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URGENT HELP!!! Error with G2a payment gateway

please can someone help me in testing my store payment?? goodshopperhub.myshopify.com/ i just install a payment method with g2a pay but am seeing some error like 'Fatal error. Error code: MV0002' when try to checkout. how can i fixed this  will also be okay if you can try to perform order to see what am talking about MY BEST REGARD

Dec 5 2018 by Kebede Siyoum
Shipping Question V2

How do dropshipping stores add free worldwide shipping to all of their products via. aliexpress? Most of the aliexpress product pages I've seen have free shipping to main countries like Australia & USA, but then ridiculous tims & prices for outside countries. Not only this, but the shipping times also differ from country to country. How do dropshippers overcome this? Because on...

Dec 5 2018 by Emma
How do I give free shipping on just one collection?

Hi I would like to offer free shipping on just one collection or on a few individual products in my store - does anyone know a good app to do this?

Dec 5 2018 by 86deal
Ship multiple boxes for a single order??

Hi Shopify Community, My store frequently has to ship a single order in multiple boxes to the same shipping address.  Currently there is no way for the fullfilment team to add multiple tracking numbers to a single order and the new/awesome purchase and print shipping labels feature does not have an option to make multiple lables for one order.  Can some one on the Shopify team pass this mess...

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
FedEx - Printing Shipping labels easily? (without a 3rd party app)

Seting up our very first Shopify store. So I successfully intergrated our FedEx account in Shopify, and FedEx real time rates now show up in our checkout for customers, and orders now show the amount and shipping method the customer purchased within the order itself in the shopify backend. How on earth does one print shipping labels within Shopify for FedEx to fullfill these orders? I see...

Dec 5 2018 by Jyoti Rani
Is there any way to print FedEx labels within Shopify?

So I just moved to Shopify and paid an additional $30 to add the ability for customers to calculate FedEx and/or UPS shipping. Now I called support and find out that the $30 a month is just for customers to be able to get rates, that doesn't include the ability to print FedEx or UPS labels within Shopify. Is this true? How do people print labels other then USPS in Shopify? And if the only so...

Dec 5 2018 by Jyoti Rani
One-click checkout

With Amazon's "one-click" patent expiring soon, will Shopify be including a one-click checkout feature?

Dec 4 2018 by Peter
PayPal Completed Transaction But Order Never Created in Shopify

A customer recently choose to pay for purchase using PayPal. They said they received confirmation from PayPal but an order was never created in Shopify. Has anyone ever had this issue before? If so, what was the issue(s) and/or how did you fix the issue.

Dec 4 2018 by Peter
Auto-fulfill digital downloads PLUS send physical products for fulfillment?

Hey there! We currently have a fully digital download store, that auto-fulfills orders as soon as they come in (through the Shopify digital attachment app). We'd like to integrate Printful so we can offer physical products, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how to set it up. For example, if an order has digital products, they are automatically fulfilled (download links supplied...

Dec 4 2018 by Peter
Integrating a shipping calculator API

Hey! So I really need some advice here.. I am in the process of migrating my website from Weebly to Shopify, as Weebly did not support the shipping calculator API and I was told Shopify do!    The issue is my my web developer I found on Upwork says that the shipping calculator company (www.freightexchange.com.au) need to have an app made for Shopify in order for it to be able to be int...

Dec 4 2018 by HunkyBill
Recurring payment on a single product

Hi all - looking for some help, if possible. I have an established website at www.vintagefabrics.com.au and am looking at introducing a monthly fabric club. I am confused if I can do this on simply one product on my entire website - ie. I have 500 fabrics already for sale and want to create a new product for this 'monthly fabric club'. I want to be able to automatically bill any club members...

Dec 4 2018 by Todd
IMPORTANT Shipping Question

[PLEASE READ ALL] On my dropshipping store (via. aliexpress) I choose products that provide the Oberlo shipping option. I have selected free shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States & United Kingdom, but what do I do for the rest of the world? (e.g. major countries like japan, china, india, bulgaria). Videos suggest that I add a large shipping cost such as $50 so other c...

Dec 4 2018 by Todd
Fulfill orders when low on cash

Hello! I'm pretty new to this and don't know for sure if this is the right section to write in but I give it a try. I have just launched my store and started marketing, but I noticed a problem directly. For the moment Im quite low on cash and the problem is that if I get too many order I won't be able to pay the orders on Aliexpress though to the fact that it takes a while for me to recei...

Dec 3 2018 by Peter
Free Items with Shipping Problems

I really do have a hard time fixing this thing i set the package size to 0 So what i did was i used weight base method for the free shipping items and free items with shipping free heres the calculation Example item#1 = $3.95 weight : 0.01lb to 0.01lb item#2 = $5.40 weigh: 0.02lb to 0.02lb item#3 = $10.99 weight 0.03lb to 0.03lb so on and so fort until it becomes item#30 since the...

Dec 3 2018 by Peter
Reverse the print order of Packing slips OR shipping labels.

Hi everyone,  I'm having an issue that when I print more than 20 orders at a time the shipping labels and the packing slips do not mach up.  I figured out that the shipping labels print in acending order, while the packing slips print in decending order.  Is there a naitve way to flip one of thse so when I print more than 20 order they can stay in order with one another ?   I was previous...

Dec 3 2018 by Emma
Conditional shipping and payment gateway

I really need to deactivate certain gateway based on what shipping option choosed. As international as shopify, why can't they just get it? Lots of local shipping methods are limited to certain payment gateway. Also, this is not complicated, not mentioned the first time. I really can't see why this desperately needed function not provided. Anyone from shopify can answer this?

Dec 3 2018 by Mosaad
Offer Express Flat Rate Shipping On Certain Products

I have a store that uses mixed inventory. Some inventory I have in stock and some is drop shipped. I have the delivery disclaimers on the products pages, using separate product templates. I would like to offer express shipping for a flat rate for products that I have in stock. For example, if they order product A and it is in my warehouse, I would like to display an option of express shipping f...

Dec 3 2018 by Leah
where to find an T-shirt fulfillment company that has technical moisture...

I have look everywhere and i cant find a T-shirt order fulfillment company that has moisture wicking shirts. Is there somthing i am missing in the lingo of shirts. Blend shirts are not moisture wicking for running. Does anyone know of a company that dhas them and works with shopify? thanks

Dec 2 2018 by Fla Coastal
Custom message in order confirmation email based on product variant

I would like to be able to add some liquid code to the order confirmation email that displays a sentence of text with a link when a certain product variant is ordered. I have an eBook variant and when it's ordered, I want to include a link insturcting how to view the different formats. Can someone point me in the direction of the correct liquid formula/variable for this? Once I get a start, ...

Dec 2 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Default shipping change

We have a store pick up option (free) and a delivery option (paid)  Store pick up is the default choice (I assume because it's the cheaper of the options) Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default shipping option to the more expensive option.  Several of our customers are not noticing as they check out that store pick up is selected and they assume they are getting their produ...

Dec 1 2018 by Ian Morrison