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Seeking developer to hook up firstpay.net

I don't do the developer-side of things and as a result I'm looking for someone who can hook up a shop to the firstpay.net gateway. I'd like to know estimated cost, turnaround time, and what needs you would have as the developer as far as account information/settings. This project goes live within a month. We can hook up to Paypal in the meantime, but are looking to hook up the gateway as we...

Oct 1 2009 by HunkyBill
Billing API Question

Are there any built in functions to handle free trails? I don't see anything about that in the documentation, yet the press on the billing API mentions it will allow for them. Please help this is the only thing holding my app back. Thanks, Tim

Oct 6 2009 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding
Adding Checkout Question

I would like to add a "How Did You Hear About Us?" checkout question to the shopping cart. Does anybody have information on how to do this? Can anyone develop this into the cart?

Sep 28 2009 by Hidden Gears
Billing API is open!

The Billing API is open! Please find more docs up at http://api.shopify.com/billing.html Jesse’s old message follows: ========================================= The Billing portion of our API will make it easy for developers to make money with their Shopify apps. How will it work? There will be two building blocks: Monthly fixed fee charges and one time charges. Both kinds of c...

Jul 14 2010 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding
Shopify App Tutorial

Hi folks, I’ve finished writing a draft of a tutorial on making Shopify Apps: http://wiki.shopify.com/Making_A_Shopify_App It’s not polished yet, and the ending is really rough, but I’d really appreciate contributions and edits, especially when it comes to: * Showing how admin links work * Making what is available through the ShopifyAPI ActiveResource module obvious (i.e. making a lin...

Nov 19 2009 by nickel
API Assets

I have been working with the shopify rails plugin / app for the last week and I have seemed to hit a wall with assets. Keeping things simple I am trying to simply find and display the _theme.liquid_ file. So here is my controller def index @asset = ShopifyAPI::Asset.find('layouts/theme.liquid') end And my View Asset#index Asset key: <%=> Asset valu...

Sep 23 2009 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding
Shipping-line code always 0

Hello all, I'm using a third party vendor and am trying to debug an issue we're having with them about Shopify sending the chosen shipping method to the vendor via the API. The documentation isn't very verbose and lists the shipping info like the following: <shipping-line> <title>Free Shipping</title> Free Shipping <price>0.00</price> ...

Sep 21 2009 by James MacAulay
Calling the API from an external application

We're currently building a website that is tightly integrated with Shopify - in fact so tightly, that the two entities almost appear as one. One aspect of this is that some of the products, which are in collections need to appear inside the website itself. Therefore, what I've done so far is add the shopify_app plugin to my app, and generated the code with the API key and secret I've been...

Sep 21 2009 by Dennis Theisen
Product Photo matches variant selections

I'm looking for help to get a feature working on a shopify store. Would like the drop down selection for a product to match the product image. For example, if the product was 't-shirt', and the options included colors of red, blue and green. If the user selects 'green' from the drop down, the main product image would change to green upon selection from the drop down. This is the product p...

Oct 9 2009 by Caroline Schnapp
Search api?

I'd love to get access to the search api to use in my app. I haven't seen anything related to search in the api. However, i know there is access to Products && collections. As i type this, i wonder... I don't think i'd be able to access a certain's shop that has installed my api to have their products "pulled' by a keyword entered by a user on my site, would they? NO, i can't ...

Sep 12 2009 by pjammer
Looking for Shopify Developer

Seeking a highly skilled developer to create a customized "product configurator" for the Shopify platform. We need to replicate this except with a reduced ability to customize. http://www.customink.com/lab/ The customization (configuration) of the final item will be a combination of two or more SKUs. Would like to get started immediately. Thanks -MPK

Sep 9 2009 by Caroline Schnapp
(412) Precondition Failed

I have an application that performs all sorts of operations via the API but when I am trying to add a collect I am getting a "(412) Precondition Failed" response. Below is the post body and headers that I am sending: /admin/collects.xml ===================================================== <?xml encoding="UTF-8" version="1.0"><collect><product-id type="integer">8640032&...

Sep 6 2009 by lonecrow
Integration with other Site/Services

I work on a site with its own userbase and products. We've built our own ordering system and it works ok at best. We'd like to find a replacement and use a 3rd party cart for ordering and so I am looking at different options. It seems Shopify is great for a stand alone commerce solution but not sure how it would do with integration. We would like for a user on our site to be able to pur...

Sep 29 2009 by Caroline Schnapp
Payment Gateway Integration Request

Iridium Corp is a UK/EU payment gateway. We are looking for a developer to complete an integration. We provide pre-written code packs so should be a straight forward job. Many thanks.

Dec 1 2009 by steven
looking for developer for small site with file uploads

Hi everyone, I have a project I could use the assistance of an experience shopify developer on. I'm building a simple e-commerce site for a company that sells customized DVDs via the web. I am interested in using the shopify system if it can meet our needs. The system should allow the user, during the checkout process, to upload multiple photos, along with a brief description that will be...

Sep 1 2009 by Caroline Schnapp
Login conflict in API

Hi, I am running into issues with the Shopify API and Twitter-auth API. Both use /login as a way to do authentication. Twitter-auth uses Rails routing and Shopify API uses hardcoded "redirect_to :controller => 'login'" in shopify_login_protection.rb. My question: How can I override the hardcoded redirect_to in the shopify_login_protection.rb without changing the plugin directly. The mo...

Aug 28 2009 by izit
Payment gateway integration required

Hi guys I'm looking for an ActiveMerchant guru to add a South African payment gateway called MyGate. Could someone have a look at his and let me know if it's firstly possible, and how long/how much it would be to integrate. Quite an urgent job - I'll pay quickly... Thanks, Richard Developer Documentation: http://tinyurl.com/nt47eu PHP API example: http://www.mygate.co.za/act_get...

Aug 26 2009 by richardza
API product/collection hide & publish

Hi, I am reading through the API docs but I cannot see if it is possible to hide or publish collections/products with the API ? regards Jeroen

Sep 6 2010 by Caroline Schnapp
Recurring Payments

We need to be able to allow for the purchase of products that are fulfilled and charged on a recurring basis. I understand Shopify doesn't support this directly yet, so I've been looking for a workaround via API. I'm happy to code up a second service to do it, but given that the credit card info is collected by Shopify and not exposed (for good reason) via api, I'm not seeing a ready solutio...

Jan 17 2011 by Gerhard
How do I pull down xml content programatically from my shopify store?

Hi there, I look after a shopify site, and while I'm doing local development, it's very useful to pull down the xml for the pages and blogs we run on the site. I've worked out that I can access the api from my browser by appending .xml to various pages, like so : http://domain.myshopify.com/admin/pages # request standard page http://domain.myshopify.com/admin/pages.xml # reques...

Aug 27 2009 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding