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How to push array data customer order and filter by status?

I want to show confirm button on my customer account page If status order is Pending and this is my code showing confirm button {% capture products_list %} {% for order in customer.orders %} {% assign status_note = order.financial_status | ',' %} {% include 'dump' with status_note %} {% endfor %} {% endcapture %} {% assign status_all = products_list | ','%} {% if s...

Apr 30 2018 by Team IT Fast Print
Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered

Hello Experts. I Got a problem wich is very annoying. Everytime a customer (or me) try to apply a discount code they get this error   Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered   Does someone know how i fix this? All the discounts are active and should be working. I recently installed Conversion Pirate but when i uninstall it, it still happens. SO i think its a...

Sep 13 2018 by Steve Moore


Sep 9 2018 by Morgan
Moving to another country!!

I just recently created my store in the USA. I now find I am moving to Bogota Colombia. What would be involved in switching everything over? It seems it must be doable. But I'm not at all sure what it would entail.Has anyone else here ever done this?

Sep 1 2018 by Jade
Create order, customer, custom_collection, product with private app cre...

Hii, I have to "create order, customer, custom_collection,  product" with private app credentials. Can any one help me how to do this. For this I have created a private app and get API KEY, Password, Shared secret, Access Token from these credentials I have get all these things but can't create. Can any one know how to integrate these credentials with php. Thanks

Jun 7 2017 by Noor
I want to help other store owners...

The other day I was shopping for hairgel. It was on an quiet afternoon and it was my first time buying it online. To start my search I did what anyone would do, I typed it into google, didn't find it right away, went to amazon and started my search. I was looking around and boringly and as usual, I found the product I needed quickly with a ton of reviews and by a seller who obviously has don...

Jul 25 2018 by Mass Koupons

Hello,  I am interested in a Shopify certified course for developers (advanced). Do you offer any? 

Aug 14 2018 by Nick
Migrating FROM Shopify

I'm seeing tons of stuff on how to migrate TO shopify but I am looking to transfer my site FROM Shopify to another hosting site. Not seeing too much from google either. Anyone? 

Aug 14 2018 by Ordnance Group
Shopify 502 erroe

I made some changes to my shopify store and now it is not loading and i cant acces my store ore store admin panel. I read that its becous of larg website posts is that true? And if yes how long it does take to go away?

Aug 13 2018 by Ann

What is best activity of seo off page?

Aug 8 2018 by Shalini
Saying Hello

Hello friends, I am newbie here, just joined this forum site.

Aug 8 2018 by Shalini
How do I start building my online store?

Phông trang trí sinh nhật cho bé đẹp và dễ thương  Có rất nhiều khâu cần chuẩn bị để bữa tiệc sinh nhật thêm hoàn hảo và hấp dẫn. Một trong những khâu vô cùng quan trọng và chiếm rất nhiều thời gian đó là làm sao để có được phông trang trí sinh nhật cho bé đẹp và dễ thương. Bài viết sau đây sẽ giúp bạn công việc khó khăn này trở nên đơn giản và tiết kiệm thời gian, công sức nhất với các bước...

Jul 27 2018 by simicart
Facebook Ads vs Google AdSense Which is Better?

Google and Facebook are the biggest advertising platforms today, so it’s natural that every clients wants to know while working with us which one is better or gives best results.

Feb 15 2018 by fireflies
iam new in here

hello my name cinta iam new in here need sharing with all friend ^^ I want to be friends with everyone

Jul 31 2018 by Alex Jones
Saying Hello!

Hi I am Robert From New Jersey I am learning SEO any tips and Sugggestions are welcome.

Jul 31 2018 by Alex Jones
Can you help me?

In my cart, it says "shipping & taxes calculated at checkout." I offer free shipping and include taxes in my prices, so I want that text GONE! I can't figure out to do it. Anybody know how to get rid of that stupid text?

Jul 31 2018 by Jade
Dropshipping branded computer products from amazon

I've been searching a lot for information on this and it made me very confused. I'm wondering if it is legal and allowed for me to take branded computer products like mouses and keyboards from brands like logitech, hyperx etc from amazon, list them on my shopify store and sell! If so, are there any apps that can help with this! Otherwise do I just fulfill the orders manually by ordering f...

Jul 9 2018 by Patrick Andersson
Copyright Question

Hi guys I had a quick question about copyright. I have a store which sells to a certain niche with products that I dropship. To improve things I have spent a lot of time on the text that goes with these products. I've even used the services of a copywriter to assist me. I recently found a website selling similar products and they have taken the copy from my products and used it for their produc...

Jul 20 2018 by Alex
I wanna remove "/pages/"

Hello everyone,   I created "pages" in my shop. URL of that page is "".   But, I wanna create  "". Can I do it ?  

Jul 13 2018 by JHAW
Offering pro bono eCommerce UX audits

I'm looking to become a Shopify Marketing Expert, so I'm offering pro bono eCommerce UX audits. - Are you a store owner who has trouble increasing sales? - Are you a developer who wants to offer more value to your clients? I could evaluate your projects before you launch client sites.   I'm a UX designer who specializes in improving eCommerce sites. If this sounds interesting to ...

Jul 12 2018 by Zaid Hisham