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Google product listing Error

I am experiencing unusual errors when listing my products to google shopping in shopify ap. Specifically two errors that i just dont understand. - variants need a Color option (i have most products with no color variantions) - unknown cant be blank (What does this mean?)   Did anyone had the same issue and how did you fix it? I havent been able to list any product since they all get...

Today by Kristine Barnett
Any way to blacklist an app maker?!!

I had installed the Limespot app...when I didn't like how it was functioning, and it was creating an issue on the site I deleted it. This was at least 3 weeks ago. I keep seeing them on my website and in my files somehow...When I go into my files, the app is added in again. I have deleted the codes in my files, and they keep adding them back in somehow. Any way I can block them??

Feb 14 2017 by John Paul Hayes
#200) Unpublished posts must be posted to a page as the page itself. Wha...

I added a product, published it. I try to update fb page using Kit. I receive this msg: #200) Unpublished posts must be posted to a page as the page itself. What else can I do for you?   It worked before, I don't know why it isn't working anymore  Please help. Thank you.

Yesterday by Martha
500 Server Error for Shopify Review App

Hey everyone, I used to use this app before and now I decided to reinstall it. The app showed 500 - Server error and won't let me get into the app's admin panel after I hit install. Is anyone else experiencing it? Or is it because my theme doesn't support it? www.CoastlinkFurniture.com Thanks!

Yesterday by Savannah F
Create an app

I want to create a own app. I am new in shopify. Can you tell me how to create an app in shopify.  Or is this possible to create an app in php? Or how to access the database of the shopify?  Please tell me the steps for creating an app?  Please reply as soon as possible. Thank You        

Feb 22 2017 by Savannah F
After Months of Searching I still cannot find an app that ........

pulls inventories from my suppliers website (they don't use feeds/files) and list it on my shopify shop. I use two manufacturers and both websites are password protected.  I am sure there is something out there but finding it is the problem and I thought this would be the best place to find such software.  Please post if you know of any. 

Feb 22 2017 by HunkyBill
Gift Voucher

Hey everyone, We sell custom made products and as a result, will not be able to satisfy any Christmas orders after December 1st. To help combat this, we would like to introdce the option of a gift voucher to our customers. Does anyone know of an app that would bne suitable? Thanks :)

Nov 1 2016 by Ross
Google Shopping problem - Merchant account suspended - please help

Hi I got my merchant account suspended by google because not showing a datafeed. Been google a lot and havne't found a solution so far. The woman at google says she want to see a feed before she can approve and lift suspension I have been trying to create a spreadsheet manuuelly but it has no inserted rows I have 20 products I want published to google merchant, only 3 are published. As...

Feb 22 2017 by displayname
Need help with finding those three app`s names

Heya, guys and gals This is my first post in the forums. I am very excited to start my Shopify journey. After I've researched a few online shops which I admire for their sound marketing practices, I decided to implement some of them myself and I need help with finding out the names of the apps those stores are using. I am going to post three Print Screen Pictures in the apps in question ...

Dec 7 2016 by Dave E
Create a Facebook bot for your shop

Dear store owners You might have heard of Facebook bots. There are already more than 30000 of them developed for small businesses and enterprise clients, answering questions on your Facebook page, 24/7. If you have a Facebook bot, here's how your Messenger window looks like:    Noticed the 'Typically replies instantly' indicator? That usually makes customers happy.   Much bett...

Feb 22 2017 by Ekim
Need help! Trying to create "Buy 3 Tops For $75" product page.

Hello, I've been working on this for days and can't seem to find the right combination of apps to get what I need. What I really want is one product page where the customer can select three different shirts and add that order to the cart. These shirts are currently available individually in my shop for higher prices, but the point is if they order 3, the total is only $75. I would like the p...

Feb 19 2017 by Jessica Schlueter
App similar to Threadless

HI everyone, Can someone advise me or know of an app that exists in the store which does similar to what Threadless does  - "https://www.threadless.com/designs/ "? Think like the Kickstarter for your products. Instead of "Pledging" $$, the store users/buyers likes and shows interest in the specific upcoming products that they are interested in buying by scoring or voting. Which in retu...

Feb 3 2017 by HunkyBill
Apps that Increase my Conversion

What apps do you use to increase your conversion ?

Feb 18 2017 by Henry Burns
I have a few questions about apps!

Hey everyone! What are some must have apps? Apps you use on the daily that make your store and business run smoother and better. What apps do you need but just aren’t out on the market? Let's get a discussion going! 

Feb 18 2017 by Irving Dunn
Any ''my shop'' app?

Is there any app that runs my shop? Would be nice if people download some app that only contains my shop, so they can order and pay!     Any way to do this? Thanks

Jan 9 2017 by Bruno Silva
App that simply updates prices on up to 50,000 Skus at a time

Hello all - I am trying to find the best way to revise prices 2 to 3 times per week on up to 50,000 skus at a time. As you may know, the CSV file upload method on Shopify is limited to 15MB, which makes it impossible to revise prices  when you have more than 10K items to revise.  Does anyone know of an app that would accomplish this?  Basically, I just need to be able to submit a file (on...

Nov 22 2016 by HunkyBill
Exact $ Discount for ALL items in the cart in a collection

Hi I have a specific use case I'm trying to satisfy with my shop, I am wondering if any app can facilitate. I have a specific SALE collection that discounts are be applied to. The discount must be an exact $ amount, not a %. The discount must be applied across all products (in the SALE collection) in the cart. That last one is the feature that does not work out-of-the-box W...

Nov 2 2016 by Bianca Pratt
Count down in shopping cart app

Hey everyone,  In one of the discussion pages here in shopify I saw someone suggested a Free app where the main feature was a countdown in the shopping cart. Basically, it creates the feeling of urgency for a customer to make his/her decision to purchase the product. I cannot find this app in shopify app store. Does anybody knows the name of this app?? Many thanks

Nov 2 2016 by Viktorija Kuznecova
Auto-generate one-time Discount Code after Customer Purchase

Good day Shopify team.   Would like to know if there's an app that can cater for this scenario: a) in one order, customer purchase a total of $100 ($20 worth of products in Collection A + $80 from Collection B) b) in the Order Confirmation email, customer gets a one-time Discount Code worth $80 (same amount as Collection B) - to be used during next purchase Basically, its "Buy ...

Nov 9 2016 by HaDinh
Free Shipping On Specific Products

I am trying to offer Free 2 day shipping on a specific product with a coupon code. Is this possible through any app out there?

Oct 13 2016 by Dave Madoch