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Change shop currency and checkout currency.

Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but I am based in the EU so my shop and checkout is in Euros, however i'm selling in America so I need customers to see my store and checkout in Dollars for the obvious reasons. I have a currency selector drop down but I'd prefer if there was a way to change this for good without the need of an app, and the checkout still changes back to Eur...

Dec 14 2018 by Paco
Free Shipping Membership Possible on Shopify?

Hello - I would like to offer a 'Free Shipping' option to customers for a yearly fee. Is there a way to do this in Shopify that will  1) automatically give the member free shipping when they shop or a custom order is created by me? 2) automatically cancel free shipping once the year is up? Thank you so much! -KathyE

Dec 14 2018 by KathyE
problem with verifying my address

I use a service to get my mail for me, that is the address I use for my credit cards, banking etc, this is what I used for my Shopify account. It does not have a PO Box but just a suite #.  I want to ship products from out of the country in USD, and input the tracking numbers directly into Shopify from UPS. My Shopify will connect to a U.S. Bank. Amazon Sellers accepted this.  Is that possib...

Dec 14 2018 by Janine Popick
Amazon pay

Hi, i tried to set up amazon pay and get this error when test whether it works. "Please add your redirect URI in the 'Allowed Return URLs' section under 'Web Settings' on the Amazon Seller Central App Console for Login with Amazon." Does anyone know what the URL is? Thanks

Dec 14 2018 by Ilja Dolgopolov
Built-in multiple currency shipping exchange rate discrepancy

I'm an app developer and I'm testing out the new built-in multiple currency support and I've noticed that the exchange rate for shipping seems to be different (or applied differently) than for other order fields. I have a shop set up that uses USPS Shopify Shipping calculated shipping rates.  My shop currency is USD and for testing I've enabled SGD.  I've created some example orders with the...

Dec 13 2018 by Justin
Different Stores and Paypal

Hello! I discovered this online world a few days back and decided to give it a go. I have a few questions though. 1) Can I have multiple different stores selling different goods on one account on shopify? 2) On that account, can those stores have different domains? I mean if one store sells cars, it then can have an email like "info@cars.com" and if the other stores sells phones, it can ...

Dec 13 2018 by GT
Express Payment Options not showing on checkout

Express Payment Options (Paypal, Google Pay etc) do appear on checkout. Website is https://rockphotographerscollective.co.uk/ Help? Thanks

Dec 13 2018 by Neil
Feature Request: Geolocation on Paid-Unfulfilled Orders

I have seen that until you fulful an order, you don't get geolocation details at an API level for a Zip/postcode. You have to fulful orders before this happens. Has anyone requested that Shopify add the latitude/longitude geolocation based on a zip/postcode for unfulfilled or partially fulfilled orders? The reason I ask is that feeding into Onfleet via Zapier works much better with the ge...

Dec 13 2018 by Chad Newton
HELP with Shipping Setup PLEASE If Using AliExpress (International) and ...

Hello, I am a new Shopify User and just purchased the basic plan.  I am excited and thrilled to start my Ecommerce journey.  :). My plan is to sell products from Oberlo and Spocket in my store.  I am challenged and struggling in a couple areas in reference to shipping.  I have been doing some research and homework and watched the video from Oberlo on how to setup my shipping rates when us...

Dec 13 2018 by Chales
Can't get iDeal to work on site with Stripe.

Title says it all really, i've linked my store with my stripe dashboard and it says i'm ready for live payments and it even says it's live now, however when i go to my store and try to purchase something i only get a creditcard option instead of iDeal element. Is this something i have to add by hand if so does anybody know how? Thanks in advance!

Dec 12 2018 by dosrox
One Page Checkout

Hello,   I am looking for an app or services who can have all the info in one page. shipping info and credit card info. Pllease let me know if something good and tested exists. thanks

Dec 12 2018 by Nick
issues with upcharge or fees in cart

I am trying to figure out how to add X amount to a cart without the product and order fees app. The reason is, I use sezzle who has a ridiculous charge for pay later deals. There has to be a way to tack on an additional 6%

Dec 12 2018 by Jai
Shipping Discount

I wanted to offer my customers a 50% off shipping to drive some sales.  I ship perishable products and so my shipping is complicated and using free shipping or fixed price shipping doesn't work well.  Is there not a way to apply a discount code to shipping?

Dec 11 2018 by Todd
Subscription with iDeal Payment (for The Netherlands)

80% of my customers come from The Netherlands. In The Netherlands about 60% of online payments are done with a service named iDeal which uses debit cards.  Does anyone know how to integrate iDeal payments for subscription within shopify? As i can't seem to find an integration in the apps that are now available. Thanks in advance.

Dec 11 2018 by Tobias
Billing/shipping info lost in draft orders?

Hi everyone!    We're creating orders through API and encountered strange issue. Our logic is like this: create customer  add customer address create draft order for that customer setting "use_customer_default_address" to true send invoice to that customer The problem is that when customer clicks on "Complete Purchase" link in the invoice, the billing and shipping addresses ...

Dec 11 2018 by Activechat, Inc
International drop shipping ( India To US & other Country)

Hi! I am trying to figure out how I am supposed to dropship internationally. I am based in India , the supplier in China and my main target group in the US. How would this all work out? If there's already a topic answering this please refer the article or topic. Thank you!

Dec 11 2018 by Chandresh V.Shah
Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

Dec 11 2018 by cmscss
How to find the cheapest and fastest way shipping from China to US and C...

Hi There, Does anyone know how I can ship from China to US & Canada in cheapest and fastest way please? Thanks

Dec 11 2018 by beaships
Limit COD payment option to 1 country

https://shopetheco.com/ Our shop ships worldwide, however, we only allow COD payments for Kuwait only (store location). Have I overlooked an app or a setting to limit COD to only appear for the country of Kuwait? We have setup "COD - Kuwait only" in payment options, but some customers in other countries are still selecting this option. Thanks for your quick reply.      

Apr 12 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
How to calculate transaction fees?

Hello everybody, I'm a new user from Italy! Just a question about transaction fees: if i sell an item on shopify using paypall, i must add the shopify fee (2%) to the paypall fee (2,9%+0.35 cents)? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Oct 4 2017 by Liquify Web Design London