6 months ago

Fulfillment By Amazon - Expedited and Priority shipping have to be manually fulfilled This post is outdated

When orders other than standard shipping are made on my Shopify site the Amazon Fulfillment fails and I have to manually fulfill and choose the appropriate shipping method. 

Have I set something up incorrectly or is this how it is supposed to work. 


Lisa Shopify Employee
6 months ago

Hi, there!

Lisa here from Shopify Support Team. 

I had a run through your store's checkout, and I believe it is because of the labeling of your shipping rates available to customers, that you are getting the error for Expedited and Priority Shipping. There are three rates outlined in this Shopify document here, and are as follows: 

  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Priority Shipping

 Try taking out (two-day) and  (Next Day) written on the rates, so the system can read the rates without the additional text. 

Seeing as this is not so clear to customers how long each rate takes, you may want to add in additional text on the shipping page of the checkout explaining the expected times. To do this go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Languages, and add the additional text to the top of the shipping page. 

Here is another awesome tread on FBA with Shopify. 

Hope this solves the shipping issue! If the issue does persist, please reach out directly to Amazon and Shopify Support.


- Lisa