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Introducing Shopify Scripts: Customize the business logic of your Shopif...

Shopify's Script Editor allows you to create Ruby scripts that can change the prices and properties of line items in your store's cart. Using scripts, you can create discounts that will be applied automatically based on the items and properties of a cart. The Script Editor app adds a place to write and store scripts in your Shopify admin. This forum is for questions and discussion surroundin...

Apr 13 2017 by AZSolutionsUSA
Shopify Scripts: Read before posting

This category in the forums is dedicated to the Shopify Script Editor. Please ensure your question relates to the Scripts API or the Script Editor app. Documentation: Shopify Scripts API Shopify Script Editor app App store: Script Editor If you have general API questions unlrelated to Shopify Scripts post in the Shopify APIs & SDKs category. If your question is about storefront ...

Feb 7 2017 by Jason
Checkout Address Validation Script

Hello, I am new to Shopify but  I want to know if it is possible to append a javascript script  into the Shopify Checkout form. The script I want to append has already been written to work in a standard HTML page but I am looking at applying into Shopify. The basic overview of the script is: Select the value the user types into the address field Query an external REST or SOAP API to ...

Oct 20 2017 by CarmanS
Message on cart page

Hi, First of all I want to say I've been looking around for hours and didn't find an answer for this question so.... here I am. I've been playing with shopify plus script editor and I've made it work for a "Buy 2 get 1 free" offer. Everything is fine except: - the message appears only if the condition is already met That is the problem, I want to be able to tell display a message "a...

Oct 18 2017 by VRuler
using "current time" in Shopify Scripts

Hello, I have a current shipping script that deletes specific shipping methods based on some IF rules.  I have just added a new "SAME DAY" shipping method but I want it to be available only between 12AM-12PM. So, I'm trying to add a new rule to the script, that checks the current hour. The problem is I'm not sure how to "call" the current time in Ruby? I guess the code should look someth...

Oct 18 2017 by Lior L
404 script for Temporary Unavailable Products

We have many over 1000 products hat become unavailable for a brief period then are restocked. This happens daily or weekly. We know have many 404 errors because of this. I found this script on another forum by a Shopify employee. Does anyone know if this would work to automatically redirect a product that is not found to the home page. If so where do I put it? Thanks, Patti {% if template ==...

Oct 16 2017 by cs
Sms Widget?

(originally posted in possibly wrong section of forum) Hi all, Wondering if there is a way that I can have a clickable widget so people can text me (for customer service reasons)  Right now im using a paid app but im also a new store and $25/mo is a bit much.  I can easily just add a clickable link in my header, but I LOVE the widget that the app provides. Im no developer.  Wonderin...

Oct 15 2017 by Vivid Trends


Oct 10 2017 by TJ Bechard
A/B testing - help with a URL redirect??

Hi all, Hoping to get some help to get this set up! In short - I'm planning on duplicating my landing page, changing a few bits and then sending traffic to both pages from FB ads, so my plan is to have a page set up that I can drive traffic to and will then redirect to one of the two or three  pages at random. To be 100% clear on exactly what I'm looking for/the longer question - Be...

Oct 12 2017 by Ben Swanson
Store front change password

At store front after customer logged in customer should be able to change password by providing new password and confirm password. i am using following code snippet for that.   {% if customer.tags contains 'wholeseller' and customer.reset_password_url %}                   <span id="changepwd" style="cursor:pointer;" class=" spli"><a href="{{customer.reset_password_url}}">Change...

Oct 11 2017 by Sunay Patel
A|B testing pricing / discounts in line-item scripts?

Hey all,  We're looking to test a "5 for $50" upsell feature, and we only want to activate it for some subset of customers to our site. We are using Google Optimize and would like to have some JavaScript execute when a user first lands on our storefront to set some flag on either the customer or the cart that we can then key off of in our line-item scripts to decide whether or not to discoun...

Sep 25 2017 by Jason
undefined method '*' for nil runtime error

I have the following shopify script which adds a 25% discount to products if multiple items are purchased. The script seems to work but I'm recieving a runtime error (undefined method '*' for nil) on line 17 (line_item.line_price * (discount * 10 / 100),)   Any idea what the problem may be?   #Count number of items in cart total_items_seen = 0 Input.cart.line_items.each do |li...

Sep 18 2017 by timd
Hiding the "add to cart" section on a product page

Hi there. I would like to modify my product page template so that unless a product is part of a single, specific collection (e.g., "This Week's Menu") then customers can see the item's photo, price and information, but are not able to add it to the cart. Here's an example page: https://www.dailyjars.com/collections/all/products/thai-chicken-salad-with-cashew-dressing Ideally, if this item...

Sep 1 2017 by Steve Godfrey
change sale sticker font&color - Brooklyn theme

HI I would like to alter "save ..." sticker in the Brooklyn theme, alter like this: color: ffffff background: ff0000 font: Helvetica Bold don't how to work it out.....

Sep 1 2017 by Katy
Issue with time zone in Order Confirmation email

I need to use order date in order confirmation email but an issue occurs due to time zone.   When I use date variables that below, I get New York Time  instead of Istanbul timezone as a result. Thus, my shop timezone is UTC+3 but I get UTC-4 <h2> {{ created_at  }} </h2>  and  <h2>  {{ order.created_at  }}</h2>   Could anyone help me and enlighten me about...

Aug 30 2017 by Mert Kadir Gürsoy
Help! Space between logo and body??

I am having trouble with fixing the amount of space between my logo and body. It only happens on mobile sites. But the space in my opinion is ugly and unappealing. Please help me Stylishsave.com

Aug 29 2017 by Stephanie R
Script recognizes customer when not logged in?

I have a couple scripts that look at the customer's tags to do a some things (exposing wholesale shipping rates and a Net Terms payment option, for example). If I shop, and go through checkout having never logged in, but use my email address attached to my account in checkout, the scripts will somehow recognize me as a customer (which has the wholesale and terms tags I'm looking for in the scri...

Aug 29 2017 by gina-gregory
Using The Form App

Hello All, I'm new to shopify. I recently just installed the Form Builder by HulkApps ( https://apps.shopify.com/form-builder-by-hulkapps) Now, I created a form, but I have no clue to to implement it into a page. Help would be really apprecited! Thanks, Donni, 

Aug 25 2017 by Tomasz Kikowski
stuck to get token via angularJS code

this is my request to get access token from shopify. $http({                                   method:'post',                url :'https://important-product.myshopify.com/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id=301426079ead3ffd139bedef9396751c&scope=read_products,write_products&redirect_uri=http://localhost:8080/scrapper/login',                headers:{'Content-Type': 'application/json'} ...

Aug 24 2017 by Hanif
Additional Scripts Not Loading

Forgive me if this is the wrong section to ask this in.   I'm trying to get some custom javacsript added to the additional scripts section in the Checkout settings. Unfortunately, when going through the checkout I can't see any of these scripts loading.   Even tried running some console test messages, and nothing. Looks like they are using the theme Envy:  http://www.wetheme.com/shopify-t...

Aug 23 2017 by Jivan Suhagiya