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Anyone with Alipay payment option in his Shopify store? g5

Hello Community,We want to hire an external coder to write the plug-in for Alipay based on ruby on rails. Our objective is to offer Alipay to our customersHas anyone done this before or has Alipay already as payment option for Chinese clients in his store? I would like to briefly get in contact with you to speed up the implementatoin process.Thanks in advance,Fabian

Feb 23 2017 by Wen
Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

Dec 11 2018 by cmscss
How to find the cheapest and fastest way shipping from China to US and C...

Hi There, Does anyone know how I can ship from China to US & Canada in cheapest and fastest way please? Thanks

Dec 11 2018 by beaships
Limit COD payment option to 1 country

https://shopetheco.com/ Our shop ships worldwide, however, we only allow COD payments for Kuwait only (store location). Have I overlooked an app or a setting to limit COD to only appear for the country of Kuwait? We have setup "COD - Kuwait only" in payment options, but some customers in other countries are still selecting this option. Thanks for your quick reply.      

Apr 12 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
How to calculate transaction fees?

Hello everybody, I'm a new user from Italy! Just a question about transaction fees: if i sell an item on shopify using paypall, i must add the shopify fee (2%) to the paypall fee (2,9%+0.35 cents)? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Oct 4 2017 by Liquify Web Design London
how to integrate myshopify store to paytm wallet in india

how to integrate myshopify store to paytm wallet in india . paytm is very popular payment wallet in india. in india people alway have money in their pattm wallet. i can not find any guied to integrate paytm with shopify. please help me with this thanks in advance my site : www.viraltees.in

Aug 30 2018 by AT
Payment to the Netherlands?

Is it possible to pay with iDeal into a Dutch shop?

Jan 2 2018 by AT
EPS Payment

Hi,  is it somehow possible to add EPS (http://eservice.stuzza.at/) to Shopify? I started implementing it but cannot add the Payment Gateway br Michael

Jan 2 2018 by Michael
Payment gateways in Brazil with transparent checkout

in Brazil I feel a lack of payment gateways with transparent checkout, the only avaible is from the foreigner company 2Checkout and stripe (beta), but they only accept credit cards and in Brazil it`s very very important to offer payment via boleto and installment payments option.  Does shopify have any more plans to add a better options with transparent checkout for the payment gateways avai...

Nov 20 2018 by Bianca Lopez
Payment gateway for Russia or Ukraine

Hey guys, I want to describe my unpleasant situation. A few months ago I decided to open my own dropshipping business of selling pet products (toys and accessories). I’ve invested a lot of time and effort, created the brand, hired a developer to customize the store theme, selected products for my niche, designed marketing strategy, etc. At the moment I live in Russia (also I could register t...

Nov 21 2018 by A L
What Should I Do? No Payment Gateway solution

Hello Fellow Members, I signed up for Shopify trial last month. Now it took me so many hours to setup everything and the only thing that was missing was Payment Gateway. I live in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal service here so i thought maybe i would just start with Credit Card gateway. Now, i contacted all the Available Payment Gateways in Pakistan recommended by Shopify but 3 of them...

Nov 19 2018 by Andrada
Paysera integration to Shopify

Hello, can someone help me out please: I want to integrate Paysera gateway to my Shopify account. As far as I understood, at this moment Shopify does not support Paysera as it is not listed in the list of possible payment gateways. So, can i integrate Paysera even if Shopify does not have full integration with it? I saw some Shopify websites with Paysera as their payment gateway, so I am ...

Jan 5 2018 by AT
payment Gateway for Ukraine, Please

Is there anyway we get liqpay.com integrated this would make everything much more easier for us and we would receive payments directly to our bank accounts?

Dec 18 2017 by AT
after installing Whiplash - cannot manually fulfill orders

We just installed the Whiplash fulfillment app, loaded a few products to Whiplash (their Fulfilment Service changed to "Whiplash" on product pages). We have not sent any products to Whiplash as we are in a stage of setting it up. We sold one of the products, shipped it (on our own), and now we want to manually marked it as Fulfilled, Alas, after clicking Fulfill Items, we get an error “Your ...

Dec 12 2015 by Dudley
What is the Best FBA Alternative Fulfillment Service?

Does anyone know of, or have worked with a Fulfillment Service other than Fulfillment By Amazon?

Dec 11 2018 by 86deal
Edit order? Change size in order?

I have had a few cases when an order has been placed and then I have received an email to change the size of one item before shipping. I can not workout how to edit the size in the order? I have been shipping the size the customer wants but unable to correct my inventory online! How do people get around this?   thanks!

Dec 11 2018 by Lizzy
Store Credit Function STILL does NOT work in 2018 ?!?!?

Shopify customers have been asking for six years but still, do not have a usable store credit function in Shopify. Just search ‘store credit’ in the discussion forums and post after post, Shopify Guru’s says it’s ‘coming soon’ all the way back to 2012. I run a brick and mortar store where we sell electronics. I have 10 employees; our average order value is $578 and we have 800-1000 orders ev...

Dec 10 2018 by Peter
Best Payment Gateway solution for non-Stripe countires?!!

Dear all,  I have recently opened a shopify store and I'm in the process of building it for print on demand business. However, I have come to notice the Shopify Payments or Stripe is not supported here in UAE where I live. Please note, my business, my customers and my fulfilment centre are all US based. I have no business here in UAE whatsoever other than the fact that my local bank account ...

Dec 10 2018 by Nick
Unable to install gateway

In my partners.shopify.com->Gatway->Share this link with Shopify customers to install your gateway, I copy the link and paste to browser, it redirect to :https://accounts.shopify.com/store-login ,when login but can not see the installation page. There is no problem before, just redirect to https://accounts.shopify.com/store-login today. please help.

Dec 10 2018 by Katy
No payout

Hi there, I’ve received orders from customers and they have already paid. However, when I look up under pending payouts, their order/payment isn’t listed there. Is there anywhere to check this? Am I not getting the money? I need to know in order to fulfil the orders. Thank you. 

Dec 10 2018 by Ted