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Our goal is to make online shopper behavior easy

Hi. We're Greyferret. Greyferret is an analytics platform that can help understand and predict online shopper behavior. Greyferret does this by connecting to Shopify stores and analyzes customer information including When did customers buy from your store last? How frequently do customers purchase online? How much do customers spend on your store This allows store owners to Se...

Yesterday by Greyferret
Order Printer App

We are using this app to bulk print invoices. The invoices printed ok on IE. Using Google Chrome, each page has an extra section at the very top showing the table header with quantity, item, taxes and price as you can see here: http://screencast.com/t/rv608QDNM5Hb I have gone through the template several time and confirmed there is nothing at the top to show these info. Anyone has any ide...

Yesterday by Mark Tyler
Mcafee "Host Already Exists In Another Account"

Hello. I recently started my third store, my first 2 ones were bad. But the problem is that i now cant get the McAfee app to work in my new store. After i installed it, it says "Host Already Exists In Another Account". I tried to remove my two previous sites from McAffe but I didnt manage. What can i do? Thank you very much.

Sep 29 2016 by Leonard Holm
Shogun Drag & Drop Custom Page Builder for Shopify

Hello Shopify Community! If you’re a Shopify expert, partner, guru (or user) you’ve probably already checked out our app. Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder for Shopify Shogun lets you build completely custom pages for Shopify with a powerful drag & drop page designer/editor. We have a seamless integration with Shopify, and you can import and edit existing Shopify pages with t...

Sep 29 2016 by nickraushenbush
Customer Support Helpdesk Live Chat, now with Instagram!

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify.   Reamaze - now with Instagram support and Live Chat! - http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your stores...

Sep 1 2016 by Reamaze
New ShopifyPOS API features

This is to facilitate a better checkout flow for our tipping app. Any of these solutions would work. Allow us to show our app anytime during checkout  Preferably after swipe but before signature Let us modify the cart total If cart total is changed, pop up another confirmation (if you're afraid of developers or merchants ripping off clients) Allow us to initiate checko...

Sep 29 2016 by Matthis
Is Metafields Manager any good?

I keep hearing good things about Metafields Manager when developing a feature-rich store. I need to build something with a lot of functionality for a client of mine- has anyone had any experience with it they could share?   Thanks,

Sep 28 2016 by Arnold
Facebook sync issues

I experienced several issues with Facebook shop recently. I added a new product on Shopify more than two weeks ago, and it still os not visible on my Facebook shop. Also I deleted one product today on Shopify and it is still visible on Facebook shop. Please advise. Regards, Eugene Korni bonsai-warwickshire.com

Sep 28 2016 by AnnaChen
Power BI

I'm using Microsoft’s Power BI to create dashboards for my Shopify store. It is extremely useful but I need to upload files with data from Shopify manually. It would be awesome if someone could create a connector to Shopify: https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata/services I'm sure most Shopify users would love this in order to have an amazing reporting and dashboard experience. I'm hap...

Sep 23 2016 by Vitalii
Working with Kit to grow your Shopify store

I thought I'd pop into Shopify forums re: Apps and introduce you to Kit. If you haven't met Kit yet—now is a great time of the year to double down on marketing efforts. Kit helps Shopify store owners grow their business using social media and email marketing. Kit starts at $10/mth, has a 5 star rating, and there's a 14 day free trial to get started.  Lastly, here is a great case study abo...

Sep 27 2016 by Jennifer Daly, PM...
Here's a great list of apps for Shopify store owners

I've had my Shopify store for a little over two years now and (while I don't admit to being a expert), I now have what I think is a great selection of apps that are working very well in my store. The apps cover everything from SEO, customer service, marketing, email newsletter, reviews, cross selling, abandoned shopping carts, Google Shopping, security and persistent cart.  There are so many...

Sep 26 2016 by Decimal
Notify Customer of Low Stock

I'm looking for an app that will let customers know when a certain product (or varient of that product) is low in stock? It would happen on the product page level.   Similar to what Amazon does...https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B014PHWGXW  "only 1 left in stock" Thank you!

Sep 26 2016 by Leigh Thompson
Collection Filter

Hello All I think I have tried every collection filter app in the in app store and none of them are any good. The best one in my opinion is Udundi but they limit you to 50 collections. Any suggestions for a large number of skus/collections(35k skus)?   I am looking for something that will not slow my site down and can filter by vendor, price, gender, and then some tags

Sep 26 2016 by Dave Madoch
App that changes the product/variant pictures from the collections page?

Hello.   I'm looking for an app that does something similiar to this page - http://www.soaestheticshop.com/collections/t-shirts I want my pictures to change to different variants while guests are shopping so I don't have to break them up into their own products.   You have any suggestions?

Sep 26 2016 by Beauty Beau
Bundling Apps

Hi. Does anyone use the 'upsell bundles' or 'bundles' app in shopify? Appreciate your thoughts.

Sep 26 2016 by SpurIT
Need helps for testing new app

https://apps.shopify.com/sizetype I am an app developer for shopify and my first new app is on beta testing process. It shows sizes on the picture of product with layouts and arrows.   Server side - Node.js Client side - Javascript, jQuery, jCanvas   Sorry, for promoting app here. But I couldn't find any way to show my app to other developers. Any kind of questions, comm...

Sep 26 2016 by Sam S.
Product Reviews dynamically

I am creating a portion of the page via javascript (thru a dataset) and as part of building the html for the element, I am adding the below code to get the review stars. The problem is because this javascript call is completed after the page is loaded and rendered, the review stars *sometimes* show up, sometimes it doesn't. I am wondering if there is a way to address that when you append new DO...

Sep 26 2016 by Murat Yesildal
Infinite options app and buyable pins questions

Hello, I was just wondering how the infinite options app effects pinterest buyable pins. I ask because I have no options in my product listings. The options are through infinite options. I need to do my options this way because for example I may only have one pendant availiable but I have different necklaces sizes and color to go with that one pendant. If someone buys through a pin will they se...

Sep 25 2016 by Vic Coolidge
How to efficiently fetch all products of shopify store in our shopify app

Hello, We are fetching products for our App from shopify store in the following way.. But when we increase the page more than 20, then app doesn't load and it throws an error. Is there any better way to fetch all the products at once. Right now the code is working for only 5000 products. $products1 = $sc->call('GET', '/admin/products.json?fields=id,image,src,title&limit=250=&p...

Sep 24 2016 by HunkyBill
Power BI

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Power BI Connector for Shopify! https://apps.shopify.com/power-bi-connector If you have any questions, feel free to send an email. We are here to help you get started and happy to answer any questions! Regards, Vitalii info@loyaltyharbour.com  

Sep 23 2016 by Vitalii