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Shopify reviews app not working in classic theme

It was working well in suppy theme.  In classic it isn't working, I can see the number of stars but when clikced the reviews can't be seen.  I have followed the installation instructions but in fact it already seemed to be installed in the new theme.  In case it helps, all the products on the site now have that circle going round and round that usually means the page is still loading, although ...

Today by Ka yan Cheng
App that allows customers to buy in packs

Is there an app that adds an option for the customer to buy a product in packs which are discounted? So the higher the pack value, the higher the discount rate will be. Like this example?

Today by Stephen B.
App that allows DISCOUNTS to Apply to Only ONE Item in an order??

Hello Forum,  We are running a promotion with a discount code right now and are having problems with people using the code to buy more than one item. The code applies to an entire collection of a certain color - which is a common type of sale that we run.  We are looking for an app that will allow a discount code to ONLY APPLY TO ONE ITEM in an order. I have not found an app that does thi...

Yesterday by Crissy Gooding
Problem With Order Printer App

Is anyone else having problems with the Order Printer app? When I click a selection of orders to print in bulk sometimes it just goes to the Order Printer install page. Then when I go back and do it again it loads the invoice for one order that isn't even part of the selection. Then when I do it again it finally works. This has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Anyone else experiencing th...

Yesterday by JamieM
Good app for Trade Accounts/ Payment methods?

Hi Folks,  I am looking for new business selling to multi branch retail groups. I want them to buy via shopify as the orders flow easily into xero. The problem I want to solve is being able to offer shops from this chain to order items for thier own branches and put it on account. Then I will put all the shop orders together once a month and bill the head office.  Anyone do anything simil...

Yesterday by Savannah F
International duty & tax calculation

Is there an app for calculating international tax and duties out there?

Yesterday by Daryoush Shabahang
How to make embedded app in shopify using PHP?

Hi friends,   Can you help me to make an shopify app using PHP? If you can provide me a simple app it would be helpful. Thanks 

Yesterday by Hien Nguyen Van
How to add the rating information to Google search result?

Hi there, I'd like to know how to add the rating information of my products to Google search result? Like it said: https://www.screencast.com/t/H7eMg7ntWz And these're what my products page look in the organic search result https://www.screencast.com/t/DJAMtUtRA Any body here can help me with it, thanks in advance. My store URL is www.gootium.com   Matthew

Yesterday by Matthew
looking for a customizing app with the ability to export to CSV

Hi everyone, I'm starting my store very soon, and I have a product with 4 different variants. the product and each variant need to be customized by the customer' adding the info he wants to be printed. the thing is, i NEED the info to be exported along with the order summary. i tried several customization apps but they don't allow exporting the information. I found one app called Customer...

Yesterday by HymnZ
Gateway for China based store for international orders?

Hi, is signed up with 2Checkout, they are available for addresses in China, dont have a setup fee or monthly fees, the website leaves a good impression. In the process it turns out they have a policy that they do not accept new users without 90 paypal sales history. Which is totally ridicilous, because you would want to set up the gateway BEFORE receiving orders and dont want to rely on PayP...

Yesterday by LVNGCTR
How to send unique, time-sensitive discount codes in Mailchimp automated...

Hello! I'm creating an automated customer re-engagement campaign within Mailchimp. Emails will be triggered after a customer hasn't made a purchase in a given time period (60, 120 and 365 days). I'd like to include a coupon code in one of these emails as an extra incentive for a customer to come back and make a purchase. I find that coupon codes with expiration dates are a much more effec...

Yesterday by info
Google product listing Error

I am experiencing unusual errors when listing my products to google shopping in shopify ap. Specifically two errors that i just dont understand. - variants need a Color option (i have most products with no color variantions) - unknown cant be blank (What does this mean?)   Did anyone had the same issue and how did you fix it? I havent been able to list any product since they all get...

Apr 25 2017 by Jeff
Feed Errors - Shopify X Google Merchant (Urgently)

We are having problems with our Google Merchant Center Product Feed due to the lack of GTIN in our listings, however, on other platforms simpler than Shopify, we just select the type of product that is properly indexed and recognized in the Merchant Center and displayed Within Google Shopping. Here are some prints that show a case that illustrates this well: -> Google Doc with detail...

Apr 25 2017 by HymnZ
Looking for a Multiple Dept Customer Service app.....

Hey Guys !! I'm looking for a Free app that would help me make a Contact Us...but with different "Departments "....( Marketing ...Customer Service...etc ) It need to be a simple contact Form..for every dept. Haven't found anything simple in the App store.. Any clues ??? Many thanks in advance !!!  :-)

Apr 25 2017 by Melissa
[NEW] Product Reviews App by Shopify

The free Product Reviews app lets customers write reviews of your products, then posts the reviews on your website for potential customers to see.With the Product Reviews app, you can:Increase your sales. Positive reviews can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales.Customize the design and layout of your reviews. The app automatically matches your store's look and feel.Display review sco...

Apr 25 2017 by Ka yan Cheng
Update LineItem price from carts/update Webhook

Searching through the forum points me to the conclusion that it is probably not possible, but I wasn't able to find a straight answer to my question. Is it possible to modify a LineItem's price at any point during the shopping/checkout workflow? Ideally, I'd like to be able to be able to update the price through the carts/update Webhook based on rules that are too complex for simply choos...

Apr 25 2017 by Jason
Customers getting lost on Mobile Website

Most of our customers are finding us on a mobile phone. They find the menu button and instead of using the arrow button on the "collections" item to go to a specific collection they are clicking on collections and seeing our entire inventory or they are using the search bar to search through many sold products. They then get completely bored and lost. I would like them to go Collections <...

Apr 25 2017 by Stephen B.
Verifying webhooks with public app.

I've created a product/update webhook through the api but I can't seem to verify the webhook. I've tried using my apps shared secret, but It doesn't work. I've successfully verified webhooks created with private apps; is there a difference between how webhooks need to be verified from a public and private app?   EDIT: Sorry, realized I made a silly mistake of not having created the webhoo...

Apr 24 2017 by osiris12
App to use more than one photo in a collection?

Hi everyone, do anyone know if there is an app that enables you to add more than one image to a specific collection ? I am looking for a solution that lets you group a set of images (custom upload, not related to products) under a common name. Then a group of products must be able to be linked to that common name for the previously grouped images. (That is why I am thinking of a collectio...

Apr 24 2017 by Matt
Apps causing bounce rate to drop to almost zero in GA. How to fix?

Since the begining of December I've been trying to figure out why my bounce rate went from 70-80% to 0-8% literally overnight.  I've narrowed it down to either the Pop Up app or the Power Tools Suite of apps that were installed at that time.  Looking at the data I've seen many 0:01 minute visits with 1 page view which is about as perfect a bounce as I can think of. I tried turning off the po...

Apr 24 2017 by Nic