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Customising Login for Locksmith App

Hi, My client would like me to use Locksmith to password protect a particular collection. I have installed it on the site it all seems pretty simple but I haven't found out how to customise the login page. The help section just links to the Shopify Experts page which isn't particularly helpful considering I can customise the page myself. I have found a few locksmith related snippets, but the...

Today by Tom Miles
App Announcement - Swym Relay: FREE Shopping Assistant app for your shop...

Hello folks - I am thrilled to let you know that our FREE Swym Relay app just got published on the Shopify app store. We are an engagement platform that makes it easy for your shoppers to Pick up where they left off. Relay captures user activity as it happens, and makes that history available to the user in an intuitive fashion, and giving them complete control of what they see there. Think of ...

Today by Arvind Krishnan
Looking for Help on Marketing Automation and Customer Analytics

Hey There, We are doing a quick survey to help apps and businesses position their products better. These questions are specifically  meantfor Shopify storeowners and partners. - What is your approach towards email marketing? What is the most important thing that you look for while choosing a particular app for marketing? Is it the ease of use or pricing or set of features or something els...

Today by Stephen B.
How to handle this referral issue with ReferralCandy (or any referral app)

Hi everyone, We are creating a "Give $25, get $25" referral program for our premium jeans. The idea is if you refer six friends who purchase you will get a free pair of jeans.  My concern is each referral purchase creates one discount code for $25 but users are not able to "stack" these discounts and we aren't able to provide any type of store credit to the user. How are other people g...

Yesterday by Kabir Seth
Do I need to shut down the app? - my trial shopify account has expired.

Do I need to shut down the app? - my trial shopify account has  expired. I created a trail shopify account, and then added a trial app. The app is due to bill me tomorrow,  as the trial ends. But I am unable to login to close down the app trail. Just hoping I don't end up with a mess to sort out.    Eddy.

Yesterday by Jana A.
the app store itself

Hi all.. I truly hope that shopify reads this, and that other users chime in as to the structure and categorization of the app store. It has become obvious that shopify is using the razor and blades model to monetize their site in that they are providing the razor (the shopify store), and letting developers put their apps up for rent to provide the blades / revenue stream without having to deve...

Yesterday by Jason
Automatic, Value-tiered discounts

What I'm looking to do is set up the below discounts, to happen automatically at the checkout.   Spend $20-49, get 5% off collection A Spend $50-99, get 10% off Collection A Spend >$100, get 15% off Collection A and 5% off collection B   Once in place, these numbers will change very infrequently, if at all. I'm willing to subscribe for an app that can do this feature if ...

Jul 28 2016 by Curtis Giacomoni
Setting up Google Apps for email

I've just signed up to google apps and am going through the stages required to verify that I own the domain name. Step 1 is to add a meta tag to the sites html, which I've done. The next few steps aren't intuitive, to say the least, so I was just wondering if anyone knows of a simple step by step tutorial to getting this done? Boggles the mind that Shopify don't support email integration.

Jul 28 2016 by Jack Watson
Best live chat app?

As in topic. Which live chat you use and why? I want to make it on my website but I don't really know which one should I use. Any advices? 

May 24 2016 by Sophie
Auto Delivery of Text in Email for Each individual Product

I am trying to sell Movie Codes. What I want is an app that will automatically sent text in an email with the movie name and the indvidual code.  However that text has to be different for each individual purchase not just each individual product.  Is there an app out there that will do this?  I've seen many shopify stores that have this feature, I'm trying to figure out how to do it...

Jul 28 2016 by Tessa Forbes
Real-time API integration of customer emails into Facebook Custom Audiences

Hey community - After working with Shopify for some time, we found that there was no system (beyond custom develiopment and a few almost custom development hacks) to automatically push buyers from a store over to a Facebook Custom Audience. The common solution we were hearing was once a month, download all orders and copy and paste the email addresses into the Facebook Custom Audience. So I ...

Jul 28 2016 by Michael from Audi...
POWr Plugins - FREE Upgrades

Hello Beautiful People, Altif here from POWr Plugins! I just wanted to drop by and give you all a heads up that we are working on some exciting new app plugins here at POWr. All of our apps are free to use, but I wanted to extend to you all a free 14 day trial of POWr Pro. With the Pro plan, you can get complete access to 50+ beautifully designed plugins, all mobile responsive, and al...

Jul 21 2016 by POWr Plugins
Shopify Buy Button Cart

Is it possible to link the shopify buy button to my websites cart rather than a separate cart? We are using the buy now button on the product page within our shopify store itself as a way of recommending product add-ons.   Thanks, VV

Jul 27 2016 by Randy Young
woocommerce to shopify migration

Hi there! I am looking for some good migration tool from woocommerce to shopify. Is it possible to get all accounts, email database, orders etc from woocommerce and move it to shopify? It will be nice if it will be free or at least not very expensive. Cheers!

Jul 27 2016 by gary Varner
Cannot Reinstall App on Dev Store After Deleting

I made some changes to an app I'm developing and so I wanted to test the whole installation flow.  However, after deleting my app in the Dev store, I try to reinstall the app and it seems to go through the Oauth handshake as it did successfully the first time but then comes back with "The page you’re looking for could not be found".  I've tried deleting my cache and cookies, not sure what else ...

Jul 26 2016 by John Schulz
Shopify Master Podcast - KIT

Just a note to Felix - I've likely listened to the last 50 of your podcasts - I love them. However, in this one, there was someone something very close to the mic - sounds like somoeone clicking a pen.  Just thought you'd like to know about it in future podcasts in order to make it a little less annoying. John

Jul 26 2016 by DriWashSolutions
Deleted Shopify Application & Cannot Reinstall?

Andy here,  I recenty deleted an application known as "Store Pickup + Delivery" in the apps section of our store.  I did this in hopes of resolving an issue we were facing. It worked, however it created another issue and I need to reinstall the application back on to the site. The problem is now that when I try to reinstall, it does not show up on the app page, instead this shows up : " ...

Jul 26 2016 by John Schulz
URGENT HELP: Paid app but not giving me app. Shopify support sucks!

Hello Guys, I paid for an app last year which is "Product DIscount" app by "Bold Apps" invoice id is : 13420267 When i try to login it now it shows me to pay again. It was a one time payment app and you can check the same on link here: https://apps.shopify.com/product-discount Now ive been contacting shopify support via emails i get no response and i chat with them everyday for 2 weeks...

Jul 26 2016 by SEEMA VERMA
Failed to load resource

Hi guys,  since today I cannot see all product pictures anymore, I only can see in the html editor "Failed to load resource (link to picture) server responded with status 404  Yesterday everything was fine, can anyone please help me, I imported the products with Expressfy    

Jul 26 2016 by Stephanie R
Finally a fair Review App for Your Customer Service, not your products

We had been looking for a fair review site.   Not one we could manipulate, but something similar to Amazon.   An app that would remove things that didn't have anything to do with our service or reviews with profanity, things like that. We tried Trustpilot and that was crazy expensive.   I didn't like the scale that they used.  It seemed to encourage low ratings even when a customer had a gre...

Jul 26 2016 by Doug Steimel