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Customize your packing slip template to use 4x6 inch format

You can now print packing slips while you’re fulfilling your orders in Shopify. A professional default template that’s optimized for 8.5x11 inch paper comes right out of the box, and if you want to make customizations, you can edit it using HTML, Liquid, and CSS. If you prefer printing your packing slips with a 4x6 inch label printer (e.g. DYMO or similar), and want a template that’s optimiz...

Oct 2 2018 by Ty Williams
FedEx Fulfillment giftMessage

I'm using FedEx Fullfillment and we're trying to include a gift message. I previously included the gift message as a cart note. <textarea name="note" id="CartSpecialInstructions" class="cart__note__input">{{- cart.note -}}</textarea> FedEx let us know that it's being pulled into the comments field rather than the gift message field. "comment": [ { "noteType": "CO"...

Yesterday by oliverography@gma...
Automating a "bonus" gift with purchase trigger

I'm curious the best way to handle automating a trigger for a free gift with purchase (either a physical gift or a physical gift card). I'm using the standard Shopify platform.    Thanks!   

Yesterday by Kayley.
Russian scam orders getting very clever and costing big $$$$ in chargebacks

The methods of the Russian scam orders are becoming very advanced. We have some that ship to the US, even with niormal llookingh address now and sometimes even matching billing and shipping info with proper ceredit card info as well. Is anyone else experiancing this and the related chargebacks? I use Subuno which usually flags them but if we stopped all orders that looked this legit we'd have o...

Yesterday by Christopher Odell

Hi!  Stumbled across an issue with a wholesaler. We have found a product at a very competitive price though need a solution to the shipping. The problem is that they only shop to Russia. So we would need to find a middleman/warehouse that can collect the items and then ship it to us (not US)  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find something like that or maybe already have a so...

Yesterday by niNus
Orders are Paid and Fulfilled but still Open

We had a string of orders in a row for several hours that are all showing up in the orders page as still being open. There were a total of fifteen orders over a couple of hours. Every single one of them is in a row without fail. And then it stopped. I'm not sure why an order would show up as still open if it is paid and fulfilled, and what should I do with it to mark it as closed?

Yesterday by Marc Feathers
Multilingual payment processor

Hi, I run a store that uses the buy button channel from external websites. These sites are multilingual (english and french).  I am using GTranslate to in the main store The buy buttons are easily translated during the creation process which makes the Add to cart button and cart itself display in the appropriate language However, the payment processor doesn't seem to allow this lang...

Dec 17 2018 by Danny
Built-in multiple currency shipping exchange rate discrepancy

I'm an app developer and I'm testing out the new built-in multiple currency support and I've noticed that the exchange rate for shipping seems to be different (or applied differently) than for other order fields. I have a shop set up that uses USPS Shopify Shipping calculated shipping rates.  My shop currency is USD and for testing I've enabled SGD.  I've created some example orders with the...

Dec 13 2018 by Justin
Feature Request: Geolocation on Paid-Unfulfilled Orders

I have seen that until you fulful an order, you don't get geolocation details at an API level for a Zip/postcode. You have to fulful orders before this happens. Has anyone requested that Shopify add the latitude/longitude geolocation based on a zip/postcode for unfulfilled or partially fulfilled orders? The reason I ask is that feeding into Onfleet via Zapier works much better with the ge...

Dec 13 2018 by Chad Newton
Can't get iDeal to work on site with Stripe.

Title says it all really, i've linked my store with my stripe dashboard and it says i'm ready for live payments and it even says it's live now, however when i go to my store and try to purchase something i only get a creditcard option instead of iDeal element. Is this something i have to add by hand if so does anybody know how? Thanks in advance!

Dec 12 2018 by dosrox
Billing/shipping info lost in draft orders?

