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PayPal Tracking Number and Shipping Carrier

Greetings. I have a question regarding tracking and PayPal. I need to provide tracking number for every transaction on PayPal and I am ok with that but then they ask me to provide shipment carrier and I don’t want to provide info that I am using AliExpress Standard shipping because basically it shows my supplier to customer. Do you know any solution how to hide the shipping carrier name? Also, ...

Nov 19 2018 by LegoAvengers
Orders columm

Hi What is the "Order" colum under ORDERS > All orders. It has a 4 diggit number like #3344. Is that the number for the amount of purchase on our site or is that the orders invoice number? Because the orders also has at 10 diggit number where you open the orders history for example "Jansen placed this order on Online Store (checkout #7288157675264) Which i think is the orders true invo...

Nov 19 2018 by Ava
Eligible for Shopify Payments if I have virtual address in the US?

Hello everyone, I intend to dropship products to the US from China and my business(as an individual) is based in Greece. I have already purchased a virtual address in the US to accept returns and also because I do not want my home address to appear online. My question is: can the US virtual address be used in order to become eligible for Shopify payments or not? If not, what other credit ...

Nov 19 2018 by Nick
Customised Items Requiring Approval before Shipping

Hi, I'm looking for a way to get an approval from customers before shipping. Even if that solution is outside of Shopify. The workflow would be simples: 1. Customer customises the product 2. Place and pay the order 3. I receive the details, create a 3D image and send to the customer for approval 4. Client approve or make changes 5. I fulfil the order and ship to the custome...

Nov 19 2018 by Todd
Shipping rates not updating


Nov 18 2018 by Koreen W
One-Hour Shipping with Postmates and Deliv

Hi Shopify users, if you are interested in one-hour shipping for your store or are affected by Shopify ending support for Postmates shipping, please check out Turbo Delivery, a new app that has an easy-to-use integration with Postmates and Deliv, two leading on-demand shipping carriers. We have a feature-rich app and we're hard at work at making more improvements for our customers. If you ha...

Nov 18 2018 by Turbo Delivery
How to safeguard against fraud?

Hi I have a question. What do you guys do to guard against fraudilent transactions? Stripe provides something called "Radar" that's supposed to safeguard agains fraud. Has anyone tested it? Is it any good? Do you think that is enough or should I get for example the app called Signify to safeguard against fraud? Would really appreciate some good answers on what to do and what to think a...

Nov 17 2018 by Nick
Dropshipping to USA

I'm not a US citezen, and I haven't been there before. I'm planning to advertise and sell some products at some global markets, including the US market. However, as a connector between the manufacturers and the customers, I was wondering if I have to have an FTIN or a Taxpayer Identification? (I'm planning to add products from US suppliers and non-US suppliers) Also, do I have to pay for ...

Nov 17 2018 by 86deal
FedEx 2 Day Air One Rate Question

Just introduced to FedEx 2 Day One Rate by our Rep.  The problem is it does not populate as an option with Shopify.  Tried to create a weight based for both the small ($9.95 & medium box $12.95), but they both have a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs.  Really would like to offer this as a shipping, but looks like the system would have to figure the volume as well.  Your input would be greatly ...

Nov 16 2018 by Blabbermouth
Payment at Time of Shipping Instead of Order Creation?

I developed a piece of software that integrates a Shopify storefront with an in house ERP system. The client wants to switch their Shopify store over to use Authorize.net as the payment provider because the in house ERP system integrates with A.net.  They want me to only allow for a credit card authorization (not a charge) via the customer placing a Shopify order. I will then pass the t...

Nov 16 2018 by Harris Barrick So...
Mark Order as Sent to Invoicing

So most of our Wholesale customers select a custom payment option called "Invoice Payment", where we send them a Quickbooks invoice for them to pay by check or through Quickbooks payment processing. When we mark the order Fulfilled and want to close outt he order, our only option is to Mark it Paid. This is confusing to our customers that are looking for an invoice or need to go back over se...

Nov 16 2018 by Todd
API Fulfillments and Commissions

In the Add a Fullfillment section of the help manual, I see that I can add fulfillment services that can receive orders via email. Can I add fulfillment services via the API? What should I do if I want to send orders to fulfillment services via CSV or XML, instead of via email? In a site I am building for a client, we track products as being sold under different locations, and/or as being so...

Nov 16 2018 by Henry
AmazonPay Transaction Fee

I recently added the option to pay through AmazonPay to my website. Shopify says that there will be no additonal fees if we have Shopify Payments open as well, which I do since that was previously my only payment method I used. I did a test purcahse and was chaged a transation fee from Amazon. Am I missing something else that needs to be done or is this a completely different fee?  

Nov 16 2018 by Dallas
Canadian TShirt/Apparel Print on Demand+Fulfillment Company's?

Does anyone know any reputable tshirt POD/fulfillment companies based in Canada? I've done all the research on the usual suspects - Print Aura, Printful, Teelaunch, etc. but the USD conversion and shipping times are still barely worth it.  Even any new and upcoming Canadian company's you heard of? And while we're talking about Printful - can any Canadian POD tshirt stores comment on their...

Nov 15 2018 by N Smith
High risk of fraud. What would you do? Phone number leads to unlisted l...

We've dealt with fraud before buy usually there's a clear descrepency and or email that we can use to get in touch to potentiall sort out issues.  We have an order with a delivery address to A B in Michigan, and billing address to D C in N California.  Our site requires both phone and email. The billing phone is a South California number and comes up as an unlisted landline in our commerce dire...

Nov 15 2018 by MC_SPF
Using multiple Alternative Payment methods simultaneously (eg Afterpay ...

Just wondering, is it possible to run multiple Alternative Payment gateways.  For example, is it possible to use both Afterpay and Zip Pay? Thanks. 

Nov 15 2018 by MG-Nic
Add a handling fee to a payment method

We use the payment method, cash on delivery...this is when we get paid for an item when it is delivered and not but credit card. There is a cost associated with this payment method that we obsorb. That we would like to pass on to customers that prefer this payment option. I understand we can set a shipping option with an additional charge but some consumers may miss checking this off on the shi...

Nov 15 2018 by MG-Nic
Security Deposit Hold on Credit Card for Rental Business

For a rental business is there a way to place a pre-authorized hold on a customer's credit card to act as a security deposit in case a rented item is returned damaged or not returned at all? This is how I would like the payments to work: The customer's credit card is charged immediately for the price of the rental AND a pre-authorized hold is placed on the customer's credit card for a specif...

Nov 14 2018 by Nick
Postcode validation prior to choosing a shipping option?

Hey all -  I am going to be offering an express weekend delivery option, but it is only avaialble to the metro areas of my city.  I need to make this clear throughout the site. I was hoping for:  1. Search to qualify on the homepage: A form where users input their postcode, and they can instantly see whether or not they quality for this option  2. Validation on checkout/cart: Custom...

Nov 14 2018 by Nick
How do I have multiple shipping options at checkout? (Pictures attached ...

Someone on an ecommerce related channel that I frequent has these shipping options available at checkout: USPS, DHL, etc. I am using Shopify with the Oberlo extension, and even though many of the products I have imported to my store have these shipping options available from Aliexpress and similar sites, I am unable to view these other options at checkout. I did a "test order" to myself,...

Nov 14 2018 by Nick