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Feature Requests: How do I make them?

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Sep 10 2017 by amir chason
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team. We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopify in this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow storeow...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Searching by POSTCODE for customers

In the Shopify admin area, I use the main search box at the very top to find most things.  One thing though, I can't search based on a UK Postcode, is this possible?     

Today by Clement
I am from India and I have a Debit card that work on Aliexpress and Ebay...

I am from India and I have a Debit card that work on Aliexpress and Ebay But When i tried to buy Monthly plan from shopify it does not work? It says Invalid Password? I want to start a store but i can't buy monthly shopify plan. Anyone Help?? My Debit Card is Visa  I really need this store:-(

Today by jadu
Variant issue when going to cart

Hi All, I had Afterpay integrated into my site yesterday, and since then, when a product is added to cart, only the first variant goes through. I am hoping someone can help, as It really is affecting my orders today. I am not that experienced with code but willing to give it a go. Afterpay themselves did the integration. My sites is http://www.studiobianco.com.au Kind Regards Pat

Yesterday by Patrick Bianco
Shipping and Billing Address Problem (for orders where shipping and bill...

Greetings. We will have lots of orders where shipping and billing are different (bridal registry orders). The way that Shopify handles the customer billing/shipping address is causing problems. By default, Shopify saves the customer’s last shipping address as their new default customer address. From what I can see there is not a way to save and preserve a separate “default billing address” ...

Yesterday by PixApps
Changing / adding menu items through code

Where can I find the code for my navigation menu to edit it on the venture theme? I can't seem to locate it. Thanks! I can see it in the source when I pull it from the page, but doesn't seem to be anywhere in the code editor.

Yesterday by James Bond
Best way to add a gift button / options

I'd like my customers to be able to buy gifts for a friend... So would like a 'gift button' and an option to leave a personal message. Especially important with holiday season approaching... Does anyone know the best way to implement this?  Are there any good / recommended free apps? Thanks  

Yesterday by PixApps
Could this be made on Shopify and which modules/add-ons are recommended?

Hi, I've got an idea for an e-commerce/subscription-based business and I'd like your input on a few questions: A quick recap of the idea: I want to offer a monthly subscription (only one option at the moment) that allows people to choose 10 items from my shop to keep and use for as long as their subscription runs. When they don't have any need for the items any longer, they can choose ...

Yesterday by Zretty
UK storeowners & devs - let's improve shipping options!

Hi all - As some of you may know, Shopify are in the process of rolling out the new shipping zones feature. As someone who runs several stores based in the UK, the inability to split shipping into various zones such as mainland uk, northern ireland, scottish isles etc without additional apps has been very frustrating not to mention costly. After making my thoughts known again to the Shop...

Yesterday by Mails4b
Low Traffic, Abandoned Carts, Barely Any Sales. Please Help!

Hello everyone I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I've tried facebook ads in the past and would get roughly 30 visitors a day with ads. The ads were really eating into my budget so I had to stop paying for them because they weren't giving me enough ROI. Currently I'm using the google merchant product ads Shopify $100 ad credit to try to kick start my business, but nothing really dr...

Yesterday by Samara Bonner
Checkout Address Validation Script

Hello, I am new to Shopify but  I want to know if it is possible to append a javascript script  into the Shopify Checkout form. The script I want to append has already been written to work in a standard HTML page but I am looking at applying into Shopify. The basic overview of the script is: Select the value the user types into the address field Query an external REST or SOAP API to ...

Oct 23 2017 by HenrikV
Refused to display Refused to display <link> in a frame because it set '...

Dear Experts, Desparetly need your help. Please check the following 2 store... 1. https://horizonthree.co/account/login 2. https://social-login.myshopify.com/account/login And try doing a Social Login. For the 2nd link, the login always works perfect. However for Link 1, it works for the first time and then subsequently it doesn't work. Basically, the form is posted within an ...

Nov 13 2017 by Richard Scheps
Accessing to custom line item attributes in email confirmation

Hi! Can I access to attributes (customAttributes) of each line item from email confirmation templates? I tried to search that in documentation but there is only 'attributes' property for order, not for line items. I tried to search other topics, but also withot success. Can someone please help? Thank you!

Yesterday by Jason
Adding new Google Adwords Tracking

My AdWords Account is creating the new Google Adwords conversion tracking code and I was wondering how to install it properly.   I did see the old conversion tracking code tutorial -&gt; Old tracking method But I couldn't find anything on the new tag.  Will what I did work?  I see the tracking code appear on my page at the checkout but I want to make sure it will track the dollar amounts ...

Yesterday by Roelof Berg
Something fishy about AdWords

Alright, fasten your tinfoil hats folks, we’re stepping into the conspiracy zone. After using Google AdWords for a month, I thought I would share my thoughts on it, and why I stopped using it... for now.  I am the very first to admit that my website needs work...a lot of work, but we’re trickling along at this stage and two full time jobs and two small children, we’ll get to it. A comb...

Yesterday by Matthew Skala
Terms of service template for digital intellectual property

Hi I sell 3D computer aided design models on my shopify webpage via digital download and I would like to add a terms of service to protect my CAD models from duplication.  Is there a generic terms of sevice I could copy and paste into my store? 

Nov 18 2017 by Christine LaBeach
Creating Store On Subdomain & Switching

Hi, I am building this shopify website for my friend. However, he already has a normal website up. I want to know the best way to build the store on a subdomain and then switch it to the main domain in Shopify once the store is complete.   Please let me know the best way to do this.  

Nov 18 2017 by Rahul Ghosh
Product Page "Unique Brand Feature Section"

When I saved my first product and then reviewed the website, there are two other sections below the product information that I entered.  Each section is essentially blank and Title "Unique Brand Feature Section" and includes one of Shopify's standard/default images in place of an image we can, presumably, replace with other product images.  I cannot find how to edit these sections.  Nothing abo...

Nov 18 2017 by Luciano Gonzales
Shopify and Amazon Integration

I am doing some preliminary research on opening a store that will contain some items that will be sold only via Shopify and some items that will be solid via Shopify and Amazon. I would like for the items sold only via Shopify to be fulfilled by a private fulfillment service that uses Shopify's platform to fulfill items, while the items that will be solid on both Shopify and Amazon to be fullfi...

Nov 18 2017 by Scott