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how can I get products list by tag name in shopify api

 how can I get products list by tag name?  how can I get products list by vendor?  how can I get products list by product type?

Oct 3 2018 by Sergiu Svinarciuc
Bulk Upload Digital Product via .CSV ? (shopify digital app)

Hi everyone, I can't find any documentation on how to batch upload a lot of digital products... Uploading several physical product is discribed in this guide using .CSV (https://help.shopify.com/manual/products/import-export#csv-files). But what about digital file ? I don't see any column to recieved an url link from de digital file ? I have more than a tousand products to upload with ...

Sep 6 2017 by Bethany Dasko
looking for early adopters - visual search

Hi store owners, We've created the first Visual Search app for Shopify stores, where your customers can discover products on your website in a more natural way, simply by uploading an image! The integration is fast & seamless, no coding needed. If you would like to hear more, feel free to contact me directly by email: info@shopixai.com Thanks,

Nov 3 2018 by Visual Search by Shopix
Customizing EU Cookie Bar by Booster Apps

Hi there, does anyone know of a way to make this app use the theme styles for like button, font, links, etc.? Thanks!

Nov 3 2018 by LVNGCTR
shopify api in laravel Php

Hello, I'm an web developper and I want to install shopify api in laravel Php

Nov 2 2018 by fouad
App Proxies And Their Sub Paths

The documentation on app proxies states: Merchants can change the sub path or sub path prefix of app proxies. Merchants change the sub path prefix by toggling between a set of values provided by Shopify (/apps, /a, /community, or /tools). When that happens, is there any way the Shopify app can know what the sub path was changed to?  I'm going to have some Javascript code that will be ...

Nov 2 2018 by beppu
Australia post label creator

Hi guy's Is there an app that will create the order in Australia post my business? what i mean is when we fulfill an order on shopify can we have iot so shopify logs into mypost business and creates the postal order.

Nov 2 2018 by Todd
Shopify Intergration Problem with MAILCHIMP

Hi there, I seem to be struggling with intergrating my Shopify to Mailchimp, when integrating i recieve this message. "Integration failed, Your session seems to have expired. Please try refreshing the page." When i go through Shopify/Apps/ Mailchimp i get "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot.You've stumbled upon a missing page, but the evidence is elementary. We're on the case." I do...

Nov 2 2018 by Krash
Embedded app iframe height stuck at 150px in Admin portal on iPad

Hello Shopify and everyone, I'm having trouble with my embedded app in Admin portal. When I access my app using Safari on iPad, <body> height is displayed correctly but it's blocked by the iframe that has 150px fixed height. The error has occured once then disappeared few days ago, but it appears again today. Could anyone help me debug this issue? Thank you very much! Rodney U...

Nov 2 2018 by rodneyT94
Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopify App Bundle

I wanted to let you all know about a something new we're able to do this year, the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopify App Bundle!  We took our 5 most popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales & conversion apps and packaged them as "bundles".  This allows you get 10, 20, or 30% off FOREVER 🔥 Curious what apps they are 🤔.  Find out here.  These 5 apps have consistently been...

Nov 1 2018 by Jay from Bold
Special rates to subscribers

Hi. Is there an app that gives special rates with discounts to subscribers?

Nov 1 2018 by Jay from Bold
Connecting Docebo LMS to Shopify

Hi, I've followed these steps and connected Docebo with Shopify as a private app. https://www.docebo.com/knowledge-base/docebo-for-shopify/ I have all my products on my Docebo catalogue. When users click the Buy Now button on Docebo they are passed over to myurl.myshopify.com But they get a 404 Page not found error and bounced to page myurl.myshopify.com/products/null I have a...

Nov 1 2018 by HymnZ
Communicate APP with Frontend (javascript code)

Hello everyone, I want to ask you about  communicating Apps with frontend (javascript). I want to write an App which will store some extra informations about added products. When i will save this extra informations to each product in App i want to get this extra informations on product page (in javascript code) and render product which look  depends on this extra informations. Is it possible...

Nov 1 2018 by Vertek
Embedded App Redirection iFrame Issue Critical

Hi, theres an issue with some apps, where the ShopifyApp Easdk does infinite redirects (stops after 3 or 4 actually), and then displays error in /admin/apps.

Nov 1 2018 by Tim
Where to put aweber code?

Hey all. I am trying to place an optin code on my homepage from Aweber. I contacted support from Shopify and I was told he wasn' familiar with how to do that.  Soooo, can anyone on here let me know how to do that?  Thank You

Nov 1 2018 by Dallas
Looking for an app to send scheduled emails

Does anyone know of a good app that will send email notifications based on time after purchase? For example, my clients wants to send an email 6 months after their last purchase and again at 12 months. Anyone know of anything that does that?

Oct 31 2018 by John Carbone
Automatically publish products when they come back in-stock, but exclude...

We're currently using the Zero Out app to automatically hide products once they're out of stock as well sell almost entirely one-off items, but when we recieve an order and it's cancelled due to fraud the item is restocked but not published on the online store until it's done manually. Zero Out does have functionality to automatically publish items once they're back in stock but we create our p...

Oct 31 2018 by John Carbone
Limitations & Frustrations with Shopify Flow

Can anyone tell me problems or use cases that they want an automation tool like Flow to solve? Did you try to use Flow for something and had to abandon it? If so, what was the issue?   We're working on an app that's similar to Shopify Flow but with more flexibility. Post your ideas and pain points, and I'll do my best to get them solved in our new app. Your story is hugely valuable to us. Wh...

Oct 31 2018 by John Carbone
EASDK Message Hangup

When I examine my console, often an Embedded EASDK App message shows in the console of a blank, hung browser window. A simple refresh fixes it, but the message is saying something about why the window blank, without doing anything about it. My question is, why does the App not succeed in this redirect? Why leave a blank screen needing a refresh and showing this message? Message Sample: Sho...

Oct 31 2018 by HunkyBill
App Proxy for Store cart page

HI, Can we create an app proxy for cart page like https://shopifytestshop.myshopify.com/cart, where remote contents can displayed. What will be the values of Sub Path Prefix, Subpath and proxy url fields in case of cart page. I have tried with values Sub Path Prefix = a Subpath = wishlist proxy Url = https://abc.com/shopify_app_testing/wishlist.html But this above attemt redir...

Oct 31 2018 by HunkyBill