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Post your gateway requests here g38

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Nov 24 2017 by Cole
Shopify Unable to Verify Bank Card for Subscription

I registered a number of weeks ago to specifically sell 1 product and to see how it competes with other websites I won. Today I have then I picked a plan and filled the Billing information, but I'm always getting a message stating "transaction failed" My bank card is a UK Business Current Account with Barclays with a 6 figure some available and this is getting me extremely frustrated and hacked...

Today by Alejandro
Shipping Rates by Line Item?

Does this exist yet?  Scenario example: One order contains 3 line items. This requires three boxes to ship because they are pre-packaged; two of these are USPS flat rate boxes (one small and one medium) while the third box in generic and UPS offers better rates typically. What options do I have?

Today by EComm SME
Help needed with "multiple localized shopify stores and centralized inve...

Hi, Hopefully someone can help me with following scenario :) - 3 separate shopify stores (maybe more in the future) - All the stores are localized (language & product information, currency, payment methods, shipping methods) - All of the stores sell the same SKUs from the same inventory Now comes the hard part: - Since shopify do not have a "magento style multi-store" a 3rd pa...

Today by Stonemantis
Aftership Alternatives - Tracking Management Tool

Hi, My store is getting 6-7 orders per day and all require international delivery. I use Parcelforce and DPD and sometimes DPD through Parcel Monkey for shipping. I would like to get notifications when delivery status of my shipments change, I also want customers to get notifications as well. Aftership seems to do all of that, but it failed to read my DPD shipments, so it is not a c...

Today by trackingmore
Fulfillment Partner Stock Level Monitor

Hi Guys, One of my suppliers has a website where wholesale customers can login and to see stock price, available and stock levels (stock levels only show up when the item is added to cart).   Is there an API which can pull the date over from they suppliers site and update on my site? I also have another supplier who can only send me CSV files to update so some item will need to be upda...

Today by John Lynch
Some Products Requires and Some Are Not. HELP!

Hello, I am running a drop-shipping retail webpage (Importing products through Oberlo App) and I am a bit confused by this: 1. Some products require shipping. Need to print shipping labels and add weight variants. If I am running a drop-shipping business, shouldn't the vendor ship the product to the customers? 2. Shipping Option on Shopify, can't delete shipping label option. I'm not s...

Today by Maja Rusec
Refunding Customer Now How Do I Get Merchandise Back?

I dropship from China. It says in my shipping that it could take 2-3 weeks to arrive, (which really hurts sales. I wish that would change.) The customer didn't see that apparently. Now I am giving a refund for the product. It is already in transit, so I can't cancel the order. Ultimately he will have the product and his refund. Is this just the way it goes? Should I eat the cost of the item or ...

Today by Debra Bloom
Shopify won't redirect customers to AfterPay

Hi, I've recently set up AfterPay on my shopify store (www.dotdotswim.com) but when customers select AfterPay as the payment option, it just redirects them back to the shopping cart. Has anyone experienced this issue and can you suggest a solution? I chatted with the helpdesk several hours ago but as yet, haven't had this resolved. I'm currently holding a flash sale and am rapidly losing custom...

Today by Anders

hi there!! Can someone advise me how i can activate the cash on delivery on my shop? PLease bear in mind that i need this to be a selected choice for clients who are only in CYprus. I dont want this to be as an option for customers outside Cyprus.  Does someone know how to activate this and add this on my shop? Thank you in advance. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated!! Best regard...

Yesterday by Evangelia Vroullidou
Payment Hold for Rentals

i have a rental business and i want to place a hold on someone's credit card for the full amount of the product until the rental is returned after 2 hours is this possible with shopify or what other app allows me to do this?

Today by Anders
Removing other shipping options

I am a new shopify store owner and am having trouble with customizing the shipping options the customer sees. How do you get the other shipping options to go away?  I"ve unclicked them and everything and they still show on the customer page when choosing shipping options.  I don't want them to choose anything...it's free shipping for all and since it's shipping from China, I certainly can't off...

Today by Max
How can i disable other shipping options?

how can i disable other shipping options but the free one? my shop's policy is to offer only free shipping, since i'm dropshipping from China and I don't want the customer to believe that if they pay more, the delivery is quicker.

Yesterday by Julie Van Blaricom
Custom Fields to the Carrier service api

Hey i am able to integrate carrier service i have provided my service rates url and i get the correct request and correct response but i want to be able to pass custom parameter to my carrier service rates url how am i going to be able to do that?

Yesterday by Brian Kidd
Receiving customers payments on Paypal only

Hi everybody, Here is my issue: I am currently opening a business in Thailand. I sell abroad (so not in Thailand), therefore I will receive other currencies than the Thai Baht (Thai currency). I have checked with banks in Thailand, and the fees for each payment from customers are super high, even if I have an USD account based in Thailand.   What i need to do: I wanted to receive...

Yesterday by Alexandre
Request for Philippine Provinces/States in Shipping Zones

Hi Shopify Team, Would it be possible if Shopify can add the different provinces/states in the Philippines like you have for other countries so we can apply different shipping zones for different areas? We mainly calculate shipping cost based on the different provinces/states, much like in the US for the different states. I saw that you guys did this for Mexico when one person in the forum r...

Yesterday by Bangz
Stuck at Checkout page

I have an issue with 'Chekcout' that doesnt disapear after process payment (in my case Bank Transfer). so when I am testing the checkout process, I am stuck at Checkout page.  no way to go back to any pages. so when I closed the webbrowser and go back to the store, the orders is created but the items are still in the cart. what should I do for this issue? please help me.

Yesterday by Ted
Unable to add PayPal button to Checkout page

Hello, I'm new to Shopify so please forgive me if this has already been answered. I did quite a bit of googling and can't seem to find the answer. Basically I'd like to remove the Paypal button from the 'Cart' page to the 'Checkout' page. John had previously provided the answer here. The guide which can be found here directs you to delete the following code from the cart.liquid page ...

Yesterday by Ted
How to add Bitcoin as a payment method?

Hello,   I've been trying to add Bitcoin as a payment option but it says I need to setup a merchant account and I'm not sure how to do this. Can someone help?

Yesterday by Leon
What is the Best FBA Alternative Fulfillment Service?

Does anyone know of, or have worked with a Fulfillment Service other than Fulfillment By Amazon?

Dec 11 2017 by Augie Kennady