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Add merge tags values with MailChimp for Shopify app

Hello, My goal is to provide a newsletter form to my customer and add them to Mailchimp with custom merge tags. I would like to use the native integration of Shopify form for this. 1- I have installed the MailChimp for Shopify app. 2- I have a Mailchimp list with these tags : *|EMAIL|* or *|MERGE0|* *|FNAME|* or *|MERGE1|* *|LNAME|* or *|MERGE2|* *|LANGUAGE|* or *|MERGE3|* ...

May 12 2018 by Jason
After uninstall app theme liquid file update

Hello I am app developer, I see many forum and other resource for Uninstall app after api call for theme liquid file update. In my app I need to modifiy theme liquid file when install app, it's working perfect. Now issue is, when user uninstall app that time app loss store access token so I cant revert theme liquid file and it's doing issue in client store. Script inject method is not h...

Jun 20 2018 by Identixweb
Best time to send abandoned cart email

I was wondering if there is any research (or what you have observed) on when to send the abandoned cart email. We currently use "Abandoned Aid" app which sends it one hour after abandonment. The built-in functionality gives you an option of delay either 6hrs or 24hrs.   What is your experience? Also, which abandoned cart email do you use and how is it better than the one that Shopify prov...

Dec 28 2015 by Dudley
Looking for a simple email/marketing app

I know very little about e-commerce solutions so please be patient with me. I am looking for a simple solution / marketing app that would allow me email a customer segment within Shopify. Nothing complex, maybe a little bit customized (e.g Dear #first name#). I don’t expect to send a high volume of emails, and I am hoping to find an app that is free or inexpensive. I know of MailChimp which ...

May 18 2015 by Dudley
Product Reviews - import fails

New to Shopify, please be patient with me: Using the Product Reviews app, I am trying to import old reviews via .csv file. What exactly is the "product_handle" column?  I know it is not the SKU field or the barcode field. Thank you! Dudley

Apr 10 2015 by Dudley
Recurring charge expired

Hello, From Shopify partner account I can see from the log, for a specific retailer the Recurring charge was activated first, then few hours later it got expired. What could be the reason for that? Also how it can be reactivated? Thanks

Feb 27 2017 by Henry Burns
If your target market is China , Alipay is coming !

In China, few people use credit cards or bank cards to pay, because it is very troublesome to input a long number of cards The most popular is the use of Alipay, it comes from the Alibaba, 600 million people have used it in China It is very simple to use, only need to sweep using a mobile phone, and has been integrated in the Shopify, anyone can use it. You can take a look at this H...

Feb 20 2017 by Henry Burns
Show Recent Orders app NEW!

Hi, I recently created my first Shopify app. It is called "Show recent Orders by Goldendev" What is the purpose of this app? To give visitors confidence to buy and increase conversions. What does it do? It shows your customers the most recent orders in your store in a form of a notification in the corner of a screen. It is available in the Shopify store here. This is an exampe of a...

Feb 19 2017 by Henry Burns
Collaborative Marketing shopify app

Hi there --   I was hoping to get some feedback from store owners on my Shopify app, Collabra. It's a cooperative marketing app that allows Shopify store owners to cross-promote products and share traffic. You can find the app here: http://bit.ly/collabraforum Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Feb 18 2017 by Ryan Kulp
Moved to new Thread - http://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apps/t/shop...

Shopify RMA 2.0 is being prepped for Beta TestingRMA 2.0 is fully integrated with your storefront. No need to send your customers off site to manage their RMA'sPlease keep up to date with that version on this thread.http://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apps/t/shopify-rma-2-0-integrated-rma-exchange-system-new-screenshots-161465

Feb 9 2014 by Jonathan
Is there an app that has the feature which I expect?

Hi Shopify, I wonder if there is an app so that when a visitor clicks on add to cart the product naturally will be added to cart and the visitor redirects to the another collection (for example FREEBIES)which I put some products on it when any visitor clicks on add to cart they redirects to the FREEBIES.Please let me know if it's possible or not.   Thanks

Dec 18 2016 by Max
How to suggest some gift if a customer places an order more than $50?

Hi Shopify, I would like to give a gift to my customers if they buy for example more than $50 there might be an APP for that could you kindly recommend an appropriate APP for that please?   Thanks

Aug 31 2016 by Max
Disconnect eBay account?

I was wondering if there was a way to disconnect an eBay account on a Shopify store that is already closed? I cant get in to disconnect it.

Dec 10 2018 by Nick
Looking for a way to connect inventory across multiple stores

Hi guys, We are experiencing some difficulty managing our inventory across 3 different websites. Our problem: 3 (soon 4) different Shopify stores with the same products. Inventory isn't linked so we have to manage it constantly removing & adding from stores + counting inventory manually.   Our websites: https://www.leren-handschoenen.nl  https://www.lederhandschuhe.de  ...

Dec 10 2018 by Jimmy
Try OxeBox Marketing Automation For Free, Send unlimited newsletters, di...

Hi Guys, If you're looking to do more with the email receipt you send to your customers (put promotions/feedback/social media on receipts), send unlimited email newsletters and run abandoned cart campaigns, you must try OxeBox Marketing Automation. Its free for 30 days, and unlike other apps who have pricing based on the number of customers, with OxeBox there is absolutely NO restriction ...

Dec 9 2018 by OxeBox Technologies
Cannot pass hmac verification . Install your App for php

Hi.          I was testing the application by installing it in my development store.Cannot pass hmac verification. Here is my code. // Helper method to determine if a request is valid function validateHmac($params, $secret) {   $hmac = $params['hmac'];   unset($params['hmac']);   //$params = array_diff_key($params, array('hmac' => '')); // Remove hmac from params   ksort($params);...

Dec 9 2018 by OxeBox Technologies
Do i need any external server to run my app

Hi , I am Dibya  and very new to shopify  app development , I have build a  app using node and react .. Now I need publish it .. But My  doubt is if  suppose  my app got accepted  by  authority   then  where i supposed to keep my  file  to  run my app , and  how people will intract  with my   app 

Dec 9 2018 by OxeBox Technologies
Mailchimp Pop-Up Form not working

I just added the pop-up email sign up form through the Mailchimp app and its not showing up on my website, even in  incognito.   can somene please help :)  www.lilbubbasboutique.com      Thank-You!

Dec 8 2018 by Nataussie
Mandatory GDPR Webhook

Our App does not use any customer data, then we have to use this webhook "customers/redact" in partner app dashboard or not ? Currently, we are using same url for "customers/redact" webhook in partner dashboard like used for "shop/redact" webhook. we are testing GDPR shop/redact webhook, we didnt receive any payload even after app has been uninstalled 48 hours before. Please suggest wha...

Sep 6 2018 by MPI themes
how to fetch data from app to shopify website using php

Hi, I am starting to create my first app. I have created partner account and created app as well. I have integrated the library also. Done with app installation and authorization. Now I am stuck for the next step. I don't understand how can I linked my code and settings implemented on my app to shopify frontend. How can I link the app database to shopify website? I save all the cu...

Sep 6 2018 by MPI themes