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Recurring Fees

Do i need to pay for my existing domain next year if i will going to remove it and replace for a new one?  

Yesterday by Savannah F
facebook shop/collections not syncing correctly

My collections show up fine in the shopify facebook preview screen but not when viewing on facebook. All the text appears to be from edits I made a few days ago. Have tried disconnecting/resyncing etc and waiting 2-4 hrs but it's still showing old product text and incomplete collections (but all product is at the bottom of the page) My shopify/FB pages aren't live so I can't post links yet s...

Yesterday by Vasiliki Menounou
Shopify app url at the "Installed apps" section

Hi, I created an app which creates a reoccurring billing event as part of its installation The app is being used through an outer dashboard our system has When I login to a store's admin dashboard -> Apps screen I see my app installed Other installed apps have a url with this structure "https://some-store-name.myshopify.com/admin/apps/an-app-name"  My app links to a url of thi...

Sep 19 2017 by Assaf Leibovich
Need Help with Facebook Reviews

Hi, I'm setting up my shop now and developing my website using the Theme "Pop".  I already have over 120 5-star reviews on our Facebook page from people who've tried our samples. I'm looking for a way to embed them onto my website.  What would you recommend that gives the best "look" to my website? I'm envisioning the reviews to be "automatcially scrolling/rotating". I'm thinking of embeddin...

Sep 19 2017 by SWAY
Lookbooks / Gallerys similar to Squarespace

Hi - I am in the process of converting my squarepace account to shopify - but I can't find a good App or workaround or Theme to do lookbooks.  All the Apps i've found can do a grid or a slider or a collage layout, but I want something that can lay out images and include some text and then link to the product - nothing too fancy.  Like this: https://www.shopdogandco.com/lookbook-human-and-...

Sep 19 2017 by Robert Stoetzel
Shopify, where has "Wordpress Importer" App gone?!

Hi, This App was in the store just a month or two ago. I used it in my dev store and even if it's not perfect it works.  I am now stuck with no solutions to transfert my client's blog to shopify. Bogfeeder isn't the same as it won't import images into Files. This was part of the reason why we agreed to use shopify online store plan, because we could migrate all those blog posts from wo...

Sep 19 2017 by Thomas Michalak
app for volume discount?

For a single product website.... I see sevral apps offering upsell to a bundle with another product?  Whats a good app for selling multiple units of the same product at a discount? tnx,

Sep 19 2017 by Tom Winspear
[APP] Geo Targeting

Hello friends, We created new, cool application Geo Targeting which is very easy to use. Sell more and lift up your conversion rate with relevant offers  Target your promotions, notifications or video at a certain location Grow your business with effective geo-targeted campaigns Do you want to get notifications that have nothing to do with you? Not likely. Our app delivers the...

Sep 19 2017 by Roman Ananev
I have a lone of some wierd script on top of my customer review on my pr...

I dont know what it is therefore i dont know how to  it. Can i get some help????  Ugh i've tried everything...it will not go away and its making my check out page look bad.   PLEASE HELP ME...

Sep 19 2017 by HymnZ
Thank You Page customiser by Yo

Hi lovely people, has anyone used this and if so what do you think please? Regards   Phil

Sep 18 2017 by Phil Terrett
Discounts on combined items

Hello, We want to offer discounts to customers when they order combinations of specific products, i.e. item A and item B. I understand that Shopify standard does not offer this feature. Do you know of any app that could help us in that?

Sep 18 2017 by Alice S
Stock / Reorder Level App

Folks, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to manage stock reorder levels with sales increasing month on month. Could anyone recommend any apps to track inventory and give a notification when to reorder stock? Thank you, Jamie

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
App that simply updates prices on up to 50,000 Skus at a time

Hello all - I am trying to find the best way to revise prices 2 to 3 times per week on up to 50,000 skus at a time. As you may know, the CSV file upload method on Shopify is limited to 15MB, which makes it impossible to revise prices  when you have more than 10K items to revise.  Does anyone know of an app that would accomplish this?  Basically, I just need to be able to submit a file (on...

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Shopify POS app needs online order notification!

Hi everyone!  My business has a brick and mortar retail store and we sell online as well. My entire inventory is available for sale in both places. When we have an order online, my employees go find it on the shelf and put it in boxes for shipping. Some of my inventory is unique, and I may only have one item that is available for sale both in store and online. The problem is that I may sell ...

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Looking for an app to convert an order to a purchase order

Hello I am not seeing any apps that can convert and order to a purchase order, most of the data is already there. Part number, description, ship to address, the only items that would need to be added would be cost and vendor. This would be a huge time savings.  Thanks!

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Inventory Reporting

I'm looking for an app (I guess) which reports inventory for me.  Ideally, I want historic sales, current inventory and stock depth, all by SKU. I can do it out of Shopify, but it's a bit messy.  there must be an app whcih does this kind of reporting, but there are so many apps, I can't find the one I need.  Any ideas?        

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Purchase order system - advice needed

Looking for a good PO system - a system which will manually by the buying department (actually myself LOL) generate orders on my vendors, and when goods are acepted on arrival, will update Shopify inventory and pages etc.  Partial shipments to be allowed. Would like a matrix system suitable for fashion and footwear industry.  Which can also look up stock by sku, generate new sku for new line...

Sep 17 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Advanced Cash On Delivery - Other than India?

Hi,   I'm from Saudi Arabia and COD represents around %80 online transactions here and all shipping companies offer collection for a fee and that has to be charged on the customer bill which currently cannot be done unless you're using Advanced COD, which is only available for India. So, are you planning to extend this to other countries? If yes, when?   Thanks, Saad

Sep 17 2017 by Daryoush Shabahang
Error in Order printer invoice template

Error in Order printer invoice template while adding {% for tax_line in tax_lines %} {{ tax_line.rate_percentage }}% {% endfor %} Output result ony % coming instead of 14% or 28% INPUT in my store App {% for tax_line in tax_lines %} {{ tax_line.title }} ({{ tax_line.rate_percentage }}%) : {{ tax_line.price | money  }} {% endfor %} Output in my store App CGST (%) : Rs. 26...

Sep 17 2017 by Avneet Kaur
How to customize Improved Contact Form app?

I just recently installed the Improved Contact Form app. Setting it up was easy but I have no idea how to edit the html so that the format fits correctly on the contact us page. I'm using the Venture theme. It's placed all the way to the left, can barely see the Send Message button. Here's how it currently looks like,   I want to make my contact form to look something like this,

Sep 16 2017 by Patrick Bianco