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Connect with the Shopify developer community

Want to know what’s great about Shopify? It’s a community of entrepreneurs trying to make commerce better, together. If something is missing from the core feature set, there’s a good chance an app developer has already built the solution and published it on our App Store. If not, there’s a great chance that you can find an app developer who’s willing to help. Store owners, I’d like to int...

Mar 2 2018 by Chris Goodine
Kit v Turbo v Pollen

I'm interested in people's experience with Kit versus Turbo Retargeting versus Pollen. All three claim to do intelligent Facebook advertising, Pollen even claims to use machine learning / AI (but is this Facebook's own AI using Lookalike Audiences or does Pollen really have its own special sauce? - so far I haven't received a response from them about this question). All of these use Faceb...

Today by Jake Copeland
[NEW] Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Hey there! I would like to introduce our new app; Sitemap & NoIndex Manager! Using this app you'll be able exclude content/objects from your Shopify XML sitemap and apply the NoIndex directive to your pages to stop search engines indexing those pages. This is useful if you have more than one version of the same page as Google will penalise your stores search engine rankings for hav...

Today by Orbis Labs
CNAME for custom from address sumo app list builder

I'm having a bit of bad luck trying to get sumo to validate the 'custom from address' on my sumo app list builder. So far I have been able to validate two of the three CNAME records. s1._domainkey. (validated) s2._domainkey. (validated)   sumomail. (not validated)   The problem I'm having with the last CNAME record is that my domain name provider, 1&1, does not accept 'sum...

Today by Alan Smith
Creating Testimonial page using code snippet

I have installed Kudobuzz app to add my customer's reviews to my site. I managed to do it as a slider on all the pages. But I'd also like to create a full page for testimonials. Kudobuzz is giving me a code snippet to be inserted in my testimonial page coding. There is no testimonial page liquid in "Customize Theme".  Please help.    

Today by Melissa O
Shopify Review App / Show only the stars on Collection pages

I am looking for an easy way to only show stars on the collection pages for products.  I found the following to remove the entire badge for products with no reviews, this is great but it also affects the product pages. .spr-badge[data-rating="0.0"] {   display: none; }  Im looking for something I can use that will only affect the collection pages and not the product pages.  Goal: ...

Today by Melissa O
Best live chat app?

As in topic. Which live chat you use and why? I want to make it on my website but I don't really know which one should I use. Any advices? 

Mar 5 2018 by aj
Best live chat solution for shopify

Hi there. I am looking for best possible live chat solution for one of my client's website. It have to be able to customize it and it MUST have built-in ticket system. Which software is the best and why I should pick it? Thanks a lot! 

Mar 1 2018 by Ash Ome
How to get access to checkout beta to test an app?

Hi, I received an email from shopify. "The Checkout Team at Shopify is testing an accelerated checkout beta that allows customers to checkout directly from the product page with single variant items. This alternative flow may change the way that your app behaves. To help ensure an optimal accelerated checkout experience - and to prepare yourself for any app behavior changes - we’d like ...

Today by yusef
Beeketing apps missing in app store

I was researching apps today and found that all apps by Beeketing are missing, even like super popular ones like sales pop. Does anyone know what happened?

Today by Przemek Mroczek
Subscription Orders on set months of the year

Hi there guys I want to offer a subscription product to my clients that goes out on certain months of the year, to everybody at once. The frequency would probably be quarterly so every 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month of the year. So regardless of whether I signed up in the 1st month or the 2nd month I should recieve my first order in the 3rd month and then every 3 months from there onwards. ...

Today by Mikey Wallis
looking for an app to wrote "call for price" instead of 0,00€

I am looking for an App (Call for Price) because I have products in my shop I don't want to communicate the Price on Public.  Does anybody Know a good App for That ?    Thank you         

Yesterday by Sarosha from Aiva
Looking for upsell app suggestions

Hi there, I'm looking for an app that will suggest a product at a discount as a cart add-on and pop-up if you have over a certain amount in your cart. For example: If you spend over $50 you can add a coffee mug to your purchase for $6 (regular price $10). Does anyone have a good app suggestion? I appreciate any help! Thanks, Justin

Yesterday by Katy
12 Apps Bundle Discounts

We teamed up with 11 other Shopify apps to give our customers great discounts. Check out our bundle offer here https://www.omnisend.com/ecommerce-shopify-app-bundle-spring?utm_source=loox&utm_medium=forums&utm_campaign=shopify_app_bundle_spring2018 

Yesterday by Vera S
Product Feed - how to delete one

Hi. How can I delete a product feed?

Mar 20 2018 by Dominik
Order printer App – not possible to print via POS App on tablet in the r...

Hello! We are using the Order Printer App on our desktop with the Order Printer Templates from Bjorn Forsberg, which works just fine. We also want to print the invoices directly from the iPad with the Shopify POS App and the integrated order printer App but unfortunately the template looks completely different from what we see on the desktop (its only half of an A4 page and the logo is not p...

Mar 20 2018 by Kasimir
Extending Shopify Liquid objects

I have a problem that would be best solved by being able to extend the Liquid object that Shopify provides but it would have to do so per request.  Is there any way of doing this?  I have looked metafields but that solution is cumbersome at best. And Application proxies do not solve what I am working on.  And for anyone wondering why I don't just do this request on the client side when...

Mar 20 2018 by snorripall
Customer Created Fundraising Pages

Hey all, I'm looking to create a website for a client and can't find a solution to what he needs. He is making a fundraising site and one of the key funcitonalities he was looking for was the ability for supporters to create their own fundraising pages. The goal would be if a supporter raises $X for the non-profit then they will receive Y as a prize (which in this case is a tandem skydive). ...

Mar 20 2018 by Nick Gourlie
Looking for Instagram Feed App from Shopify article

Shopify just posted a success story today from Ooh La Loft where they mentioned an Instagram feed that they use on their site: http://oohlaloft.com/ Does anyone know what app this is?   Thanks,

Mar 20 2018 by Katerina
Customer Upload file (pictures)

Our service creates customized Photos using a file the customers uploads. Is there a way to provide the customer the ability to upload a file in the product pages,I wanna know who is these photos belong,use ID or etc?

Mar 20 2018 by KingKong