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Introducing Shopify Scripts: Customize the business logic of your Shopif...

Shopify's Script Editor allows you to create Ruby scripts that can change the prices and properties of line items in your store's cart. Using scripts, you can create discounts that will be applied automatically based on the items and properties of a cart. The Script Editor app adds a place to write and store scripts in your Shopify admin. This forum is for questions and discussion surroundin...

Dec 10 2017 by Jason
Shopify Scripts: Read before posting

This category in the forums is dedicated to the Shopify Script Editor. Please ensure your question relates to the Scripts API or the Script Editor app. Documentation: Shopify Scripts API Shopify Script Editor app App store: Script Editor If you have general API questions unlrelated to Shopify Scripts post in the Shopify APIs & SDKs category. If your question is about storefront ...

Feb 7 2017 by Jason
Defer parsing of JavaScript

Hello,   I am having issues with the JS & load times of my site. Most of the heavy lifting, as far as the scripts, are being inserted via an application. Is there a way for me to defer the scripts loading until after the html & css has rendered? I am receiving bad scores from page speed tests because of this.  Thank you!

Yesterday by justenphelps

Hi, I've been searching for this for quite a while but with no success.  Let's say I want to use the storefront API to create an order on behalf of another store, how do I keep some amount (commissin) of money so the customer doesn't notice it? I was thinking that not possible but an extension (multi-vendor) is doing it, globally and on a store basis. Can anyone give me a hint about th...

Yesterday by hudony
discount code .start_with?

Hey there. I am trying to use the start_with method in the below shipping script, to apply the discount if the discount code in the cart starts with "2D". However, I'm getting an undefined method error.  Any ideas? Is my syntax wrong?   MINIMUM_ORDER_AMOUNT = 1 #dollars required in cart to get discount DISCOUNT = 1 #percentage discount (in decimal format) MESSAGE = "" #promotional mes...

Yesterday by Nikolas Alexander
TIN Check Website Application/Integration

Hello this is EG-PRO, we would like to input https://www.tincheck.com/pages/developer in order to verify the tax id number (tin) when a company is applying for an account on our page. We would like for a verification process to take place automatically in order to approve the validity of the tax id number before the application for the account has been submitted. Our sign up application form is...

Jul 17 2018 by Elliot
Free shipping with large item exclusions

Hello all, I've been stumped on this for a few days now and in need of some assistance. I'm trying to update our current shipping script to: remove all shipping rates for international orders that contain a "large item/yoga mat" and show error message at checkout if the order is to Canada, over $150, and does not contain a "large item/yoga mat"- it ships free and any order to USA over...

Jul 13 2018 by Josef Lagunas
AWS S3 Storage Bucket Creation and Invite on Order

Hi, I have experience with AWS as well as web programming/scripting languages but I am new to the Shopify infrastructure. I am looking to build functionality into my store that creates a AWS bucket uniquely named a prefix + order number following a paid order. The bucket would be attached to the customer’s email address, and they would be emailed following successful creation of the bucket with...

Jul 12 2018 by Elliot
Affiliate conversion tracking // Pulling net order value

Hello hello, here's my challenge: I inserted a conversion tracking code which submits the "order number" and "shopping card order value" to my affiliate partner. Unfortunately, the gross order value will be transmitted incl. the VAT and shipping costs but...I net the "net value" excl. VAT and shipping costs. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks in advance and best, MrGin 

Jul 10 2018 by MrGin
How to integrate custom shipping API

I have a custom endpoint for a custom API which pulls shipping rates from different parameters and such; I am new to Shopify coding and such (but I have experience coding) so I am not too sure how to integrate it into Shopify to determine shipping rates, or if it is possible?

Jul 10 2018 by noise al
instructions quota exceeded error on line_item.split() example

on this page https://help.shopify.com/manual/apps/apps-by-shopify/script-editor/shopify-scripts#split-example the split example has the line  cart.line_items << new_line_item but that throws an error in Script Editor saying "instructions quota exceeded". Without it, my split line item doesn't appear in the cart...

Jul 10 2018 by Elliot
multiple drop down filter menus - Brooklyn Theme

I am trying to add multiple drop down menus https://thriftytowel.com/collections/all to include a brands, size and type without usinf addional apps. https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/collections/filter-collections-with-product-tags this guide helps however its only the one menue and it isnt titled. cheers   

Jul 5 2018 by thrifty towel
Adding an .js file to my theme

How do I go about adding a link to my password.liquid file to access a new .js file. Like in html you would use a javascript link like <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.8.3.js"></script> So do I use a link like that to access the file?   I'm trying to change my /password to a landing page I purchased off themeforest, but those files would need to be uploaded...

Jul 5 2018 by James A
How to add filters to webhooks? (API)

Hi there!   I have 2 different US stores where I will need to add/ create webhooks for. We sell garage organization products, and are looking to partner up with a company called "Buy It Installed". The idea is, our clients can purchase both our products and THEIR service in once place, and in once transaction.    They originally asked for the admin access to my store, which I wasn't...

Jul 4 2018 by Gavin from Zetya
Unable to Pull down orders

Hello, I am building a shopify app, and so far it authenticates fine and can view products fine, but I can't seem to access the orders. This is what comes up.https://gyazo.com/38f26f7bd37b3b31ea7c761fc11417fb . I am using node js with express framework. 

Jun 29 2018 by Matts Using Site Admin
Sidebar on collection page to show navigation.

Hi, I'm running the Fastor theme on my site (which is still in build) and I'm having trouble with the left sidebar on the collection pages. It is compiling a list of EVERY collection I have created which is a mess. I cannot find any option to change it within the theme setup. Is there a way I can modify the code to just call a navigation that I have created?  Your help would be huge...

Jun 29 2018 by Catherine Somers
Sort of exclude elements from a loop

I'm filtering products by tag in the shopping cart and I need to organize them under headers. While the filter is working great, the header is being repeated with each new item added to the cart. I'm not sure how to write a conditional to make the header only show up if there are products with "x" tag, and only show up once.  {% for item in cart.items %} {%- include 'bold-cart-it...

Jun 29 2018 by Elliot
Limit Use of Discount code if Bulk discount is applied through Script Ed...

I Do Not want to offer more than 7% discount in my site at any point.  I have used script editor app to create bulk discount, If customer buys more than 10 qty he will get 7% discount. I occasionally send coupon codes to customers who review for the product purchases for 5%. If that customer buys 10qty and uses 5 % discount he will get 7% + 5% =12%. (I want to avoid this) Here is my curre...

Jun 26 2018 by Elliot
an order vs fulfilment vs transaction example for my analysis please

Hi, I want to be able to standardise the output from Shopify so that I can use it for my customers the same way that I use for other POS systems (both online and offline) so that I can create statistical information. For Vend, I treat a sales receipt as two types of transaction, a revenue-transaction with line items and one or more payment-transactions all conforming to a data schema. The...

Jun 26 2018 by mattlightbourn
New Shopify Developer - Need help!

Hi, I'm new to Shopify development and have a few questions about a Shopify app that I'm planning on developing. I was hoping that I could get some answers from people with more experience. On a high level, I'm trying to create a Shopify app (that is not listed in the Shopify store) that will display server generated HTML code for product photos and descriptions and have them inserted into ....

Jun 18 2018 by uri rahimi