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Introducing Shopify Scripts: Customize the business logic of your Shopif...

Shopify's Script Editor allows you to create Ruby scripts that can change the prices and properties of line items in your store's cart. Using scripts, you can create discounts that will be applied automatically based on the items and properties of a cart. The Script Editor app adds a place to write and store scripts in your Shopify admin. This forum is for questions and discussion surroundin...

Oct 30 2018 by anjrottesting Admin
Shopify Scripts: Read before posting

This category in the forums is dedicated to the Shopify Script Editor. Please ensure your question relates to the Scripts API or the Script Editor app. Documentation: Shopify Scripts API Shopify Script Editor app App store: Script Editor If you have general API questions unlrelated to Shopify Scripts post in the Shopify APIs & SDKs category. If your question is about storefront ...

Feb 7 2017 by Jason
Password page Background won’t resize

I’m in desperate need of help. I do not code or know anything about coding. I’m trying to build my website using the Brooklyn theme and I’m starting with the password page. I have changed the background image to a blurred jpeg of my logo. The issue I’m running into is that when I switch to one of the three modes (mobile, desktop and whatever the other is) the picture does not resize and stay ce...

Today by Walt
Filtering by tags in collection not working

Hi, first post on here so excuse any oversights. I have setup a new page to show a subset of collections successfully following this guide. https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/customization/collections/featuring-collections-using-link-lists The area I need help is I want each of the displayed collections to be pre-filtered using tags. I enter a tag in the Filter collection with tags (op...

Yesterday by Robin
Issues with Shopify format changes

Hi I had developed an app which was working great till 28th October when there were some changes which led to difference in the format in which the shopify send results and hence app functionality suffered.The code changes on the app can be done but I want to confirm the changes in shopify or is it just a testing going on? Please check the screenshots it is done from my shopify partner ac...

Yesterday by Sergiu Svinarciuc
Issue with page redirect

Hello...newbie to Shopify, I know what took so long.  I installed a theme, but I got this messge once installed: Issue with page redirect It looks like this page is redirecting to a page that isn't compatible with this editor. To ensure that your redirect doesn't interfere with the editing experience, replace window.location.href = with window.top.location.href = in your theme's JavaScrip...

Nov 12 2018 by Annie Lok
Google Shopping and Shoe Sizes

Hi everyone, I don't know if this is a topic that belongs here but I did a quick search and didn't find anything: I'm trying to work with the Google Shoping app and the Merchant Center to get the shoes I'm selling on my Shopify store listed on Google Shopping. It's a pain. Essentially the Google Shopping app and Merchant Center need a value for the size, except with shoes there are multip...

Nov 11 2018 by Patriel M.

Hi I've tried everything in order to refund an order the transaction was made thru PayPal.https://Imgur.com/a/o5xCwgw

Nov 9 2018 by Nick
Please help : how to change thumbnail position with Venture?

Hello, I am using the theme Venture with my Shopify shop.  I would like to change the position of the 3 thumbnail pictures that are on the left side of the product page, and put them under the product’s main picture, horizontally and in several lines of 5 pictures per line. I also would like to remove the scroll arrow.  Could you please help ? Thank you !

Nov 8 2018 by Tira
How to modify the canonical tags on the duplicate 'Product Type' facets

We are trying to modify the canonical tags to ensure Google shows the right version of the product type pages in the search results, we need to point Google towards the correct indexable version. For example, the page https://www.arenamenswear.com/collections/tops/product-type_hoodies needs to have its canonical tag modified to read: <link rel="canonical" href="https://www.arenamenswea...

Nov 7 2018 by Arena Menswear
Tiered Discount by Product Tag

Hello, looking for code for a tiered discount script based on product tag. Example: If product tag = "A" discount the line item by 25% If product tag = "E" discount the line item by 20% Also, is there a way to prevent additional discount codes entered at checkout, to avoid an extra discount on the above? Thanks!

Nov 5 2018 by SpurIT
Auto Change template based on inventory

I am looking for a way to adjust the code of the products so that when an item reaches 0 inventory the template will auto change to the pre-order template instead of the regular template. This would need to be vice-versa so that when I have the item back in inventory it would return back to the normal template. I assume that it can be done with an if statement, but not for sure on the correct s...

Nov 5 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Homepage personalisation using cookies

Hi, i want to personalise the homepage content based on a 'non-logged' users previous web activity. By personalise i mean I want all the homapage banners & graphics etc to reflect the category they previously visited. For example I have 3 main product categories. Lets say Cats, Dogs and Birds. If they were on the website yesterday and the last page they visited was within the Dogs catego...

Nov 4 2018 by Martin Dacre
Email Submit Button with Textfields

  Hello guys I have a problem, I created a hide/show box (red box) on a new product template and everything works perfect. But I would like to put 3 text boxes in the hide/show box with a submit button that send the informations in the text boxes directly to my email. Does anyone know how to create those text boxes with a email submit button in a Hide/Show Box?      

Oct 31 2018 by KX Keanu & Xaver
Testament theme: Rich-Text is affiliated with my H1 tags!

Hello, I am using the Testament theme, and for some reason my H1 tag is being associated with the rich text on my homepage. So if I do not have a rich text section on the homepage Plug in SEO notifies me that the H1 tage for homepage is missing despite having one in the preferences section on shopify. Is there any solution for this?  When I edit the code in the "rich-text.liquid" to ma...

Oct 30 2018 by May
Put reviews under product image?

How can I put my reviews on the left side of my product description (below the product image)? I installed and App to import reviews from Aliexpress and it tells me to put this code:  {% include 'judgeme_widgets', widget_type: 'judgeme_review_widget', concierge_install: false %} in product-template.liquid  If I do so, and place it under the product description div, it will show un...

Oct 30 2018 by Kenzo Fernando Ca...
How to creat a calendar wishlist?

Greetings, I'm in the phase of desiging a subscription based service with an online store on Shopify. While customers can make one time purcahse, the main niche of the store is subscription based. I'm trying to add a monthly calendar (or queue or wishlist, wharever you wanna call it) when customers log in to their account. I want customers to add products from a big list of products I off...

Oct 29 2018 by kinan
How to add the JavaScript Code as Section in a page?

Hello,   i have a JavaScript Code and it’s about a form. In this link below it’s explain how to add the Script Code in a Single Page. This method shows you the link and if you click on it, you can open the code page.  https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/adding-javascript-to-one-page-447016   this is not really what I want. I want to add the code in this way, that i...

Oct 29 2018 by Eagle
Show in stock / backordered in Order Confirmation email?

Hi, Is it possible to access the stock levels from the order notification email?  How would you go about seeing if the item was in stock or backordered? I want to add a line under the item description td tag with whether the item is in stock or not.  I'm using a 3PL for fulfillment and allow for orders when items are out of stock. I have a coding background but I'm unfamiliar wit...

Oct 29 2018 by Skye
How to create a compulsory (!) checkbox for contact form?

Dear all, I need a compulsory checkbox for my contact form. I use the debut theme. Requirement: User must declare that he agrees to the privacy policy of my webshop in order to send a message via contact form. Can someone please provide me with the exact code for page.contact.liquid? Cheers!

Oct 29 2018 by BV