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Post your gateway requests here g31

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Feb 22 2017 by Tushar Shah
Shopify Shipping Brings Calculated Rates to All Shopify Plans

Exciting news: If you are located in the US or Canada, you can now show calculated USPS or Canada Post rates to customers at checkout. Calculated shipping is free and available on all plans. Read the blog post to learn more. If you have the $20/month add on, you can remove the charge by re-selecting your plan from the Shopify admin. Please note that if you are using UPS or FedEx, you will st...

Yesterday by Thea
Linking Shopify to a Dymo M25 scale...

What can I do to make Shopify see my Dymo M25 USB scale? 

Today by William M
Return/Refund process when using Amazon fulfillment?

I'm trying to figure out the returns process when an order is placed through my website, but fulfilled by Amazon. I want to make sure my websites Return Policy is accurate and that I understand the process behind the scenes. Hopefully this will also help others wrap their head around it. So this the scenario: I am selling both on Amazon and through my website. Both using Amazon FBA. What ...

Yesterday by Quiesta
Anyone with Alipay payment option in his Shopify store?

Hello Community,We want to hire an external coder to write the plug-in for Alipay based on ruby on rails. Our objective is to offer Alipay to our customersHas anyone done this before or has Alipay already as payment option for Chinese clients in his store? I would like to briefly get in contact with you to speed up the implementatoin process.Thanks in advance,Fabian

Yesterday by Wen
Shipping rates not updating


Yesterday by Christophe
Partial Order - Shipment options for Consumer

Can we create an option that gives customers with incomplete orders, due to the product being out of stock, the option to wait until all stock to arrive before we ship and also give them the option, if they would prefer multiple shipments, receiving product now and then another shiipment when additional product comes in.    Thank you - Jeff  

Yesterday by Jessica Schlueter
real time shipping rates

IS there anyway at all for those of us with relatively new stores to offer real time calculated shipping rates?  It seems absurd to be required to update to the $179 per rmonth level in order to offer a basic function that we have always had included fro free in our previous businesses.  It seems as though there was an app for this at one time that would cost us something, but not an extra $100...

Yesterday by Thea
Fulfillment warehouse for startup - Italy or UK

Dear all, Can anyone suggest a fulfillment service for a startup? Since we don't really know how much orders there will be I would prioritize cheaper storage and chaper pick and pack per item. Correct? Any other suggestion? Some more elements. We have no order traffic right now. (Still doing prototypes) Our business is sport apparel. We need warehousing either in Italy or UK. ...

Yesterday by Fulfilment
European Fulfillment

Hi Everyone! We're in need of a new fulfillment partner in Europe. We're interested to hear from anyone who has direct experience working with a fulfillment provider who ships throughout Europe and has the following criteria: Backend - our new partner must have a backend system where we can view and edit orders, see inventory levels, etc. Doesn't have to be fancy, but is must work and ...

Yesterday by Fulfilment
Customer is charged shipping for order above free shipping amount

Hi, Can you pls help me with this problem: A) Our shop has free shipping on orders above 500 dkk. A customer places an order 1,169 dkk - 2 products - and is charged shipping.  On top of that: B) Of the 2 products 1 does not require shipping the other product weighs 0.2 kg incl packaging, i.e. total weight of the order is 0.2 kg  (= standard rate 1 / 22 dkk). In the order details how...

Yesterday by Susanne skoglund
Can I use Payeezy to charge for my adult DVDS?

I'm thinking about starting a new adult DVD store, but for now I lack a payment gateway/merchant. Does anybody know if I'm allowed to use Payeezy? If not, can somebody recommend me any other gateway that allows adult content like DVDs or toys?

Yesterday by Luis Riefkohl
Shipping Weight error

Hi, I add shipping rate by weight. 0.001 - 0.150kg = 3 usd and I add weight for product 0.150kg. When I test check out. System shown that shipping price is 8.98 USD. What shoyuld I do? 

Yesterday by Kiatsiri Charoensiri
PayPal Issues - Reconciliation

Hi All, My finance team are having issue with reconciliation of the PayPal account. When they are trying to match off orders from Shopify / eBay there is no clear identification on the PayPal about which order relates to which payment and because sometimes the names aren't the same, they are having to reconcile via the postcode. Has anyone else had this issue and managed to sove it? Th...

Yesterday by Clement
How do I eliminate the other shipping methods in Free+Shipping?

I'm trying to do a Free+Shipping option for a couple of my products. The thing is, when that item is clicked on, instead of just offering that amount, it's offering the First Class Package at $2.77 and the priority mail at $6.56 first. Is there a way to completely eliminate those when I am doing Free+Shipping? I've been searching fairly hard and I can't seem to find it. 

Yesterday by lorraine
Promote specific payment methods

I'd like to give a free item to customers who use a specifc payment method at checkout.  For example... if a customer uses Visa I'd like to include a free wristband for the customer.  Is this possible?  Are there apps that can do this for me?

Feb 22 2017 by Kris
Setting up shipping rate using on demand printers like: Printaura, Print...

I am trying to set up my shopify store and I am stuck when it comes to setting up shipping rates for on-demand printers!! I want to set up shipping rates to where I can calculate for a customer who buys more than one item and a different shipping rate, without charging them full price for both items!  Example: A t-shirt from printaura is $5.50 for shipping and $.75 for each additional. ...

Feb 22 2017 by Printify

Hey guys,  Last week I had an order get flagged as fraudulent because the billing address was listed as United States but the order was placed from Germany. This morning I received an order for 6 items and it was a pretty large order. It had 6 things (2 of the same things for 3 different products) but the whole thing looks a little odd to me. The shipping and billing adress are both in...

Feb 22 2017 by Kassey S.
Fulfillment in 2 locations

Is there any way to send details of orders automaticaly to 2 different wharehouses one in the USA and one in the UK or would this have to be done maually? Would it be better to have 2 shopify stores one for each location? The UK is for all international orders and the USA just for the USA they are run as 2 seperate charities under the same banner. Thank you Ian

Feb 22 2017 by Fulfilment
Best UK Fulfilment Solution?

I've read through this forum and searched around with very few useful solutions that are UK-based for an all-in-one fulfillment center -- which is quite surprising, to say the least.  Is there any solutions anyone here would recommend?   Appreciated in advance! 

Feb 22 2017 by Fulfilment