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product import app for development store?

I'm looking for an app that imports products from shein.com and works on my developer/partner store. I used Modalyst until now but it's no longer free and has no developer support so I can't use it anymore. Does anyone know an app like this?

Nov 13 2018 by Nick
Create dicount for first order?

Hi there Does anyone know of a discount app that will apply a percentage discount to a customer's first order on the store. I am looking at discount apps, but it is unclear whether they offer 1st purchase discounts.  Thanks

Nov 12 2018 by Marc Baumbach
Load a default page on clicking the shopify app in admin

I am new to shopify. I am creating a public app. I have installed the app on development store. When I click on the app in shopify admin, I want to load a settings page. I have found there exists "Embedded app" functionality, I have used it to create navigation links, but I want one to be loaded by default, can anyone please let me know how to achieve this? Also how can we apply styling t...

Nov 13 2018 by abhijit
Free Gift App without duplicates

We'd like to run a "buy X, get Y" promotion in our store and we've been looking at apps to help us do this. Unfortunately, every app we've been able to find creates duplicate, hidden, free items for the gift that is given away. These apps warn that they don't work with Inventory Management systems which we rely upon. Wondering if anyone knows of an app, or even a technical solution to create...

Nov 13 2018 by RB
Facebook / 500 - Server error

Hi, Im have tried to connect my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AugustHues/) to my new Shopify account (https://august-hues.myshopify.com) through either the facebook sales channel and through the Facebook Pixel id in online store. In both cases I get a Facebook / 500 - Server error. I have checked on the cookies (enabled) and tried different browsers (chrome and edge), but am gettin...

Nov 13 2018 by Freddie
Is there a Shopify to Ebay App...that actually works?!?

I've been dealing with on going issues with an app that basically is just making more work for myself because their system keeps glitching either deleting, unsyncing or changing things. I've tried the ebay channel but didn't really have good luck with it.  After going through Google and the App Store, I can't find anything that is reasonable that sounds like it actually works all the time...

Nov 12 2018 by NextGen
Help! Need an online Delivery Driver Gratuity/Tip payment solution

My business is providing prepackaged meals delivered locally.  Orders and payments are all online.  I need to find a way for customers to pay for a delivery driver tip with their online order (USA based company).  There used to be an app that I was planning on using when ready but it's now not available.  It was Tipslite.  This is holding up the opening of my business.  I would prefer a solu...

Nov 12 2018 by Don
Encouraging customer reviews

Hello, "I need a app" to send email out after customer receiving order and encourge to review all products he/she received? I dont know how to do this with mailchimp? 

Nov 12 2018 by Azem
Can't get Mailchimp app to work.

I believe the problem is comminicatoin between Mailchimp and Shopify. When I go  into my Shopify store and click on the mail chimp app it launches mailchimp and says "syncing". But it will never sync at all. It just tried forever. I do have a test user thaqt created an account and another that subcribed to the newsletter. neither get to Mailchimp. Any help appreciated.   Kerry

Nov 12 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Looking for bundle app for set price across collections...

Hi all - I feel like I've tried just about every bundle discount app there is and none have had the functionality I'm looking for. I need a bundle app where I can determine a set price across a collection where the products vary in price. For example, I'd like to sell a three t-shirt bundle for $XX, where a user can select any three t-shirts they would like within a collection and get the set p...

Nov 10 2018 by SpurIT
Mailchimp content missing

It seems that when creating a new template I can't add product raccomandation, product content, and promo codes blocks anymore. They don't appear in the add content side bar. If I open an old campaign and edit its content I can still add and edit those blocks though.     Does anyone else have this problem? How do I solve?

Nov 10 2018 by quadri
Product review app

Hello, I am trying to import reviews from a previous site into our new Shopify store, using the Product Reviews app, and all my uploaded dates on site are showing 1 day later from the date that is actually in the upload .csv. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks! I am using Chrome to upload. The .csv has: 8/31/2017  1:00:00 PM On site it shows Sep 01, 2017

Nov 9 2018 by Katy
Add link to support in application details

Hello, could you tell me how can we add below links to our application details? View in Shopify App Store Get support Write review just, like in this application: https://pasteboard.co/HMmx6BH.png

Nov 9 2018 by Sergiu Svinarciuc
Verify that Embedded app settings page visit is from Shopify in PHP

When a client installs the app, they have the option to click on the app name in the list of apps on the `/admin/apps` page.  When they click that page, my PHP index file for my app receives these `$_GET` vars:   array(     hmac => "d30c2n987643207m47fy72234570d2d640gfsd1c3883dr1s39871231b32b847cf",     locale => "en",     protocol => "https://",     shop => "example-sho...

Nov 8 2018 by Austin Hutchison
Create "bundled" product - mix and match variants

Hi there I am looking for an app that can create a mix and match product. This is the scenario: We sell tattoo ink in a multitude of colors. We want to make mix and match sets, where the customer can choose a predetermined number of colours for a set price. So for example, we would want to set up a product (40 Color Set), that lists all the available colours, and the customer could choose...

Nov 8 2018 by EricaKeegan
Passwordless Login - Byepass

Any developers know how much we can modify login on Shopify using apps/api.  Could we incorporate Byepass.co to use their API for passwordless login?  Would we be able to modify shopify stores on web and mobile?

Nov 8 2018 by Paul L. Newton
How to generate a Shopify-Access-Token

Hello, actually I been have some throubles to generate my Token; I create a app, make the property configurations, run my script, and them the app gave to me,  a code, hmac, shop, and timestamp, but it not a Token. I'm using de follow script to get my Token, but it no working.     $ch = curl_init();     curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);     curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $acce...

Nov 8 2018 by Wilson Rivas
What does ShopifyApp.init?

Hello. I am developing shopify app for the first time using elixir and phoenix framework.. <script src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/assets/external/app.js?<%= add_timestamp() %>"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> ShopifyApp.init({ apiKey: "<%= Shopify.Config.api_key() %>", shopOrigin: '<%= return_shop_name_url(@conn) %>',...

Nov 7 2018 by wlminimal
Soup to Nuts Marketing App?

I am looking for some good advice on marketing.   Google adwords is so far beyond confusing I dont even log into my account. I do know that I spend about $300 a month, but I honestly have no time to figure out how effective it actually is conversion wise. Sounds dumb, I know, hence the post to grab the reigns back. I also want to take advantage of retargeting on FB and Instagram. So...

Nov 7 2018 by Amit Roznak
Customer action to update metafield

I want to allow my customers to add extra data to their own account. I see that Shopify allows the use of metafields but I would like to understand how the customer can add, edit or remove these adhoc from their account or other pages. I’ve already started writing an app in node.js but I can’t figure out how the customer can interact with it. Thank you    

Nov 7 2018 by Todd