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Connect with the Shopify developer community

Want to know what’s great about Shopify? It’s a community of entrepreneurs trying to make commerce better, together. If something is missing from the core feature set, there’s a good chance an app developer has already built the solution and published it on our App Store. If not, there’s a great chance that you can find an app developer who’s willing to help. Store owners, I’d like to int...

Sep 17 2018 by Sergey
No Sync from (standard) Shopify subscriber list with email marketing apps!

Hey there,  I am using the VENTURE theme and I am trying to set up email marketing. To test things out, I am using the standard shopify subscribtion forms: - Footer and page newsletter - checkout subscription Problem: Subscribers appear immediately on Shopify but never on Lists of Email marketing apps .On the following apps I tried, shopify subscribers were not syncing with the e...

Today by Michael Stöckl
One-Hour Shipping with Postmates and Deliv

Hi Shopify users, if you are interested in one-hour shipping for your store or are affected by Shopify ending support for Postmates shipping, please check out Turbo Delivery, a new app that has an easy-to-use integration with Postmates and Deliv, two leading on-demand shipping carriers. We have a feature-rich app and we're hard at work at making more improvements for our customers. If you ha...

Today by Turbo Delivery
Google Hangouts Chat Bot

Does anyone know of a simple chat bot which would allow customers to chat live with us, and then for us to send and receive messages live using Google Hangouts? We use Hangouts to communcate throughout our business, and this would seem like a logical solution.

Today by Richard Allin
A percentage off anything in a collection.

I have installed and uninstalled so many apps. I just can't find one that does what I'm looking for, without paying an arm and a leg for it. I sell pajamas. I have a "fleece pajama" collection with numerous different styles of fleece pajamas. I want to say, buy 2 save 10%, buy 3 save 15%, etc. Apps like Hulkapps Tiered Pricing will only give the discount if they buy the same pajama in the co...

Nov 8 2018 by pmb.ohio
Any apps that show absolute savings (not %)?

Can anyone recommend an app that will let me show the savings my customers can make if they buy a product (ie the difference between the compared with price and the actual price) expressed in units not percentages? So if the compared with price is $40 and the actual price is $20 I want a little badge beside the price that says 'SAVE $20'. Thanks for any suggestions.  

Nov 6 2018 by Bo
Is there an app that lets you choose variants of free item?

Hi all, I'm looking to give away a free T shirt if you spend $50 on my site.  I installed Bold Motivator premium, and yes it allows me to give away a free T shirt, but it does not allow the customer to choose a size or color. Ideally, the customer could also choose between three different T shirts, and then choose the size and the color, etc. I've read through the forums here looking for an ...

Nov 5 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Countdown Timer on Top

Hello i want have the Countdown timer on top and when i selected it it is on top but no there where i want... so i copy the code and paste this on my product template thats work and is okay but the problem is now its on all products but i only want select manually some products ... how can i do this and paste the code there?

Nov 5 2018 by SpurIT
Looking for app to create set or bundle fixed

Hello, i am opening clothing store and i am looking for app with that i can create a fixed set or bundle so they buyer can buy it right away like shoes+tshirt+glover but each item had variants like size, i want then to be able only choose size for each item individualy  like on this picture  https://imgur.com/a/WE4Rqmw

Nov 5 2018 by SpurIT
BOGO not working

Good afternoon, I am trying to create a promotion using 'Buy X get Y', but is not working. I put the name and everything. I followed your tutorial but I must miss something. Can you please help me with this ? Thanks in advance for your time. https://ibb.co/iGw2Fy Regards, Solene JULLIEN

Nov 5 2018 by AJ Koenes
Customer self-picked bundle from collection with discount

Hi all, I am having a case with our Shopify store and hope that some of you may know how to resolve this with use of existing plugins etc. We want to offer the customer an option to freely pick and choose a set number of products from a chosen collection, ending up with a fixed total price in cart.  So let's say we have a collection of 100 different products, at different pricing. The ...

Oct 15 2018 by SpurIT
Quantity Breaks

My business sells blank athletic clothing. We would like a quantity discount on a "group" of products. For instance, if a customer buys 5 Small Green Sports Bras, 10 Large White Sports Bras and 5 Medium Black Sports Bras - the products should all be at the price for 20 Sports Bras. Right now, shopify is considering each variant a different product in terms of the quantity pricing tiers.    ...

Oct 24 2017 by Jarvis
Even though I uninstalled "Product Reviews" and installed another review...

Hi, Even though I uninstalled "Product Reviews" and installed another review app, I cannot get rid of the old one. The official "Product Reviews" doesn't show up but there is still an "add review" section under the product description and I cannot get rid of it.  please help. You can see it HERE  <<< Thank you

Yesterday by Kaan Centoglu
Embeded Angular component app

Hi, I would like to make a ui  embeded angular component app that listen and react to Shopify events. For example to have angular panel in a Shopify shop that listen to check out event and react when the end user purchase something. I believe It should be in a form of Shopify app. Is it possibly ? Does is make sense? Do I use embeded sdk ? what is the general process?   Thanks

Nov 16 2018 by vers
App for front end

i am working over a shopify store and i have develop two apps one for backend and other for front end and wanted that when i click over the submit cart button then it will redirect to the use on a custom developed shopify checkout page where i can access of cart.js file and can show all products of cart

Nov 16 2018 by Muhammad Idrees
I will develop a native mobile app for you store in exchange for your fe...

Hi Shopify community, i with my friend have developed an Andorid application for Shopify online-store https://cosmicnootropic.com/ During development project we realized that Shopify has a huge potential as an ecosystem and we want to creat not a single android application, but a solid product for Shopify stores. Long story short: We are looking for the reference customer. Do you...

Nov 16 2018 by Seoev
Shopfiy app to be available in specific country

Hi,  I am new in shopify. I have create public app. But  How app only available in spcific country ? What type setting is requried in app end?  Please help me. as soon as possible  Thanks,         

Nov 16 2018 by abhijit
Looking to give reviews on apps in exchange for leaving a backlink to my...

Finally startered SEO and ièm looking to grow my backlinks. I will use your app on my store and give it an hoest review in exchange  for backlink in the review to my site. Hit me up if interested. 

Nov 16 2018 by Milla G
Try out the Drobile app for your store

Hey guys. If you're looking to retain more customers and potentially increase sales, give drobile a look. It's an app that takes your store and let's you make a real mobile app within minutes. It's free to try and pretty easy to use. http://bit.ly/2PiAOHr   

Nov 15 2018 by zac
data management for apps

Hi guys, I'm currently new in developing apps for shopify  So what I currenty understood is that shopify proxies your app ( a server on the cloud ) . So the problem is how do we manage those data coming in and out of your app considering you app is being downloaded by a bunch of stores . Do we have to make a db of some sort to manage which is which you app will cater to? or does shopify allo...

Nov 15 2018 by Karlie