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Paypal Payments Pro

Hello, i use to have the option of using Paypal Payments Pro. It does not give this option no more, can a developer add this back to a third party provider. My orders were mainly coming from Paypal Payments Pro.

Dec 9 2018 by Peter
Shopify denied my store for payments need help

Hello Everyone, I am starting a all natural and organic pet wellness company. The 2 products I am going to launch with are supplement treats. the worst part is, all my health claims are valid as all my products are made with fda approved ingredients. Now that i got denied they want to charge me an additional 2 percent of the transaction + w.e the new processor charges me. Now I am looking...

Dec 7 2018 by ScottSoarpay
Customized Email Notification for each product type?

Hello, I am not sure if this is possible or not, but I am looking for a way to customize a order/shipping email notification for each product type. For example.  I have on my site various t-shirs.  When someone orders a t-shirt with balloons on the front, I want the order email, and shipping email, to say thank you for your 't-shirt with balloons' order.  Maybe even describe the balloons ...

Dec 7 2018 by May
Customer Credit Cards Getting Declined

Shopify Payments issue - Anyone else having this problem and know how to get it fixed? I have had two customers get their credit cards declined when trying to check out. For some reason, the banks are automatically declining payments through my store, flagging them as fraud and asking the credit card owner if they recognize the payment. I even went through my check out with two different cards ...

Dec 7 2018 by Cascadia Pay
Paypal Question

Hi All,  I set up my site to accept Paypal payments, and I have just created a Paypal business account. I just received my first order via Paypal payment, and can see it both in my Shopify orders and in my Paypal account. I noticed in the Paypal account it gives the option to print a shipping label, print a packing slip, mark as shipped, add tracking info, etc. However, I choose to do all of...

Dec 7 2018 by Afakasi_Prints
Auto-capture AFTER fulfillment

Hi all. I run a store in Denmark, europe and here it is not legal to capture the payment before shipping - so my capture is set to manual. I have en external company to do the shipping, and when they print the order label it automatically sends tracking ID to shopify and fulfills the order. Is there a way for shopify to automatically capture the payment when an order is fulfilled? I'm ...

Dec 7 2018 by MGemi Operations
Shopify Fees Clarification

I have just spoken to shopfiy customer services to clarify the fees I currently pay and in particular when my customers use Paypal Express and my understanding is this: On the basic plan in the UK I pay 2.2% + 20p , then because Paypal is considered an external gateway I pay a further 2% So Shopify total fee is 4.2% + 20p on each Paypal transaction. Then there are Paypal fees which can b...

Dec 7 2018 by Nick
How can i auto fill customer Payment details on payment page of checkout.

Hi, I want to auto fill payment details like card number,date, CVV etc, on shopify payment page of checkout. Is there any way in which i can implement like this feature. I want like amazon "Buy now" button functionality. Thank you

Dec 7 2018 by Jasoliya Brijesh
Can't Issue Store Credit To Customer Accounts? What?

I have been looking on the forums for half an hour now and to my bewilderment, I believe I am seeing that Shopify does not have any sort of Store Credit functionality? How is that even possible considering how many merchandise-type stores must be built with Shopify. Does anyone know if this is correct, and if so, if there is an App? I would need my customers to be able to maintain a rolling Sto...

Dec 7 2018 by Sam
How to Split and Seperate Shipping for a specific Product

We sell gift baskets and boxes online along with many other things also. Having a couple issues as we want to be able to split out specific items that have to ship and calculate shipping seperately. Basically, we are trying to set it up so that if a customer purchases 6 gift baskets and wants to over night these, then it is will ship one box for each basket and charge shipping for each box. Any...

Dec 7 2018 by Sharon
Payment provider that doesn’t shaft you like Shopify payments?

So, after doing about a million in sales with Shopify sites I’m fed up and sick of them allowing people to make chargebacks 90 days later. I’m over it and sick of handing scammers money. Never won a chargeback in 3 years... can anyone suggest a payment provider that’s acrually good and stands behind the business unlike Shopify payments?   

Dec 6 2018 by MC_SPF
Canadian Seller with USD Currency

My Shopify store's currency is in USD, and I am Canadian. Based on the forum people recommended opening a US Savings account with Tangerine to capture their Shopify payments. So i setup an account, however whenever Shopify tries to pay me it fails, it says: "Your payout couldn’t be withdrawn because the bank account details you entered were incorrect. You need to enter bank account details f...

Dec 6 2018 by Freddie
Minimum order amount at Checkout needed

hi there, I found this as an outdated topic in this forum. Jamie, Chief Officer of Funness wrote that there is a code you can use to achieve an order minimum display at the checkout site. It is the following code to be used in the cart. liquid where you can replace the existing button with it. https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-discussion/t/how-can-i-specify-minimum-order-of-...

Dec 6 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Question Regarding Order Tracking Numbers

When a customer orders something from your store, how are they expected to recieve the tracking number for their product? I believe it's not immediately on the receipt since you have to fulfil the order via. aliexpress yourself.  But after you fulfill it and recieve a tracking number, how do you give this to them? via. email, or something else? Because many people don't check their mail. If ...

Dec 6 2018 by Todd
VAT unspecified in customer invoice

Hello, I have a new website with shopping part. We have choosen tot display 'including VAT' pricing, but after a customer buys something, the invoice says 0% VAT. The VAT settings however are set to 21%. We need the invoice to retrect the 21% from the total. But how? A secondaury result is that the Moneybird plugin does not work. It is connected but does not receive any data.   Than...

Dec 6 2018 by May
Abandoned checkouts

Hi, I have a little problem. My site is live for now 6 days and I have a few abandoned checkouts. I dont know if they just change their mind or if it's something wrong with the payment settings. I ran the payment test and everything was fine there. For me its strange everyone leaves at the checkout after they fullfill every needed detail. Thank You

Dec 5 2018 by Sharon
Conditional tracking link in Shipping notification email based off carri...

I've had a hard time finding an answer to this.  One of our companies ships using two different shipping carriers, USPS and FedEx, depending on if the customer is international or domestic.  Is there any way in the tracking email to conditionally set the Track My Package link to display the proper tracking link based off either what carrier is being used or what country the shipment is going to...

Dec 5 2018 by markfenske84
URGENT HELP!!! Error with G2a payment gateway

please can someone help me in testing my store payment?? goodshopperhub.myshopify.com/ i just install a payment method with g2a pay but am seeing some error like 'Fatal error. Error code: MV0002' when try to checkout. how can i fixed this  will also be okay if you can try to perform order to see what am talking about MY BEST REGARD

Dec 5 2018 by Kebede Siyoum
Shipping Question V2

How do dropshipping stores add free worldwide shipping to all of their products via. aliexpress? Most of the aliexpress product pages I've seen have free shipping to main countries like Australia & USA, but then ridiculous tims & prices for outside countries. Not only this, but the shipping times also differ from country to country. How do dropshippers overcome this? Because on...

Dec 5 2018 by Emma
How do I give free shipping on just one collection?

Hi I would like to offer free shipping on just one collection or on a few individual products in my store - does anyone know a good app to do this?

Dec 5 2018 by 86deal