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Post your gateway requests here g38

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Oct 20 2017 by PC
Introducing Bulk Label Printing with Shopify Shipping

Now you can buy and print multiple shipping labels at once in your Shopify store. Choose up to 10 orders you're ready to ship, click "Create shipping labels" from the dropdown menu and click "Print". You're done! Merchants based in the US and Canada can buy official shipping labels direct from Shopify -- saving up to 46% on USPS rates and 40% on Canada Post rates compared to the post office....

Sep 27 2017 by Thea
How to make discount for registered users?

Hi! I would like to make a discount for registered users. If users are logged in, items should be 10% cheaper. How to do this? Thanks in advance!

Today by Alissa F
Payment Gateways

Hi! I have a problem with the payment gateways. I am from Romania and I want to sell in US, but I don`t have a company yet (neither in Romania, nor in US) so I can`t use 2checkout as a payment gateway. What should I do? What payment gateway should I use instead of 2checkout?   Thank you !

Yesterday by Richard

Hi, I am unable to find Mercadopago as one of the payment options?  Does shopify not integrate with Mercadopago anymore, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Yesterday by João Carlos
Custom variable for Paybox platform

Hi all ! My client chose the PAYBOX DIRECT solution, as payment platform. When I activate this solution, Shopify only asks me for a login and password. But I always get an error message when checking out the order. After consulting the Paybox support, I understood that it was necessary to pass a variable named PBX_RANG during each transaction (variable that is given at the opening of th...

Oct 20 2017 by iaara
Anyone figure out which payment processor to use in Shopify for drop shi...

Anyone figure out which payment processor to use in Shopify for drop shipping, if you are NOT a US resident & but have LLC & only Payoneer virtual bank? 

Oct 20 2017 by syed naqvi
For those using EPacket to ship from China, how do you set the setting i...

When I import products from AliExpress into Oberlo, I selected Epacket, click OK, click save. LIvechat at Shopify told me to go to Shopify SETTING,  go to SHIPPING, go down to DROPSHIPPING and FULLFIULLMENT, and ADD DROPSHIPPING SERVICE, here they ask you to  Add a custom fulfillment service.      Title?  Email?     My question is:   is this where I put in EPACKET  and email of epac...

Oct 20 2017 by KM
Trading License for UAE based shopify store

Does anyone know about this? Is trading license required to run a shopify store based in UAE? if Yes, then what is the process to integrate payment gateway in UAE? I am stuck. Thanks

Oct 20 2017 by Bassel
Payment Gateway in Brunei

Hello, I need help urgently. I just secured a payment gateway in Brunei for my shopify shop "Baiduri Internet Gateway Services (BiGS)". I have entered the details into the payment section for using master card and when i tried to purchase item from my shop, it tells me that the "merchant does not exist". Please help. Thank you.   Regards, obioma

Oct 20 2017 by obioma osuoha
About shipping and taxes

Hello! My name is Teodora. I am from Romania and I would like to start a shopify store. I want to dropship products in US, not in Romania so my question is : Should I pay some taxes in the US and how do I do that? I also would like to know if is necessary to run a company is US .  

Oct 20 2017 by Teodora Badea
Multiple Pickups Based on Product or Collection

Hello - Wondering if someone could assist me with the following. I'm looking for an app or a way to designate (2) different pick-up locations based upon what product the customer is purchasing.  I only allow local pickups and dont do any shipping. Any ideas? 

Oct 20 2017 by dgreen28

I want to pay all my payments to Shopify through my PayPal account. Is this not possible. The option to pay by PayPal is not available in my Shopify account. Please help  

Oct 20 2017 by John D
BE WARE! Lost Fraud Chargeback with Same Shipping Billing Address

We have been in e-commerce business for over 10 years and have dealt with numerous charge backs over the years but this is the first lost of this kind with the information we provided. It serves as a reminder to Shopify and fellow owners that this could happen and this has to be fixed. We just lost a charge back with fraudulent as the reason. This order has the same billing and shipping address...

Oct 20 2017 by John D
Receive payments in Mexico from US.

Hi, I'd like to know what's the best way to receive payments from US living in Mexico. I tried to used Stripe but it's not available in Mexico.  Thanks,

Oct 20 2017 by John D
Checkout currency

I am Australian resident but focusing US market, default currency of my store is USD but when customer from other countries checkout, it becomes AUD which, I guess, most of the customers will find dodgy as amount in AUD is higher than the price they see USD on product page. What exactly I need to fix this issue just a US address or just US bank account, or USD back account in Australia? help...

Oct 20 2017 by Kern
Payment for Canada store

Hi, We are US based company and want to start a Canadian website that accepts CAD credit card payments.  However, shopify told us that we cannot use Shopify Payments to accept CAD as we do not have a CAD bank account.  I know Stripe allows us to set up a CAD account and have the funds be converted to USD, but it doesn't look like Shopify allows external Stripe account.    So we are kind of s...

Oct 20 2017 by Uly
Taking a partial payment on a draft?

I have a few draft invoices for a customer who is unable to pay in full. They'd like to put down a partial payment on one of the draft invoices I emailed him.  Is there a way for them to do that using the draft order I sent him?  The only thing I can see is for him to pay the draft in full. 

Oct 19 2017 by Max
3D secure + International Currency for US Merchant - When will this happ...

Hello Shopify Merchants/Team  We have been Shopify Merchants since Jan 2013 and upgraded to Shopify Plus in 2015. We are India's Largest Adult Store, however, we are a US company based in ATL, GA. Our challenges with payments since day 1 has been gateways that can offer 3D secure authentication (3DS). Because of this unavailability in the US, we have been using India payment gateways but get...

Oct 19 2017 by Raj
What about Przelewy24

Hi guys!  I was recently looking to add a local paying method to my checkout on my business website. So I was thinking about my Polish customers and Przelewy24 seemed like just a good option. Later I integrated with Alternative Payments platform. They have a Shopify plug-in as well. Everything has been running smoothly so far. http://www.alternativepayments.com/product-sheets/AP_PS_Przelewy2...

Oct 18 2017 by TomasMark