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Post your gateway requests here g42

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Oct 5 2018 by megha vijay
How to unfulfill an order g6

I accidentally fulfilled the wrong order and am not ready to ship that order yet.How do you unfulfill an order? it doesnt appear you can

Oct 13 2018 by Johan Land
Customize your packing slip template to use 4x6 inch format

You can now print packing slips while you’re fulfilling your orders in Shopify. A professional default template that’s optimized for 8.5x11 inch paper comes right out of the box, and if you want to make customizations, you can edit it using HTML, Liquid, and CSS. If you prefer printing your packing slips with a 4x6 inch label printer (e.g. DYMO or similar), and want a template that’s optimiz...

Oct 2 2018 by Ty Williams
International Shipping: Everything You Need to Know to Deliver Beyond Yo...

If you are looking to learn more about Internationl Shipping make sure you check out this post on the Shopify blog that touches on the following:  Building an international shipping strategy Shipping internationally through Shopify What to charge international customers for shipping Finding country regulations Preparing packages Working with multiple carriers Pricing out y...

Jun 30 2018 by Aissarapan Bunnag
Automatically Display Delivery Times...?

I've got a bit of a complex question: Is there a way to write a bit of code that will display the estimated delivery time of any given product as it appears in Oberlo or AliExpress, depending on the country of origin of the user? If so, how?

Today by Katy
Canadian TShirt/Apparel Print on Demand+Fulfillment Company's?

Does anyone know any reputable tshirt POD/fulfillment companies based in Canada? I've done all the research on the usual suspects - Print Aura, Printful, Teelaunch, etc. but the USD conversion and shipping times are still barely worth it.  Even any new and upcoming Canadian company's you heard of? And while we're talking about Printful - can any Canadian POD tshirt stores comment on their...

Yesterday by Chellie
How ro hide "Remember this for next time" - checkmark when not using Sho...

Dear support, currently we're not using Shopify Pay. In the checkout, there is this checkmark "remember this for next time". For a long time I was thinking this checkmark would send our the account invite email because the customer could state his willingness to create an account with it. Well, I was wrong (... which is a pity, because such a field would really make sense ...).  Now I found ...

Yesterday by McNitefly
Paypal Payment Does not work if i switch the Currency to USD

Hello Shopify Community    I have a problem now for 2 Days I am looking for some answers but could not find anything ;( I am based in Czech Republic (My Company) want to Dropship products to the USA I purchased for testing my own product and if Euro is activated as my Currency I had no problems to buy that Test product if is switch to USD it is not possible what do I need to do now?  ...

Yesterday by suzy
Change DHL tracking URL

Hello can someone help me with my tracking URL? Today I checked some tracking numbers from different orders. When I click the three dots -> view order status page -> tracking nr. Shopify passes me to http://www.dhl-usa.com/ but I need https://www.dhl.de because I am a german located onlineshop and I always send tracked parcel only within germany. Where can I change it ? Thanks, ...

Oct 13 2018 by Jakob
Dropshipping using virtual card

hello everyone , im new here  im starting my shopify dropshipping store & im pretty sure ill make alot from it as i have other expr  but i need help to know if i can use Cashu Virtuel MasterCard as a payment method ? not for users , for me as i cant use paypal on my country & i dont have a visa card ? can any one help me please ?  all what i have is Cashu virtuel mastercard / yandex ...

Oct 13 2018 by Ash
Shipping prices in Canada - Deciding to use General mail?

Hello, So I've been through the process of designing packaging only to find out from Canada Post that the minimum postage price within the country is $11.62, which is honestly a nightmare for anyone posting small, relatively cheap items.  I've redesigned my packaging so that it can go through the standard mail system i.e thinner than 2cm so that it should reduce the price from $11.62 down...

Oct 13 2018 by Aria
What is the point of Reserve Items on a Draft order?

The Reserve Items function needs to decrement the inventory on tracked products. What is the point of it otherwise? Draft orders has all the functionality needed to flow wholesale orders through, EXCEPT the ability to hold products. Say, for a NET30 wholesale customer. The have the product, and will pay for the product, but there is no ability to reflect that in the inventory set up. Any ...

Trading License for UAE based shopify store

Does anyone know about this? Is trading license required to run a shopify store based in UAE? if Yes, then what is the process to integrate payment gateway in UAE? I am stuck. Thanks

Oct 11 2018 by Arshad
Shipping Origin Accuracy for Client expectations

So I am looking for a simple solution or an app that does not cost $$$. I just barely started my dropshipping business. I’m looking to specialize in Gadgets for items between $5 to $50 for now. I’m using Oberlo as my Dropping supplier which is of course is mostly Aliexpress and 3rd party suppliers from China. I am base in California. So currently in shopify I’m only allowed to enter my 1 shi...

Oct 11 2018 by BLN
Picking Packing and Shipping Suggestions

Need solution to pick pack and ship. We have 15000 skus, 2600 products, ship 250 order per day. All our inventory is barcoded with SKU.

Jan 5 2017 by Justin Boggs
How to set up shipping in Shopify with Oberlo

I am struggling with setting up the shipping criteria in Shopify.  No experience with this.  I am going to use Oberlo and plan to ship only to Canada and US.  We are located in Northern Ontario, Canada. Is there anyone who has already done this in a similar situation?  My products are pet related items. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Laurie

Oct 10 2018 by Peter
Weight based rates Shipping problem

Hello really i'm facing problem with setting up shipping rate, i spent about 6 hours in vain, i have watched all videos and make as mentioned but the calcul of shopify shipping in my store is reallly weird  i want to apply the methode (free items + shipping)  i have setted the product in price $0 and 0.9Kg in the weight  then i made Weight based rates range 0.7Kg-0.7Kg and give $...

Oct 10 2018 by SoMestari
What URL i give Paypal to redirect to my website?

They ask me for a url and i guess i should provide them with the mysterious thank you page url that no one knows nothing about. Any thoughts? Thanks

Oct 10 2018 by Freddie
Stripe customer and Shopify checkout only entering card details once.

Hi everyone, We have a bunch of custom code that we use to create subscriptions on Stripe for our services, however we have one page where we would like to sell these subscriptions, as well as other products on Shopify. Ideally, we would like to implement a form where we only take our customers' card details once and use that information to trigger a Shopify Checkout as well as the creati...

Oct 10 2018 by damien
How can I accept debit at a craft show with Shopify?

I've been digging around and I've yet to find an answer for my issue. I'm a Canadian Shopify user and I'll be selling in person at an upcoming Christmas show. It looks as though Shopify cannot accept Interact Debit in Canada. Is that correct? I'd prefer not to limit customers to only using credit cards. The options I've come across seem to indicate I can get a Moneris system or possibly u...

Oct 9 2018 by Max