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Millie Member
6 days ago

Removing return address from shipping label


I'd like to know how I might be able to remove the return address on shipping labels that I print through Shopify.  I just started my business and so my business address is my home address.  For security purposes, I would prefer not having to publish my home address on shipping labels.

Thank you!

6 days ago

Are you located in he U.S.?

I was not able to find a way around it. After having someone show up at my doorstep at 8am on Saturday morning, a P.O. Box was my answer. Shop around for prices. I figured they would all be the same, but small town or secondary post office prices are much cheaper. It was very affordable for the peace of mind. 

Bo Shopify Employee
5 days ago

Hey there, Millie!

Bo here from Shopify Support! 

That is a really great question. When it comes to Shipping labels bought through Shopify, they are being generated by the third party courier, for example, USPS or DHL. These companies require the address to be printed on the shipping labels as the pickup point must be listed. As Judith mentioned above, a PO Box would be the best way to overcome this, I understand your want for privacy and your overall concern! 

Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!

All the Best,