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contentDocument SVG object is null

Hello, I am trying to get the contentDocument from my OBJECT html tag but this property is always null. Someone could tell me what am i doing wrong? My object with SVG file looks like that: We see that SVG exists and the SVG is loaded from assets. And i am trying to get contentDocument of this object: But this property is null. Someone know why?   Thank You in Advan...

Dec 14 2018 by Vertek
Crazy variant / inventory sync needs multiple stores

I need to build 3 shops that will sync inventory. Each shop needs to be able to offer bundles. Each product needs to be shown as a 1 pcs, a 5 pcs, a 10 pcs and a 50 pcs, each as invidivual products but must all be reducing the inventory of the 1 pcs product. I need to bundle not only between 1 pcs products but combinations of all products, like a 50pc bundle together with a 10 pcs. ...

Dec 14 2018 by mette
Fetch Admin/products.json via React-Native using expo

Hi, So I'm trying to connect to my shopify products using a fetch command on react-native. I'm getting mixed results.   export default class App extends Component<> { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state ={ isLoading: true} } componentDidMount(){ return fetch("https://[###]:[###]@dlars-fashion.myshopify.com/admin/products.json") .then((respons...

Dec 14 2018 by Ahmed Mohamed
Mailchimp Modal close

Hi On our site Homebarista.dk we use mailchimps newsletter app, and we have a sign up pop up, that pops up after 5 seconds. But we an issuu with the modal close funktion, it will not close when you click on the x.   How can i fix this problem?    

Dec 14 2018 by Henrik
App installation problem on my app

Create Shopify App using Php you can see below link: https://github.com/phpish/shopify_app-skeleton i have implemented this code but it seem's that https://store_name.myshopify.com/admin/api/auth?api_key=< API_Key > you can see screenshot here:-https://screenshots.firefox.com/CPzjjYAaYTgyaS5x/prahans-test.myshopify.com by running this page it redirects to new tab: https://s...

Dec 14 2018 by Ravi
Looking for a Donate app but...

Hi there,  My product has a social cause (help people unplug from their smartphones) and it's actually something that people buy more for others than for them. I'm trying to find an app to recommend the product to a friend who might need it and actually you can buy it for him. I like the "Drop A Hint" app but it should be something more like "I think you need this" rather than "Pls buy me th...

Dec 12 2018 by Juan Sanchez
IFrame or DIV for my collect email widget popup?

For a popup asking to collect email or phone for X% off coupon, is there any downside to using an IFrame vs popping it up in a div?

Dec 12 2018 by Dan
Try OxeBox Marketing Automation For Free, Send unlimited newsletters, di...

Hi Guys, If you're looking to do more with the email receipt you send to your customers (put promotions/feedback/social media on receipts), send unlimited email newsletters and run abandoned cart campaigns, you must try OxeBox Marketing Automation. Its free for 30 days, and unlike other apps who have pricing based on the number of customers, with OxeBox there is absolutely NO restriction ...

Dec 9 2018 by OxeBox Technologies
Collect customisation information AFTER sales

Hi, We we want to sell a personalised book on our Shopify store. This book is customised with the name and picture of the buyer/recipient/owner. As the buyer won't have the picture ready when buying the book, we want to ask for customised information AFTER the sale. We are collecting the information with a simple form. (a few text field and a picture to upload). Is there any app that a...

Dec 7 2018 by TimothySD
How to check MyApp installed on store or not ?

I'm posting my code can anyone review it please. And let me know if there is modification needed. $DB_shop is a database object that returns shop name from database $GET_shop is a REQUEST object that returns shop name from post/get if($DB_shop== $GET_shop) { header("location: https://" . $shop . "/admin/apps/example/index.php"); die; ...

Dec 5 2018 by Pratham Jani
App Bridge Issue, Bug, Apps share buttons.

I have an issue where in one umbrella situation ==> I am running Chrome Browser and I have two tabs open, one to App #1 and one to App #2, I am seeing buttons from App #1 in App #2.  This is pretty much a crazy failure on the part of the App Bridge. I would highly recommend cleaning house of this kind of bug, as it makes Shopify and us developers look totally bush league. Not to mention, ...

Dec 2 2018 by HunkyBill
Testing first app directions

Hi,  I am a beginner developer working on my first project. Can anyone please provide directions/guidelines for how to set up a way to do tests on my development store  for the functionality I am working on?  

Dec 2 2018 by naftali
The app is not loading in an iframe, It seems blank totally

I've created one app and its flow goes like,  And my, App URL: https://example.herokuapp.com/installation/install.php App HomePage: https://example.herokuapp.com/HomePage.php     (1) Installation step goes using install.php (2) Billing Screen will appear. (3) Redirecting to app HomePage.php   -> Above steps are working properly but the problem is starting now  ...

Nov 30 2018 by Pratham Jani
Mobile App Development Platform

Plobal Apps We have been on the Shopify App Store for over 2 years now and have been proud of the way we have served our customers and the 240+ customer reviews we have got here. In the recent times, we have integrated with some of the best apps on Shopify and it can't be a better time to introduce us to the community. Some of the most loved features on our mobile app are: Flexib...

Nov 29 2018 by Plobal Apps Mobil...
Alphabetize Product Options App

Does anyone know if there is a product options app that would allow for conditional logic to alphabetize customer's options selections?  We have 18 different options that customers group together to place an order. We currently use Bold Options to allow customers to select their options but Bold can't alphabetize the options on the packing slip, making it difficult for our fulfillment crew a...

Nov 28 2018 by Jason Nista
Terms and conditions, limitations for Shopify apps

[Edit: BUMP] Hey guys & gals! I've spent a few weeks digging in to the Shopify developer ecosystem exploring your many APIs, getting to know Liquid and themes, Theme Editor, Admin UI & Polaris... the whole lot really. Now I have a solid overview of what can be done and what cannot. My question is more about the cannots, how I intend to work around them and whether these workaro...

Nov 26 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Put Hurrify Timer On Homepage Product

Hello, I want to put my Hurrify timer on my homepage home produt. I know that I can ask the developer for assistance but this is rather urgent and was hoping to get some help on here. I am currently on the Jumpstart theme.  Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Kraz

Nov 23 2018 by Kraz
We are giving out this app for free

Hey guys, I’m excited to introduce SiteKit - a new app conversion booster app that could help you 3x your revenues this BFCM! Basically, SiteKit helps you create an announcement bar on top of the site. There you could: Grab customers’ attention with a highly visible header bar Convert leaving customers with exit-intent technology Drive traffic directly to your promotion pages with ...

Nov 20 2018 by Sam Douglas
New product search app: CloudSearch

Hey guys, We've just launched CloudSearch – smart & fast product search for Shopify. The app implements search-as-you-type experience for products, collections, blog posts, and pages. It has search statistics, customization tools such as promotions (merchandising) and synonyms, and it syncs with Shopify catalog in real time. The app has a free 30-day trial period. During the launch...

Nov 19 2018 by Nikita Pchelintsev
How we can reflected public app setting on shopify store pages

Hello,          I am trying to create shopify public app. and trying to create setting page in app end so it will reflected on shopify store page      For example           If app setting page set maximum value 400 then shopify store product listing page display product which price is less than  400            i.e How we can reflected app setting on shopify store pages    Thanks, ...

Nov 19 2018 by abhijit