February 10, 2017

Adding a new payment gateway This post is outdated


we are currently running a Magento 2 store and we are thinking of moving to Shopify. Problem here is, as we well adult toys it was hard to find a payment gateway for us in the first place, additional to paypal and we are using verotel now. They are very big and popular but they are not supported by Shopify. So the question is if its possible that pur programmer creates the payment gateway for shopify ? I thought it might not possible as shopify is a closed system and a kinda rental shop solution but I am hoping to get some help here. customer service said that its kind of a uniqze question so i really depend on a valueable answer here :)

Jamie D. Developer Experience
February 10, 2017

Hi Hitomi,

The Hosted Payment SDK is available by request only, but generally only first-party integrations are accepted (i.e. a gateway must build their own integration).


However, there are many alternative gateways already available for use across many different countries. Perhaps one of these gateways will fit your use-case. You can find a full list here:


June 07, 2017

Hello Jamie, we are a Shopify Expert business, and our customer would like to build a hosted payment gateway. We are not able to get a clear grasp of the process - some Shopify web pages mention that the hosted payment SDK is closed; some (like your comment above) mention that it's available by request.  Please help us move this process forward. This is a large invoicing / payment company in Israel, with over 50k customers. Thanks a lot.

June 18, 2017

Hello there, Aamra Payment Systems Ltd. (APSL) is a widely used & notable Online Payment gateway in Bangladesh - www.aamrapayment.com. We have pretty good numbers of local Banks, Mobile Wallets coverage & Merchants in Bangladesh. But our shopify merchants cannot use the gateway service due to non-integration with Shopify Platform.  On behalf of APSL, Aamra Infotainment would be really interested in integrating with Shopify to fill this need. Please communicate at support@aamrapayment.com

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AT Member
9 months ago

It's possible to add Buy button on successfull order page. If you have questions contact me a.tarasinsky@gmail.com