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8 days ago

Better draft orders

Helo there!

We have a number of call centre staff who need to start taking orders over the phone.

Now I'm fully aware that draft orders in Shopify are quite limited. There's a number of things we need it to do that it just can't - take discount codes and looking up customers by postcode for example. All things that are pretty essential for call centre staff.

I'm also aware that there doesn't currently seem to be an app that addresses these limitations. EditOrder does to an extent but it would be too complicated for call centre staff.

Does anyone have a similar issue? Do you have any thoughts about how to resolve this other than developing a custom app?

Thank you!

6 days ago

Hi Jamie,

This isn’t my area of expertise, but might one of the invoice apps work for you? If I recall, one of them allowed for the creation of invoices on unpaid orders. I don’t know if it would still involve creating draft orders or not. I’m not aware of an app that improves the draft order process itself.


Todd - ShopClerk Order Tracking for Shopify -
5 days ago

Thanks Todd.

Unfortunately not as we need to take payments over the phone which an invoice app wouldn't be able to do.

Interestingly, it seems there's a lot of historical forum posts of people looking for similar things and also, Bold once developed an app that did it but it no longer exists:

Anders Shopify Employee
4 days ago

Hi, Jamie!
Anders from the Shopify Social Care team here. Thanks for reaching out and providing this feedback.

Our team here often works as an 'ear to the ground' for feature requests from our community. Expanding the draft order functionality is something we hear often, and while I can't provide a direct timeline, I'd be happy to pass this along to our development team for consideration. 

For now, other options would be to use an app, as you mentioned, or to develop a custom app. If Edit Orders wasn't quite the right fit, I would try looking into Customer Order Status or Order Desk.

Thanks again!

Anders | Social Support Team |
2 days ago

Hi Anders,

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I don't think either of those apps will help us. Looks like a custom app is the only way to go.