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App for tracking # of returns

I haven't found this data in Shopify (only total refund amount), or previous return apps I've seen. I'm trying to find a way to see how many units are returned each month (rather than total refund amount). Anyone know an app that calculates this?

Aug 4 2018 by Jonathan
How to get 'Handle' value from the order API

Hi, Please give us advice. We register products by uploading csv having rows as followings, Handle Title Body (HTML) Vendor Type Tags Published Option1 Name Option1 Value Option 2 Name Option 2 Value Option  and atc. The 'Handle' value is used for the product detail page's url like, https://*************.myshopify.com/products/100010197 <- this is the Handle value By access...

Jul 12 2018 by Jonathan
Looking for an app that will periodically download latest order data to ...

Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for an app that can download the latest order data from multiple shops to the local filesystem. It would need to fetch data on a short schedule, ie every 15 minutes. Recommendations welcome! Thanks!

Sep 11 2017 by Clement
Total Weight Sold Report?

Hi, I work out my profit margins based on weight (I sell a food product). The shipping weight variable (in product settings) is the value I could use to calculate total goods sold. Anybody know of a report/app/hack that adds "total weight" of the order in a column in reports? This would also be a really nice to have for a standard column in the report export.

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Where to host a Shopify app? Need suggestions

Hi, Our apps crossed more than 1000 active users now and I found that our current Godaddy VPS server is a bit slow in loading the app page. We hosted app at our own VPS but when we tested it form shopify app admin, app takes much time in connecting to our server and loading the app. I think we need to shift app to some cloud server or so. I found Heroku and some other cloud hosting servic...

Nov 8 2016 by Jonathan
Recurring Application Charge - How to handle declines?

I've got a process as follows:1. Get App2. Install App (oAuth)3. Accept / Decline chargeNow when a shop owner ACCEPTS the charge, all is fine and they can start using your app, but what am I to do when an owner DECLINES? As the app is installed, do you keep prompting them to accept charges before allowing them to use your app's functionality?What's the best way of handling declines?

Nov 5 2014 by Billy Griffiths
Plixpod (Hoplix) Trouble using this app

This app is from an Italian company. It’s all in Italian and I have an app to help me translate but not only is it difficult to know if I’m fully understanding it but when I have questions it’s difficult to communicate with their reps. I just need someone from either Shopify or Hoplix to help me correctly set up my account with them and the product exports. I have emailed, messaged with them ab...

Nov 27 2018 by Donna Delich
How to add product specific shipping rates

I recently added a product that I ship out myself to my store that mainly sells print on demand merchandise.  The problem I am having is that I need to charge one rate for all print on demand items and another rate for my own items.  I would like to somehow categorize my products and have two shipping rates for each category.   I found apps that can do this for 10 to 15 bucks a month and a f...

Nov 27 2018 by Scott Haslam
Trust Badges not showing on site

When I install the app and run it, it say that everything has been saved but then the logos dont show, the only thing that shows is "Checkout securely with" and its blank below, can someone please help?

Nov 26 2018 by Emad
Embeded Angular component app

Hi, I would like to make a ui  embeded angular component app that listen and react to Shopify events. For example to have angular panel in a Shopify shop that listen to check out event and react when the end user purchase something. I believe It should be in a form of Shopify app. Is it possibly ? Does is make sense? Do I use embeded sdk ? what is the general process?   Thanks

Nov 25 2018 by Randy Champagne
Put Hurrify Timer On Homepage Product

Hello, I want to put my Hurrify timer on my homepage home produt. I know that I can ask the developer for assistance but this is rather urgent and was hoping to get some help on here. I am currently on the Jumpstart theme.  Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Kraz

Nov 23 2018 by Kraz
Random X-cache hit and miss while accessing store pages.

Hi guys,    Our store is sometimes too slow, because of random x-cache miss from Shopify, We are running behind Cloudflare. Any clues?  when getting the x-cache miss, sites' TTFB gets too long. hence site takes more than 10s to load. Thanks in advance

Nov 23 2018 by Jason
Certain Products Are not Working Correctly

I don't even know how to begin... I have a store that sells indoor environmental products. These products, such as air cleaners, water filters, etc., have related items such as replacement filters. Within the last 2 days or so, the related items are not showing product descriptions... For example, here is a main product; https://purennatural.com/products/airpura-c600-air-purifier - You'll no...

Nov 22 2018 by BrendaRoyPNN
MailChimp app no longer available?

Hi, I've just noticed that the MailChimp app is no longer available in the app store. Why is it so? Will it be back soon? Best regards, Lukasz Wiktor

Nov 22 2018 by Lukasz Wiktor
App developers for hire

Hello everyone. We are trying to check if we could use Shopify with some of multi-vendor addon and an industry-specific quotation app that we have to code from scratch to make work together and create MVP of our Marketplace. Are there any experienced Shopify app developers here, that we could talk to and possibly hire?

Nov 22 2018 by Pasha
Quantity Breaks

My business sells blank athletic clothing. We would like a quantity discount on a "group" of products. For instance, if a customer buys 5 Small Green Sports Bras, 10 Large White Sports Bras and 5 Medium Black Sports Bras - the products should all be at the price for 20 Sports Bras. Right now, shopify is considering each variant a different product in terms of the quantity pricing tiers.    ...

Nov 20 2018 by SpurIT
No Sync from (standard) Shopify subscriber list with email marketing apps!

Hey there,  I am using the VENTURE theme and I am trying to set up email marketing. To test things out, I am using the standard shopify subscribtion forms: - Footer and page newsletter - checkout subscription Problem: Subscribers appear immediately on Shopify but never on Lists of Email marketing apps .On the following apps I tried, shopify subscribers were not syncing with the e...

Nov 20 2018 by Michael Stöckl
We are giving out this app for free

Hey guys, I’m excited to introduce SiteKit - a new app conversion booster app that could help you 3x your revenues this BFCM! Basically, SiteKit helps you create an announcement bar on top of the site. There you could: Grab customers’ attention with a highly visible header bar Convert leaving customers with exit-intent technology Drive traffic directly to your promotion pages with ...

Nov 20 2018 by Sam Douglas
Distinguish UseCases App installation vs. App login (QueryParameters hav...

Hi guys, I have a problem within my application to distinguish between two types of calls towards my application: Install: The user wants to install my app Login: The user wants to login into my app from the "apps section" in his backend Both of these calls seem to go to the same application URL (example: http://myapplication.myserver.com/?shop=..&hmac=..&..) and were ea...

Nov 20 2018 by Markus Arndt
Even though I uninstalled "Product Reviews" and installed another review...

Hi, Even though I uninstalled "Product Reviews" and installed another review app, I cannot get rid of the old one. The official "Product Reviews" doesn't show up but there is still an "add review" section under the product description and I cannot get rid of it.  please help. You can see it HERE  <<< Thank you

Nov 20 2018 by Kaan Centoglu