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March 10, 2017

Public or Private App to access Discount API? This post is outdated

I have received conflicting information and at this point don't know which is correct.

My app is going to interact with the Discount API. The store main store is a Plus store and I have contacted our MSM to enable API access for the app.

I initially created a Private app but had to start over as I learned Private apps could not be embedded into the Shopify admin area.

So, now I have an unlisted app that i am working on and I asked our MSM to enable SDK access to this new app, and our MSM responded that only Private apps could be granted access to plus store APIs, specifically the Discount API that this app needs access to.

So my question is, how do I access the Discount API and still have the capability of embedding my app in the admin area?

Jason Shopify Expert freakdesign.com.au
March 12, 2017

If you need to use the discounts API your oauth app would need need to use a private apps credentials for that part. This might change in the future, but right now the discounts API can only be enabled on a private app key.

The MSM will be able to talk more on this and give any further information speciific to that merchant. Best keep them in the loop with your plans.

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Last edited March 12, 2017

The MSM has stated only private apps can access Plus APIs with no exceptions. And private apps don't use OAuth so it seems everything that I've read about using any non-private app seems to be wrong.