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Post your gateway requests here g32

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Yesterday by hemi cardcom
Klarna integration g15

Will you have klarna.com integration? This is THE reason why so few swedish people use shopify. and why tictail.com has 5000 stores and only running for a few months..   Correct this if you want a scandinavian market!

Yesterday by Daniel Nilsson
Shopify Shipping Brings Calculated Rates to All Shopify Plans

Exciting news: If you are located in the US or Canada, you can now show calculated USPS or Canada Post rates to customers at checkout. Calculated shipping is free and available on all plans. Read the blog post to learn more. If you have the $20/month add on, you can remove the charge by re-selecting your plan from the Shopify admin. Please note that if you are using UPS or FedEx, you will st...

May 21 2017 by GinaP
Subscription Box - with questions before checkout

Hi,   I want a way to ask my customers a series of questions before automatically adding a subscription box to their cart. Does anyone know of a nice way to do this? I can't find a nice workflow for this. In the future I'd like to give the customers to choose which items are in their box and allow additional addons but for now intend to keep it simple   Thanks!!

Yesterday by RDYNOW
PayPal Payflow Pro "Invalid Vendor Account" Error

I am unable to process any payment through paypal on my website. I think the error is because of the API Signature. Paypal provides 3 API credentials.  1. API Username 2. API Password 3. Signature In shopify payments settings >> Accept payment through credit card >> PayPal Payflow Pro There are 4 blanks for credentials 1. Merchant Login / Vendor - This is where I enter...

Yesterday by Chris Formosa
Bar codes and other misc. inventory management questions, need expert ad...

So, I have just a singular product that we make and sell, it is available in (4) colors.  So, as we have added colors I have purchaed additional bar codes.  But as we have grown I wonder if there is a way to keep track of individual shipments.  What do I mean by that?  When we first started and had to fill and order, we simply just grabbed them off the shelf and filled the order.  But as we hav...

Yesterday by Daniel Milligan
Best Shipping App That Actually Works?

Our problem continues with trying to find a shipping app which actually works. We are a new retail business and cannot continue to pay an additional monthly fee for an app which provides incorrect shipping costs. This is money out of our pockets. We have tried Ship Station and Advanced Shipping Manager. Our weights and product measurements are dead-on accurate but several times the customer ...

Yesterday by Robert
How to enable manual review of Shopify Payment orders while passing thro...

We have ridiculous amounts of fraud with Shopify Payments and the chargebacks account for 50% of revenue. This is not a problem for Amazon Pay or PayPal. How do we disable Shopify Payment orders for manual review while passing orders by the other payment systems? They charge less and are not ridiculous both in time consumed and money lost. We do not want those orders to get passed through to ou...

Yesterday by Da Xue
Your API key is invalid.

Hello guys. So today i finalized building my shopify store and i wanted to make a test order but when i submited my card info and clicked complete order i got a message in red saying  "Your API key is invalid." What is an API key and how can i resolve this issure. your help is greatley appriciated in advance. 

Yesterday by HymnZ
What is it like working at an Velocityship fulfillment center?

I have heard mixed opinions of what it is like to work at Velocityship. I have heard contradictory information on certain things. Do share your pros and cons!

Yesterday by HMPS
Digital Wallets Error page is my most viewed page

Hi everyone, I spotted on my analytics that the Digital Wallets Error page is the most view page on my website.  I don't know why! Does someone have the same problem? Analytics image: https://postimg.org/image/nt9lv4ivp/​​​​​​​       Page url: /11301530/digital_wallets/dialog

Yesterday by Sebastian Guglielmo
Shipping Worldwide from Australia

Hi all,  I'm looking to ship worldwide from Melbourne, Australia however I have no idea what the rules are for doing this. Do you need to pay taxes to the country you are sending to or only the GST for AU as this is where the goods are coming from?  Any advice or links to relevant resources would be awesome!  Thanks 

Yesterday by Kate Somerville
I'm looking to sell books, is there a way to enable media mail?

Media Mail would be a much more affordable shipping option for my customers that are only looking to purchase books.   Is there a way to offer Media Mail as a shipping option? If there is, how can I go about adding it?

May 23 2017 by Savannah F
Delivery City and Area wise Shipping Charges

Dear Forum members, I was looking for a plugin tool/app which can limit my delivery locations in terms of City and Area. Also there would be area specific charges which will be applied as delivery charges when selected. This is the requirement for http://www.midnightcake.in which is a part of http://www.midnightcake.com which is a custom made tool using .net platform. Thanks in advance for y...

May 23 2017 by Aaron B
Paypal Express Checkout Error. Help!!!

Hello, I've recently launched my website and added PayPal Express Checkout. However, my customers are unable to complete their orders as they are receiving this error message from PayPal "Sorry we can't complete your purchase at this time". I would really appreciate it if you could help me resolve this issue. Thanks!!!

May 23 2017 by Aaron B
UK Shipping Help

Hi all, I run a UK based company but ship worldwide using UPS via a middle company (CSM) so I get better rates than if I went direct to UPS.  I've painstakingly added all the rates so that hard works done but my problem is this.  I have to manually cut and paste from the sales invoice into the shipping companies page all the customers details.  Not a long job but after 5 customers its easy t...

May 23 2017 by Simon Westwood
External Payment Provider - Not Listed

Hi, I really do not want to migrate to another ecommerce provider, but I cannot find a concrete answer. I have a Shopify account, due to the nature of our site we cannot utilize ApplePay or Stripe; only specific external payment gateways that are not listed as external providers. I have API files from our external provider but cannot locate instructions on how to integrate with Shopify. Help...

May 23 2017 by HymnZ
Worldpay (Direct) Payment Integration: Invalid Credentials

Hi all, Both myself and Worldpay have been running some tests for Worldpay (Direct) Payment Processing for my website www.henrytianus.com. I have entered the Merchant Code, XML Password and Installation ID (marked it as a 'TEST mode') on shopify setting. However, each time affter we keyed in the card details, we get error message "Invalid Credentials".  Can anyone help how to solve ...

May 23 2017 by Henry Tianus
Apple pay, not showing in payment gateways...

Hi, I have the "apple pay" icon in my footer. And customers are asking why it is not a payment option. I looked into it and according to instructions it should be available in my payment setup section as a payment gateway optoin but I dont find it in there at all. Is Apple Pay not allowed in Germany or something? Why dont I see it as an option? Thanks,

May 23 2017 by Southwest Foods
Limit purchases from accepted Postal codes Canada

We would like to add a limitation to our website, in terms of postal code. We would like the customer to fill out their order and when a postal code is out of our range, we would like a message to come up saying it is out of our range, and their order cannot be completed. Is there an app for this that works in Canada? Specifically we are targeting a region in Southwestern Ontario. than...

May 23 2017 by Tracy Farrelly