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App installation problem on my app

Create Shopify App using Php you can see below link: https://github.com/phpish/shopify_app-skeleton i have implemented this code but it seem's that https://store_name.myshopify.com/admin/api/auth?api_key=< API_Key > you can see screenshot here:-https://screenshots.firefox.com/CPzjjYAaYTgyaS5x/prahans-test.myshopify.com by running this page it redirects to new tab: https://s...

Dec 14 2018 by Ravi
Multilingual App causing websites to slow down . Anyway to fix it?

If anyone come across a multilingual/translator app with no slow load speed issues please let me know! 

Nov 26 2018 by Thcyme
How to add a refundable deposit on an article in the cart?

We are a zero waste company. Our products are packed in jars, bottles and cloth bags and we ship them. If the customer add the product into the cart, the refundable deposit should be added too. For example   Product price: 10 Dollar refundable deposit: 2 Dollar Summ: 12 Dollar   If the customer brings the refundable deposit back, he gets the money (2 Dollar for example) back. ...

Nov 24 2018 by Eagle
App for delivery

Hello !  Do you know an app to choose the time and date for a home delivery before payement ? Thank's ! 

Dec 13 2018 by Ankit
Would this app be approved or not by Shopify?

Hey guys, We are looking to develop an application. This app would basically ask the user for their Google Analytics account and provide medals to their site according to how well their site had been performing in terms of traffic and conversion. This app would basically run a competition between different Shopify sites who would install in this app in their stores and then give them awards ...

Dec 12 2018 by Anders
Looking for a Donate app but...

Hi there,  My product has a social cause (help people unplug from their smartphones) and it's actually something that people buy more for others than for them. I'm trying to find an app to recommend the product to a friend who might need it and actually you can buy it for him. I like the "Drop A Hint" app but it should be something more like "I think you need this" rather than "Pls buy me th...

Dec 12 2018 by Juan Sanchez
Finally live -- Unit Pricing for Shopify

Hi everyone, This week I'm launching a much-need app, Unit Pricing for Shopify. Install here: https://apps.shopify.com/unit-pricing The app has been in private beta for 5 months now, and it's working great. Below are a few screenshots of the app in action. We already support several currencies, and all the design for how it looks on your product pages is fully customizable. ...

Jul 4 2016 by Tom Brown
IFrame or DIV for my collect email widget popup?

For a popup asking to collect email or phone for X% off coupon, is there any downside to using an IFrame vs popping it up in a div?

Dec 12 2018 by Dan
App to ask for customer specific information

I have launched a store and want to get to know more about customers. Is there a way I can get some specific types of information from my customers right in my check out page or cart page? I would appreciate it if you guy can help me with it.

Dec 12 2018 by Michelle Nguyen
Let customers choose a delivery address from a pre-defined list

Hey there, is there an app or any other solution to let customers choose a delivery adress from a pre-defined list?  Also, as a next step, we would like to connect the chosen delivery adress to the corresponding affiliate partner. Which affiliate app would make this the easiest to accomplish? Thank you!

Dec 11 2018 by Michelle Nguyen
Free gift app - specific product combinations

Hi there, I'm looking for an app that allows a combination of products to be added to the cart which results in offering the customer a free gift. A lot of apps allow you to choose a free gift but that free gift is applied to all product combinations i.e: Buy X + Y = Get Z as free gift Buy A + B = Also get Z as free gift I'm looking for something that will allow you to handpick the gi...

Dec 11 2018 by Michelle Nguyen
Scan to basket / Barcode Scan to Basket

Been searching high and low for this functionality but only seem to be able to find POS or warehouse fulfillment solutions. We are looking to extend our store through the use of an app which allows retailers to add products (that exist on our store) to the basket by scanning on IOS/Andriod and then subsquently checking out. Is anybody aware of such functionality or what options currently ...

Dec 12 2018 by No Gimmicks
A quoting app

Our customers (hotels and resorts) often need a 'quote' before they are able to place an order. The 'quote' is used to send to their finance team so they can approve it, before placing the order. It pretty much just needs to be a print out of the products in the cart and proposd price. They need to be able to access this before they finalise checkout.  To cater to this, we would like online ...

Dec 11 2018 by Todd
Pop-up from mailchimp not appearing at all

Hi,  I set  the popup to be immediate, but it simply doesnt appear. I'm using Debut theme. Anny ideas? Gary

Dec 11 2018 by Tira
Looking for App to pull Store Order to a tablet or phone and use stylus ...

Hi everyone.  I'm looking to find out if anyone knows about using a tablet or smart phone to pull the store orders from the Shopify site and then cross off items with a stylus?  Nothing to do with the actual order at the store, only for office use when building the order.  Currently we hand write all the orders into notebooks and then make orders by crossing off each item we make from the order...

Sep 10 2017 by Em
new app for actionable insights and segmentation

Hey guys, We have developed a new app for merchants to get actionable insights about their customers and products as well. You can learn top and worst performing customer and product segments, get detailed metrics and reports about each segment and export customer list to use with other tools. We have just launched the app and it is available on App Store. It's totally free and there is n...

Sep 11 2018 by Ergin Eroglu
Add merge tags values with MailChimp for Shopify app

Hello, My goal is to provide a newsletter form to my customer and add them to Mailchimp with custom merge tags. I would like to use the native integration of Shopify form for this. 1- I have installed the MailChimp for Shopify app. 2- I have a Mailchimp list with these tags : *|EMAIL|* or *|MERGE0|* *|FNAME|* or *|MERGE1|* *|LNAME|* or *|MERGE2|* *|LANGUAGE|* or *|MERGE3|* ...

May 12 2018 by Jason
After uninstall app theme liquid file update

Hello I am app developer, I see many forum and other resource for Uninstall app after api call for theme liquid file update. In my app I need to modifiy theme liquid file when install app, it's working perfect. Now issue is, when user uninstall app that time app loss store access token so I cant revert theme liquid file and it's doing issue in client store. Script inject method is not h...

Jun 20 2018 by Identixweb
Best time to send abandoned cart email

I was wondering if there is any research (or what you have observed) on when to send the abandoned cart email. We currently use "Abandoned Aid" app which sends it one hour after abandonment. The built-in functionality gives you an option of delay either 6hrs or 24hrs.   What is your experience? Also, which abandoned cart email do you use and how is it better than the one that Shopify prov...

Dec 28 2015 by Dudley
Looking for a simple email/marketing app

I know very little about e-commerce solutions so please be patient with me. I am looking for a simple solution / marketing app that would allow me email a customer segment within Shopify. Nothing complex, maybe a little bit customized (e.g Dear #first name#). I don’t expect to send a high volume of emails, and I am hoping to find an app that is free or inexpensive. I know of MailChimp which ...

May 18 2015 by Dudley