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Post your gateway requests here g41

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Apr 11 2018 by Water
Certain shipping options only visible to Staff NOT customer

Hi, I am looking to see if there is a way to have a few shipping method options visible to customer and additonal shipping methods options visible to staff only on the backend? There may be times where my staff is placing orders on the back-end and using something we dont offer to our customer base. Thank you!

Today by Theresa Ilijevich

We used shopify payments for years without any issues but they then decided to dump any websites that sell vitamins/supplements because they fall into the category of "pseudo-pharmaceuticals".  We switched to Stripe for a while and then they hit us up with pretty much the same message....nice of them to give us a two week notice before they shut that off.  So now I'm back to using paypal as the...

Today by Supplements/CBD Support
Shopify Payments or Paypal for payment and chargebacks. Opinions needed....

Hello. I have a question regarding protection against claims and chargebacks using shopify payments vs paypal. I have a current ebay business that has mostly done transactions through paypal. 99% of the time I dont have an issue. I occassionaly get chargebacks through paypal but I usually just enter information and tracking and I usually am covered against the claim and win 99% of the time e...

Today by tama4321
Shipping to a Milatary base on AliExpress?

Hello, I cant seem to be able to ship to a military base on alie Express. Do I need  a special shipping method?   What state do I have to choose? Or country?   APO, Armed Forces Europe 09459 United States   Thank you

Today by Leon
DHL shipping rates up 57% on shopify?

What happened to DHL international shipping on shopify? The flat $30 for most countries for a small package is gone it seems. Example: ship a small 4x4x2 box 8oz from Los Angeles to Paris (no remote area issue): was $30, now $47.26 Our other DHL supplier's rates (inXpress through shipstation) did go up by a few cents in December, but they are still holding up at $28.43 for that same packa...

Yesterday by Derek
How to calculate transaction fees?

Hello everybody, I'm a new user from Italy! Just a question about transaction fees: if i sell an item on shopify using paypall, i must add the shopify fee (2%) to the paypall fee (2,9%+0.35 cents)? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Yesterday by vServices Ltd
A order was fulfilled but i was in test mode

A order was fulfilled but i was in test mode so i was wondering what should i do? will i receive the payment or should i refund it and ask for them to purchase again?

Yesterday by Aria
ThreeWall Store Fake?

Hello, I have ordered 11 days ago from ThreeWall an ELFIN Smartbook. Now I see that the store doesn't exist anymore, the email info@mmkgroup.lv is not available anymore. On the webpage is written the following: "threewall.store is currently unavailable.What can I do? If you're a visitor to this store Please try again later. If you're the owner of this store. Please sign in to resolve the ...

Yesterday by Erin
Customer requests refund which is give but then informs me the original ...

Hello, A customer has requested a refund. I issued the refund to the original card used and cancelled the order. The next day the customer sent me an email stating, "this credit card was cancelled due to fraud yesterday.  I have another card en route to me, should be  here tomorrow. Do I need to give you the new card info to resend the money?" I am trying to confirm the refund was not ...

Apr 23 2018 by RYAN CHANG
Choosing the right fulfillment center

I'm Michael with Fulfillrite.com, a Shopify fulfillment partner and app.  We get questions all the time from Shopify shop owners about choosing a fulfillment center. There are so many fulfillment center out there, how do you know which one is the right fit? This is a great forum, and hopefully I can help the community with some of their questions. It's hard to give one solution for everyo...

Apr 23 2018 by Fulfillrite
Edit confirmation page

Hello,  I would like to edit the link of the tracking number, beacause I use an other app to track the order, and this link rederect to royal mail (app Aliexpress). How can I do that ?  Thanks for you help ! Sincerely,  Bastien PELLET

Apr 23 2018 by Bastien
Subsequent Payment of quoted orders

Morning - been on Shopify for just a few weeks and one issue I can't find. Frequently we do a draft order ourselves to go with a quote and not paid. When the quote is accepted I have not found out how to pay for that order. I can do a second order but then I cannot delete the first order so then there are two orders pertaining to the one sale. I also have 3 fraudulent orders that I'm unable ...

Apr 23 2018 by Paul Savory
Automate fulfillment

I did serch the form but could not find an answer for my question. I am looking for an app or plugin integrated with Shopify and what that do is notify the supplier with the orders  instead of me going to supplyer website in my case is Aliexpress and copy and paste all the information and submit the order. Any idea what that would be??  I use Oberio, but it showed me "Place order manually...

Apr 23 2018 by GhostApps
2Checkout Direct/Inline Checkout

Hi All, During checkout, the 2Checkout gateway redirects to a new page. Then, It requires 4 steps for completing the checkout (Address, info, ...). This is too long for users/customers espcially that they have already provided this info on the Shopify Checkout page. Do anyone knows a way not to direct to anther page ? Or at least make those steps one steps using inline/insite checkout ...

Apr 22 2018 by Leon
Apple Pay Stripe & test mode with stripe

Hello,   i have two issues and nobody can help me. Stripe is telling me to go asking Shopify and Shopify telling me to go to stripe.   1) when a customer is making a payment with apple pay, a first little message appears: "Transaction unsuccessful There was a problem with the payment service. Please select a different payment method or try again later." However, the popup f...

Apr 22 2018 by Miguel Castellanos
What Should I Do? No Payment Gateway solution

Hello Fellow Members, I signed up for Shopify trial last month. Now it took me so many hours to setup everything and the only thing that was missing was Payment Gateway. I live in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal service here so i thought maybe i would just start with Credit Card gateway. Now, i contacted all the Available Payment Gateways in Pakistan recommended by Shopify but 3 of them...

Apr 22 2018 by Rehan Ali
Help! How do I change ALL parts of my store to grams?

I just don't understand how the shipping measurements work.  I see the option to change to metric-grams in the Settings/General area, but can't figure out how to then change the shipping tiers or the weight of an item.  When I go to the shipping tiers "edit" it continues to show pounds. If I try to "add" a new shipping tier it also shows pounds.  Someone else must have figured this out, yes?

Apr 22 2018 by Don
Gift Card Issues

Looks like Shopify's Gift Cards automatically send the card to the buyer's email versus the recipients, since there is no option to add the recipient's email at checkout. Also, it appears the Gift Cards allow for discount codes to be applied at checkout.  Is there a setting I am missing for both of these? Is it better to issue gift cards with an app?

Apr 22 2018 by Don
CAD Shop with USD Supplier

Hello, I am currently building my shop and am having issues with figuring out pricing for both products and shipping. I have decided to go with the print on demand rout using my own graphic designs and Teelaunch as my supplier. As a Canadian with a CAD bank account I have to use CAD as my shop's currency (I do not want to open a USD bank account at this time). The issue is that Teelaunch (an...

Apr 21 2018 by Aria