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Connect with the Shopify developer community

Want to know what’s great about Shopify? It’s a community of entrepreneurs trying to make commerce better, together. If something is missing from the core feature set, there’s a good chance an app developer has already built the solution and published it on our App Store. If not, there’s a great chance that you can find an app developer who’s willing to help. Store owners, I’d like to int...

Jun 27 2018 by Sergey
Is there an app where I can set a random time between 1 hour and 2 hours?

Hello Most apps I've seen on the app store, tried or even just googled all allow to pick a specific time or date. But is there one where I can select a random time between two different values? Thanks

Today by Brand New Ship, LLC
The Mailchimp app

Do I need to turn off shopify's own abandonment email to use mailchimp's? I'm a bit worried that I might send two abandonment emails. Thanks!

Today by Elle
App devs/owners wanted for profitable partnership (no investment required)

Hi, I'm looking for app devs / owners that have a great relationship with their users to setup with us a joint venture, full or part-time. You could do this while you keep your other job and get a profit share for life.   I will provide all the details, all the effort, all the guidance. You just provide the access to the shopify app users and you will get a permanent equity forever in every...

Today by Farouk Ke.
Showing applicable discount codes on product page

Hello   I am working on building a theme for my client. The store has lots of discount codes across different products which are applicable to all the customers unconditionally. The requirement here is to show the discount codes applicable for a specific product on the product page, or atleast in a seperate offers page.  Is there any way to get the applicable discount codes for a produ...

Today by Ann
App that shows items that have NOT sold in a certain period of time.

Im trying to find a simple app that shows which items have not sold in the past year. All the apps i find show what has sold, but none I can find show what has not sold. I want to use this app to remove slow and non selling items from our site.    We have around 5000 items, and need to remove some slow and non sellers.   

Yesterday by duc
Mailchimp Sign Up Form Mobile Banner Issue

Hey guys, I have tree apps (on a product page) that use the top part of the website screen, a Discount Banner, a Buy Button and the MailChimp Mobile Banner.  The first two are displayed as I want them to, however the MailChimp banenr is showing beneath both, making it unnaccessable to close or subscribe. What I need is to reposition the app to be over the other two, I just can't find any cod...

Jul 14 2018 by Paulo Alves
Buy x items get y discount on entire order app NEED

Does anybody know of an app that is capbable of handling the following for non shopify plus store: Customer buys 5 items from XYZ collections and gets % off their entire order. Thanks in advance!  

Jul 13 2018 by Roger
Popup contact form

Hello Guys, I wanted to make a contact form in a popup form - shown after clicking the button. Can you please give me some advices on how to achieve this in Shopify? Should i develop it by myself? is there any app that is good for what i need? Thanks a lot, Konrad

Jul 12 2017 by Sara Williams
Upsell App Request - High Sales

Hi all, I've been seeing a in-cart upsell functionality on a few stores, but can't find an app with this functionality on the app store. I hear this functionality works wonders for certain products such as phone cases. Does anyone know of an in-cart product upsell app similar to this website below? If you visit the url, add the product to cart, then view cart, you will see upsell options ...

Jul 2 2018 by Ryano
Adding "gift-note" to Order Printer Template

I am trying to add a "gift-note" to my "Print with Order Printer" packing slip template.  I had added code into my shopping cart to add gift wrapping (using these instructions https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/cart/add-gift-wrap-option) but now I cannot figure out how to add into the template the gift-note people fill out when adding gift wrapping in their cart.   I tried adding ...

Jun 26 2018 by Bjorn Forsberg | FORSBERG+two
EDI apps: good idea?

I'm working with a 3PL that uses EDI. I know EDI is ancient technology and Shopify isn't really designed for it. There are a few apps like B2BGateway that claim to do EDI bridges, but none of these apps seem widely used or well documented. Do these apps work reliably, or is EDI + Shopify always going to be a major headache? Should I just find a new 3PL that uses SOAP or REST or has a pre-...

Jul 12 2018 by Chris G
Fundraising Sub Store

I am looking to do something a little different and can't seem to find an app that will help. I am looking for a way to create sub stores to allow others to drive people to the site to buy for a fundraiser. Sort of like affiliate marketing but for school groups or other clubs.  The problem is with fundraisers you normally offer a much larger percentage and in order to do so, I need a different ...

Jul 12 2018 by Elle
Need simple recurring payment app recommendation

I want only a few features: 1. Must use the same account as my customers log in with at my store 2. Must have the same look and feel of my store's checkout - I don't want my customers buying individual items and getting a different checkout experience 3. Must give me some way of accessing whether a customer has paid their subscription or not in code.  The customer will buy an "exchange...

Jul 12 2018 by Mack
"Security: Calculate a digital signature" in nodejs

const map = Object.assign({}, req.query); delete map.signature; let message = querystring.stringify(map); message = message.split('&').sort().join('&'); console.log('message', message); const providedSignature = Buffer.from(signature, 'utf-8'); const generatedHash = Buffer.from( crypto .createHmac('sha256', apiSecret) .update(message) .dig...

Jul 12 2018 by Sonal Sisodiya
Limit quantity purchase for different types(tag) of customers

Hi there, I want to limit quantity items purchase for certain customers. I tried Order Limits(MinMaxify), it didn't fulfill my requirments.  For example:  I want all customers tagged with "employee" can only buy 2 items per month. All customers tagged with "senior" can only buy 3 items per month. etc, I found Customer Pricing app is pretty useful for tiering customers. But if ...

Jan 24 2018 by Vapor Brewhouse

Hello guys, I was wondering if any of you experienced App-users could tell what application is used on this picture? I really need to know, as I want to use it myself. I've seen it used on two websites actually, so I will provide two screenshots for referance:

Jul 12 2018 by Stian
How to get 'Handle' value from the order API

Hi, Please give us advice. We register products by uploading csv having rows as followings, Handle Title Body (HTML) Vendor Type Tags Published Option1 Name Option1 Value Option 2 Name Option 2 Value Option  and atc. The 'Handle' value is used for the product detail page's url like, https://*************.myshopify.com/products/100010197 <- this is the Handle value By access...

Jul 12 2018 by Jonathan
ASP.NET - Token Null - Publish To Azure

So first off thank you in advance for any replies! I am creating my first shopify app and its an unlisted app that I am trying to get to work on Azure App Service. It is an ASP.NET Web Application project. During development I used Ngrok to tunnel to my local host and the app works fine during debugging using Ngrok. I can verify I am receiving a token and my webhook installs fine on my devel...

Jul 11 2018 by SwagMaster
App to sync orders from marketplaces into Shopify

I am wondering if there is a product out there that will pull orders from Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay into Shopify so I can use the Shopify order fullfilment tools. I have tried things like ChannelUnity and Sellbrite, but would like to have it all come into Shopify instead of another site.  Just curious if that exists.   Thanks

Jul 11 2018 by Codisto