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Shopify sync with multiple ebay accounts?

multi-channel selling is it available via shopify account? like vendio, channeladvisor... furthermore, is it possible? just add new item in shopify account, then automatically add new listing of same item to my ebay.com account and possiblely other ebay accounts on (ebay.co.uk, ebay.de, ...) then, if the final qty of an item sold on either site, all listing of the same products on different s...

Nov 28 2009 by Jonathan McCoy
Liquid Variables in Java Script

Is it possibel to use the Liquid variables in java script to set the values? some thing like this {% assign count = 0 %} < input = button" onclick =" setCount()"){if count > 1} { do something } < script type=javascript>{ count = 5 }   thanks for the help

Nov 9 2009 by HunkyBill
Theme settings and Vision ?

I was wondering if the settings (http://wiki.shopify.com/Theme_Settings) were available under Vision (4.1.0). It looks like the settings are not valued, and the .css.liquid files don't get interpreted either. Is it a problem in my code or with Vision ? It would be nice to be able to submit the setting form under vision so that we can try our themes locally with different settings. 

Nov 8 2009 by Jamie
Combo Pack Functionality?

I'm looking for a better way to sell "combo packs" of products from my store. Our current method (creating an independent product page) wreaks absolute havoc on our inventory system -- unless we update each item's inventory by hand every time we sell a combo pack, it's impossible to know how many individual products we actually have in stock. It seems like the most straightforward solution wou...

May 29 2010 by jefflin
So how would I set up?.....

To keep things uncomplicated, let's say I run my own cellular network and we offer 6 models of cellular telephones. The customer would from our site: 1) Select their cell phone ($100 to $300) 2) Choose a variety of 12 airtime-related features such as voice-mail, call forward, call waiting etc (each feature at $10) 3) Pay a mandatory flat pay-in-advance annual fee of $100 for airtime (unlimite...

Nov 9 2009 by Jesse Storimer
Affiliate Marketplace (i.e., Overstock, Amazon)

I'm wondering whether the Shopify API isrobust enough, to support the building of a small scale Affiliate Driven Marketplace.Scenario:a) 10-100 products listed, with connectionto a set of keywords, tagsb) thumbnails of products can be pulled intoweb content (i.e., Wordpress)c) site/blog affiliates can be credited for traffic supply generated from their pagesRespond To:Digital Doctor | rafiki do...

Oct 30 2009 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding
A field was improperly formatted...

I setup test shop in my developer account (http://gaylord-langworth9219.myshopify.com) and tried placing order with provided credentials: CC Number: 4242424242424242Expiration Date: 01/10Security code: 424 I made sure there are no extra white spaces or letters in numeric fields, but I still get this error every time: "Error from gateway: A field was improperly formatted, such as non-digit cha...

Oct 30 2009 by electricsheep
Looking For A Developer/Programmer

We have a shopify store and we want to add gift certificates and a customer loyalty program.  If any developer/programmer is interested in this, which will be a job we will gladly pay for please contact me. Carl (carl@mprsales.com)  

Oct 28 2009 by Carljm
Developer to upload payment gateway

We are trying to add a payment gateway that is not on the approved list to our website without much success so far. The three developers we have approached so far as well as our web designer have said they have no experience with Ruby so won't take on the job. We have now come to a dead end can anybody help?

Oct 28 2009 by Devil7
Hidden Product?

  I was looking through the API and I don't seem to see how I can tell if a product is hidden or not. Is that what "Published-at" is for?

Oct 30 2009 by Edward Ocampo-Gooding
How to add fields in 'checkout' page?

Hi , I am planning to develop a customised checkout page using the shopify. I am facing following issues. Could someone please help me in doing the same? 1. As shown in the attached screen shot , I would like to add a text box "Personnummer". 2. I would like to call/invoke my self extracted/hosted application (developed in java) on the button "Complete my purchase" event given in the screen ...

Nov 3 2009 by srini
MYOB interface

Would anyone know if it is possible to interface shopify and MYOB? my client would like to avoid rekeying contact details, orders, invoices and payments in MYOB once entered in shopify Regards   phil

Oct 19 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Paying by invoice

Hi, I am trying to develop a module for Shopify (and Active Merchant?) to enable support for paying by invoice. As it is today it seems like all the payment gateways in Active Merchant only offer support for paying by creditcard and not by invoice. I have tried to develop and add support for SveaWebPay's webservice (http://www.sveawebpay.se) in Active Merchant. This webservice offers the func...

Oct 15 2009 by Lorodion
Display a collection on another site.

I would like to display a custom collection on another site, which is a rails application. I don't want to build a full on shopify application, we already have a shopify store set up and functioning how we'd like it, instead I would like to display a set of products on the home page of our rails app. What is the best way to do this?

Oct 15 2009 by NoahB
Reward Points System

Hello there, I haven't found a reward points application for Shopify and I am wondering how feasible such a custom app would be. Let's say that we have a CRM that we can assign custom attributes to, in this case the number of points (keeping it simple). This custom app would allow customers to redeem cash vouchers in exchange for their reward points. The Shopify part comes in where these cash...

Oct 13 2009 by HunkyBill
Rails Shopify API & Plugin Validation Errors

I've written a rails application that connects our internal product database to our shopify site so that updates to the database automatically get pushed onto our site. The application uses the shopify plugin. At the moment we have one product that just won't update. The ShopifyAPI::Product just returns false on save. Is there any way of discovering why the save failed ? I've tried the ActiveR...

Nov 9 2009 by Jesse Storimer
Persistent auth token

Hello there, just wondering if Shopify API supports some kind of persistent token to allow developers to access/login shops data to perform some batch analysis, even if the shop administrator doesn't use the application (no http-driven login). If not, does the Shopyfy API allow us to create some WebHooks? Instead letting developers to access shops data programmatically, could be a cool soluti...

Oct 19 2009 by electricsheep
seeking developer

I am hoping to sell a downloaded item via shopify or fetch and am hoping that someone might be able to help me offer some security surrounding that sale?  I want to sell gift certificates online and need it to be downloaded via email and printed out but I need to offer some security for the restaurants involved so that they can verify that people aren't simply photocopying the printed purchase....

Oct 7 2009 by SDG
Adding fields to products

I'm assisting a friend that owns a shopify store but is not a developer. I have searched for more details on the api but cannot find an answer to my question, I am only seeing the xml api which is fine but not sufficient. The user sells stationery, and some products -- not all -- can be personalized. In some cases the product needs initials like for stationery, one line of text. In other ...

Mar 11 2010 by Gavin from Zetya
App Idea for a Developer

I have been trying, for months, to get a question answered through Shopify Support. I've been told multiple times they cannot support me, or answer my question, but I am not sure why. Today they told me I should suggest that someone make an app to solve the problem. I honestly don't know why this would need to be an app, and I just need my simple question answered so forgive me if this isn't a ...

Oct 2 2009 by Mike Rochon