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show inventory and "on sale" under product

which app or what do i do to have something like "only 2 left in stock" appear under a product price/picture?   also how do i show something like "on sale" under a product price?

Today by Jason Wang
Looking for Merchant Partners to build an Application

Hi, I'm an experienced developer looking to solve a specific problem (perhaps a custom one) for some Merchant that want to collaborate. This project will be faced as a professional and serious project, as I normally work. We're going to be working together in order to solve your problem. If you're interested, please send me an email at dgodurli@gmail.com so we can talk more about your ...

Today by Diego
Shogun Drag & Drop Custom Page Builder for Shopify

Hello Shopify Community! If you’re a Shopify expert, partner, guru (or user) you’ve probably already checked out our app. Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder for Shopify Shogun lets you build completely custom pages for Shopify with a powerful drag & drop page designer/editor. We have a seamless integration with Shopify, and you can import and edit existing Shopify pages with t...

Today by Antony Parker
Get the app that will generate you more profit now

Geo-Targeted Coupon Box - Smart Promotions for Profit Coupon boxes are a great way of improving your conversion rate. But obviously, giving away a discount to every customer has a cost. How can you boost your sales without leaving too much money on the table? The Little Secret to Optimize your Sales We've been running high-performance coupon boxes on hundreds of stores, measured the im...

Today by Antony Parker
Exporting orders to multiple Xero accounts

We are trying the new Shopify Xero integration app. The app places all Shopify orders into a single account, but we would like it to place orders into different accounts depending on product type or sales channel We have also tried the CarryTheOne solution and it doesnt seem to do it either. Are there any Shopify integration apps that allow filtering of orders as they are imported?

Today by Adam Thompson
New App: dropship products more affordable than Amazon/Aliexpress

Hey everyone, Recently we released a new Shopify App called RSpider which is to help solve dropshipping hassle especailly in product sourcing. The main features: One click source affordable products that are hot on Amazon/AliExpress from Taobao One click import products from AliExpress/ Amazon/Taobao to your online Shopify store Additionally order fuifillment for taobao products...

Today by ecommercefans
Recommendation needed for Newsletter Popup window

Hi all, I'd like to add a welcome popup that appears from the center-bottom of the screen, ideally sticky, respnsive (or ideally mobile customizable), and one that remembers visitors so as to not hound them. Basically Wisepops but with the bottom-center placement. Any ideas, folks? Thanks!

Today by Hamish Robertson
How to get order with fulfilled status and geolocated

Hi, I was trying to do the same as specified in this old thread but since it's closed maybe you can help me with the actual code https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-technology/t/latitude-longitude-from-order-address-303682 I want to change this code to get those fulfilled orders only and hoping that those record is already geolocated @orderItems = ShopifyAPI::Order.find...

Yesterday by JuneDC
New buy button to redirect directly to product

Hi; We have a small problem regardin new buy button. In the old buy button code we have always changed text from »data-redirect_to=“cart” « to »*data-redirect_to=“product”«, because we wanted that buy button shows directly on product on our page. You can see example here: http://www.aromaterapija.si/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=519:etericno-olje-angelike&cat...

Yesterday by Robert Slopko
I installed Whatsapp chat widget on my mobile site, how to track that us...

I get 70% of my sales from my "Whatsapp chat widget" app on my mobile site. People prefare to discuss the product before they ask me to create their order for them.  In order to target similar audience, how do I let my Facebook pixel fire whenever someone chat with me using my whatsapp widget. The app I'm using is WhatsHelp Chat Button

Yesterday by Raed Skaik
Team Profile App

Is there an app out there that lets you display a team profile? I am trying to create a page that shows all of my brand ambassadors and links to thier social channels (something like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/team/), but there isn't an app I can find that does it. There seem to be numerous plugins for Wordpress so I find it hard to believe there isn't one for Shopify. Thanks in advanc...

Yesterday by SpurIT
Mailchimp Sync

Hi - We are using mailchimp on our site with the App (as opposed to an action URL). As I understand, everyone who signs up for our Newletter or marketing on the website - gets added to our Mailchimp list - when the account is synced. That syncing only happens when I open / run the app from admin - or if I go directly to mailchimp and initiate a sync. It there any way (or any app) to ma...

Yesterday by Dennis Winter
Remove Facebook shop

Hello,   I deleted my facebook shop. I want to create a native Facebook shop (whitout Shopify), but i have this message : Only you can see your shop. Go to shopify to publish it.   The steps : 1. facebook disabled 2. facebook disconnect 3. delete facebook sales channel   Thank you  

Yesterday by JamesCal
Add merge tags values with MailChimp for Shopify app

Hello, My goal is to provide a newsletter form to my customer and add them to Mailchimp with custom merge tags. I would like to use the native integration of Shopify form for this. 1- I have installed the MailChimp for Shopify app. 2- I have a Mailchimp list with these tags : *|EMAIL|* or *|MERGE0|* *|FNAME|* or *|MERGE1|* *|LNAME|* or *|MERGE2|* *|LANGUAGE|* or *|MERGE3|* ...

Jul 25 2017 by Eric Giovannetti
Need "Buy 1 free 1" app, not "Buy X get Y"

I'm looking for an app which allows customer to buy and get the same product, especially with product with options. By showing 2 options dropdown, customers would know the offer asap and can select from different options even for the free one. I think this haven't developed yet is because of complicated cart page, pricing issue and etc. My supplier has "Buy 1 free 1" like how i mentioned, wi...

Jul 25 2017 by SpurIT
A Landing Page Different Collection Products

Is there a way to make a landing page with products from different collections or an app for that? <button id="tw_schedule_btn" style="padding: 4px 6px; position: absolute; left: 141px; top: 840px; background-image: linear-gradient(rgb(255, 255, 255), rgb(240, 240, 240)); border: 1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); color: rgb(95, 95, 95); cursor: pointer; font-weight: bold; text-shadow: rgb(255...

Jul 25 2017 by Nathan Le
App to watch customer's actions in real time?

Hello all! I'm looking for an app that will allow us to watch customer interactions in real time as they browse our site and add items to their carts. Most other platforms have an app that accomplishes this but I can't seem to find one on shopify so I thought I would ask if anyone else knows if this exists. Ex: On the old yahoo store platform, they had live insights that would show a c...

Jul 25 2017 by Tony Bui
Unpublished app "Not found"

Hi, I develop an application for my company and I haven't access to their developer account. When I click on the app store link to install the app and test it, it says "Not found"... A week ago, I was able to install it from the link... How can I install the app ... ?   Thanks ! 

Jul 25 2017 by Łukasz Wiktor
Image resize app

Hi there I have around 255 images that are more than 100 kb. Some of them are PNG (most) and some in JPG. I need to have them resized - and preferably also the PNG files converted to JPG.... AND... if possible to have the app automatically update the products that should now show the JPG images instead of the PNG ones :) Do you guys and girls know any of the (many) resizing apps out t...

Jul 24 2017 by Kenneth Bon Nielsen
Chat with, engage, and convert customers on your storefront, FB, Messeng...

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk and Communications Platform for Shopify.    Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple s...

Jul 20 2017 by Reamaze