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Post your gateway requests here g40

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Feb 20 2018 by Paul Baptista
3rd Party Credit Providers For My Customers?

I'm exploring the option to provide my customers with in store credit, the only problem is that I can't finance this option.  was wondering if there is a 3rd party that could give my customers credit to purchase products on my store. Meaning I get paid in full and my customer have a payment agreement in place with the 3rd party credit provider. I know there is companies like afterpay & futu...

Today by Gerrit Jansen van...
Tracking Shippings outside of US for products dropshipped from AliExpress

Hello everyone, I intend to set up a store with worldwide delivery with products dropshipped from AliExpress. I understand that I can select AliExpress products that has epacket delivery to US which has tracking information. However, a lot of AliExpress shipping methods do not have tracking information for worldwide delivery. How should I handle this issue? I understand that Paypal tend to h...

Today by Thur Pei
FBA by Amazon and Pre-Order

We are a new company in the process of manufacturing our first product.  I am wondering if a combination of Shopify, Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) and a Pre-Order app will allow me to do the following: 1. Pre-sell a select number of units in May. 2. Authorize payment for those orders at time order is placed (in May) but wait until we are ready to ship to charge the customer (in July). 3. Un...

Feb 22 2018 by Kate Sheets
Payment gateway that accommodates pre-sale?

Does anyone know which payment gateway allows you to authorize a customer's card and hold for a period longer than 7 days before charging?  I would like to set up a pre-sale using the instruction on this page:  https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/products/add-to-cart/allow-pre-orders

Today by Kate Sheets
Payments for Thailand based

Hi we are a Thai regestered company having trouble getting a good payment setup with Shopify any one out there having or have had same problem from Thailand . There is paysbuy which is about the best we have seen but is not on Shopify  we contacted Shopify but they could not help .  

Yesterday by Aissarapan Bunnag
Can i pay my monthly subscription with Paysera?

Hi, I'd like to know if i can pay for monthly subscription with Paysera Vesa card ? is it acceptable by Shopify ?  P.S: the card currency is EUR  Thank you 

Yesterday by batking2
Foreign Currency Processing

I am using Shopify Payments, and my store is set to USD. I have one quick question. Whenever someone completes a purchase using a foreign currency, is there not a foreign transaction fee to convert that foreign currency to USD? If so, then who ends up paying for that fee, the buyer or the seller? If the buyer uses a credit card, there generally is a foreign transaction fee when making foreign p...

Yesterday by Jay from Bold
Does anyone use an outsourced customer service company for their store?

Handling my own cutomer service is start to become too much of a pain. I am trying to figure out if I should hire someone part time or just use a 3rd party customer service company to handle it. Anyone used a customer service company that has any feedback/recommendations?

Yesterday by Tony Smith
Shopify Payments showing as Stripe on bank statement

Hi guys, My client has added a custom name to show up on customers' bank bills but it's still showing up as "Stripe." Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance! Charlie

Yesterday by JP
Importing orders into Shopify

Are there any ways/apps that are able to import amazon/eBay/Etsy/ other marketplaces into Shopify for fulfillment and once item is fulfilled and updated with a tracking code the information will be pushed to the app to be imported to the marketplace?

Yesterday by ordoro
Is there any way to print FedEx labels within Shopify?

So I just moved to Shopify and paid an additional $30 to add the ability for customers to calculate FedEx and/or UPS shipping. Now I called support and find out that the $30 a month is just for customers to be able to get rates, that doesn't include the ability to print FedEx or UPS labels within Shopify. Is this true? How do people print labels other then USPS in Shopify? And if the only so...

Feb 23 2018 by ordoro
Boxify/Shopify not ready for prime time

I have spent hours entering the weights of our products and available box sizes into the shipping calculator with boxify aimng at accurate shipping rates for customers to chose from. I have negotiated rates with UPS that Boxify requires as the rates they show to the customer.  I have chosen all of the rates I want to offer in my shopify settings. Boxify will show the UPS rates close to my negot...

Feb 23 2018 by Patricia Hetrick
Accepting card payments on paypal express checkout

Hello,  I want to add an option for checkout on my website when the customer doesn't need to log in to the paypal account, more like a guest check out with accepting card payments. I've been reading https://help.shopify.com/manual/payments/paypal/let-customers-pay-without-account but look what's appering on my website at checkout  . So i read more about this on the paypal website https://www...

Feb 23 2018 by Lucian Holban
PayPal Express Checkout for a country where Paypal doesn't offer receive...

I'm from Uganda and the gateways listed on the page below includes PayPal Express Checkout. https://www.shopify.com/payment-gateways/uganda Now Paypal does not offer Business accounts to our country and we can only send but not receive money. How is it possible for us to use PayPal Express Checkout in such a situation? I asked Paypal support a few days ago and still no answer. I still do...

Feb 23 2018 by Benjamin
Cascading/fallback processing

Is there any method available to send a failed transaction to a second processor automatically?

Feb 23 2018 by A12shop
if using Shopify payments, are there separate fees owed to Paypal for Pa...

We plan to use Shopify payments. We would also like to offer Paypal Express, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay. I read that Shopify doesn't charge any extra fees for these additional payment options if we are using Shopify Payments. In our situation, are there separate fees owed to Paypal for Paypal Express, Amazon for Amazon Pay, Apple for Apple Pay? I've read documentation on Shopify and Paypal an...

Feb 23 2018 by Blair Jeffris
Only Bitcoin..when shopify will accept more cryptos?

Is a urgent requeriment

Feb 23 2018 by geoffreycelen
Limit Number of Gift Cards at Checkout

Hey all, I am a developer working with a client using Shopify Plus. Right now we are looking to limit the amount of gift cards used at checkout, to only 3 per transaction. Not up for much discussion on that, that is just how it has to be.  I have done whatever google searches I can to help me out along with reading all the related documentation I can find. Has anyone had success with limited...

Feb 23 2018 by Jason
USPS Shipping issues (USPS customer support is terrible)

Hey guys!  I have been running an e-commerce company for the past year and have had a huge issue with USPS. Everything in my company runs smoothly, but for some reason, we are also losing packages or have packages severely delayed. Two weeks ago USPS completely lost one of our entire shipments for a day which was over 150 packages. Dealing with USPS customer support is a nightmare. Wait time...

Feb 23 2018 by ordoro