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Paypal Question

Hi All, 

I set up my site to accept Paypal payments, and I have just created a Paypal business account. I just received my first order via Paypal payment, and can see it both in my Shopify orders and in my Paypal account. I noticed in the Paypal account it gives the option to print a shipping label, print a packing slip, mark as shipped, add tracking info, etc. However, I choose to do all of this within Shopify orders (I purchase my shipping labels via Shopify, noticfy the customer of shipment/tracking via Shopify, etc). 

So my question is: what do you typically do on the Paypal end? Do I just "mark as shipped"? If I process the order on the Shopify end, will it "communicate" with my Paypal account and update it for me? Or do I just simply leave it be? 

Thanks in advance for advice. 


Bo Shopify Employee
12 days ago

Hey there!

Bo here from Shopify Support.

That is a really great question and it took a good long while to actually find an answer to it, I ended up checking with PayPal themselves to find the answer!

PayPal has advised that you should only update the fulfillment and tracking information from the Shopify side of things as the shipping and fulfillment section of PayPal is only used when using PayPal Shipping Labels and so this information will not be communicated from Shopify to PayPal either. In short, general use for outside providers (like Shopify) is to not hand off shipping information since it's all being processed our side (order confirmation/notification) instead of on Paypal. Paypal Express Checkout just being the money acceptance, not the tracking/fulfillment/shipping for (most) businesses.

If you do want to pass this information to be passed on to PayPal to limit the chance of a dispute you can do so with the PayPal Tracking Autopilot app, this app can be found in our fabulous little app store, the home to all of our best apps!

Thank you for posting and please do let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!

All the Best,

12 days ago

Thank you! This is super helpful. I'm assuming if I leave the PayPal order as-is (in PayPal's eyes it's still "waiting for a shipping label") there's no penalty or issue for leaving it open ended on their side of things? 

On the other side of that question - if I decide to go into PayPal and manually marked it as shipped and add the tracking number that Shopify gave me, is there any issue or penalty with doing that?