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Marketing Events APIs: Feedback Thread

Please add comments, feedback and feature requests for event types, support surrounding the Marketing Events REST API. 

Jul 23 2018 by Paulius from Omnisend
Request: Webhooks for App Events + App Payment Events

Hey Shopify Partner Team, One thing that would be really useful, is a better way for app developers to get data about the App History and App Payments events from within the Partner Dashboard. Currently we are only able to get a webhook for app/uninstalled, which unfortunately does not get sent when a store is closed, paused, frozen or a payment is made. We currently only have access to t...

Jul 9 2018 by JoshHighland
Request: The ability to respond to app reviews (like yelp)

Hi guys, Would love the ability to reply to app reviews from the app listing page. Often times we resolve an issue for a customer after a negative review - the issue is usually resolved but the negative review remains and it gives the perception that we don't care :) Cheers

May 23 2018 by Tomás | Kameleon Agency
Alternate layout not working?

For the life of me, I don't know why this isn't working, this is in my custom page template: {% layout 'alternate' %} {% section 'wholesale-section' %}   I also did a test on another shop using {% layout 'none' %}, that did not work either.  Any help appreciated.  

Apr 25 2018 by kriszti
Can someone explain what the Expert page rankings/listings are based on?

Hey Partner/Expert team, I've noticed over the past couple of months that my ranking on the Expert page directory changes periodically. Some weeks/months, I'm one of the top 3 listed in Vancouver, then others, I can be as low as the 10th listed Expert, with other experts above me who have 0 reviews.  I'm wondering how these rankings/results are generated? Is it based on any of the followi...

Jan 3 2018 by Stephen B.
Suggestions and Feedback

Hi, Partner Community! We've opened a new Partner Feedback board in the forums here for you to tell us what you think about the program, suggestions and any general product feedback you want to share. Don't hesitate to leave comments or start a new thread — thanks!

Nov 3 2017 by Caitlin T