about 2 months ago

Is there an app that lets you choose variants of free item?

Hi all, I'm looking to give away a free T shirt if you spend $50 on my site.  I installed Bold Motivator premium, and yes it allows me to give away a free T shirt, but it does not allow the customer to choose a size or color. Ideally, the customer could also choose between three different T shirts, and then choose the size and the color, etc.

I've read through the forums here looking for an app that allows that, but I'm not seeing a solution. I'm hoping that there's a new app I have yet to read about?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



about 2 months ago

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. I'm new to Shopify, but really liking it after coming from years of Weebly and Squarespace.  Not ideal ecommerce platforms.  So I'm new to both discounts and apps.

Bold was great in helping me set up Motivator, but they informed me that you cannot have variables to the free product added to cart.  I just had to pick a product that I already have for sell on my website, ie., a mens small T shirt.  If the buyer put $50 of T shirts in their cart, the Small T shirt was added. No choice for the buyer to choose size, color, etc.

When you mention automatic discounts, is there something I am missing here? I'm not sure how a discount code would work for free items.  Maybe you could point me in the right direction?

In the mean time, I was thinking of a work around.  Maybe an announcement on the home page linking to a page of free items customers could choose from.  Product cost of $0.00.  They plug in their variables of size, color, etc., They add the item to cart, along with $50+ of other product, and they're good to go.  And if they do not add $50 of product, and are trying to order just the free gift, I can cancel the order after explaining to them (via email?) they didin't meet the $50 threshhold.  Seems a bit awkward, but I wouldn't anticipate too many cheaters.  I dunno, still thinking this through.

If anyone has any ideas for such a workaround, I'd be all ears.  

Thanks, Dave.

about 1 month ago

I'm not sure how a discount code would work for free items. 

Give a $50 discount on a $50 item to make a free item.

More advanced would be coding the cart to check for the free item then show a field for the customer to manually write in the size and color so you get a cart note on the order.

Or coding it to be able to swap products as all the app is doing is creating a duplicate product with no price and 1 set variant that it hides on the rest of the website

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