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Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! As of February 1st, Shopify is adding the option to encrypt your custom domains with SSL, right from the very first page. We wrote a blog about it! We’ve always had SSL in the checkout but more recently there has been a demand to switch over to entirely encrypted sites, not just for customer peace-of-mind, but also to keep up with changes being made by search engines to put ...

Oct 15 2016 by david coxon
Feature Requests: How do I make them?

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Sep 27 2016 by danielle mangum
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team. We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopify in this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow storeow...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Free gift triggered by discount code

We would like to run a promotion for our referral program affiliates that gives customers a free gift with the use of the affiliate's code. I'm seeing lots of apps which have a free gift price threshhold, etc. but so far nothing that does gifts with a code trigger. Is there a way to do this on shopify, or is this another thing that shopify's competitors offer but not shopify?

Today by Frank
Beware of this fraud tactic on freelance sites!

I've run across this issue on a number of freelance sites and it disturbed me enough that I needed to share it with others here. Freelancers are billing themselves out as "experts" on shopify at ranks that are misleading. (Please note that the following vendor is not doing this as far as I know - I just need an example to use). Here's a vendor:  https://experts.shopify.com/parkhya-s...

Today by Jason
regarding Shopify store images uploading etc.

Hi,   I was wondering why some images on my new listings aren't uploaded after I submit the page url to google webmaster tools using 'Fetch as Google' ?  I had a new listing submitted over a week ago that had two new images including some other images that were duplicated from an older listing.. Only one of the new product image is showing up on google image search.  The other new product im...

Today by A L
Gmail authentication on shopify generated emails

Hi, I'm new to shopify, and have been running some test orders for my new store. When I received the order confirmation emails in my Gmail account I noticed that they are accompanied by a big red question mark and a warning from gmail saying they're not sure if the email is from a spammer (see below). The question mark links to this google page which indicates that the "email sent from my...

Today by tim
Paypal Button On Checkout

I really dont need to go into detail here as to how confusing it is for customers to find this button on the checkout page and how it loses sales. That and the fact it enables customers to skip out on shipping fees.   So in short, whatever deal that was made with Paypal and you (Shopify) to put them to the "front of the line" of payment methods only does the opposite of the sought out res...

Yesterday by Stephanie McIntyre
Any way to double check that my products are all linked to relevant coll...

Is there anyway you can filter your entire product range to show what collection they sit in - I imported my store from etsy and although I think I added all my products into relevant collections I need a away of being able to check that they are indeed linked to a collection.  I have BOLD APPS Product options linked to my products and they need to be linked to the relevant collections to work ...

Yesterday by BohemianBangles
Drop down menu not working in smartphone.

Hi there, how come the drop down menu for the variants in the product page is not working on the smartphone. It work just fine for desktop. Is there anything I miss out? Please help.

Yesterday by Lew Leong Yoke
Twiiter does not support anymore https://cdn.api.twitter.com/1/urls/coun...

Hi, I used Chrome Dev Tools to check my site and it returns the following error (related to the Twitter sharing button) on my product pages: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED https://cdn.api.twitter.com/1/urls/count.json?url=https://www.coloraddicted.com/products/abstract-curves-2-iphone-wallets-in-many-color-combinations&callback=jQuery111007652357730033024_147697...

Yesterday by AdrianUK
My site was down last night and I could not access the admin.

My site was down last night and I could not access the admin. Anyone experience that as well? WaShopifyfy doing any server maintenance yesterday? I type in www.shopify.com and it was down as well. 

Yesterday by Zhiming
Google shopping errors

Hi - i have been getting errors for several google shopping products, have raised several times with shopify but still not fixed - has anyone else had problems? Error reads "  Google returned the following errors for this product: unknown can't be blank.

Apr 6 2016 by Justin W
Adding variants to listing while setting a quantity on the listing itself

Something I've noticed is that when you add variants, you have to set a quantity for each one. I don't mind setting the full individual price for each variant, but when setting them as upcharges, the quantity fields really screw stuff up. For example, let's say I have 15 water bottles to sell. You can get it plain for $15, stickered for $20, and double-stickered for $25. So the stickered varian...

Oct 21 2016 by Lee Hoagland
Featured Collections CSS

How can I remove the blackout effect on the featured collections? On hover the zoom and slight contrast is ok. Please advise. Thanks :)

Oct 21 2016 by Ryan Anderson
Buyable Pins & Pinterest Board Vanished

It appears that all of my buyable pins and my entire shoppable Pinterest board has vanished. Any ideas? 

Oct 21 2016 by Liliya
How to disable 'out for delivery' and 'delivered' notification emails?

Hello how do I disable these new notifcation emails "out for delivery" and delivered, I already use after ship and don't need it.

Oct 21 2016 by James Leuty
SSL Certificates and Domain Problems

SSL Certificates and Godaddy Domain Problems Hello, Yesterday I got the notice that I could add SSL to my website. I went into the Domains page and saw that it said my Default Shopify domain was "OK" and then I saw the 2 versions of my Godaddy purchased domain with and without the www extensions next to them saying "OK"in green and then next to is "SSL UNAVAILABLE". I clicked to activate ...

Oct 21 2016 by Champagne Charlie's
Adding Leadpages button to Homepage etc

Hello all,  Just wondering if someone can help. I have a leadpages button, which will sign up customers to our newsletter and enter them into a competition. I have the html code for the button, but am unsure on how to put it on the page. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

Oct 21 2016 by Greg Gorzkowski
Create monthly payment on shopify

Hey, I am creating a business where I need two difrent payment variants. 1 where orders are placed as normal, and 1 where my system automatic pull X ammount from the customers credit card every month based on a subscription which the customer made.  How do I best set up monthly payments where customers choose to sign up to a solution where they monthly will pay X ammount? And is ...

Oct 21 2016 by Greg Gorzkowski