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Fulfillment with EDI capabilities...

Does anyone know of a fulfillment company that is integrated with Shopify and has EDI capabilities? TIA

Oct 19 2017 by Amanda Akny
Payment gateway options in India with Shopify

Hi, I would like to know about my options in taking payments online with payment gateways in India.  The well know gateways available in india are - ccavenue - direcpay Please also let me know if I can write custom code to make API calls to the above gateway or Shopify can take of this in their platform.   Thanks - niagporp  

Dec 30 2015 by John Glen
US Corporate Cards on your payment gateway?

Hi peeps, I set up a payment gateway with Nochex here in the UK and have already noticed that sales have increased, mostly by people using this gateway rather than Paypal - so all is good :) My question is in regard to US corporate credit cards. I had an abandoned cart which I pursued, and was lucky enough to have a person who took the time to tell me what the problem had been with her attemp...

Mar 29 2012 by rj64
Anyone in Germany, who uses shopify with a credit card debitor?


Apr 23 2012 by smartdrones
PayPal Payments Standard

I would like to know how to direct customer to the PayPal payments standard page? I am using PayPal express checkout now, but I don't like it, and I can't find PayPal payments standard setup info in Shopify. Is it possible teach me how to do or point me the right direction? By the way, I have PayPal business account already.   Thanks all. Joe.

May 10 2012 by Jamie
Paypal Pro Fraud / Security

I am using Paypal Pro US as my credit card gateway through the standard Shopify integration. Recently I got a number of chargeback disputes in my paypal admin. It looks like someone, or many different people, were making orders on my shop using stolen credit cards. The credit card owners have filed disputes and obviously want their money back. My shop has already fulfilled these orders to the ...

Apr 26 2012 by subuno
Alternative to Shipwire or Amazon for fulfillment?

For fullfilment services, I was initially going to go with a small, local company who doesn't have all the nice integration with Shopify, so I decided to look at Amazon and Shipwire. I think Amazon has a great offering, but there were two deal-breakers: 1. They won't put my company name on the outside of the shipping box (when people order stuff from company XYZ, they need to see company ...

Jun 30 2011 by Fulfillrite
Paypal or Google Checkout. Which do you prefer?

Ok, so I've been a Paypal user for years and for my store I just added my Google Checkout and I'm pretty impressed by the Google Checkout layout versus the Paypal checkout. What do you guys use and which do you prefer? Right now I'm offering both checkout options but my paypal integration isn't as smooth (I'm getting some wacked numbers on the checkout screen in Paypal). ~Allen ps. ...

Nov 10 2006 by Valien
Support for Drop Shippers

Hello, I just found Shopify not too long ago and now I'm considering using this system for a client website. I've done some reading and saw the question raised about drop shippers and whether or not they are supported with Shopify. I haven't come across real concrete answers, so I thought I'd pop in here and ask. So, is Shopify okay to use if you're working with a drop shipper? What ar...

Oct 9 2007 by Addison
Best Fulfillment Centers

Hi,   I am looking to ship my products from the USA to Brazil and I am looking for a good fulfillment center to help me with this.  I can't find any reviews online of good fulfillment centers so I wanted to ask the Shopify community their opinion of different fulfillment centers.  Which fulfillment centers would you suggest?   Andrew

Oct 3 2011 by JapanSousinon
A Wonderful Fulfillment Option for Shopify Businesses

Hello all, I happened upon this website today and noticed many store owners are looking for different shipping/fulfillment alternatives.  Fortunately, I think I have a solution!  Well, my partner and I run a 20,000 square foot warehouse in New Jersey and we specialize in all 3PL fulfillment services including inventory management, warehousing, shipping, invoicing, financial reporting, etc... ...

Dec 22 2010 by fknandrew
Shipwire relaunched programs...

Since Shopify integrated with Shipwire, I've been thinking about fulfillment centres and the possibility/feasibility of using one. I sell DVDs, and most of them sell for $14.99, including shipping and handling. Shipwire seemed like a good option at $80 per month + $1.50 per order + actual shipping cost (I'd be saving on the shipping, because it would be lower sending within the US than what...

Feb 7 2007 by Jon
NON US Citizen operating e-shop selling goods to US Customers?

I was unsure how to word this. I am a Danish national who has registered an Ltd. Company in Hong Kong who wishes to sell physical products in USA and Europe. I need to know how I can do this legally. I already got lost in EIN numbers etc etc. The plan is to ship products to a local warehouse like Shipwire. What is the easiest and best way to get all this in order? I am thinking any legal is...

Sep 12 2011 by ui20
Can anyone recommend a freight agent / fulfilment house in California?

We're a UK based seller of luxury gift boxes ( and have been online and selling in the UK for several years. We just moved to Shopify to modernize our operations and as part of that modernization would like to begin selling in the US. We currently manufacture in China and ship the goods to our warehouse in England, but would like to ship direct from China to the US. Our firs...

May 13 2011 by Ron Schmelzer
USPS Labels From Confirmation Email

I am trying to create a link to the USPS label creation page from the order notification email that will prepoulate the requires fields. This is the link that I think I need to link to: And these are the names of the form fields: deliveryAddressOne deliveryAddressTwo deliveryAddressCity deliveryAddressState deliveryCountry d...

May 16 2009 by ajt
USPS Click-N-Ship Integration

I ship most of my lighter items by USPS Click-N-Ship. I either retype everything or copy and paste a line at a time. I was looking thru the forum and I found some references to Address Grabber. I looked into it but I doesn't seem to support Click-N-Ship, just USPS thru and Fedex and UPS. I don't see the point in paying $15/month or whatever it is now for what Click-N-Ship and Red...

Feb 28 2007 by Jared Ross
USPS Priority Shipping Thoughts

Do any of you use a hybrid of USPS Priority boxes and sending USPS with your own boxes? I'm having trouble because USPS charges about 2 bucks more to use their boxes, so the idea is their rolling their costs up into the postage. - Small order, not USPS packaging. - Medium order, USPS prio packaging - Large order, USPS prio packaging - Odd order, non USPS packaging Now if I just add ...

May 19 2009 by Devora
Signature Service order option for Fedex?

Is there any way to have this as an option for customers and if so would it also adjust the shipping rate? Right now I just make all FedEx signature service but many don't want that so I wonder what the solution would be.   Thanks.

Dec 2 2011 by Christopher Odell
What payment gateway do people recommend?

Hi all - Does anyone have a recommendation for a payment gateway with solid online reporting?  Before switching to Shopify, I used Intuit Payment Services, which had great reporting.  Since they weren't supported on Shopify, I switched to PowerPay (which uses, and while the pricing is good, the reporting is very poor.  You can only reconcile w/your bank balance after you receive ...

Apr 28 2010 by suesweet
Payment Gateways and Abandonment Rates

Hi, Currently I am only using a Payment option of 'Paypal Express Checkout' for my Shopify store ( Although it works and my conversion rate is not completely horrific (ie varies between 1-4% on any given day) I've never really liked the checkout process with this payment option. More specifically I'm not too keen on the way that the customer is taken 'outside' of t...

Jun 26 2011 by Rick Behl