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Post your gateway requests here g31

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Jan 21 2017 by Luisa Franco
Manual ordering / arranging of shipping options g27

I'm reaching out to try and get a decent answer to a very simple question:Why on earth can we not order the shipping rates in order of our own choosing?We have an online store and 3 physical shops and offer 'Pick Up In-Store' as an option for customers ordering online. The problem is that this option always comes up as the default option as the value is £0. This is causing endless amount of has...

Today by Paul
Would like the option to charge shipping PER ITEM and not general shippi... g16

I would like the option to fill in shipping cost per item rather than general costs based on weight or sale price. Etsy and eBay both ahve per item shipping costs and so do platforms like Volusion and Big Commerce.I sell antique items and some need special care or packaging and I want this in the price.The one-size-fits-all on Shopify is not very useful.

Jan 21 2017 by Jupey Krusho
[DEBUT THEME] Shipping Method is missing after website idle for some time

Hi, i realised after i've place my order and let the website idle for a while before completing the payment, the shipping method would be missing as shown below:I've tried to empty my cart and reselect other orders but the shipping method is still empty. Please let me know how can i resolve this issue. Thanks alot!

Today by lawrence choo

My head is about to explode. I am so extremely frustrated!!!!!! This is the SECOND chargeback that I have lost on an order where tracking confirms delivery and I also have messages from the customer that confirmed they got their order! But yet they file a claim with their bank stating they didn't get their products. Where is the seller's protection!!!! Why is it that the customer can do this! T...

Today by lachy
Paying with a PO number?

I have the need on our store to be able to have our customers pay with a PO#. Is this possible with Shopify? 

Today by Sufio
How to automatically send invoice per email to customer

Some of our customers would like to have the invoice sent per email when they place an order. Is there anyway to do that with Shopify without having to print the invoice with order printer and send it manually?

Yesterday by Sufio
PayFort integration - UAE

Hello Team, We've just signed for PayFort in UAE and got the prodcution account, however there are some manual settings which need to be configured on PayFort. These are: Direct Transaction Feedback (The URL to receive notifications from PayFort) Redirection URL (URL where customers will be redirected after making payment) Notification Transaction Feedback (offline URL for notif...

Yesterday by Pham Thi
AdvancePro`provides Inventory Control - Integrated with QuickBooks

Hi Everybody, My company, AdvancePro, has developed an inventory management software that can help you automate and optimize your inventory systems. If your workflow has become more complex than your current software can handle, AdvancePro can serve your needs and help you:  Take control of your operations at every point in the transaction Serve your customers better with real-time i...

Yesterday by Michael V.

So this regular customer of our's decided to file a chargeback on us, for all her orders placed since October.   With chargeback fees, it's close to $600. We've been in contact with customer before this, and they were always happy with their orders. What are the chances of successfully winning this chargeback?   We've never had one before using Shopify payments.   We submitted all the nec...

Jan 21 2017 by Joseph Colosi
Cannot use Stripe

Hi folks, I can't see stripe gateway option. I tried to register for shopify payments but cannot proceed as I have no SSN. However, I do have an EIN as I am corporated in Delaware.  Any advice Many thanks

Jan 21 2017 by Humphrey Davy
Who do you guys use for fulfillment in China?

Im pretty sure i'm not the only one having trouble with Aliexpress dropshipping. I've had $2k worth of products stopped by their "security" / appeal process where they deemed I was too high a risk a buyer even though i've submitted my soc. security card, passport, driver's license, credit card, high school diploma, birth certificate, baptism certificate, local bingo championship awards, etc. Ye...

Jan 21 2017 by Vince P
Delayed payment processing? Free trial for customers

I'd like to offer my customers a 30 or 60 day free trial. I want customers to enter payment details but hold processing. Similar approach to a software trial such as LinkedIn. Is there an app or setting I can use to accomplish this? Couldn't find one... To be clear, I do not want/need finance or a bill me later type of funcationality. Thanks, Daniel

Jan 20 2017 by Daryoush Shabahang
Multiple currency check out

About two years ago Lenneke Klomp asked a question about accepting multiple currencies at check out, someone from Shopify said the limitation to only one default currency is because of the limitation in payment gateways. This is not true at all. Most major gateways accept multiple currencies.  To me as an operator, it is very important for my customers to pay in a currency they are comfortab...

Jan 20 2017 by Daryoush Shabahang
fulfillment center in NJ

I am launching a business selling athletic shoes online and was wondering what the best fulfillment centers are in NJ for a small startup? Thank you.

Jan 17 2017 by Berangere Barateig
European Fulfillment

Hi Everyone! We're in need of a new fulfillment partner in Europe. We're interested to hear from anyone who has direct experience working with a fulfillment provider who ships throughout Europe and has the following criteria: Backend - our new partner must have a backend system where we can view and edit orders, see inventory levels, etc. Doesn't have to be fancy, but is must work and ...

Jan 20 2017 by EarPeace
Can anyone recommend a 3rd party logistics company in UK

We are a newly opened online store launched in the beginning of July with sales that are doubling month-over-month. We expect the growth to continue and we will be investing heavily in scaling the business. It is therefore important that our logistics partner can handle this scaling process. What we need from our logistics partner: Be able to handle up to 500 product lines (currentl...

Jan 20 2017 by Vince P
Inventory Notifications/Report Needed

Hi There, We use Shipwire as our 3PL and have it tied to our Shopify store. Shipwire offers terrible automatic inventory reporting; I was hoping to use Shopify to do this by ideally creating a notification/report that could be emailed to my team (ie my sales team needs to know these numbers daily so they can work with customers on orders/manage their expectations. And in a perfect world, I'd...

Jan 20 2017 by Vince P
UK Fulfilment Services

Hi - Does anyone know if there is a good UK fulfilment company that is integrated with Shopify? There seems to be quite a few but they are all US based. I want a company that will store and fulfil my products and I can link to the back end of my store. Any ideas? Thanks

Jan 20 2017 by Vince P
Add a validation script on checkout page

Hello,   Is it possible to add under "Any additional scripts you‘d like to appear on the order status page of the checkout", a script that checks in the ckeckout page if the zipcode belongs to a specific city ? (and then fire and alert, for example)   Thanks,  

Jan 20 2017 by Vince P