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Post your gateway requests here g42

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Yesterday by Vyshnav
International Shipping: Everything You Need to Know to Deliver Beyond Yo...

If you are looking to learn more about Internationl Shipping make sure you check out this post on the Shopify blog that touches on the following:  Building an international shipping strategy Shipping internationally through Shopify What to charge international customers for shipping Finding country regulations Preparing packages Working with multiple carriers Pricing out y...

Jun 30 2018 by Aissarapan Bunnag
Using custom fulfillment

Hello, I have a store where we are using custom fulfillment for some products. It sends an email notification to the custom fulfillment service. My problem is the line item needs to be flagged 'fulfilled" for this notification to go out. It's not fulfilled yet though we the fulfillment service has yet to fulfill it. Once I do this I have to use the 'archive' / 'not-archvied' to determine whi...

Today by Nick
How do I remove the ''Shipping from'' option?

Hello,  Some of my products had numerous countries that they ship products from. I had China, U.S. and Germany. I removed U.S. and Germany, however, on my product page it still shows ''Ship from'' option. Is it possible to remove it? All of my items are shipped from China anyway, so all it does is just show from which country the items are being shipped from.  Here's how it looks like on ...

Today by Gustavs Safins
Coinbase Ecommerece

Hi everyone, I am from Cambodia and now since Paypal express check out didn't support Cambodia, I have to change my gateway and Shopigy team recommend Coinbasee. I have already integret it with online store. Could anyone tell me how well this gateway attract customers? I mean are there a lot of customers out there willing to pay through this gateway?? THanks dear...

Today by Chheary Chem
Free shipping for product/collection

Hi guys, I know the limitations of Shopify but I'd really like to have a collection that is Free Shipping or individual products.  Adding discounts when using costs just throws the whole shipping costs out when people add other items to the checkout and I'm out of pocket.   Is there an app or or a way of doing this? I've searched and can't seem to find anything recent.

Today by Lisa
Allow customer to forecast/pre-order now and commit to a final order at ...

Hi everyone,  I'm very new here, and trying to get my head around some of the langauge (so apologies if this thread does exist elsewhere).  We are launching a Shopify platform soon, and one of our product categories has been an ongoing bugbear. Can anyone suggest or provide insight into a solution that would allow a customer to submit a pre-order or forecast in November for products re...

Today by Aria
Shopify Shipping and USPS SCAN form

Hello, Our store is looking at getting rid of Shipstation and using Shopify Shipping with Calculated Shipping Rates. I've gotten Calculated Shipping configured and working properly, and with some adjustments, we think it will work. So we've tried testing a couple of orders, and things are looking good.... except: Our postman wants a SCAN form any day we have more than 2 boxes going out (we u...

Today by Korinne Schei
Give customers REAL shipping times on checkout. Dropshipping.

Hello everybody!  I recently made a sale and everything was going ok until I found out my store does not give real shipping times to my customers.  I dropship with Oberlo, and so the item that my customer believed would get to her in two days, was in fact coming from supplier in China and thus taking 7-14 days to reach the customer.  How can I change this so that my customers get the r...

Today by Ana Smith
If I have an Australian store, can it accept payments from USA?

If I have an Australian store, can it accept payments from USA? I live in Australia, If I turn on my local payment gateway to its default cia shopify payment gateways, can it accept all payments from all countries? 

Yesterday by Animationix
Remove Country from Billing Address

Can I remove the option of additional countries at checkout from the BILLING address? I've removed it from shipping so we only allow shipping to the US but during checkout they still have the option of anywhere in the world. 9.5/10 times a customer checks out from out of country it's a fraudulent order. 

Yesterday by Freddie
Integration of External API to Shopify Store

HI Sir/Mam I have a question more of a challenge , i would like to use the shopify service but i would like to use an API i have been given with a shopify store. the API is given by a shipping 3rd party , they will have some of my stock and calculate real time shipping rates so that when the customer can see the charge once they check out the product. i don't see much information on how i ca...

Yesterday by Lauren @WigsForPigs
Very long delivery time on Aliexpress

I opened a store 4 months ago (www.estrato8.com) and I made two sales. I just opened the second one a month ago (www.zapatillas.com.co) and I have not made my first sale yet. I've done all the SEO work in social networks but, apparently only if you put paid advertising you could move the business a bit. Now, what I want to expose here is the delivery time of products. In my case, for Colombi...

Yesterday by German Arango Lombana
Oberlo dashboard on costs

Hi, I've sold an item at 22,99, on my oberlo account i can see i have 6,31 of costs. so my margin is 16,68. Now i was charged 12,51 by shopify on my CC. Can you explain what happened? i'd like to know so i can adjust price and keep an eye on unexpected costs.

Yesterday by Evan

Can you make it so when you buy your shipping label it has tracking also

Yesterday by Todd
Who do you guys use for fulfillment in China?

Im pretty sure i'm not the only one having trouble with Aliexpress dropshipping. I've had $2k worth of products stopped by their "security" / appeal process where they deemed I was too high a risk a buyer even though i've submitted my soc. security card, passport, driver's license, credit card, high school diploma, birth certificate, baptism certificate, local bingo championship awards, etc. Ye...

Yesterday by Steve B
Offer different payment option on Draft orders?

Hi I am thinking of using Klarna for payment plans. But I don't want it to be available for customers placing orders themselves via the online shop, only by me sending a draft order with Klarna as the payment option. Is this doable? Thanks Gareth

Aug 19 2018 by Gareth Doherty
In-Store Pick up and Shopify POS

Does Shopify POS allow for an in-store pick up feature? If so does it protect the seller against fraudulent transactions? 

Aug 18 2018 by Andrew Cargill
No shipping methods for some orders

Hello! We set up the shipping rates for 2 zones. And expected that for the "Contiguous US" zone there will be two values - free shipping for orders above $35 and calculated rates for orders under $35. But when the customer trying to buy 2 or more pieces of product (with only one piece everything is perfect) with total cost lower than $35 he sees that there is no available shipping methods. ...

Aug 17 2018 by Peter
split of payment processors

Hey guys, Is there any way to easily see what percentage of my cusotmers pay via paypal and what percentage pay via shopify payments (I have them both enabled)? Thanks! Rob.

Aug 16 2018 by Rob