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Apps that Increase my Conversion

What apps do you use to increase your conversion ?

Today by Kalyn
How to offer a discount code for a review on Product Reviews app?

Hey Good people, I have the Product Reviews app but i can't seem to find how to create a email that i can send asking for a product review with a automatic Generating discount. I would very much appreciate if you could help me out. Thank you!

Today by Kalyn
Problem With Order Printer App

Is anyone else having problems with the Order Printer app? When I click a selection of orders to print in bulk sometimes it just goes to the Order Printer install page. Then when I go back and do it again it loads the invoice for one order that isn't even part of the selection. Then when I do it again it finally works. This has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Anyone else experiencing th...

Today by Phaedon
Inventory Reporting

I'm looking for an app (I guess) which reports inventory for me.  Ideally, I want historic sales, current inventory and stock depth, all by SKU. I can do it out of Shopify, but it's a bit messy.  there must be an app whcih does this kind of reporting, but there are so many apps, I can't find the one I need.  Any ideas?        

Today by Clement
Amazon Sales Channel: Clothing and Accessories Only

Hello, I'm using the Amazon Sales Channel via Shopify, using Teelaunch as the app to create, print, and ship my designs. Currently I'm selling clothing but would like to expand to Teelaunch's other products - mugs, phone cases, etc. However only the Clothing and Accessories category is available via the Amazon integration. I know I can create a listing on Amazon and then link it to Shopif...

Today by Andrew Goodrich
Customer Support Helpdesk Live Chat, with Instagram and SMS/MMS!

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify.    Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your store...

Yesterday by Reamaze
Recently Viewed Widget App - A Little tool to increase conversion rate

Hi All, We are introducing a little app "Recently Viewed Widget". It helps shoppers to view their browsing history without frustration. Its a simple tool which can bring you more sales. Give your shoppers a better shopping experience! It is independent of themes and no liquid codes necessary and works in mobile devices also. Here is the app [Beta]  link https://apps.shopify.com/recent...

Yesterday by Jens
Nothing happens when I click on the app link on my apps screen.

I just started out my trial of shopify today and the only reason I gave it a shot was to try out the "customify" app. When I install this app it goes to my apps screen but when I click on the customify link it takes me to a new screen but it stays blank and doesn't do anything.   I can install other apps and they work fine, any idea why this isn't working?

Yesterday by laurence
Want to send sms on order creation, cancellation, fulfillment

Best way is to engage with your customers is to send SMS to them everytime when their order is created, cancelled, or fulfilled.  There is an app which works perfectly for this purpose. You can also custmize the SMS templates. Admin can also get the notifications as well   https://apps.shopify.com/sms-notifications-1 Currently this is available only for Indian Users.  Soon it will ...

Yesterday by Gaurav Gupta
Automated Phone calls from your store

Hey Guys I am the creator of a service called Cloudcall. We offer scalable outsourced call center solutions to online shops. What makes our service unique is that we integrate directly into online platforms which allows you to automate phone calls directly to your customers. We also have agents located in different parts of the world. We are getting ready to launch our Shopify App soon. Y...

Jan 22 2017 by Reinhard
GemPage | Shopify Drag & Drop Page Builder

Hi eveyone, I'm pleased to announce that we have released our beta app called GemPage. https://apps.shopify.com/gempage http://gempage.getshoplaunch.com GemPage is basically a drag & drop page builder. It has powerful features to let you fully customize your home page, content pages, contacts and even newsletter popup.  I  would be appreciated if you could give it a try and lea...

Jan 21 2017 by Seal Commerce
Integration with AS400?

We've been looking for a way to integrate our store with the company's existing AS400 and we've come up pretty empty on results. Does anyone know of an existing integration that doesn't cost way too much? 

Jan 21 2017 by Jason
Infinite Options app and Inventory

I'm using Infinite Options for some of my products (www.frenchlunch.ca, collections French Lunch and French Week). The items selected from the drop-down menues in the App are not counted down from the inventory. Any ideas how to make a single inventory for respective products?

Jan 20 2017 by Daryoush Shabahang
Application for tracking shipments if I use my own delivery

We are using our own trucks to dleiver orders to custmers. I was wondering if there is any application can help customers to track their orders trhough manual inputs I feeded to the system. so I can go to the order and change the status from X to Y, and customer can track that changment.  thanks  Maana  

Jan 20 2017 by muna gh
Best App for Sizing of Clothing

I have a clothing store and I know some of the reason people don't buy online is becasue of sizing issue. So I was wondering what apps people use to help with this problem ? Thanks Steve

Jan 20 2017 by Kevin W
Post Purchase Sharing

Does anyone know of a good app that encourages and rewards post purchase social sharing?

Jan 20 2017 by Seán W
Houzz App

HI! I am having a hard time with the Houzz app and shipping.  This has been true since they accepted my items at the end of Nov. 2016.  I have emailed and talked to Houzz, and I am getting nowhere.  The issue is that Houzz is giving free shipping, or random prices for shipping that are not on my Shopify website.  I have become very frustrated with the process, and I am not really sure if Hou...

Jan 20 2017 by Charlotte LeBeau
Facebook Sales Channel keeps disconnecting

I've connected my Facebook page to my Shopify account no problems. However, when I click on the "Enable" button to publish the Shop info to Facebook, I'm taken to an error message saying: "Your Facebook account is disconnected. Reconnect to organize your Facebook Shop." I then re-connect, but I can't Enable the app. Just gets stuck in this endless cycle. Have tried with 3 different browse...

Jan 19 2017 by Juan
Wishlist Buttons Not Showing Up.

Hello,    I've installed the app Wishlist by Astromech http://astromechsoftware.com/apps/wishlist.    The sharing button feature doesn't seem to be working anymore. Only text is shown but no Facebook, Email or Pinterest share button. Below the wishlist this is listed.  SHARE YOUR WISHLIST https://soprettycaracotter.com/pages/my-wish-list-soprettycaracotter-com   Please help...

Jan 19 2017 by Dave E
We want an APP for our Store made

Who can help? Hi, we are paintaccess.com.au and we want someone to create an APP for our store. We are mobile friendly on our website but we thought it would be a nifty little thing to also have an app available for our loyal returning customers. Something to make the experience a bit nicer and smoother. I heard these are the facts that potential developers would like to hear: Compa...

Jan 19 2017 by Stephen T