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Delete the store details from PHP Application after uninstalling app fro...

I want the delete the store details from PHP Application after uninstalling the app from Shopify store which are stored in database when Application installed, Now I got some solution for this like following:   $create_webhook = array('webhook'=>array( 'topic'=> 'app/uninstalled', 'address'=>'{{ mydomainname}}/uninstalled.php', 'format'=> 'json' )); $...

Today by Tarun Modi
Tiered Pricing

Hi all.  I am lookinf for an app that allows for not only tiered pricing, but bundle pricing as well. We hava a bracelet line that has multiple colors in which someone can mix and match the colors and receive discounted pricing when they buy in set multiples ie...1 for $2.99, 3 for $7.99, 12  for $12.99, etc.... In addition, I want to be able to offer discounts when people bundle like produc...

Yesterday by Caribbean Jubilee
Chat with your customers on your storefront, FB, Twitter, Instagram, SMS...

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk and Communications Platform for Shopify.    Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple s...

May 17 2017 by Reamaze
Need your purchase to be sent on the day you choose? We have a button fo...

So proud our newest E-gifting app- we are coming out of Beta! the "Viigii" Virtual Gifting  plug-in turns your customers' purchase from your online store into an interactive gift on the exact date...while it's in the mail! With Summer vacations and special occasions around the corner you can send a fun thoughtful interactive experience of the actual item along with a thoughtful message on th...

Yesterday by Lori@viigii.it
Inventory App

Hi, I'm looking for a App that can do this for me; Sync products between multiple Shopify stores, including; Share inventory When creating a new product in SHOP1, it shoud be synced to SHOP2 without the product description, so i can write a unique productdescription to SHOP1 and SHOP2 We are having two online shops, and one of them has Shopify POS (a retail store) i...

Yesterday by Casper Blom
Un-Answered thread about Fulfilling Orders Via php

Hi Everyone, I wanted to fulfill my orders via a private app, to do it in multiple orders. I found this thread but at the ended the one who ask just said he got it with out saying how? https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-technology/t/update-tracking-number-for-a-fulfillment-174425#write-comment  This was his question: What will be the endpoint if it is a new order and that doesn...

Yesterday by Deo Federick Duran
Looking for an app for a multi vendor login

Hi there, I'm looking for an app or someone who can help add the feature of letting my vendors have access to their own products/inventory/orders. I have tried Multi Vendor Marketplace and Multi Marketplace (I think) while both we're very good, I think they had fair more detail than what I need.  All I'm looking for is a place where my current & future vendors can login and upload ...

Yesterday by HymnZ
Transferring orders and products between stores

Does anyone know of a good app to push select orders and products from one Shopify store to another?

May 23 2017 by rmidha2
Average app revenue

As told on https://www.shopify.com/partners "Average app revenue is $2,000 monthly per app." We rely on this piece of data in our Shopify App Store Analysis (read the blog post about it). I feel the average Shopify app revenue number may be quite outdated and no longer accurate. When has been this number ($2000) updated? Can you tell the most recent actual number or update it on the websi...

May 23 2017 by Sergey
In-pocket t-shirt design

Hi everyone! I am desperately looking for an app that can help me print designs inside t-shirt pockets (for example, an animal with its head sticking out, but partly hidden by the pocket). This can be achieved mainly by heat-press techniques, I think. Do you guys know what company could help me print t-shirts like that? I e-mailed Printful but they don't print designs inside t-shirt pockets....

May 23 2017 by Sophie
Building a Shopify App for my bachelor thesis. Can I have a few minutes ...

Hi guys, My name is Dat and I am a bachelor student from the Netherlands and I am currently working on the design and development of a Shopify plugin for conversion rate optimization. For my design, I need feedback from actual shop owners.  I would be very grateful if someone here would be willing to do a 10-15 minute interview with me. (We can do Skype, phone, facebook messenger - whatev...

May 23 2017 by Ryan Kulp
Dynamically change the navigation bar

Hi all, In this  https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/shopify-apps/embedded-app-sdk/methods#shopifyapp-bar-initialize-config How can we dynamically change the buttons lets say I want to hide the 'Help' button? The idea is that my app will be free for x days, then after x days I want to show a button like 'Buy From the Shopify App Store'    

May 22 2017 by JuneDC
Cannot start Data Generator

I'm new with Shopify, I'm trying the getting started, it is recommended install Data generator https://apps.shopify.com/shopify-data-generator I install the app, but when in Apps page I clicked on Data generator and then clicked on start generator the app doesn't do nothing.   How can I install dummy data for test my store in developement?

May 22 2017 by maximo ramirez
Webmail Login Help - +18665626713

Do you need help for webmail login. dial us.

May 22 2017 by LILY
Shopify Product reviews - Remove from products when no reviews available

i am trying to remove stars when no reviews available, also wanna remove date from reviews.    i have tried using following code on brooklyn and supply, none worked. added them in new css under asset as suggested in documentation.   /* hide zero rating badge */ .spr-badge[data-rating="0.0"] { display: none; }   //start of hide date code .spr-review-header-byline { color:#878A69;...

May 22 2017 by HymnZ
Google Customer review

Have anyone tried Google customer review code? As per Google the customer review should be  " Please note that in order for the opt in to appear you'll need to be on your store's domain, and not Shopify's, when providing your customers with their order confirmation." Is Shopify developing this feature?

May 22 2017 by gregor_pixelcabin
Mailchimp app - confirmation emails not sent

Hi, I have integrated my shop with Mailchimp using the Mailchimp app. When someone enters their email address in one of the forms embedded on my page, they are added to my customer table in Shopify and are added to the appropriate list in Mailchimp. The problem is, they never get a double opt-in email to confirm their subscription. More importantly (from my perspective), they never get the F...

May 22 2017 by Susan Fitzgerald
App uninstall hook delete entry upon app install

Hello, I am creating an app in which i have create app/uninstall hook. After installing the app, the uninstall hooks executed and it delete the app entry like access token etc. I don't know why is this so, as it is supposed to execute when someone uninstall the app. Please help me in this case. I am using php and yii2 framework for creating my app. Thanks

May 22 2017 by Rajat Thakur
Stock Countdown App

Hey, does anyone know how this app is called? It automatically counts down the stock when you're on the page: 14 will be 13 in a few seconds, then 12, etc.   Kind Regards!

May 22 2017 by BroccoliApps
Not registered for tax in using Intuit Quickbooks online

In Australia, a business doesn't have to register for sales tax (GST) if the turnover is less than 75K pa. When integrating Shopify with Quickbooks, the plugin expects a sales tax configuration. Is there a recommended way to configure an effective 0% sales tax so that the export functionality (exporting sales in SHhopify to the quickbooks account) can work? Not sure if I should create a 1...

May 22 2017 by EtienneD