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App to tell how many of each product to order when restocking

Hi ! Is there an app that will look at your sales history for the past months and tell you how many of each product you need to order to avoid backorders and such ? I am pretty sure to have found one last year that said that, but I just can't find it anymore.  And if there is more than one with this option, which one you preferred ? Thanks !

Dec 3 2018 by Benny Zaccone
Discount Randomizer App Needed

I have a Shopify client that has an app need. We couldn't find anything in the app store that could do this, but I need to determine whether or not it's possible or already available in the app store (couldn't find it). If it's not possible, I may have my development team build it. What we'd like to be able to do is: 1. Create one, single discount code in Shopify's discount section 2. Th...

Dec 3 2018 by Conner Pope
App Bridge Issue, Bug, Apps share buttons.

I have an issue where in one umbrella situation ==> I am running Chrome Browser and I have two tabs open, one to App #1 and one to App #2, I am seeing buttons from App #1 in App #2.  This is pretty much a crazy failure on the part of the App Bridge. I would highly recommend cleaning house of this kind of bug, as it makes Shopify and us developers look totally bush league. Not to mention, ...

Dec 2 2018 by HunkyBill
Testing first app directions

Hi,  I am a beginner developer working on my first project. Can anyone please provide directions/guidelines for how to set up a way to do tests on my development store  for the functionality I am working on?  

Dec 2 2018 by naftali
How to whitelist IP for Shoptimised

Hi, we have starting using Shoptimised to help our Google shopping feed however they keep encountering problems scraping our site for price/product updates as they have said shotimised has blocked them and they have requested to have there IP address whitelisted. my developer has said this is not possible as its fully hosted by Shopify so we don't have any access to the server or its functional...

Dec 1 2018 by Jason
Mailchimp Popup displaying incorrectly

Hi, I recently set up a pop-up form with the mailchimp app and placed the code at the bottom of theme.liquid. However, the pop-up would always display with a block of white underneath it, and when that happens, it doesn't allow you to X out of the popup, whether you fill out and submit the form or not. Any help is appreciated!

Dec 1 2018 by Dallas
Country Redirect: Send Customers To The Right Country based on their IP...

Hi folks, After seeing lots of requests for a way to redirect customers to a country's site based on their IP Address, we've been hard at work building something that's easy to use but robust enough for store owners to manage.  After much work, it's ready to rock.  Sending Customers to the Right Country:  How It Works     For those with Shopify stores in more than one count...

Dec 1 2018 by Dylan Hunt
Shopify Flow - Product Updated Trigger

Hi, I'm just getting started with Shopify and Shopify Flow and I was surprised to see that whilst there is a Product Added trigger there is no Product Updated trigger. Are there any plans to add such a trigger, or have I missed a workaround? Thanks, Ross

Nov 30 2018 by Tira
Google Shopping GTIN Error

Hello, I sell vintage baseball cards.  These cards are from 1887 through 1959 and obviously do not have bar codes.  I continue to get errors from Google Shopping that I can not publish my item to their sales channel because of the following error: "Barcode gtin missing: gtin is required for this product.. Image image crawl issue: a complete image crawl can take up to 3 business days.. Vie...

Nov 30 2018 by Todd
The app is not loading in an iframe, It seems blank totally

I've created one app and its flow goes like,  And my, App URL: https://example.herokuapp.com/installation/install.php App HomePage: https://example.herokuapp.com/HomePage.php     (1) Installation step goes using install.php (2) Billing Screen will appear. (3) Redirecting to app HomePage.php   -> Above steps are working properly but the problem is starting now  ...

Nov 30 2018 by Pratham Jani
Can I set up a discount code for a specific country?

Hi, Does anyone know how can I set up a discount code for a specific country?  For example, I would like to set up a discount code only for people whose shipping address is in Canada. People from other countries cannot use the code. The discount code type we need is percentage and fixed amount. (NOT free shipping. Shopify already has the free shipping one.) Shopify only has discount co...

Nov 29 2018 by Sarosha from Aiva
Mobile App Development Platform

Plobal Apps We have been on the Shopify App Store for over 2 years now and have been proud of the way we have served our customers and the 240+ customer reviews we have got here. In the recent times, we have integrated with some of the best apps on Shopify and it can't be a better time to introduce us to the community. Some of the most loved features on our mobile app are: Flexib...

Nov 29 2018 by Plobal Apps Mobil...
Where is Ebay Importer?

It disappeared from my apps and following link doesn't work anymore: http://apps.shopify.com/ebay-importer There was no announcement about removal of this feature, am I missing something? This was actually one of features which convinced me to start with Shopify, so I'm quite disappointed now :(

Nov 29 2018 by Swati Cedcommerce
Looking for feedback on our new app!

Hello there. We've created the easiest and most simple to use mobile app builder for your Shopify store. We are a brand new to the Shopify app store and are looking for feedback. How can we improve it? Is the pricing too much? Should be offer a longer free trial? Is it easy to use? You can find our app here. http://bit.ly/2PiAOHr Any suggestions or help from the community go...

Nov 29 2018 by Nick
Buying Credit as a product, is there an app for that?

Hi there, I'd would like to sell a sort of coupon with a fixed credit so that my customers can use that to buy whater they want until they reach the limit. Is there an app for that?

Nov 28 2018 by Todd Trimakas
How to pass Hebrew language in shopify API.

Hi there, I am trying to create customer using shopify customer API, all working fine but when i am tyrig to pass customer details in Hebrew language it's convert to special char or code. How can i solve this i am using PHP for API call. Example:          $fname="עדי";         $lname="יקרופסקי";         $add="רח׳ לאה גולדברג 6";         $city="הרצליה";         $zipcode='4636700'; ...

Nov 28 2018 by Jasoliya Brijesh
Terms and conditions, limitations for Shopify apps

[Edit: BUMP] Hey guys & gals! I've spent a few weeks digging in to the Shopify developer ecosystem exploring your many APIs, getting to know Liquid and themes, Theme Editor, Admin UI & Polaris... the whole lot really. Now I have a solid overview of what can be done and what cannot. My question is more about the cannots, how I intend to work around them and whether these workaro...

Nov 26 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Cannot modify an order's note_attributes on checkout page

I created an app that adds a ScriptTag to be loaded on the checkout page. The script is loaded correctly and runs code to add a note_attribute to the newly created order. When I try to update the order by adding something in the note_attribute, nothing is changed on certain stores. I send the following request PUT /admin/orders/123456.json {        'order': {             'id': 123456,...

Nov 25 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Building a Shopify application with Node.js and Express

Hi,  Can I follow the tutorial with a Windows computer instaed of  a macOS?

Nov 20 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Alphabetize Product Options App

Does anyone know if there is a product options app that would allow for conditional logic to alphabetize customer's options selections?  We have 18 different options that customers group together to place an order. We currently use Bold Options to allow customers to select their options but Bold can't alphabetize the options on the packing slip, making it difficult for our fulfillment crew a...

Nov 28 2018 by Jason Nista