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App for Gift Purchases on Shopify

Does anybody have an app that are using for gifts on Shopify at this time? My shopping cart doesn't have a checkmark box to indicate that an order was a gift or a real "user-friendly" place for a purchaser to include a gift message. Anybody have an app for that?

Today by Jason
Footer and attached files

Hi, I am looking for two apps : 1. To improve my footer without changing my theme. 2. To allow my clients to join attached files to their emails on my contact form. Thank you ! Mathias

Today by Mathias Meyer
Unable to tag products in Facebook page photos

I had previously tagged a bunch of my Shopify products in my Facebook photos, but my page was temporarily disconnected due to a payment issue. My Facebook shop is back up, but I can no longer tag products, and the ones I already did are gone. Help please? 

Today by Geoffrey Smith
How to Upload Shopifyfd in bulk?

Hello, So I was interested on a pluggin called shopifyfd, it helps me a lot when adding custom metafield. but then, i found out a new question. if i want to upload lots of product such as 100,product, do i have to write it manually? or maybe there is a way i could add the namespace key and value to simplified way such as csv?

Yesterday by Jason

Any idea when Zakeke will be available on shopify? Their website says coming soon but I'm wondering how soon is soon. The only shopify app that even comes close to zakeke for customising items is qstomizer and it's nowhere near as good. Also if I open my store and start with qstomizer how easy will it be to switch to zakeke when it becomes available?

Nov 17 2017 by Carlo Dalessandro
Looking for an App!

I have been looking for an app that offers unisex v-neck t-shirts. So far I am using Printful, I love how user friendly they are. But thier unisex v neck only comes in two colors: black or white. I was hoping for more options. Thanks for any input (:

Nov 17 2017 by Jaquie Beckwith
$hopify Bulk Discount App on SUNSET?? (The $ in (S)hopify seems more fi...

Dear $hopify I just discovered tonight as I was about to generate some new discount codes for a clients store, that Shopify has got a Sunset on the Bulk Discount App... I was like hmmmm what is this, so i read your not so subtle blurb on the app page and discovered a not so subtle link to a PAID for APP...WTF*&^%^*^$^&  (what a surprise) !! I clciked on the link to inspect the ...

Nov 17 2017 by Felix
[Please delete]

Please delete this post

Apr 20 2017 by evenpixel
Automatic price testing for best profit

Hi all, If you ever wanted to automate testing of different prices for variants, our app FutureMargin now enables automatic setting of a series of different variant prices. We automatically set the selected prices in your shop and you can view the sale and profit conversions after the test is finished. This way you can easily test and select better prices (and for example pick optimal dis...

Nov 17 2017 by evenpixel
What's the Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopify App?

We're getting a lot of people emailing us asking what's the best apps to use for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I know there are lots out there. We have a few good ones, but there are a lot of others that we recommend too. I thought it would be valuable to create a post of what apps can help them specifically over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.  If you know one or have one, share i...

Nov 17 2017 by Jay from Bold
We've just launched our product label app :)

Hi there, my name is Ashley and I'm the designer for BNMetric's new app, developed by Luna Chen. We've recently launched our new app and if you feel like checking it out and giving some feedback that would be fantastic. :)   https://apps.shopify.com/bnm-product-label   The reason we made the app is to give people a simple way to add labels over their product images without the need ...

Nov 16 2017 by BNMetrics
Chat, engage, and convert customers on your storefront, FB, Messenger, T...

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk and Communications Platform for Shopify.    Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple s...

Oct 18 2017 by Reamaze
Integration Manager with Fedex stopped working

Integration Manager with Fedex stopped working for my store 2 days ago... anyone experiencing this? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? Thanks!!

Nov 16 2017 by Rodolfo Arpia
Making the header in the product review app optional

Hey everyone. I am using the Product review app on my store. It works great but IMHO it is a bit enoying that a header for a review is mandatory. You can make several stuff optional in the backend, such as email or location, but not the header. I find it confusing to make it mandatory when a customer is investing time. Why should he/she put a header on a grading consisting of 5 Stars and "Great...

Nov 16 2017 by Stefan82
Infinite/Bold Options app that can work with Print on Demand?

Hey hey! All of us here who sell clothing with more than 3 colors knows the painful variant limit.  I use Infinite options for a couple of products, but I'm looking for an app that will allow me to create "Virtual" variants while still retaining a line of communication with the Print on Demand supplier (like Custom Cat for example).   Is there anything out there that can accomplish ...

Nov 15 2017 by Ctrl-Alt-Success
Is there an App to implement user item reviews on my page?

Looking for something that will let buyers add reviews to the item(s) they purchased, that will show on my website so it looks more real, and give potential customers a warm fuzzy feeling. I've been searching for days and cant find anything, so I thought I'd ask on here.

Nov 15 2017 by system_v
E-mail marketing

I need an app for the crate discount code and to send to mail my customers.

Nov 14 2017 by Łukasz Wiktor
App that allows multiple discounts?

Hi all We are trying to implement a sale, but we also would like a referral program to also be used (via discount codes). How can I implement this set up as an automatic discount: Spend More Get More: (Full Cart discount) $5-$11 receive a $1.50 discount $11.01-$25.00 receive a $3.00 discount $25.01-$40.00 receive a $5.00 discount $40.01-$65.00 receive a $10.00 discount $65.01-$100...

Nov 7 2017 by T Sportline
Hello Guys I want to sell my products on tophatter marketplace is there ...

Currently I am selling from my shopify store I am a manufaturer I have heard that for manufacturer tophatter marketplace is very good as they can get higher amount through bidding

Nov 14 2017 by Alyssa
try before you buy option cart?

Hi, Is there an app or a way to create an online method to give customers option to try the product before they buy? for example, capture a 50$ deposit and they get the physical product to try for 2 weeks from the day they recieve it, mailed with a return label. If they like it they keep it and the balance is charged, if not they return it and the deposit is returned to them?   Help...

Nov 13 2017 by Ghassinooo