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Post your gateway requests here g36

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Aug 13 2017 by Ryan Francisco
Shopify Shipping Brings Calculated Rates to All Shopify Plans

Exciting news: If you are located in the US or Canada, you can now show calculated USPS or Canada Post rates to customers at checkout. Calculated shipping is free and available on all plans. Read the blog post to learn more. If you have the $20/month add on, you can remove the charge by re-selecting your plan from the Shopify admin. Please note that if you are using UPS or FedEx, you will st...

Jun 23 2017 by Karen Pickard
Payment Fraud Risk Level

Usisually when I get a high-risk payment, I just cancel order. However, this morning, I have a small order au 19,99$ and the only flag I get for tagging this order as High Risk of Fraud is the use of a proxy for payment.    Other than that, everything seem to match. It's a paypal payment, name and adress seem legit , billing and shipping are the same... What would YOU do? I really feel li...

Yesterday by Justin Lavoie
Refunding a store credit back into the original credit card? -- HELP!

My client asked for a store credit for a return he made, but then changed his mind a week later and decided to get the money back. The problem is he paid by credit card (cash or debit would have been no problem). However since I am using Shopify's gateway, how can I reverse the "store credit refund". Please help me these clients are being very tough to deal with and if I can't find a solutio...

Yesterday by Daryoush Shabahang
Which Shipping App is Best for Delivering in India?

Hello Everyone, I have been selling products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for a while. Now I am looking to build my own eStore. I have done some research and found that Shopify is a great platform to begin with. As my orders come from India only, I am looking for a suitable shipping app that can cover most of the areas in the country, including tier 1, 2, 3 cities. After doing a litt...

Jul 11 2017 by Mel O
Stripe dosnt support Dropshipping business

Hello, I've just got a rejected from Stripe said that the business of drop shipping cannot open an account there. Has anyone idea?

Aug 18 2017 by Katy
Recurring payment option for subscription to our service

I am looking for a recurring payment option for membership to our service, that will bill the customer monthly (maybe even annually).  Quite simply, I just want to verify that the payment has occured successfully so that our system will update their account information and allow them to user our service. Here's my requirements: A user will purchase a subscription to our service I need t...

Aug 18 2017 by Fiona
Greek payment gateways

Hello Greek shopifiers! I am considering setting up my eshop with shopify but I am confused with the payment gateways. I understand that there are very limited options available for Greece without including the major Greek players (i.e. banks, cardlink, viva etc). Also, by browsing other similar discussion threads here I'm feeling most of these gateways avalaible by shopify are in fact not a...

Aug 18 2017 by Kate Papadopoulou
Greek payment gateway

How can i add a Greek bank payment gateway. In Greece we have capital controls and all credit cards from Greece accepted only from Greek payment gateways.

Aug 18 2017 by Kate Papadopoulou
Auto order products everymonth

Hello, guys I Am wondering if there is any way that i can make my shop customers to be able to set a product to be ordered for example every month ? Its like a subscription to a product. Would be very happy if you give me a plugin or a way to do it. :) thanks

Aug 18 2017 by Ann
Braintree Payment Gateway missing

Hello, I had integrated Braintree successfully into one of the online stores that I am managing. Now that it's proven quite stable, we intend to integrate into the rest of the shopify stores we have. Braintree has created the respective accounts for us and now what's left is the integration process.  Under the Payment -> Accept Credit Card dropdown, Braintree used to appear in this...

Aug 18 2017 by conrad.decker
Supported credit card payments Cayman Islands

Hi, I would like to use Shopify to receive credit card payments for my 'pop up' store while in the Cayman Islands but link the deposits to my bank account is the USA. Is this possible? What card reader is supported to do this? Or do I have to manually input or scan the credit cards which then functions like an online payment? However, I would prefer to swipe as it is faster and less chanc...

Aug 18 2017 by RPikachu
Getting 422 error while processing complete fulfillment through POSTMAN.

How exactly complete fulfillment works and what are the steps to achieve complete fulfillment after creating order. Also while hiting the API through POSTMAN, I am getting below error. "the response that is recieved is 422 unprocesseable entity" . Below are the parameters that I have passed in POSTMAN. End point URL: /admin/orders/#{id}/fulfillments/#{id}/complete.json Raw Body {...

Aug 18 2017 by samidha Admin
PayPal Express Checkout in Romania

Hello! I am about to open an online store in Romania. I was going through the payments section, and I wanted to use the PayPal payments. It shows that "Available in Romania" is PayPal Express Checkout, so I tried to use it, but it shows me this : Store currency not supported To activate PayPal Express, change your store‘s currency from Romanian Lei (RON) to aPayPal supported currency...

Aug 18 2017 by Paul Mc
Can't Issue Store Credit To Customer Accounts? What?

I have been looking on the forums for half an hour now and to my bewilderment, I believe I am seeing that Shopify does not have any sort of Store Credit functionality? How is that even possible considering how many merchandise-type stores must be built with Shopify. Does anyone know if this is correct, and if so, if there is an App? I would need my customers to be able to maintain a rolling Sto...

Aug 17 2017 by Becca Brisiel
multiple vendors/locations order fulfillment

Hi! My Name is Bhagyashree. I am in the process of starting ecommerce website through Shopify.  I am sorry if this question is very basic or repetative. Everything is so new and overwhelming for me at this stage.  I have multiple vendors/suppliers/artists creating beautiful products for my website (locations are mainly USA and India). Is there any way to fulfill the orders in this type of...

Sep 27 2016 by Bhagyashree Kulkarni
Question About Processing Fees

I'm looking to use the basic Shopify online store.  However I'm going to need to use NMI as my payment gateway.  Shopify charges 2% for me to use an external payment gateway correct?  I'm not paying the 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction + another 2% correct?   Maybe some of you who use NMI or other external payment gateways can help me understand, but is this right?  If I use NMI, I'll pay Sho...

Aug 17 2017 by Alex
Urgent help needed. Unable to Complete account setup for shopify payments

I just made my first sale and tomorrow is payout. However, when I go to Settings > Payments > and then click on "Complete account setup" under Shopify Payments it does nothing and I am still on the same page. I am very concerned that this will prevent me from receiving payment. Has anyone had this issue before? I will also be calling Shopify Support as well today. Please and thank you for...

Aug 17 2017 by Ann
Fulfillment Center in INDIA

Hello! We're looking to find a fulfillment company in India that can handle pick, packing and shipping online orders for us within India. Please contact us immediately if this is something you can do. Info@rootsgear.com Thanks!

Aug 17 2017 by Saurabh Singh Tomar
Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping

I have been doing some research regarding the best payment gateway for dropshipping as my shopify payments account is currently on hold for an unknown reason. Is this because they don't allow dropshipping? I am ruling paypal out as we have parted ways and i cannot use their services anymore. I have a merchent skrill account which i have used on other websites but i am looking for reccomen...

Aug 17 2017 by Patrick Cooper