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Saving Credit Cards on File g8

Is there a way to save customer cards with their accounts, like Amazon Shopping Cart? 

Nov 29 2018 by saschak
Using UPS innovation and Shopify doesn't display them as actual tracking...

We have started to hit great numbers for our shop, so UPS offered us a great discount.   It's through UPS Innovation.   However, Shopify simply doesn't recognize these tracking numbers. They are a tad longer than usual ones. Here is an example one: 92612902410421543400005998    It works fine on UPS' site, but Shopify when you put the number in acts like the carrier is unk...

Nov 30 2018 by Dallas
High risk CC Processing ...

Hi guys im looking to start a new website and keep coming across the you need a high risk CC processor. I do not want oversees processing and I dont want a processor that requires huge amount in the bank and I am not looking to pay a huge amount monthly just to have the account open.  Please send any ideas this way! Thank you so much!

Nov 30 2018 by ScottSoarpay
Digital Downloads App Question

Hello, I run a store that sells CDs and digital downloads. All of our CD's have a digital download component. We want people to be able to buy their CD, instantly receive their download link (can be via email or inline), and then have the order still be unfulfilled so we can then manually fulfill the physical portion of the order. Our CD+Digital products are created as single products in our...

Nov 29 2018 by David Shaheen

Hi everybody, My client is running a cosmetics store out of Gilbert, AZ. She is registered with Postmates and is looking to integrate the service into her Shopify store's backend. According to this page/site (and customer support), if her store fulfils a number of criteria, the "on-demand" shipping feature should be automatically added to the Shipping area of the store. This has not be...

Nov 29 2018 by Elissa
Canada Post Strike | Impact to Shipments

Canada Post has bugun rolling strikes this week with Toronto, Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor and Halifax having stopped delivery and pickups this week. https://www.cupw.ca/ With Toronto being the primary hub for all cross country shipment processing and nearly 9,000 postal workers staying away from work the impact to delivery timelines will be significant and may result in delivery delays of...

Nov 29 2018 by netParcel
Global sales network. Local Currencies, Local-ish 3PL's, Local Language.

I've gone down the rabbit hole, and have not seen light in days.  I have a goal, Sell internationally while cutting out brand damaging profit eating distributors. I have read so many atricles that make sence to me, but now I have read so many that im getting conflicting information. The goal in bullets 3PL in Australia Supplies OZ an NZ accepting AUD and NZD, in English. ...

Nov 29 2018 by Bob G.
How to Integrate third party carrier using API?

We subscribed to a third party carrier (delivery service in Philippines) to manage our shipping orders. They gave us an API key for integration to their services. They are using REST api. Where on shopify should I go to be able to integrate the API that they gave me? Thank you! Best, Russel

Nov 29 2018 by RusselLeonard
App shows wrong currency

I am just bulding my store and I sat the currency to USD. In the products page the price is displayed in USD; which is perfect. On the other hand I have installed two apps to upsell; they show "Recently viewed products & featured recommendations, and Store best sellers". however those apps are showing the products in a different currency. How can I solve that?   Best

Nov 28 2018 by Peter
Limit Shipping by Postal Code

Hi all, I'm in a bit of a bind trying to figure this out. We have to limit our shipping to a certain area (by postal code) for the products we're seling online. I've found several addons that seem to handle this but they all require us to upgrade to the Advanced Shopify plan because they all require Real-time carrier shipping. This makes no sense in my mind and we're not going to be...

Nov 28 2018 by Kalyan Chatterjee

Hello,  I am just bulding my store and I had to change the currency of my shop fro lei to euro. Problem is that, prices are in euros and checkout is in euros, however,  my shop still displays  lei. Example: I have a product that costs 23 euros (the right price), on the website it appears 23 lei, but at the check out it will be 23 euros. How can I fix this?? 

Nov 28 2018 by Lilbigmall
Manual Order Entry - Outsource

We've got a few wholesale accounts that send us orders in various formats via email.  I am looking to outsource manual order entry.   Does anyone know of a company or someone that might do this type of work? Thanks.  

Nov 28 2018 by Todd
Method to change shipping rates according to zip code using api before p...

Is there any method to change the shipping rates according to zip code or location before the payment is done at the checkout page of shopify plus. We have shopify plus account.

Nov 28 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Make request after payment and send link per email possible?

Hi, we want to sell digital books on shopify and I have one question: - After the user has made his payment, I want shopify to make a request to our server. - In the JSON response of the server is a link to download the book. This should be shown to the user - The last step: The servers sends an email (mailchimp?) with the link to the user Is that possible with Shopify? Best regar...

Nov 21 2018 by Karl Offenberger
How to fulfill "Bundle" orders that have both digital and physical produ...

Hello, I am selling a book. I created four variants: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, Bundle (All 3 Formats). See it listed here: whengodwrecksyourromance.com. I'm having trouble fulfilling the Bundle orders. Here is why: My shipping plugin "Pirateship" only imports orders from Shopify that are marked as Unfulfilled. I made sure to turn off the automatic fulfillment option in my Shopify settings...

Nov 28 2018 by Nick
Does anyone use an outsourced customer service company for their store?

Handling my own cutomer service is start to become too much of a pain. I am trying to figure out if I should hire someone part time or just use a 3rd party customer service company to handle it. Anyone used a customer service company that has any feedback/recommendations?

Nov 28 2018 by Josephwilliam
Automate fulfillment

I did serch the form but could not find an answer for my question. I am looking for an app or plugin integrated with Shopify and what that do is notify the supplier with the orders  instead of me going to supplyer website in my case is Aliexpress and copy and paste all the information and submit the order. Any idea what that would be??  I use Oberio, but it showed me "Place order manually...

Nov 28 2018 by 86deal
How to Bulk Export Tracking Numbers from Fulfilled Orders?

Hi, I'm trying to export the tracking numbers from all of my fulfilled orders and I can't find a way to do it in bulk. Or maybe I haven't searched enough so I want to ask here, is anyone how to do it? Thank you,

Oct 20 2018 by King
Custom address field

Hi, We would like to make it easier for our delivery drivers to find the correct delivery points. We were thinking of adding a custom field or two to the customers addresses, we could then populate this with the lat/lon coordinate or what3words address. Until there is an app to help customers enter this information themselves we are thinking of adding it manually after the customer has placed t...

Aug 2 2018 by Jonathan
Automatic Order Export by Vendor

Hi Guys I've seen there are a few apps which can automatically generate an export of orders and email it. But does anyone know of an app which will generate an order report by vendor and email it?  So you'd be emailed a report for each vendor whose products you've sold the previous day? Daniel

Oct 26 2017 by John. S