28 days ago

Infinite Options Variants Appear Before Shopify Variants

I sell Hoodies. I have Shopify handle the SIZE variant only. Then have Infinite Options handle all other variants such as color and customization. For some reason all the Infinite Options variant appear first .. and last is the SIZE variant handled by Shopify. How can I move it to be first on the list. Thanks

Also is there a was to do a conditional format where a list of variant only appears if a choice is made. Example.... Would you like to put your name on back YES or NO. If No clicked nothing happens, if YES clicked a list of new variants appears

26 days ago

Hi there Laurent,

This is Alan from the ShopPad support team!

In order to have your Infinite Option fields display after your Size variant, it all depends on where you paste this code to install the app. I would recommend going through these instructions, which will help you move the install code to display after your existing product variants: https://docs.theshoppad.com/article/48-how-to-install-infinite-options

As for your second request, I'm afraid Infinite Options does not have that feature available at the moment. For an app that does have conditional options, I would recommend checking out the "Product Options" app, which is developed by HulkCode.

Please let me know if you have any further questions - you can reach out to our team at "contact@theshoppad.com"


13 days ago


Installed Hulk Options and works like a charm!