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PayPal Payments Pro in Australia

Hiya, Just had a bit of surprise when going to set up my client's payment method - he's based in Australia and has signed up for PayPal Payments Pro but when I go to select this option in Shopify I only get PayPal Payments Pro (US)?!? Does this mean PayPal Payments Pro is only available in the US? If so, is this a limitation set by PayPal or by Shopify? Thanks for any insights

Jun 27 2012 by stormer
Payment gateway for Thailand?

I'm in the middle of setting up my store and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations/thoughts on what payment gateway would be best for accepting orders in Thailand, and in Thai Baht? Thanks, Chris

Jun 23 2012 by noodles
managing back orders

looking for a way to identify any back order items (unfullfilled) so we can issue purchase orders to vendors

Oct 26 2017 by John. S
Stolen Card Details?

Hi,  Just wanted to know if an owner of a Shopify store is able to obtain the credit card details required at checkout? I believe a certain Shopify has been set up with malicious intent . After accepting my purchase details I got a message mentioning 'This Custom account cannot currently make live charges.' and that I wasn't charged for any purchase. Does the person behind this Shopify...

Nov 18 2017 by Jade
Payouts Failed

Hey, to get straight to the point none of my payouts are being processed. It says to contact the bank but they couldn’t find problem , I can receive funds from friends, my salary from work and money from PayPal but not payouts from shopify. Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this?

Mar 1 2018 by Jade
Update EIN in Payments

When setting up payments, I remember putting in my EIN, which at the time was my SSN.  Since then, I have set up an EIN, and wanted to update that information but can't find where to do so.  How do I do this?

Apr 25 2017 by Koreen W
Help needed please on Metafields..

Hi.. I am a bit lost on trying to have an additional information to be made available. Basically, I would like to input the Location Bin details of the product (where exactly it is being stored in the warehouse). After I download the metafields app.. what should be the approporiate Namespace and Key be? And after i have done so, what is the liquid code to place at the cart.liquid an...

Apr 24 2017 by Jason
Please delete - reposted in Shopify Discussion

Hi, On the product page it shows Stock Availability - -- Availability: In Stock I'd like to change the 'In Stock' message to display a custom field if the custom field is applicable. This is the current code dictating the message: <link itemprop="availability" href="{% if product.available %}InStock{% else %}OutOfStock{% endif %}"> and my customfield code ...

Apr 14 2017 by Linda Ladley
Is there an option to specify ship dates on purchased shipping labels?


Jan 24 2016 by SWSW
Comparison of Shopify Payments with Stripe vs Paypal Pro

I did a little number crunching to see how my current Paypal Pro rates compared with the new Shopify Payments via Stripe. I thought you guys might like to see the results.Shopify Payments Stripe vs Paypal ProUS transaction feesStripe  -   2.5 + .30 per transactionPaypal  -  2.2 + .30 per transactionInternational transaction fees:Stripe  -   2.5 + .30 per transactionPaypal  -  3.2 + .30 per tran...

Sep 12 2013 by Massaad
Shopify Payments on hold. Support will not get back with me. Highly frus...

So I have a store that's been idle for a year or so. Back then I was experimenting and selling some vitamin supplements (had no idea this was a TOS violation). Anyways, I shutdown the store as soon as Shopify told me I couldn't sell said items. Fast forward to now. I'm trying to redo my store and enable Shopify payments and it says it's 'on hold'. Support hasn't gotten back with me in almost...

Jun 24 2015 by Valien
Stripe is the Worst Gateway Ever

After a number of emails and feedback sent to Stripe, they still refuse to email me ???? Where are these people, do they care about their clients? No phone number, what is the world coming to? Moral of the story is, we own Ecom webshop and have processed payments, all of a sudden transfers have stopped and dates keep moving. Whats this all about? Has stripe used the money on the stock ...

Mar 16 2015 by Massaad
I am not getting any reciept from Shopify?

Hi, I just ordered the Basic plan, paid monthly.  Invoices are created monthly and emailed to You can also view your current invoice.But I have not recieved any invoice? Another thing is that i am billed as a person, and not as a company, on the invoice i want it to say that it should be my company and not me as a person who is billed.Best Regards

Sep 12 2014 by Massaad
Need Help

in finding an online place from where I can buy myself some sports goods. Recently I got my tennis racquet broken from the tail and I am finding it very difficult to manage without it. Anyone with the suggestion please!!!!!

Mar 5 2015 by deepak282538
Shopify billed me in error and refuses to refund me.

I changed my Shopify plan from the $179.00 plan to the dormant $14.00 plan and was then charged $179.00. Shopify admitted to me on the phone that they billed me in error and now are refusing to refund me what they charged on accident. I am not receiving any services from Shopify for the month of December due to my plan change yet I have been billed for them in error, and now they are refusing t...

Dec 10 2014 by Massaad
Customers Pay But Orders Not Showing On Dashboard

URGENT!!!I recently launched my shopify store but when I was testing with some people we were able to buy the item and pay for it but the orders never appear on the dashboard and the users never receive a confirmation e-mail!Any tips or solution would be appreciated!

Oct 29 2014 by Massaad
canadian routing number problem

hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster.i'm trying to get the shopify payment gateway to work. i've tried both formats of my transit/routing number (xxxxxxxx, xxxxx-xxx) and neither of them work. i deal with scotiabank, if that's any help. thanks

Oct 17 2014 by Massaad
How can I check all the sales are wired into my account?

Before I started using Shopify, I manually processed each payment and "batch"ed regularly (totaling a few transactions). Those batches showed up on credit card processing company's monthly statement, and since the amount of batch varied, it was easy to keep track of bank transfer.  Now I do not receive the statement from Shopify or their bank, and most of my sales are similar amount so it is ex...

Oct 15 2014 by Hisae Homma
Shopify Payments Payout Schedule

We recently had our first transaction using Shopify Payments. Immediately after the transaction the payout schedule on the dashboard showed the amount to be payed out after fees and the date when the payout would be sent to our bank (that day was today so it should be sent tomorrow); however, sometime yesterday afternoon the payout schedule went blank and now shows no pending payouts. Is this n...

Nov 21 2014 by Massaad
How to refuse shipping to certain countries?

I offer insurance on all of my international orders, but there are certain countries which are not covered by insurance.  I'd like to automatically refuse shipping for all of these countries, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this while having a shipping profile for "Rest of the World" enabled.  It's insanely tedious to set up profiles for every country except those I don't want to ship ...

Apr 23 2014 by Amanda Carter