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How to Bulk Export Tracking Numbers from Fulfilled Orders?

Hi, I'm trying to export the tracking numbers from all of my fulfilled orders and I can't find a way to do it in bulk. Or maybe I haven't searched enough so I want to ask here, is anyone how to do it? Thank you,

Oct 20 2018 by King
Custom address field

Hi, We would like to make it easier for our delivery drivers to find the correct delivery points. We were thinking of adding a custom field or two to the customers addresses, we could then populate this with the lat/lon coordinate or what3words address. Until there is an app to help customers enter this information themselves we are thinking of adding it manually after the customer has placed t...

Aug 2 2018 by Jonathan
Automatic Order Export by Vendor

Hi Guys I've seen there are a few apps which can automatically generate an export of orders and email it. But does anyone know of an app which will generate an order report by vendor and email it?  So you'd be emailed a report for each vendor whose products you've sold the previous day? Daniel

Oct 26 2017 by John. S
Customize order view

Hi, My first post as I'd need some advice or recommendation: what would the best way to proceed to customize the order view? There are some fields not displayed by default (Vendor name primarily) that I would need to see there because sorting out items only by their name isn't sufficient for us. Is there an App for that or should I preferablly hire an expert to do the work? Thanks in a...

Nov 8 2016 by Jonathan
Exporting sales orders, Importing corresponding tracking information

Hi,  I am new to Shopify and researching potential solutions, for the exporting of Sales orders to our fulfilment company.  Then importing back in the tracking details once they have completed the shipping.  Our Fulfilment providers only work with CSVs, which with our current ecommerce framework are exported to a server - which we provide.  The fulfilment company then download the CSV ...

Nov 8 2016 by Jonathan
Billing Address Not Available in Fraud Protection?

Hi there - Can you help me understand why the Fraud Protection lists the "Billing Address" or Credit Card's address" as unavailable in the assessment, while it's provided by the customer and available in the Shopify dashboard?    Thank you! -Eric

Nov 27 2018 by Peter
PayPal is my only method of payment

Hi!  So I have a new Shopify store and the only method of payment I'm able to provide my customers is PayPal. Other gateways do not work in my country.  I get a lot of customers from Ukraine, Italy, etc and I've noticed they all abandon their carts. Could that be because PayPal isn't well established in their countries? Is it alright that I only offer payments via PayPal? Could I be lo...

Nov 27 2018 by Cascadia Pay
Free shipping for local delivery: how to limit those who use it.

We want to set kup free shipping & delivery for local customers. I tried to have free shipping and/or delivery for local customers (within the boundaries of two towns), but customers who were from other towns or out of state would select "free shipping" for their orders. I would then have to contact the customer and tell them that they weren't supposed to select free shipping and that they ...

Nov 27 2018 by Betsy
Shipping rates from AliExpress

Is there an app or anyway that you can import the shipping rates that the supplier has on their AliExpress page? I'm using Oberlo to import and have purchased the $20 Shopify carrier option

Nov 27 2018 by Bo
No shipping rates could be found for the destination address - Canada Post

I'm trying to create a shipping label through Shopify, with Canada Post. I'm trying to ship using a shipping tube for the first time, and I just get the following error message: No shipping rates could be found for the destination address.. The address is correct. I've checked it, more than once. Is the shipping container the issue?

Nov 27 2018 by Katy
Amazon Shopify Integration

I have heard that Shopify is rolling out an integration that will work for shop keepers that sell on Amazon. Does anyone have info on the timing or functionality that will be available? I am most interested in the inventory aspect so that when products ship on one platform, the inventorty is adjusted on the other platform. Thanks, Mark

Nov 26 2018 by ADD
Return shipping label

How do I email my customers a paid return shipping label for them to return a product? Thank you!

Nov 26 2018 by Mike McGuire
Return Shipping Labels

We have been using Shopify Shipping for our orders and now have a customer that needs to return items that were incorrectly fulfilled. We would like to print a return shipping label (at our expense) to provide to the customer but I don't see anywhere in the system to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction so we can get this customer satisfied? Thanks!

Nov 26 2018 by Mike McGuire
Holiday shipping , how to disable shipping method temporary

Hi, I used to ship by my local post office, however Christmas is coming, normal air posting will not be available soon. I would like to how to disable the Normal air shipping method but still shown to buyers (but cannot choose it and have a label saying currently not available until 2019) when buyers check outs is coming.   Thanks alot

Nov 26 2018 by Nick
Order printer app with UPS as a carrier ?

Hey, I would like to install the Order Printer app on my Shopify store. We have today an external app we've built to print shipping labels and it's linked to UPS. How does it work with the Order Printer app ? Is it easy to link it with any carrier ? Do you have any feedback ? Best, Camille

Nov 26 2018 by Nick
South Korea & payments

Hi everybody, I work for my customer in Korea, owner of a shop. He would like to add naver and other payments. I saw several posts about gateway options for south korean stores. You recommanded 2Checkout in 2015, but in 2017, it has very bad feedbacks on trustpilot. Is it possible to developp an API in ruby/liquid ?   Any other solutions, except Paypal Express ?   thanks for answer...

Nov 26 2018 by Nick
Updated plan and all my shipping account info / rates got deleted!!

I just upgraded my plan from basic annual to shopify plan annual and all of my shipping settings got wiped out!! How did your developers let this happen? I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with shopify support and all they could say is sorry its a mistake. Your developers did not QA this??????????? HORRIBLE FLAW IN SHOPIFY.

Nov 24 2018 by Sunny
No money coming out of my bank account.

Hi Guys. Im not seeing any money come out of my bank acount to pay supplier after I make a sale to a customer. Im a bit confused. I purchased an item myself and it arrived to my doorr, but im not seeing were the supplier is payed., Any ideas? Thanks...Matt.

Nov 24 2018 by Matthew Harkins
How to offer 2 different shipping delivery times (normal/fast)?

Hi, I wonder is there possibility to offer 2 or more shipping methods, like maybe an app or something?   For example I would like to offer: 1. Normal delivery 1-2 weeks (based on Shopify -> Settings -> shipping rates) 2. Fast shipping 1-3 days (that would cost extra $35 per delivery) Any ideas?   ps. I tried to search an app to do that and couldn't find. Well searc...

Nov 24 2018 by Nick
Shipping carrier

Hello. I would like to add a custom shipping carrier. When I use "Other" option, then in the order info my customers seeit says the "Other tracking number". Also I would like to just add the tracking code and have it pasted into the tracking URL automatically. Is there a way to add a custom-made shipping carrier?

Nov 23 2018 by Peter