Hi everyone!    We're creating orders through API and encountered strange issue. Our logic is like this: create customer  add customer address create draft order for that customer setting "use_customer_default_address" to true send invoice to that customer The problem is that when customer clicks on "Complete Purchase" link in the invoice, the billing and shipping addresses ...

Dec 11 2018 by Activechat, Inc
Conditional tracking link in Shipping notification email based off carri...

I've had a hard time finding an answer to this.  One of our companies ships using two different shipping carriers, USPS and FedEx, depending on if the customer is international or domestic.  Is there any way in the tracking email to conditionally set the Track My Package link to display the proper tracking link based off either what carrier is being used or what country the shipment is going to...

Dec 5 2018 by markfenske84
Global sales network. Local Currencies, Local-ish 3PL's, Local Language.

I've gone down the rabbit hole, and have not seen light in days.  I have a goal, Sell internationally while cutting out brand damaging profit eating distributors. I have read so many atricles that make sence to me, but now I have read so many that im getting conflicting information. The goal in bullets 3PL in Australia Supplies OZ an NZ accepting AUD and NZD, in English. ...

Nov 29 2018 by Bob G.
One-Hour Shipping with Postmates and Deliv

Hi Shopify users, if you are interested in one-hour shipping for your store or are affected by Shopify ending support for Postmates shipping, please check out Turbo Delivery, a new app that has an easy-to-use integration with Postmates and Deliv, two leading on-demand shipping carriers. We have a feature-rich app and we're hard at work at making more improvements for our customers. If you ha...

Nov 18 2018 by Turbo Delivery
FedEx 2 Day Air One Rate Question

Just introduced to FedEx 2 Day One Rate by our Rep.  The problem is it does not populate as an option with Shopify.  Tried to create a weight based for both the small ($9.95 & medium box $12.95), but they both have a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs.  Really would like to offer this as a shipping, but looks like the system would have to figure the volume as well.  Your input would be greatly ...

Nov 16 2018 by Blabbermouth
Payment at Time of Shipping Instead of Order Creation?

I developed a piece of software that integrates a Shopify storefront with an in house ERP system. The client wants to switch their Shopify store over to use Authorize.net as the payment provider because the in house ERP system integrates with A.net.  They want me to only allow for a credit card authorization (not a charge) via the customer placing a Shopify order. I will then pass the t...

Nov 16 2018 by Harris Barrick So...
API Fulfillments and Commissions

In the Add a Fullfillment section of the help manual, I see that I can add fulfillment services that can receive orders via email. Can I add fulfillment services via the API? What should I do if I want to send orders to fulfillment services via CSV or XML, instead of via email? In a site I am building for a client, we track products as being sold under different locations, and/or as being so...

Nov 16 2018 by Henry
HPSDK Hosted Payment Gateway - Need order line item information on custo...

Hi, We already have HPSDK approved gateway account. As per our gateway API & requirement, we need order line item information once custoemr redirect to our hosted gateway page. But done see any line item information available when redirect happen, we only have standard request information from redirect.  https://help.shopify.com/en/api/guides/payment-gateway/hosted-payment-sdk/api-...

Nov 13 2018 by MageWix
What do I put for "height" when using Poly Mailers in the Settings -> Sh...

To reference:  Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Shipping -> Packages -> Soft Packages So, the poly mailers themselves are 6 millimeters thick (high), but it's asking me for the LxWxH dimensions.  I sell women's clothing, and I'm guessing it's asking me, in general, what the thinkness of my packages will be?  It says, "Packages thicker than 0.75 inches don't qualify for USPS First Cla...

Nov 12 2018 by Paul
Shipping with dropshipper Inventory Source

I could use some help.  I'm not sure how to set up the shipping when using a dropshipper such as Inventory Source.  They have the cost of shipping on the items I have on my store.  I see there is a section in the Settings > Shipping to add Custom order fulfillment.  Is this the option I need to use?  Every product has a different shipping amount. Currently I set my shipping to a dollar am...

Nov 10 2018 by Scott