual/configuration/store-customization/communicating-with-customers/accounts-and-newsletters/capture-additional-information-in-the-account-registration-form This is working fine. However while testing I am running into this error ""Too many attempts: Please try again...

Today by Indinuity
Changes don't apply on products after import

Hi, I tried to bulk import product weights in our store. I simply export all products, added weights to the CSV (column AR) and import back into Shopify. But I found around 80% of products still don't have their weights. I did once again but still nothing change. Has anyone got the same issues? Thanks Tim

Today by normasbathandbody
help i have traffic but no sales

i have a website for halloween and i get and average of 500 hitts a day but not one sale what am i doing or not doig right . help.. i hope im in the right place.

Today by normasbathandbody
Shopify POS in the UK

Hi,  I have a shopify store www.aytengasson.com and a physical shop in Brighton, England. I currently use Izettle in the shop but have heard that Shopify now offer a chip and pin reader in the UK (something which wasn't avalible when I opened the store in May). I just wondered if anyone in the UK has started using Shopify's POS package with the card reader and if they recommend it.  Th...

Today by Ayten
Display Processing Time / Text on Cart Page

Hello, can someone help me determine how to add the text "Processing Time: 5 business days" to the cart? I am using the Classic theme.   Thank You

Today by Kyna Black
Anybody know how to sort the packing slip alpha-numerically ?

This is driving me insane. I need the packing slip to sort by Item description (my items are numbered) otherwise I'm going back and forth wasting time and energy.   Anybody noticed the 'Order Printer' app is as useless as a one legged man in a jazz kicking contest??

Today by Jo Kinder
Problems with text editor

The text editor drives me crazy. I tried to add a new blogpost with some pictures but it gets all jumbled up. Sorry, I cannot do html and all these things. No matter what I do the text editor makes gaps in the text which are unrepairable. Things which I changed previously, reappear on its own and worst: when I am (relatively) happy the layout CHANGES WHILE SAVING! What can I  do? I tried ...

Today by dandelion
Pinterest Buy Button Not Working or even giving the option to buy

I have been trying to connect my store to my pintrest for a few weeks now, whith the buyable buttons nd all. For spme reason this isnt working at all. When i go to my pintrest profile I can see the option where it says to "Pins you can shop" and the blue button that says shop, but when i click it nothing comes up, no products from my store its just a blank page. I really need this fixed beca...

Yesterday by Damany Cruickshank

Hello Everybody, I need to put this code on my shopify code?  <meta name="keywords" content="" /> or is enought if only setup tittle and description (using my keywords) on SEO EDIT panel? Thanks! 

Yesterday by Brandon@Shopify
Gift certificate you can print

Is it possible to create a gift certificate or promo code and see it on the catalog side of the website?  I would prefer to not have to print a new gift certificate and include the code.  I want to just send a link to my customer.   Thank you, Jeravae

Yesterday by Brandon@Shopify
Quick question about Categories and product import

Hi, im wanting to reorganise my product/categories and want to change the category that many products are assigned to. Will a product import from CSV with the new names of categories 1 create the new categories 2 assign the product to the new category and 3 remove the old category as it will no longer be used or will I get the old and new categories assigned to the products? Thanks in advanc...

Yesterday by Brandon@Shopify