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Sales Channel - Embedded SDK on install

I don't know how to make my Sales Channel launch as an embedded app on first install. Could somebody please review my logic here and tell me where I am going wrong?


1) I have configured the App Url to https://www.myshop.co/shopifylanding/
When the user clicks to install the app it will first take them to this page.

2) On my end I validate the hmac parameter and if valid I redirect back to this URL

3) This should open up the install prompt, i.e.

4) If the user clicks to install the app it will take them to the redirect_uri I provided above. For me this is;

5) And now I!?
Right now I am leaving you on this page which is the problem you referenced. Sorry but I've been reading through the docs for the past couple of hours and got a little lost in it. I guess I need to redirect back to a different link which embeds in Shopify instead of https://www.myshop.co/shopifyapp/ but I can't figure out what that URL should be!

Found these docs but was unsure if this was the approach I should take;


The app embeds fine when clicked through the Sales Channel store link just not when installed.


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