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Connect with the Shopify developer community

Want to know what’s great about Shopify? It’s a community of entrepreneurs trying to make commerce better, together. If something is missing from the core feature set, there’s a good chance an app developer has already built the solution and published it on our App Store. If not, there’s a great chance that you can find an app developer who’s willing to help. Store owners, I’d like to int...

Sep 15 2018 by RK
Facebook Store Under Review Since Days

Hi there, I connected my shop with the fb channel. However the shop is "under review" since days and my products won´t appear in my fb page.   Can you help? Thanks   Alessia

Today by Katy
Looking for all-over-prints app for shopify

I am looking for an app that offers all-over-prints for products like sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and more. Does anyone know an app like this? Because apps like printful just offer all-over prints for t-shirts and not hoodies or hats etc.  

Today by Nick
Buyable pins approved but not visible yet

Hi there, I go approved by pinterest trough your app to sell with buyable pins. However when i pin my products it won´t appear yet as buyable product  but as normal pin. I also have wrote to pinterest on the same issue and waiting a reply. id like to understand if its a shopify issue or pinterest. Thanks!

Today by Nick

hey guys,  do any of the reviews apps (shopify, yopto etc) link to any of the rewards apps (sweet tooth, lolly etc) so the customer can gain rewards for leaving reviews ?

Yesterday by Alex Kazlou
How to do a nice form to choose products (product "wizzard")

Hi there, I tried to do a product wizzard almost like this one : https://www.hioscar.com/get-quote/ The idea is to answer a few questions and then have some products to choose, regarding your answers. All this, ideally nicely done like the example :) Thanks for your answers ! Stephane  

Yesterday by Stephane
Expert App Development Guidance

We're looking for an expert who is able to guide us through the process of hiring a coder who can build a third party drop-shipping application for us, with Shopify integration. Thereafter, the expert will need to guide us through the implementation phase of the application onto the Shopify App Store and other marketplaces. We are able to pay this expert up to $100/hr USD for their guidance dep...

Yesterday by GhostApps
Mailchimp Pop-Up Form not working

I just added the pop-up email sign up form through the Mailchimp app and its not showing up on my website, even in  incognito.   can somene please help :)  www.lilbubbasboutique.com      Thank-You!

Yesterday by Max
Identify customers by name and date fields in inbox subject heading

80% of my revenue is rentals. So when I get an enquiry via the Contact Us page it would be very helpful to have each query arrive in my inbox as Email query: [name] [Date of rental] etc I would also like to customise my newsletter signup popup box with a photo behind the name and email fields to make it look nice. Which app can do both?

Yesterday by myeventdecor
Is there an app to A/B test your homepage?

Hello,  I would like to A/B test my homepage by moving around some of the sections to see if one option resonates more with my audience. Is there an app that lets you do that?

Apr 11 2018 by Upsell Apps
While uninstall of shopify app we are not receiving the web hook response.

{     "webhooks": [         {             "id": 357267636294,             "address": "https://<<Domain Name>>/setShopifyUninstall",             "topic": "app/uninstalled",             "created_at": "2018-09-14T07:02:02-04:00",             "updated_at": "2018-09-14T07:02:02-04:00",             "format": "json",             "fields": [],             "metafield_namespaces": [...

Yesterday by RK
Detect variant change by user on storefront

Hi, I am looking for a good way to detect the variant change by user while they are on product page. Keeping in mind that there are lots of themes and all would have different structures, what would be an optimal way to detect that change from a ScriptTag JavaScript?? Thanks.

Yesterday by Zubair Mohsin
Sometimes API request has a response is unable to resolve host

I'm developing a tool for my shop. And sometimes API request has a response is unable to resolve host. :'(. I don't know how to fix it. My app is realtime!

Sep 17 2018 by Anders
How open Ask Review popup in the New App Store

Hello, in the old store if we sent the attribute `reveal_new_review=true` the ask review modal would open by default. How I can do the same thing with the new app store?   Thanks!

Sep 17 2018 by Steve C
What to use for repair / customizing forms / app

Hi, we are a company based in New Zealand and offer a full repair / customizing service for the outdoor industry. We fix everything from Gore Tex clothing to down sleeping bags and tents. We are also warranty repair agents for most outdoor brands in New Zealand. The other side to the business is manufatcuring and selling hunting and tactical gear we make and also other brands we distribute. We ...

Sep 17 2018 by Karlie
Save $75 on your first Google Ads campaigns with Clever Adwords

Now you can save $75 on your first Google Ads campaigns by installing Clever Adwords. https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc Create and manage your Google Adwords campaigns (search, display and remarketing) automatically, easily and fast. Promotional codes will automatically be applied to eligible client accounts. Requirements: The account has no other promotions applied. The account is bi...

Sep 17 2018 by Marta
Amazon Product Import Into Shopify Store

I am importing my product pages from Amazon into my Shopify store via the app ByteStand. My problem is this, (by the way its a jewerly website), ByteStand is pulling all 19 bracelet products from Amazon however Shopfiy is only displaying one. Does anyone know what is going on, had this problem or know of the issue or of a solution? Thank you in advance. 

Sep 17 2018 by Lina Ostoukh
How do I add a custom field to an invoice created with the Order Printer...

I sell to both Private Customers and Wholesalers (Retailers). In South Africa, if my customer is a Wholesaler and they are registered for VAT, their tax invoice has to reflect their (the wholesaler's) VAT Registration Number (in addition to mine, which I have managed to get it to display). I am clueless when it comes to html and liquid code so got someone to help me create a custom field for...

Sep 17 2018 by Denise Glezer-Jones
Failed to start Shopify app in Nginx and Passenger

Hi, I followed the sample app https://github.com/Shopify/shopify_app and created my first Shopify app. Everything works as expected if i start the app using command bundle exec rails server. I can install the app for my test store and redirection to my admin portal works. However, I run into the following issue when I start my app in Nginx. After I install the app for the test sto...

Sep 17 2018 by wenjun
Amazon, Ebay and Etsy Integration with Shopify

Hi, We are currently sell accross the Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Etsy Marketplaces and I was wondering it there is an app which would import all orders to shopify and sync the stock accross the entire channels? So the shopify would become a centre of our operations? Anyone is using app which they would advice?   I found the app called Channel Unity but was wondering if there are any ...

Sep 15 2018 by Nick