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Webhook orders/create api gives wrong client browser ip address.

    Hello everyone, I am working with one of my apps and I have registered "orders/create" webhook when App is installed. When "orders/create" webhook is called, it gives the wrong browser IP address in response. https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/orders/order "client_details": { "accept_language": "en-US,en;q=0.9", "browser_height": 1320, "browser_ip": "216....

Today by Milind
Webhook Verification Failing

Hey,  We have created a private app for the client which was working without any issue couple of days back. However today we are getting an error with the Webhook verification.  I have confirmed that the API key, password and secret are all correct and as per the private app. I have also given all access in order to make sure that nothing is restricted. (Will be changing this once the iss...

Today by AdrianAlw
Use ShopifyQL on the backend?

Good Day! I would just like to ask if there was a way to use ShopifyQL on the backend. As of now, I understand that it can only be used through using the Embedded App SDK (Which would require creating a whoe app). The reason I am asking is because I would like to get Reports / Analytics Data using an API. The current Reports API is limited and only provides metadata, what I would need is ...

Today by Nicole Tan

i want to integrate BILL PAYMENT AND TRAIN TICKET API in my store.plzz help me

Today by kk
Embedded app navigation bar problem (Shopify App Bridge)

I am trying to use Embedded app navigation extension in my app. Its working fine except that very first navigation item. when I click on first navigation item, its purple border bottom appears and then just disappear. it does not show the "active" state of first navigation item. any ideas on this one? is it a bug ?

Dec 15 2018 by Zubair Mohsin
Contextual save bar in embedded app; Polaris

The Polaris documents say that if we wish to use the Contextual Save Bar component in an embedded app, to post about it in the forum ( https://polaris.shopify.com/components/forms/contextual-save-bar#section-use-in-an-embedded-application ). I searched the forums to see if a topic has been started with this request and couldn't find any threads. I'm not sure why the instructions were to post ab...

Dec 14 2018 by Aleksey
Multi-Currency Convertion vs currency.js

We are a developer team of a currency conversion app for Shopify. Our conversion is done via javascript, very similar to what is described here: https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/customization/currencies/show-multiple-currencies Now I noticed in my DEV store that the multi-currency was enabled in Shopify and I directly customized Geolizr to work with both enabled and disabled multi-currency...

Dec 14 2018 by Frank
Polaris ResourcePicker

Hi all,  Not sure if this is the forum for this type of issue, if not direct me to the one which is. I'm trying to use ResourcePicker straight up from example here: https://polaris.shopify.com/components/overlays/resource-picker but it fails to open. I'm using ngrok and I know that this line is called:  this.appBridgeResourcePicker.dispatch(ResourcePicker.Action.OPEN); but it j...

Dec 14 2018 by Alexander Karmanov
How to add a setting to change the 'accepts_marketing' value of custo...

I just want to add a setting to change the 'accepts_marketing'  value in customer account page. How to edit the theme code can do it ? Or is there any other way?

Dec 13 2018 by Dsky
Failed to Download - Timeout Reached

I've been getting this error with much more frequency in the last week or two. 'FAILED TO DOWNLOAD - TIMEOUT REACHED. MAKE SURE THE FILE CAN BE DOWNLOADED SUCCESSFULLY'. This is showing up when I'm adding new photos to products via products and product images api. My photos are coming from GOOGLE STORAGE and they are even being preloaded! I have checked manually to verify the photos and their l...

Dec 13 2018 by Jason
Include locations from where a product variant can be stocked at creation

Hi all, i'm trying to develop a solution for multiocation stores with capabilities to import products (together with their variants) at demand using the REST API. Then, inventory levels are managed via Graph API using the inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation mutation but i'm currently getting the following error: Quantity couldn't be adjusted because this product isn't stocked at <l...

Dec 13 2018 by Carlos
Blocking API requests to Shopify from a certain URL?

Hi Guys, We installed the ShippingEasy Shopify app.  Problem is, the app updates the Shopify order status and other related fields.  I was hoping to block any updates from ShippingEasy pushed over to Shopify.   Does anyone know the proper way to block requests from Shopify standpoint?  Or if there is even a way to do this from the Shopify API? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Dec 13 2018 by developer8971
Create custom app to modify product price based on arbitrary rules

I have the need to modify prices of all products based on a database of rules from a separate source. The rules are based on sku, customer email, start/end dates, quantity discounts, customer tags, etc.  These prices need to be applied automatically, without a coupon, and are specific to each customer login. At a minumum I was thinking of a webhook that when each product is shown, it can ...

Dec 12 2018 by Steve Robbins
Billing API

Hi, We received an email from the Shopify apps team saying that we have to use the billing API. We are already using the billing API for our app. I wanted to see if anyone else received a similar email. Thanks for your help.

Dec 12 2018 by Shopify App Devel...
Issuing Refunds with Multi Currency Update (Shop Currency vs. Presentmen...

We have build a refund management interface that utilized what was consider the shop currency before the multi-currency was implemented. This provided a way for our clients to manage the refund in the currency that the retailers shop resides in (in most cases USD). In its simplest form the retailer is able to adjust deductions + fees, discounts, taxes, etc... before issuing the refund via the i...

Dec 12 2018 by Jamie M
Payment Details on transaction API when order is not paid by Shopify Pay...

Hello there I'm trying to retrieve the payment information like credit card flag and payment type of the order. Looking at the API documentation in the Transaction section we have the payment_details property, but when I make a call to this endpoint the response didn't come with this property. It is because I'm not using the Shopify Payments as the payment gateway? We are using Paypal an...

Dec 12 2018 by Pedro Prado
Order with customer has null location_id.

Hi, everyone! I get paid order by API and see one thing: the order swithout customer have location_id as default location but orders with selected customers have null location_id. Is it correct behaviour?    

Dec 12 2018 by Ludmila Dokhnenko
Creating custom checkout and payment

Hi, I'm new to developing for Shopify and I'm trying to figure out what is the shortest way to create a checkout for a single shop that doesn't sit on the Shopify default domain and without redirecting to the Shopify domain in the checkout page (I want to always stay on the same domain). Any advice would be much appreciated.  

Dec 12 2018 by Elad Ab
Difference between /cart/add.js & /cart/update.js?

I see add.js doesn't allow multiple variant ids in the same call, yet update.js does, does anyone know if there is a reason for this?

Dec 11 2018 by Marriott Perez
Shopify Checkout customisation using custom sales channel

I want to make my own checkout experience in shopify website so I am building a sales channel app for processing the checkout  like boldcommerce cashier app. Now when any customer click on the checkout button , it should open customer login page(if they are not logged in ) after logged in should be redirect to our sales channel app. But it is not happening right now, it always redirect to...

Dec 11 2018 by pandavit