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finish payment

Hello All.It is possible send to another form, when is finished payment?

Nov 3 2012 by Jose
PayPal methods for non-US stores

Hi there, I am a freelance web designer/developer based in France and currently at the end of the development process of a Shopify store for a French client. I was wondering what options does my client have in order to use PayPal seamlessly with their Shopify shop, other than Express Checkout (which is not what I'd call a seamless method)... PayPal France doesn't offer any of the following :...

Oct 25 2012 by Bruno Roldan
UK store, recurring billing using paypal...

Hi, Just starting to take a look into eCommerce software, as looking at launching an online shop. I want to offer a product delivered on a monthly basis and charged for on a monthly basis.Now I've trawled through some of the topics and help section and it appears that this is not possible with shopify.My question is, if I use Paypal (that will allow recurring/subscription billing) is this easy ...

Oct 25 2012 by Tony DeBlauw
Error: the shop does not ship to your address

Hi all, A client got that "the shop does not ship to your address" message after confirming their informations at Paypal. Does anyone know in which cases this error can happen? Thanks in advance Adriano

Oct 24 2012 by adrianoalmeida7
How to create Zones? Multiple questions.

Hello everyone,   I would like to start a premium membership with your software but I am having some problem find good info regarding the below matter   1)I would like to link Shopify to Vend POS system, when Shopify will sell something, what will happen next on the Vend side of things? Will the staff see a popup on their POS screen that say "please accept this order?" 2)We have multiple r...

Oct 22 2012 by BennyBoy
Export Address for Shipping Labels

Hey Everyone I've got a customer who has just started using Shopify based in New Zealand and they need to export the order addresses to import into their Shipping Label Software from New Zealand Couriers (DespatchIT), and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of where to start?Basically they just need the info for the orders completed, so they need the address details...

Oct 18 2012 by dpDesignz

(I figured this out—thank you!)   

Oct 17 2012 by DLM
Easily track Tracking information from Fulfillment Vendor

I'm new to Shopify (came from ZenCart). I'm working on automating my order fulfillment process as much as possible, and have made some good progress with Shopify & all the apps available. For my business, I use two different fulfillment vendors depending upon the product & quantity sold. A big time suck for me involves UPS shipping: specifically getting tracking numbers & shippi...

Oct 17 2012 by Bizelo
Different Shipping Rates per Product

We sell food goods and non-food goods.  Some of the food goods have to have overnight shipping.  Other products do not but we want to offer overnight shipping. We thought about adding weight to the food products that have mandatory overnight shipping to compensate for this type of shipping, but if someone orders food items and non-food items and they choose for overnight shipping for the whole...

Oct 15 2012 by JeremyRKS
Looking for a US fulfilment house

We're a UK company that's currently using a fulfilment house in Los Angeles. For any number of reasons, we're looking to move to another company. Can anyone recommend a fulfilment company that has experience with Shopify? As much as we would prefer to have full API integration, we are also happy with dropping our orders on an FTP server and having them pick it up. We've looked at Fulfillrite,...

Oct 15 2012 by Hotwicks
Creating a static price in a foreign currency

Hi All,   My main and only market is outside of the United States, therefore I need to create a static price in the foreign currency.  I know that you can price in USD and have it fluctuate with the market, but I prefer to keep the rate set.   Has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance, Stephen

Oct 15 2012 by Ryan Burnette
Automatic sending of invoice as PDF after order

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically create a PDF invoice after an order has been placed, and send that to the client as an E-Mail attachment? All the solutions that I found require the store owner to manually print the PDFs and send them. Usually I have just included the invoice in the order confirmation plain text E-Mail, but now I have a client who needs the invoices to be att...

Oct 15 2012 by LDF, Inc
Shipping & Fulfilment

Hi Just a quick ask how many stores using Shopify in the United Kingdom and Europe use a Shipping & Fulfilment service? I have been talking about this for my store and one that I am building now and would like to ask what others use?  James

Oct 15 2012 by Fulfillrite
Order Fulfillment via FTP

The fulfillment group we're looking to use has the ability to use text files from their FTP site to receive orders, and then post text files back to the FTP site so we can collect order status details.  Has anyone done anything to automatically send a text file to an FTP site, and then pull them down to update orders? Is there an app for that, and I'm just missing it?

Oct 15 2012 by LDF, Inc
PayU Integration

Is there a way to use PayU with Shopify? I couldn't find any information at wiki or forums. PayU has becoming popular among Europe and we want to use PayU as a payment gateway at our store. Is there a planned development about PayU gateway? PayU web site: http://www.corporate.payu.com/

Oct 13 2012 by ergineroglu
Having trouble with Checkout process.

I'm happy we're nearly at the stage of launching a new site but really not happy when it comes to the checkout process, as there are a few problems which hopefully I'm just not understanding correctly I hope someone can clear up. 1. Allowing users to register..  Only when they've finished a purchase do they have the option to save a password.  This surely should be made clear right from the ou...

Oct 10 2012 by bolo
Products Coming Soon / Pre-Ordering

Hello All I would like to setup a Coming Soon range of products. I plan on using tags to identify the products. I'd like to set it up such that people can purchase a product that is coming soon and I can take payment and ship it when it is available even though there is no stock now.  How can I set it up such that people can only order Coming Soon products separately and not in addition to ot...

Oct 8 2012 by BatalGames
Paypal Confirmation missing product description

Hi, We are having an issue when an order is placed through paypal that the product description does not show up at all.  It looks like the quantity and price is ok, just no description.   I don't know why this would be.  Can anyone let me know what I might have to do to correct this situation?  Thanks for your time!

Oct 5 2012 by Caroline Schnapp
Payment solution for a Dutch webshop

Hi, I would like some guidance on the best possible payment system for small Dutch webshop that function primarily in the Netherlands but also have a market in the rest of Europe.  - My customer base is the Netherlands and Europe (mainly western Europe + UK). - My products are all under 15 Euros (unless multiple orders of course) I would really appreciate any guidance on chosing a payment sy...

Sep 30 2012 by jetjewel
PayPal Express for Credit Card payments

Brand new customers are getting this message when they click on the "Checkout with PayPal" button and try to enter a credit card and address etc "You cannot use an e-mail address or card number that belongs to an existing PayPal account. If you have a PayPal account, please log in. If you don't, please change the e-mail address or card number and try again." I have read that PayPal automa...

Sep 18 2012 by lnicole