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not accepting any payments in my store

hii i had a complete paypal buisiness setup im an indian paid every shopify plan etc.. and added paypal express checkout option but still my store does not accept any payments by paypal or store payments help me out im newbie..     its just displaying  we are unable to process paypal payments at this time please go back to the merchant and try a different payment method     ...

Nov 23 2018 by vikaskumar
Payment method for Ukraine Shopify business

Hi,   I'm setting up a store for a business owner based in Ukraine.  He tells me that Paypal isn't accepted in his country.  I was wondering what is the best payment gateway for a Ukraine business?  It is not a drop shipping business.  He will be selling his handcrafted goods through his Shopify store which I'm helping setup for him. Thanks for the advice. Allen

Nov 22 2018 by Aria
Shipping from home vs. shipping with a 3PL

For a new Shopify business, how many orders per month should one achieve before switching their shipping operations from "home" to to an outsourced 3PL? Perhaps there are 3PLs that are cost effictive and willing to work with a small start up. I could use those recommendations too. 

Nov 22 2018 by 86deal

Hey, Any recomandation for fulfilment compines in Canada and USA? Thanks

Nov 22 2018 by 86deal
Cards payment through PayPal

Hello amazing people!   I just began my adventure in the ecommerce world, and honestly it is a great challenge! I need help with the payments though, i've been running all the posts I could find on this topic pretty much everywhere on google and i can't find my answer, hope you can help. I am located in Romania, my business physical address is in Romania. The only paypal option that I ...

Nov 21 2018 by Peter
Shipping labels not generating...

Anyone else having this issue today (11/20/18)?  It says they're temporarily unavailable but it's been this way the last couple of hours.  We have signed in and out and it is still occuring.  

Nov 20 2018 by Peter
Payment Method for India

Hello Folks, I have recently setup Shopify store. I am facing so many issues in payment gateway integration. I tried to integrate Paypal Express checkout but it is not working. I don't know which payment should I use and start selling.  Please suggest me other payment gateways. P.S: I don't have any business information. 

Nov 21 2018 by megha vijay
Separating out shipment costs and shopify monthly payment costs

Things would be a lot nicer and easier for us if the monthly subscription cost and the label buying shipping costs were not combined into the same charge, for accounting purposes.  If they just charged them at the same time but in separate charges, I would be much happier...

Nov 20 2018 by May
Delivery Using Our Own Trucks

We have both POS and web store.  Customers can opt for delivery instead of pickup.  How do we configure Shipping or another app to do this?  To schedule deliveries, a Required Date would be nice!  many thanks

Nov 20 2018 by Alain
Newbie dropshipper question re: Variants

I was prompted to add missing weights for variants for some of my products, but obviously that was not provided.  As a dropshipper, how is that generally handled? You can't guess with any accuracy at all. 

Nov 20 2018 by Peter
How to Make Standard Shipping Available Permanently?

Hi, I'm launching a boutique in a couple days and I've been struggling a lot with the shipping options on Shopify. I want to always give my customers the choice of checking out using the standard shipping option but when I did a trial check-out, I noticed that for most items or even if I wanted to purchase multiple items, only the priority shipping option came up. How can I make the stand...

Nov 20 2018 by Peter
Facebook Checkout

I just switched from BigCommerce (BC) to Shopify and I think it was a good decision.  With BC , orders from Facebook would checkout on FB, not my site – buyers feel it’s safer. One contacted me for a repeat purchase complaining he couldn’t pay on FB anymore (no sale). Looking at stats, I went from 2-5 daily sales from FB to 0 and tons of abandoned carts, about 4-5 a day. I feel that most ...

Nov 20 2018 by Peter
How to make USD instead of AUD in Checkout currency

I am from Australia but want to focus on the US market. The default currency of my store is USD but when buyers checkout, the currency goes back to AUD.  Is this because my store is connected to my Aus bank account? How can I make everythig in USD? Thanks

Nov 20 2018 by Shane Ansell
Freight Calculation based on weight intervals

Hi there. My transport company charges me per kg of shipped weight based on weight intervals. For example parcel that weighs between 0 and 50kg will have a rate of $8 p/kg and parcel that weighs 51-100kg will have a rate of $6 p/kg. Thus parcel weighing 50kg will cost $400 to ship while parcel weiging 51kg will cost $306 to ship. I cannot locate an App that can do such calculation. Any suggesti...

Nov 20 2018 by Sharon
HPSDK Hosted Payment Gateway - Need order line item information on custo...

Hi, We already have HPSDK approved gateway account. As per our gateway API & requirement, we need order line item information once custoemr redirect to our hosted gateway page. But done see any line item information available when redirect happen, we only have standard request information from redirect.  https://help.shopify.com/en/api/guides/payment-gateway/hosted-payment-sdk/api-...

Nov 15 2018 by MageWix
Transparent Checkout for Brazil

  Hello, our store is based in Brazil and I need to implement the transparent checkout using PagSeguro or Paypal in my Shopify virtual store. How can we do this? is that possible to install their API solutions in my store?

Nov 20 2018 by Bianca Lopez
Can I sell to international customers who want to ship to us addresses

I have a gift delivery shop and only want to ship within the US at this time. I am wondering if I set up to only ship within the US, can other countries still purchase gifts for recipients in the US? For example, I have friends and family who live in Canada, but may want to purchase a gift to ship to a friend with a US address. So the person purchasing may have a billing address in Canada, but ...

Nov 20 2018 by Nick
Merchant service to process credit card payments

I have a US store in Shopify but not the Shopify payments, My gateway is Authorize.net and they work with various card processors. EVO Payments International is one of them, suggested to me but their reviews are horrific. I have done research in Google but I'm interested in feedback from other folks with Shopify stores that maybe have good experience with a card processor. Shopify gurus with ex...

Nov 19 2018 by Cascadia Pay
Google Pay Payment

please help me how can I payment with the google pay from my android app. where can I get GooglePayToken for the graphql query for payment.

Nov 19 2018 by Peter
[HELP PLEASE] Amazon FBA + Shopify

Hello! I sell products on Amazon via FBA. How can I sync my FBA and Shopify stores? My end goal is to send traffic to my Shopify store and when someone purchases, have that product be fulfilled by Amazon without the user on my website having to go to Amazon or anything like that. I spent more hours than I'd like to admit yesterday trying to get this to work. I watched YouTube videos, read Sh...

Nov 19 2018 by Todd Trimakas