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6 months ago

Auto-Fulfillment vs. Manual Fulfillment

I have Amazon FBA fulfull most of my products, but a few of my products I fulfull manually using Shipstation. They are set individually by product to either Manual or FBA fulfullment.

In order to save time, I have auto-fulfullment & auto tracking email turned on, so when an Amazon fulfilled product is ordered, Amazon is told to ship it and Shopify emails tracking info without me needing to do anything.


But, for my manually fulfilled items, when one is ordered, it is auto marked as fulfilled, doesn't get imported into Shipstation, and Shopify sends out an empty tracking email. This is because autofulfillment is turned on in my checkout settings.


Is there an app that exists or some other way to autofulfill orders that contain some products, and do not autofulfill orders that contain others?


Geroge Smith Member
Last edited 8 days ago

Hello Ellee,


If your orders are fulfilled by a third party fulfilling center, you can use their APP to automatically push tracking to your store as well as the clients, as long as orders are fulfilled on the shipper'send. More questions can be answered below.

1. Are you a new online store starter? And your order sales is only 1-10 per week which are not accepted ?

Most order fulfillment companies (i.e. FloShip) DON'T fulfill orders smaller than 10 or 100 per month. So many small business starters who sell on Facebook, Shopify or Woocomerce find it difficult to find a stable and longterm partner to take care of there small orders. If you're a new e-commerce seller and are meeting similar problem, you should definitely turn SPNS Logistics for help as they have NO MOQ on shipping. Even 1 or 2 pieces are well stored, packed and shipped globally.

2. Is shipping in Shenzhen cheaper than in HK? And Shenzhen (China) has more shipping channels for me to choose?

Definitely yet. Shenzhen is the electronics center in China. With cheap labor operation and low-cost warehouse storage, customers can get much cheaper shipping cost than from HK. If you are using SPNS Logistics as your order fulfillment partner, you will find that they have over 40 different shipping channels including Direct Line shipping, e-packet, China Post, NL Post, Swiss Post, KR Post and also DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT express. They will advise you the most suitable shipping option based on your budget plan, product size and features (with or without battery), so customers don't need to worry about that they know nothing about international shipping.

3. Is shipping the last step of order fulfillment service? Do they have good customer service team taking care of tracking my parcels until it's delivered?

"SPNS Logistics customer support team is the best sevice team I've ever met as they track all my packages every 1-2 days, and immediately informed me of those package which need to be picked up in due time. Using SPNS Logistics has increased my order succesful-delivery rate by 10%!!" One British Shopify seller says. Good post-shipping service can grow satisfication level on the buyers and bring in more sales in future. SPNS Logistics does not only ship your products out, they also track every single of your shipping. Customers can reach SPNS team by Skype, Phone, Whatsapp or email anytime and always can get timely and constructive answers. They have good English speaking service team both orally and in writing.

4. My products are very fragile. Will my shipping company wrap my product to have it well protected from being broken in transit?

SPNS Logistics packing team has different sizes of bubble wrapping material ready, which are used for customers' fragile products in different sizes. For those need extra protection, they wrap them in thick bubble sheet before it's packed in bags or boxes. Most of packaging is free of charge.

Apart from order fulfillment, international shipping, SPNS logistics also provides other services including Amazon FBA prepare (labelling, packing and shipping), sourcing and QC check for customers, and purchase branded packaging or product labels for clients, shipping consult and importing (to China). Grow together! Scale together!

Todd Trimakas Shopify Partner
6 days ago

Hi Ellee,

It's a little complicated, but you may be able to set up weight based shipping rates to handle this. Basically, what you want to do is set it up so that one set of shipping rates pulls through to the checkout for your FBA products and another set of shipping rates pulls through for your non-FBA products.

We actually help people with this all the time since we created the FBA Shipping app. Here's a video we made that shows you how to do it.

The video applies to setting this up with our app, but you may be able to use a simlar process to set it up on your store. Hope it helps!

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