Last edited November 10, 2015

[Holiday Bumpsale November 2015] Save Up To 80% Off 13 Trusted Shopify Apps This post is outdated

Hi guys,

What’s up for this Holiday yet?

My honour to introduce to you the Holiday Bumpsale, hosted by Beeketing and sponsored by 07 Trusted App Developers on Shopify Appstore.

This is your golden chance to SAVE UP TO 80% OFF on 13 Trusted apps in Shopify Appstore for the whole year! Do you want to rock your sales with such little cost?

Your only chance is in Holiday Bumpsale 2015-2016, 6 days only, starting now to 14th November 2015

★ What’s Your Treat In Holiday Bumpsale?

Starting today, 13 Shopify Best Apps, grouped in 07 super-discounted bundles, are on sale at starting discount rate of 80%.

★ How Holiday Bumpsale Works?

All bundles start at the highest discount rate - 80% and gradually decrease by day.

The longer you wait, the less you will save for yourself  :( Next day you come back, discount rate will reduce by 10%. For sure, you’ll save the very most TODAY!

Your customers are saving so much money from you with holiday discounts, why don’t you save yours from us? :)