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How to use cart api?

Hi everyone! I'm building a mobile app in ionic 3,  I need to add products to mycart, I did in following way my code clickButton(){ let body={ "quantity": 1, "id": 647441711151 } this.provider.addToCart(body).subscribe( (res)=>{ console.log("added to cart: ", res) }, (err)=>{console.log('Error in adding to car...

Dec 9 2018 by Karl Offenberger
GET admin/inventory_levels.json returns 422 Unprocessable Entity

I have a test account to workout the details of the api. All of the api's I've tried appear to be working with no issues. I haven't been able to get any of the inventory_levels api's to work.  I'm not sure if there's a problem with the product and variant setup, security issue, or something else. Here is the X-Request-Id X-Request-Id →3b032e99-3e8f-48ed-b612-99d58058cbc2 The test...

Dec 8 2018 by test-thuma Admin
Two products with the same inventory count?

Hi guys, I sell T-shirts at limitato.myshopify.com. As you can see I have divided the products into a womens collection and a mens collection but the products are actually the same. Is there any way to make two products (T-shirt X Woman and T-shirt X Man) have the same inventory count? Now I have to manually update the inventory for T-shirt X Man if I sell a T-shirt X Woman. Thank you!

Dec 8 2018 by Aristos T
Building a cart: admin API vs storefront API

I would like to use a custom (out-of-Shopify) page for a user to build their highly customised product and then add it to a Shopify cart and redirect the user to it to do the actual payment, confirmation etc. It looks like I can create a cart (a checkout?) in both APIs: * admin API (POST /admin/checkouts.json): https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/checkout * storefront API ("mutation{c...

Dec 8 2018 by Zia Web
Change size of Icon Polaris

Is it possible to change the height and width of an Icon in shopify's Polaris? If so, can you show me how?

Dec 7 2018 by Karl Offenberger
GraphiQL Export

I added the GraphiQL app to my store but don't see how to export the result of a query. How is this done and what, if any, formats are available. Do I need to write a program on my computer to make an http request and get JSON back to accomplish this?

Dec 7 2018 by Paul L. Newton
SHA256 HMAC Verification on requests generated by app extension.

Created an APP extension that adds a post orders button to the orders action. After selecting an order and clicking the post butoon shopify sends this raw request. GET /data?hmac=ec80a0468b4414504a6ff57de52ed8030e84f489b47f1b9830e91cb1f4203fc7&ids%5B%5D=934477070451&locale=en&shop=ubiquittous.myshopify.com&timestamp=1544031593 HTTP/1.1 Host: 08e3e699.ngrok.io Upgrade-Inse...

Dec 6 2018 by wildman fugazi
Order API Help

Probably a simple request.  Using klipfolio, i want to pull into KP all shipped orders with a unique API request for each month. This way i can separate in Klipfolio by month easily and the request doesnt get too huge 

Dec 7 2018 by David
Add discount codes and Stripe integration to draft order

Hello, we are integrating the shopify admin apis inour app/server. At the moment the app has a cart saved locally, and during checkout we create a draft order. The payment process is handled through Stripe by the server and th draft order is setted as completed once the payment is done. We have 2 problems: 1) We would like to add discount codes to the application, is there a a way to calu...

Dec 7 2018 by Lorenzoliveto
Polaris navigation onclick method

I'm using shopify polaris' Navigation component. The documentation to it is here: https://polaris.shopify.com/components/structure/navigation Let's say I setup a navigation component in my Navigation.js class like this:   <Navigation location="/"> <Navigation.Section items={[ { url: '/path/to/place', label: 'Summary', ...

Dec 7 2018 by jim
Access shipping charges via the API

We're looking to audit our shipping charges per order and I don't see a way to export this data via the API. Anyone know if this is possible? Thx

Dec 7 2018 by Matt B
How to use Shopify api.js with registered script via script tag?

Hello All, I am creating one App. I have registered one script via script tag for frontend activities. Now i have flow like when user add items to cart i want to know about that product added cart. Even when item removed,updated i want to know this activity so i can do my some stuff. I did search and found about api.js. https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/api-js-docum...

Dec 7 2018 by Dhara Prajapati
Sales Channel - Embedded SDK on install

I don't know how to make my Sales Channel launch as an embedded app on first install. Could somebody please review my logic here and tell me where I am going wrong?   1) I have configured the App Url to https://www.myshop.co/shopifylanding/ When the user clicks to install the app it will first take them to this page. 2) On my end I validate the hmac parameter and if valid I redirect b...

Dec 7 2018 by SnapRailTest3 Admin
Friday Update to CDN 403 Issue?

I'm not exactly sure what has been done... but it seems something was changed with the CDN server.  My server is having problems getting the content of IMAGE files stored in the SHOPIFY CDN. It's returning ERROR 403 FORBIDDEN when trying to fetch images via CURL. Looks like CURL requests now require CURLOPT_USERAGENT and a CURLOPT_REFERER to function properly. This is a breaking change an...

Dec 7 2018 by Chew
product variant inventory_item tracked false by default

When I create product variants with post /admin/products.json endpoint, the inventory_item created has tracked=False Is there a way to create the product variants with inventory_item.tracked=True? I would like to avoid update all inventory_items after product create Thanks

Dec 6 2018 by alex busquets
Gift Card API

Hi All! I've been having trouble with the Shopify Gift Card API. I already have access to the gift card API. I'm just having trouble pulling specific giftcards. What I'm trying to do: is make a specific call to an api when a customer has purchased a gift card.I need the URL to access the gift card and various other information.  How I'm trying to do it: Listen to a shopify webhook for ord...

Dec 6 2018 by Mahmoud Yousif
ShopifyQL vs GraphQL

I would like to produce a simple report each month with the following columns.   Date, Time, Discount Code, Country, State, City, Zip Code where there is one entry for each order and the discount code may possibly be null (i.e., no discount was applied). Eventually I may want to add additional columns, such as order price. I also want to export the data in CSV format. Should I use Shop...

Dec 6 2018 by David Markoff
Can't register a webhook: Required parameter missing or invalid

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I've got a lot working with the API with no problems, but I need to register a webhook, and keep getting the "Required parameter missing or invalid" error. I've followed all of the instructions, but maybe I've missed something.  URL: https://bil-test-store.myshopify.com/admin/webhooks.json Method: POST Headers: Content-Type: application/json  X-Sho...

Dec 6 2018 by ryanhungate
Uniform login in two different websites.

I am new in Shopify. I want to know if we can make one login for two websites. My one site in Node and when any user login in Node and it comes in Shopify store by the user have the same login. Is this possible in Shopify? if yes. Then how?  can you please help me with solving this issue.

Dec 6 2018 by kulwinder
Get article author image through graphql api

I am trying to get the author's image through the graphql storefront API. How can this be done? The ArticleAuthor node does not have an image field. I find this odd since the author's image can be accessed in liquid using `article.user.image`.

Dec 6 2018 by Karl Offenberger