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Snapppt Question

Hi everyone, on this page https://snapppt.com/conversion_code it says : General use conversion code Copy the code below and paste it into the order tracking code field of the shop settings for your platform I use the minimal theme in shopify.  Where would I put this code ?  I can't find a place for it. Help appreciated.  Thanks.    

Today by Webbie Ninjas
Weight Based Invetory

We sell Teas and purchase in bulk.  We have several products catagorized by different weights.  We would like a way to manage invemtory by weight. Ex: Someone purchases 1KG, it pulls from a weight pool and adjusts according the other products 100Gram, 500Gram etc.

Today by Robert Murray
Pinterest Conversion Tag -- Where do you enable it?

Does anyone have an idea where the Pinterest Conversion Tag is?  OR a better question is, is this even implemented.  There is nothing to opt in on the Pinterest channel app page in your SHopify admin as it does not exist.   This is straight off of their website - https://help.pinterest.com/en/articles/website-conversion-tracking I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conver...

Yesterday by Alex Lam
Finale Inventory software

Has anyone used this? We've had a lot if trouble with Trade Gecko and are looking for a robust solution.  We have our own products that come in bulk and need to be broken down into two different units. We have wholesale, retail and ecommerce.  Would love to hear feedback if you have it. 

Mar 23 2017 by Steve Sando
Is it possible to manage product collections from the official Shopify i...

In the official Shopify iOS app, I'm able to manage products, however I don't see a way to manage collections. - Is this something that's coming soon? - Are there any third party apps that do this? - If I need to build this myself since I definitely need this feature, is there an iOS SDK that would make this easier?  Or should I just use the Shopify REST API directly from a custom iOS ...

Mar 23 2017 by Freya
App for backup a store

Hello, I need an app for my store, where I will be able to backup my store and download the backup file. Since I will close my store for the moment and will open it and restore the backup again when I am ready. I was wondering if there is any for this purpose. Thanks. C

Mar 23 2017 by Mike Potter
How to control products for Google Shopping

Does anyone know how to select only certain products for the Google Shopping app. I don't want all of them to show up, only certain ones but it seems to want to push all of them to go live. Any tips?

Mar 23 2017 by Elizabeth Hollingsworth
App for Creating Corporate Accounts

I am looking for an app that will allow my contract customers to create an account for their employees to purchase without have to use a coupon code. I would like to have it where they can purchase and we can bill the company at the end of the month. Does anyone know of an app like that?   Jason

Mar 22 2017 by Jason Mulford
Photo Resize by Pixc Not working

Hi, I just used Photo Resize by Pixc on my site but no changes showed up on my site ?  Any idea what might be wrong ?

Mar 22 2017 by Kenneth Black
Regarding to shopify app

Hi I am using php Shopify PHP SDK to create a public app to add review fetched from aliexpress. Can you please guide me how can I add review in bulk to my shop product page. I am saving reviews on my app server. Not getting any documentaion of how can I show this review on shopify product page. Any help is appriciated. Thanks in advance.

Mar 22 2017 by omi
iOS App to play a slideshow on a TV screen via AirPlay

I have a Smart TV in my brick and mortar store and want to play a slideshow of images from a product collection via an iPhone or iPad.  I have an AppleTV connected which enables AirPlay, and it also has a built in ChromeCast. I checked the official Shopify iOS app and the Shopify POS iOS app and didn't see this feature.  Also searched the App Store and didn't see any third party apps that pr...

Mar 22 2017 by Traun Leyden
Facebook Messenger Store

Shop owners, are you interested in trying out facebook messenger as a sales channel?  As in allowing users to browse your products in facebook messenger and either complete purchases in facebook messenger or on your mobile optimized website.  People have talked a lot about conversational commerce this year, are any shopify shop owners following these trends?  Im a chatbot developer and...

Mar 22 2017 by Jonathan Church
Manage Your Customer Support, Chat, FB, Twitter, Instagram, SMS/MMS!

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify.    Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your store...

Mar 15 2017 by Reamaze
Inventory Management Across Different Platforms

We currently have 3 Shopify Stores, an eBay store and an Amazon store.  Each store has a different set of pricing and not everything in inventory is on each store, but there is overlap.  Is there an app out there where I could control inventory, pricing, etc through one platform so that I do not have to edit it in each store everyday?   Thank you for your help!

Mar 21 2017 by James
Anyone know how to make a shopify app for a theme design

Hi, I was wondering if you can guys integrate a buying and selling system  on my site like the one on this website below: https://www.maddencointrader.com/products/ios-madden-mobile-coins  https://www.maddencointrader.com/pages/sell-madden-coins

Mar 21 2017 by mark milly
Slow Loading: Especially Reviews On Product Pages

Hi There, Our Shopify shop is https://www.italiastraps.com/ We are experiencing two issues: (1) General pages on the site will seem to load normally but grind away trying to "connect to v.shopify.com" (2) Product pages load, but then it takes 10-15 seconds for product reviews to load. Note: The problems exist when using Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers, but not Microsoft Edge. ...

Mar 20 2017 by HDshop
Accessing Amazon product URL using Liquid

We have successfuly linked our Shopify catalog with our Amazon listings in the Shopify admin area, but we also wish to give customers the option to buy the product either on our Shopify site or on Amazon. To do this, we need to dynamically access the Amazon product links using Liquid (hopefully) so we can create a "purchase on Amazon" button on the product detail page. Is this possible using Li...

Mar 20 2017 by Tejas Sangoi
Invitation to fulfill your 501th orders by using Upinus (This is Dropshi...

Hello guys, I am Giang from Upinus, a high-speed Dropshipping app. Upinus allow shop owners to search, filter and push products' info from AliExpress to Shopify stores.  If possible, we would like you guys to try this app and tell us how to improve for your shops. You guys can connect stores here: https://goo.gl/sGfe8E  Or through Shopify apps page: https://goo.gl/SZ9E91. The bes...

Mar 20 2017 by Giang Bach
Simple Trade Price App

Hello, I am looking for a simple Trade price app to do the following: - Set a discount for trade users - Link a Trade login to the top of the site - Once trade login accepted, all prices show with trade prices and customer simply proceeds to checkout Any recommendations? A lot of the trade apps have a lot more functionality than we need. Thanks

Mar 20 2017 by Rhys
Add new Product Dropdown Action

In the admin product page how can I add a new drop down action for my app? Something like this: https://ibb.co/dxyika I've looked at the API and I can't find anything related to this.

Mar 20 2017 by Nicholas