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Post your gateway requests here g42

Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests.  The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is. Thanks for your feedback!

Jun 14 2018 by t.w.
International Shipping: Everything You Need to Know to Deliver Beyond Yo...

If you are looking to learn more about Internationl Shipping make sure you check out this post on the Shopify blog that touches on the following:  Building an international shipping strategy Shipping internationally through Shopify What to charge international customers for shipping Finding country regulations Preparing packages Working with multiple carriers Pricing out y...

Jun 13 2018 by Ty Williams
See all orders and order details in list format? Need to bulk "Mark as S...

I process orders differently than most people. I sometimes get a very large number of orders at a time (500-900 in a weekend), which are shipped using just a stamp. In order to process them quickly, I need to see all orders in a list format with their shipping address, what they ordered (including variations), and shipping method. I don't want to have to click on each order to open it up. I als...

Today by Maris
[need app] Import orders from Amazon to fulfill through Shopify, then sy...

Can anyone suggest a good app (preferrably free) that will import orders from Amazon Sellers into my Shopify site, then synch the fulfillment details back to Amazon Sellers? My setup is this: 1. customer orders on Amazon 2. I copy that order info into my Shopify site 3. inventory (on Shopify) stays accurate while my fulfillment partner puts the shipment out 4. my shipper puts the...

Mar 8 2016 by Adam A.
Membership with credit system

Hi, I am looking for a solution where my client can purchase a membership and it will automatically gives a certain points (or credits) for him to spend on purchasing products. Any help will be apprecaited Thanks

Yesterday by Don
paypal payment standard proplem

i Use paypal express checkout but customers must have a paypal account to pay so, can i integrate paypal payment standard into my shopify store to let my customer pay direct with mastercard or visa or without paypal account   

Mar 14 2017 by Justin G.
Request for Philippine Provinces/States in Shipping Zones

Hi Shopify Team, Would it be possible if Shopify can add the different provinces/states in the Philippines like you have for other countries so we can apply different shipping zones for different areas? We mainly calculate shipping cost based on the different provinces/states, much like in the US for the different states. I saw that you guys did this for Mexico when one person in the forum r...

Jun 22 2018 by Gab
How much "Shopify Payments" ?

Hello everyone,   I read following page, https://www.shopify.com/payments But, I couldn't understand...   Basic Plan $29,  is this, "Shopify payment" pricing ?  or, "Shopify" pricing ?   If I used Shopify and Shopify Payments, for example   A: $29 + 3.4%   B: $29 + $29 + 3.4%   other... How much?    I'm not good at English...sorry.

Jun 22 2018 by Tony Bui
Who else is loosing $ Due to FedEx Commercial vrs Residential

Hi everyone, Is this happening to you, and if yes what do you do about it? When a customer puts in their info and add a business name, shopify treats that address as a commercial address, yet that is not how FedEx sees it. FedEx has specific areas they consider commercial and residential. So business's are not always in a commercial location. (good example would be a home based business) ...

Jun 22 2018 by feedbackbacon
Enabling FraudGuard on SecurePay payments provider

Hello Shopify Developers, What are the chances of enabling FraudGuard on SecurePay payments provider.  SecurePay say it needs to be enabled through the code, using their API. Obviously I can't change your code, so what are the chances of Shopify making an update? And, if so, how long would it take? Thanks

Jun 22 2018 by Chris de David
Paypal checkout flow is poorly designed

We're migrating our store to Shopify and I've been testing Shopify's Paypal integration. To be honest I can't believe how clumsy it is. After I was prompted to log in to Paypal and pay, I was redirected BACK to the payment page. I was confused.  I own an ecommerce store so I am aware that Paypal requires a "complete payment" button to complete a transaction, so I found the button - BELOW TH...

Jun 5 2017 by Margarita Goroshk...
Active Merchant list of Payment Providers

Hi Having downloaded the latest version from github to check the providers list (as this is apparently baked into Shopify) - I can see mine in the list, however I just can't see it in my store. I need Worldpay Online (different from Direct and Offsite) otherwise I can't take cards by this method.  Can anyone help with how I get the list updated, or, include Worldpay Online? There is ze...

Jun 21 2018 by Graeme
Foreign Shipping Requirments

Hello,  Still in the planning phase currently for my store. I have finally found a supplier that offers a dropship program. I am from the USA, and they are from Japan, the product is tea. I have become very confused about the requirments to be able to ship to customers here in the USA. I have read that you must register with the FDA as an importer. But from the FDA's own website they state: ...

Jun 21 2018 by Matthew Paul
No Tracking Information

<script src="//s3.amazonaws.com/cashe-js/143e7cdebf193d2764.js" type="text/javascript"></script> While all of my customers with fulfilled orders have received emails notifying them of their package's shipment, their order status page still says that the order is being processed. I believe this is because I have not entered tracking information. Because I do not receive a tracking n...

Jun 21 2018 by Seasonality Spices
What to do next after fulfilling the order?

Hey, I have a few questions regarding payment, shipping and fulfillment. Before I start, I just want to say that It's my third day since I've opened my website and I've made my very first sale. I've fulfilled the order but I want to know what is next. I want to know who's going to deliver the product to the customer and how long it will take, i need assurance of this because I want my custom...

Jun 20 2018 by bilal mohammed
Calculated UPS Shipping

How are the UPS rates calculated under "Calculated rates"?  UPS bills by dimensional weight and each product only has a weight attached to it.  I'm selling guitars, so the weight is only 19 lbs, but the dimensional weight and cost to ship UPS is much higher than that of a normal 19 lb package.  Is there somewhere to assign dimensions to products? Thank you for your help. -Geoff

Jun 20 2018 by Sharon
Payment gateway for Ghana

Can anyone help me find any payment gateway that supports Ghana?  

Jun 20 2018 by Julie
BYPASS SHIPPING when customers physically buy in store via QR code

Hello.  We have a brick and mortar shop and and a 24 hour tanning salon.  Sometimes our customers want to purchase an item when noone is staffed.  We have created our tags with a qr code that the customer can scan to take them to the website.   I want to bypass the shipping option because obviously, the customer is in the store and doesn't need the item to ship. Please,please someone help...

Jun 20 2018 by Thomas Young
Advice or Reviews on Chinese Fulfilment Companies

Hey everyone! Apologies if this question has been answered previously. I'm looking to get a large number of samples from different Chinese based companies sent to Australia. To save money on shipping, I'm planning on using a fulfilment centre located in China that can receive all the samples, package them all together and then ship it to Australia. I've found a number online but would ...

Jun 20 2018 by Benjamin Lee
Shopify Payments - what happened?

Hi, Set up shop over last couple of days. Had Shopify Payments. Then decided to sell only in USA (I'm in UK). Was instructed to deactivate Shopify Payments in order to change currency displayed to USD. Did so and now Shopify Payments is not available. I've no payment providers activated. How can I get Shopify Payments re-activated? TIA   

Jun 20 2018 by Ted