May 31, 2016

Problems Disconnecting Facebook Store This post is outdated

I'm attempting to completely disconnect the Facebook store from Shopify. I've done everything possible and yet when I visit my FB page, I can see a preview of my products on top of the page. I know this isn't showing up for anyone but me, but it bothers me that FB is still accessing my shopify account. Can anyone offer a fix and/or explain why FB still has access to my catalog even though I've revoked all permissions? This really bothers me.

Jen Shopify Employee
May 31, 2016

Hello Brett,

I totally understand the concern here and frustration as to why they are still showing for you on Facebook. I can reassure you that on Shopify's end the connection has been severed and the products are no longer syncing to Facebook. They will disappear on Facebook it is a matter of them clearing their admin. the feed is not coming from Shopify. 

Our developers are working with Facebook in order to find a better resolution to this, however for the time being this purely a display issue, and your customers will not be able to see these products. I understand that this isn't ideal, and this is why we are cooperating with Facebook so as to improve this, however at the moment there isn't a workaround. 

Thank you for posting this question!



6 months ago

Shopify really sucks. It messed up my Facebook Shop.