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Connect with the Shopify developer community

Want to know what’s great about Shopify? It’s a community of entrepreneurs trying to make commerce better, together. If something is missing from the core feature set, there’s a good chance an app developer has already built the solution and published it on our App Store. If not, there’s a great chance that you can find an app developer who’s willing to help. Store owners, I’d like to int...

Mar 27 2018 by Cogart
subscription app for DIGITAL products?

I am looking for an app that works with shopify's digital download system to easily create a monthly subscription service of digital products. Something easy to set up/use like:   Customer "purchases" monthly subscription (recurring charge) for X amount of months After certain date each month, customers of that subscription that have been verified to have been successfully charged are ...

Today by KristyD
FREE Countdown Timer Bar

Hello folks... We have recently created an app which is not yet approved by Shopify and we should wait like a month for aproval probably.  However, if you would like to test it and leave some feedback, we would appreciate that, so that app will be working perfectly when it's launched.  Thank you all!    This is the link, just change "yourshopname" with, well, your shop name: https:/...

Apr 23 2018 by Viktor Fonic
App for creating your own Instagram-like app and community

Hi everyone!  I recently started a Shopify store (www.beautydupes.co) and I thought that it would be cool if my shop/brand had its own Instagram-like app or social network. If you've heard of https://www.discourse.org/, they let you easily create your own branded forum - without any engineering - so your users can discuss your products on the forum (similar to Sephora's Beauty Talk for...

Mar 27 2018 by Jacqueline Xu
Must-have Apps

Hey there, I was wondering if there are apps that any shop should have regardless of what it sells etc.  Thanks in advance!

Dec 28 2017 by Sharon
What's a good app to ask for reviews?

What's a good app to offer customers a discount/coupon in exchange for their review of their purchase? I want to encourage customers by giving them an incentive to leave a review of their purchase on my site and I think offering them a coupon code for a future purchase is good.

Dec 18 2017 by Alex Kazlou
Show unique discount code for each subscriber based on a List of Coupons...

Hello, I am looking for an app that helps me with the following: I created a custom landing page that collects emails of users who subscribe, if the subscribe goes well the user gets redirected to a thank you page. On the thank you page I want to show the user a unique discount code of 15%  Someone from amazon will give me a list of coupon codes.  My question is .. how can I show  on t...

Nov 22 2017 by Andrei B
Best Reviews App?

What's the best product review app that you've used? I've tried the free Shopify "Product Review" app but I didn't care for it. I want one that is more customizable without the need for extra coding. 

Sep 13 2017 by Clare Martin
Yotpo Sucks? Any alternatives?

Hi, I can't seem to find features comparisons of different reviews apps. I have had Yotpo, but after testing a bit, it just stopped working. After I leave a review, the review doesn't appear in the dashboard. The support is silent, and it doesn't seem that they care. Lol... there is no way I can imagine using this on a live site. What is an alternative app that can do something simi...

Dec 13 2017 by Wade
Loyalty/reward apps

I'd like to know if anyone has has success any of these and which ones are good. Are there certain types of products that are suitable for this? Maybe my products aren't Mark Gavin www.ecojot.com

Aug 22 2017 by Mark Gavin

hey guys,  do any of the reviews apps (shopify, yopto etc) link to any of the rewards apps (sweet tooth, lolly etc) so the customer can gain rewards for leaving reviews ?

Jun 1 2017 by Stephen B.
Share product for free ebook

Dear, I want to offer to my customers option if they share their purchase on social networks (Facebook, Twitter,...) they can get free ebook, but sadly I can't find any app for that. Any suggestions?  Thanks! 

Apr 12 2017 by karnak
App that lets customers post pics of their purchases

Is there an app that lets customers post pictures of their purchases on my site by instagram tagging or in the reviews section of a product? Preferably a free app or a way to add it to the code.

Apr 8 2017 by Koreen W
Need a product review app that isn't attached to sold out items!

We currently use the produtc review app from Shopify which is great but as our items are often one-offs and handmade the product reviews are wasted when the item is sold out.  Is there an app where I can place the product reviews together somehow? The only option I can thiink of is to create a page dedicated to it.  It would be nice to have some sort of pop up or something showing these past re...

Mar 11 2017 by Katherine Ginman
£X off next order when buying X

As the title suggests, I'd like to automatically generate a one off discount code when the customer buys a certain item and preferably email it to them after they checkout. Any free apps around that can do this?

Mar 9 2017 by Derek Morin
App to have users create other users and manage them?

My store is a wholesale company to a variety of golf courses and clubs. There are some accounts who have multiple locations and they're running into issues with the people placing orders under the wrong shipping address. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an app or a method to allow a customer to create additional customer accounts they'd have control over. Allowing them to establish speci...

Feb 2 2017 by Oswald
Facebook or Instagram Like App

Is there any app such as Facebook Like or Instagram Like system? Customers can like and unlike and if they like it, displays cusotmers name. Is there any app for this?

Feb 2 2017 by Kevin W
Apps that Increase my Conversion

What apps do you use to increase your conversion ?

Jun 6 2017 by Michal Barla
I have a few questions about apps!

Hey everyone! What are some must have apps? Apps you use on the daily that make your store and business run smoother and better. What apps do you need but just aren’t out on the market? Let's get a discussion going! 

Mar 7 2017 by Gaurav Gupta
How to offer a discount code for a review on Product Reviews app?

Hey Good people, I have the Product Reviews app but i can't seem to find how to create a email that i can send asking for a product review with a automatic Generating discount. I would very much appreciate if you could help me out. Thank you!

Jun 7 2017 by Mags Baylan