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Introducing Shopify Scripts: Customize the business logic of your Shopif...

Shopify's Script Editor allows you to create Ruby scripts that can change the prices and properties of line items in your store's cart. Using scripts, you can create discounts that will be applied automatically based on the items and properties of a cart. The Script Editor app adds a place to write and store scripts in your Shopify admin. This forum is for questions and discussion surroundin...

May 13 2016 by Paul L. Newton
Synching with Classic ASP

Is it possible to push information regarding a product/service for sale from a classic asp site to the Shopify platform?

Today by Jason
Set Static Price By Tag, Script not working, not sure what I'm missing

Hey all,  So this is what I have so far, but it's not seeming to work, I'm trying to set items with a specific tag to $50   class StaticPrice def initialize(selector) @selector = selector end class TagSelector def initialize(tag) @tag = tag end def match?(line_item) line_item.variant.product.tags.include?(@tag) end end CAMPAIGNS = [ StaticPrice....

Yesterday by HunkyBill
How do I Limit tag options on sidebar

Is there a way to limit the tags that show on the side bar of a certain category? For example, I sell romantic products. Items that have hearts and that are red or pink, I have tagged with Valentine so at this time of year I can have that collection available for customers for the holiday. Green for St Pattys day etc. After each holiday, I  hide this collection, but if a person clicks on gift s...

Yesterday by Lael Harrelson
python option

hi All, i'm using pythion API, to import products with multiable options, but so far no success;  I only manged to import one option when using option1 (like in below example); product.variants[0].options1 = "Pink"  i'm totaly lost with options, i'm new to python to shpify API, and no documentions it making hard to understand:   here is my code: (only Pink getting imported...

Jan 22 2017 by Nasser Nassir
Retrieving The Product Reviews Number from the Product Reviews App, but ...

The product reviews shopify app allows to display the number of reviews of a product with the following syntax: {{product.reviews_count}} This work if the syntax is placed within the app. I tried to take the same line of code and put it directly in my liquid file, but it doesn't work. (Technically it seems to be like any other attribute, just like "id" or  "variant") but it's not suppo...

Jan 16 2017 by gabolt
Discounts per order rather than per line-item - Shopify Scripts/Shopify ...

Hi there, I'm currently setting up a discount setup which is applied to price ranges, so when people spend over £750 they get a £50 discount off their cart total, when they spend over £1500 they get hundred pounds off et cetera et cetera. I also need this discount to only kick in when there are two or more items in the users cart. I have managed to set this up so that the discount only...

Jan 16 2017 by Pensandpencils
customize 422 descriptions

I am using the ajax api to add products to the cart. It seems a variety of things can trigger a 422 error (not enough items in stock for example). Is there a way to customize the string being returned in responseJSON.description in the event of a 422? I mean I could use regex or something to try and determine which kind of 422 error it is and go from there but it would be nice to be able to use...

Jan 14 2017 by Jason Jaeger
I'm a JS dev trying to help my friend's business

Hello everyone, My friend asked me to help him with tweaking his site.  Ideally, I'd like to write small js scripts on the html doc. I tried to write something in theme customizer (see below). If this is possible, is there a guide or documentation someone could point me to? thanks, Joe

Jan 10 2017 by Jose Narvaez
How do I add free shipping when certain SKUs are in the cart?

Hi all, Has anyone had success using Script Editor to change the shipping cost of an order based on the content of the cart? I want to be able to apply free shipping to an order that contains a certain SKU.  

Jan 10 2017 by Dominik
Adding customer using postman

Hi  Anyone can help me with this,"How to add customer using Postman".  

Jan 10 2017 by satish jha
Struggling with these 2 "for" loops

Hello, I am struggling with 2 "for" loops I use to populate an object that is sent over after the checkout to our affiliation platform "CJ". The loops are as below :         {% for discount in order.discounts %}                 'DISCOUNT': '{{ discount.amount | money_without_currency }}',                 'COUPON': '{{ discount.code}}',         {% endfor %}         PRODUCTLIST : [...

Jan 9 2017 by Stephane Hildbrand
variant.incoming not working for selectcallback

Hi, I am trying to use variant.incoming and variant.next_incoming_date output for selectcallback. It is showing output via liquid but not giving any ouput in selectcallback. text is not chaning based on variant change. Here is code that i am using  Output html <span id="aval"> </span> if (variant.inventory_quantity > 0 ) { $('#aval', $product).html("In Stock")...

Jan 8 2017 by Masud Rana
Customer can change image of gift card

Hallo I want my customers to be able to change the image displayed on the gift card which will be send to them after the purchase. <select id="selectCard" onchange="document.getElementById('{{ product.id }}').src = this.value"> <option value="f1">Birthday</option> <option value="{{ 'map.png' | asset_url }}">Christmas</option> <option value="{...

Jan 6 2017 by sebastianCode2
Prevent Discount Codes from Being Used on Certain Products

Hey everyone!  We're trying to use Shopify Scripts to prevent discount codes from being applied to items that are already on sale (i.e. have a Discount code that applies to them), so that customers can't get a double sale. When we put an item on sale we update the variant price to the sale price, and set the original price in the "compare_at_price". Additionally, it is tagged as "On Sale". S...

Jan 6 2017 by Jurgen Feuchter
Updating customer info via ajax and api?

So I'm trying to allow users edit their name, email and reset password. So far reset password comes with its own form integrated with shopify so that's all good. Now my issue is updating the customer name and email. I created a form and have added the folloqing script:  $("#editNameForm").submit(function(e){       // alert($("#editNameForm").serialize());       var url = "/admin/customers/...

Jan 3 2017 by Gamaliel
Venture theme - When variant stock is 0 change variant image

Hello, Is there some way in code to set some default image for when some variant product stock hits 0 that it changes image of that variant or it becomes unavailable.   Or change the Item description when variant with 0 in stock is selected? So far I got that it writes "Some variant is unavailable" when ONE of 12 variants is unavailable. Shop cart button is disabled then and it c...

Dec 30 2016 by Decha
Using Money in the message of a discount script

One of the discounts I'm working on takes off $0.75 per item. I'd like to tell the customer their total savings in the message string. This works fine, but right now if the person saved $7.50 it says, "You saved $7.5!" I'd like it to say, "You saved $7.50!" or "You saved $8.25" or "You saved $3.00" or any other variation. Right now, If I add a value that is a money object I get this: "You sa...

Dec 28 2016 by HunkyBill
Sales order with shipping label json code

Hello, we are developing app which will manage orders and products on Shopify. Now we are working on order import. In case of partial fulfillment, there is an option named Shipping label. It needs shipping account and credit card to be added to Shopify. We don't have any shipping account to try this option. Could you please send me an exemplary of json code of order which includes paid shipping...

Dec 28 2016 by Norbert Madyar
Order Confirmation Email

Hi All In my store I offer two payment options PayPal and Manual Payment. The manual payment is for people paying by internet banking so I would like to display my bank account details on the order confirmation email with the amount to pay. The standard confirmation email does do a nice job displaying the credit card people paid with and the amount, but I can't figure out how I can cha...

Oct 28 2016 by Korstiaan Prins