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Which is Best Shopify apps for new eCommerce store?

Hi, i m going to start a new eCommerce store in shopify but i need to know some best apps which could initially help me for getting good result for selling purpose, for marketing and for customer support as well.

Today by Sarosha Imtiaz
Allow our app to override ( hide ) Admin Bar on Storefront?

We have made a pretty simple app "Admin Bar Shortcut Links", It was supposed to be very simple, yet it also hit some stones on its way.  Since we are having problems manipulating directly the content of Shopify's Admin Bar because of iframe and all the security concerns, we are asking if we can override ( hide ) the default Shopify's Admin Bar with our App's Nav Bar which allows you to do mo...

Yesterday by Zubair Mohsin
Product Reviews App Issue (Not all fields filled out correctly?)

Hello, Seem to be having an issue with my product reviews app that I can't put my finger on. Even though all fields are filled out correctly, it still gives back an error of "Not all fields have been filled out correctly!" Would love if anyone could shed some light on a potential fix for this issue. http://oi63.tinypic.com/2pregax.jpg Thank you.

Jan 11 2018 by Max
editing shopify order printer templates

hi, i'd like to add my store logo and some more detail on the shipping method to the order printer templates, does anyone have any guides on how to do this please?  

Yesterday by Robert
Any way Shopify can pull in Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, or FBA orders?

Anyone know if there's a way to pull in Amazon FBA orders, into Shopify....just so we have all our sales in one place?  Also, would like to pull in Seller Fulfiled Prime orders (SFP)

Jan 17 2018 by Christopher Habib
Hide the product price for specific collection programmatically with app

I am trying to accomplish this with an app. But I am not sure if its possible, I have a requirement to hide the prices of products in a certain collection and then show when they add to cart, I don't know what client wants to achieve with this requirement but its just the way it is. Any help on this Shopify Gurus?

Jan 17 2018 by Zubair Mohsin
Name your price app?

Is there any app out currently that allows a customer to name their price for a product? Example, I list a product. The customer has the option to enter the amount they would like to pay, or be able to select a price from a dropdown menu? Thanks!

Jan 17 2018 by Sarosha Imtiaz
CSV update.. only specific feild.. possible?

Hi, I'm using Customer Pricing App from bolt to have multiple pricelist, but there a known problem that if you want to update your product via a CSV import you need first to Pause the app, which take a serious amount of time to pause, then make the CSV import, which is screwing with the variant order... I cannot directly make the CSV import because it will break the link between the app a...

Jan 17 2018 by Daniel
Editing Account Details Page

Hello, I'm looking for an app that will allow me to show certain products on all users' accounts details page. For instance, say the product they purchased is 20 minutes of cell phone service, but they're running low on minutes, and need to purchase another 100 minutes. I'd like to be able to show that 'refill' product when they login to their account. Is there an app that will allow this?

Jan 17 2018 by Michael Robilio
Looking for Marketplace/Affiliate type app

Hello, I've tried looking but haven't found an app to meet my needs, so was seeing if anyone knows of an app that would work or a combination of apps.  My store sells custom graphic products that I want other people to be able to upload their designs to. Example being a custom printed tshirt. I will warehouse and create the tshirt, but the design for the shirt comes from an artist that th...

Jan 17 2018 by WorkingDog
Bulk discounts

Hello!   I am trying to find a solution to this:   At christmas, I want to be able to send a gift card with a discount voucher in that the customer can redeem for either a 3,6 or 12 month subscription.   Is this possible with Bulk Discounts app, or is there a better solution?   Thanks

Nov 2 2017 by Bart from Limoni Apps
Best wholesale/trade pricing app for Shopify?

Hi everyone. My shop https://beddoesproducts.com sells roof ventilation products direct to consumer. I'm currently looking at the option to expand to trade customers like roofers and small building companies so I'd like a feature where I can offer trade prices for the same items from the same product pages I sell direct to consumer. I've been looking at the wholesale apps in the Shopif...

Oct 24 2017 by Jarvis from Kaleido
Buy Button Friendly Subscription App?

All - Is there any app that can allow Subscriptions to be added to a cart on an external website?  We weren't planning on hosting a shopify store, just using the Buy Button...but I may have to change my plans if the answer to this question is "no".  Help!

Sep 21 2017 by Leon Lewis
Product Reviews not displaying in desktop - working in mobile

We are currently using the shopify product reviews app but for some reason were having an issue where the review on products are not displaying in desktop or tablet sized screens, only in mobile. I have taken a look at the code and can't find anything obvious wroong with it but windered if anyone had heard of this before and has any idea what's happened? Has worked before.

Jan 16 2018 by Lorenzo L
International Shipping App

I am getting more and more International orders in my Shopify store.  The result is getting burned on shipping costs.  Right now, I am only able to set up a flat rate to cover all International orders.  Basic Shopify shipping settings. For some orders that's fine but others it's not.  All depends on the shipment size, weight etc. Is there a good app out there I can install to properly calcul...

Jan 16 2018 by Doug Taylor
Any analytics platforms to track your traffic and make use of your data?

Hi dropshippers and store owners, I want to have some insights from you to develop my SAAS project. Given the fact that the Google Analytics is difficult to use for a normal user. Your help is appreciated. 1/Can you please tell me were you aware of using advanced analytics platforms to monitor the performance of your website in terms of sales funnels, checkout behavior, abandoned cart rate? ...

Jan 16 2018 by Ecomfit
Export Product Transfers (Purchase Orders)

Is there an APP that allows me to export Transfers in CSV or Excel?  Not just the headers, but each items and quantity. Thanks for reading.

Jan 16 2018 by Melinda Montney
An app for Quick links inside storefront Admin Bar

Hi, while working on a shopify store for a client, I had to make changes related to Product, Pages, Collections and sometimes code editing of active theme. Then I had to head inside the shopify admin and navigate or search for things to edit them. For me it was bit overkill, so I have gone ahead and made an app for this.  https://apps.shopify.com/admin-bar-shortcut-links Its my first try ...

Jan 15 2018 by Zubair Mohsin
Invoice Printout with photo's

Our customers buy several, some times 100 plus different items. I would love to be able to print the invoice with pictures to make pulling the orders easier. It would also be nice to have a total items on the  inovice. I wonder if that could happen in the future??? Lisa C.

Jan 15 2018 by Robert

Any idea when Zakeke will be available on shopify? Their website says coming soon but I'm wondering how soon is soon. The only shopify app that even comes close to zakeke for customising items is qstomizer and it's nowhere near as good. Also if I open my store and start with qstomizer how easy will it be to switch to zakeke when it becomes available?

Jan 15 2018 by Nicola Bizzoca